DIGITAL MARKETING STRATEGIST: Job Description, Qualifications, & Salaries (Updated)

digital marketing strategist
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Digital marketing strategy is critical in today’s online world. It’s one of the most effective strategies to develop your business, regardless of your sector or company size. However, you’ll need the best digital marketing methods on your side to grow your business and generate money. Which strategies, on the other hand, are best for your firm and still relevant to today’s consumers? All of these questions will be answered in this article as we discuss digital marketing strategist, skills, salary, job descriptions, strategies and all you need to know.

What Is Digital Marketing?

The use of the Internet, mobile devices, social media, search engines, and other platforms to reach consumers is known as digital marketing. In comparison to traditional marketing, some marketing experts believe digital marketing to be a whole new undertaking that necessitates a fresh approach to clients and a new understanding of how customers behave.


Digital marketing is interactive and targets a certain segment of the customer base. Digital marketing, which includes search result advertisements, email ads, and promoted tweets anything that combines marketing with consumer feedback or a two-way connection between the company and the customer is on the rise.

Also, a digital marketing strategy is not the same as internet marketing. Digital marketing can take place on mobile devices, on a subway platform, in a video game, or through a smartphone app, whereas Internet marketing occurs primarily on the Internet.

Advertisers are often referred to as sources in digital marketing strategy, whereas members of the targeted ads are commonly referred to as receivers. Sources usually target receivers who are highly particular and well-defined. McDonald’s, for example, needed to spread the word after expanding the late-night hours of many of its outlets. It used digital ads to target shift workers and travelers, knowing that they made up a significant portion of its late-night sales. McDonald’s enticed people to download a new Restaurant Finder app by placing adverts in ATMs and petrol stations, as well as on websites it knew its consumers visited late at night.

Digital market strategist

When a person wanted to learn more about anything in the past, he might consult specialists, study books, or go to distant locations. But now, a big thank you to Google, which brings faraway places closer and is a fantastic resource for finding relevant information. However, finding reliable information on Google is an art because everyone here is an expert in their own right. When you google “What is a Digital Marketing Strategist?” you’ll get a lot of results. You’ll mostly get job descriptions from different companies or, more likely, a Quora definition. Let’s look at what professionals have to say for a credible definition.

In March 2015, Marketing Magazine published an interview with some professionals. Attention Agency’s Karly Gaffney and Zulu Alpha Kilo’s Digital Marketing Strategists, Brett Macdonald and Zulu Alpha Kilo, respectively, presented their definitions of a Digital Marketing Strategist. “A digital marketing strategist is accountable for the business’s web presence,” I put their words into a comprehensible Digital Marketing Strategist Definition.

To design an efficient digital marketing strategy, he/she searches the market for trends, consumer interests and habits, and market competition. They create strategies and evaluate their success once they’ve been implemented.” As a result, they are the folks who can either brighten your company’s future or, if inexperienced, lead it to collapse. Unlike traditional marketing strategists, a digital marketing strategist’s labor does not cease once the campaign is launched. During the campaign, he checks the reaction and makes the necessary changes. To ensure the campaign’s success, he maintains contact with different departments within the company.

5 Skills a Digital Marketing Strategist Must Have

Google and Facebook are two well-known companies. Their behaviors become fashion statements. As a result, when companies hire people who do not have a university degree, they lead the rest of the market to believe that actual skills must be discovered. A digital marketing strategist can have a bachelor’s degree in mass communication or another media profession, or they can be a skilled individual. There are five talents that are required to be a competent digital marketing strategist, according to the article.

#1. Customer Friendly

The first factor that decides whether or not he/she is qualified for the position is their customer evaluation. What can they learn from consumer reviews and how do they connect with them? This ability is the foundation of sound analysis. A pleasant personality, according to Jonathan Long of Market Domination Media, establishes solid relationships with bloggers, publishers, influencers, and those most concerned about the campaign.

#2. Analytical Skills

Data analysis is the foundation for building a successful campaign. In data analysis, digging deep and not getting sidetracked by the glazes is a true skill.

#3. Know the Importance of Social Media

Social media isn’t just a way to pass the time. It is, without a doubt, the most important source of trend information. A skilled digital marketing strategist will also understand how to use this potential for his company’s benefit. According to’s Miles Jennings, social media is a cost-effective marketing platform, and a smart strategist should be familiar with the social media ecosystem. If done effectively, paid campaigns can bring in a lot of money.

#4. Content Management System (CMS)

Website traffic is increased by using a content management system. A digital marketing strategist who is proficient in more than one CMS is a valuable asset. WordPress is a well-known CMS. WordPress is a go-to platform for digital marketers, according to Angela Ruth of com. She claims that WordPress keeps CMS expertise current by presenting new content on a regular basis.

#5. Know How to Impress in Less

Long films and articles might be tedious for people with busy schedules. A person who can explain or express anything in as few words as possible makes a good first impression. Copy and visual manipulation, according to Alex Frias of Track Marketing Group, is a vital skill in digital marketing.

What is the Job of a Digital Marketing Strategist?

We’ve covered the definitions of digital marketing and digital marketing strategist, as well as the necessary abilities of a competent strategist, up to this point. Now we’ll go through the responsibilities of a digital marketing strategist in greater detail. It is a rough outline of the post’s responsibilities, although what they include or exclude in the tasks of a digital marketing strategist differs from company to organization. I listed the responsibilities of a digital marketing strategist in bullet points for ease of reference. Let’s take a look at what a digital marketing strategist does from above.

  • Digital marketing strategist develops and implements strategies to align the users’ needs and the manufacturer’s product. We can call it the objective behind the whole work.
  • He/ She gathers data from all the platforms available and analyzes it for improvements in the existing strategy. To develop a new strategy the scrutinization extends to competitors too.
  • The data analysis leads the digital marketing strategist to outline a strategy that will be implemented by him and his team after getting approval from authorities. They get approval by presenting the outlined strategy in PowerPoint.
  • The work of a digital marketing strategist never ends after the implementation of the strategy. He/ She has to check how the plan is going. He/ She takes care of the strategy after implementation and always analyzes it for improvements.

During the strategy formulation process, the digital marketing strategist collaborates closely with designers and production department staff. As a result, likability and basic design abilities are pluses for the obligations of the position.

Digital marketing strategist salary

The average annual compensation for a Digital Marketing Strategist in the United States is $60,281 as of October 18, 2021.

If you need a quick salary calculator, that works out to around $28.98 per hour. This equates to $1,159 each week or $5,023 per month.

While annual salaries for Digital Marketing Strategists range from $47,500 (25th percentile) to $70,500 (75th percentile), the majority of Digital Marketing Strategist salaries currently range from $47,500 (25th percentile) to $70,500 (75th percentile), with top earners (90th percentile) making $83,500 annually across the United States. Also, the average compensation for a Digital Marketing Strategist ranges widely (up to $23,000), implying that there may be numerous prospects for promotion and increased income dependent on skill level, location, and years of experience.

The Digital Marketing Strategist job market in Chicago, IL, and the surrounding area is quite active, according to recent job posts. In your location, a Digital Marketing Strategist earns an average of $61,709 per year, which is $1,428 (2%) more than the national average yearly pay of $60,281. Digital Marketing Strategist salaries rank first out of 50 states nationwide.

Regularly checks our database of millions of active jobs published locally throughout America to estimate the most accurate annual salary range for Digital Marketing Strategist positions.

What are the 3 Types of Digital Marketing?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay-per-Click (PPC), Social Media Marketing (SMM), Content Marketing (CM), Email Marketing (EM), Mobile Marketing (MM), Marketing Analytics (MA), and Affiliate Marketing (Affiliate) are the eight primary categories that can be used to broadly classify digital marketing.

What is the Hardest Part of Digital Marketing?

  • Generating Quality Leads

Finding new customers is one of the most difficult, if not the most difficult, challenges that small businesses face when it comes to digital marketing. However, finding repeat customers, also known as quality leads, is even more difficult than finding customers who might buy from them once and then never see them again. Finding leads that are of high quality might be challenging.

Is Digital Marketing a Difficult Career?

Learning digital marketing does not have to be very challenging, but it does require some time, effort, and perseverance. If you aren’t familiar with things like search engines, data analytics, or content management, you should anticipate feeling a little overwhelmed when you first start learning about digital marketing, and this is especially true if you are trying to teach yourself on your own.

Can a non-IT Person Learn Digital Marketing?

To be successful in digital marketing, you do not need to have advanced knowledge of computers and other forms of technology; nonetheless, such knowledge is helpful. Naturally, if you are not familiar with using computers, there will be some difficulty associated with the learning process. However, if you are patient and put in some effort, you will be able to master the fundamentals in no time at all.

What are Some Digital Marketing Strategies?

Social media marketing, content marketing, marketing technology, search engine optimization, email marketing, search and social ads, and data management are all examples of digital marketing tactics or channels. According to a poll of the most popular techniques in 2018, social media marketing ranks first with 18 percent of the vote, while data management ranks last with 9% of the vote. The others are somewhere in the middle. Some of the tactics that I have a rudimentary understanding of are as follows:

#1. SEO: Search Engine Optimization

is the process of organizing your website’s content so that it can be found by search engines. SEO is a critical component that takes time to develop and produces results slowly, but it is the one that never fails. Additionally, SEO results are slow to appear, but they last longer. In fact, SEO experts handle the process properly, and it is a must-have ability for a strong digital marketing strategist.

#2. Content Marketing: Content marketing

Depending on the skill dealing with it, it can prove to be a constructing or destructive force. Concise, problem-solving material is timeless. The most crucial aspect of content marketing is to provide mobile devices (which now account for more than 50% of all traffic) equal weight. For them, a smart approach equals a win; for the copywriter, a detailed and well-researched assignment is a win.

#3. Email Marketing 

A well-designed email newsletter will increase your traffic and sales. However, if it does not provide updates and is uninteresting, people will not unsubscribe. Also, the interactive template should include all of the necessary features and be simple to use. The effectiveness of Email marketing is increased when loyalty programs or other offers are included.

#4. Social Media Marketing

We addressed how a smart digital marketing strategist must understand the power of social media as one of the important talents. Posts that are engaging and arrive on time are more effective than anything else. According to Forbes, automating your postings ensures that you reach your audience at the right time. Hiring social media influencers to post for you is a crucial part of this approach. It is a type of social media marketing that is paid.

#5. PPC:

Using a search engine’s ad display features is simple and effective. A good example of such a service is Google AdWords. Customized ads presented through search engines make advertising easier, but it’s a technique that must first be taught. It necessitates a budget as well as careful management.

#6. Voice Search Optimization

In the digital world, voice search is a game-changer. Hence, it’s critical that your website ranks for the highlighted snippet or position zero in search engine result pages in the age of voice assistants like Siri, Google Assistant, and Amazon Echo (SERPs). This is because voice assistants use the featured snippets to respond to voice searches. As a result, the digital marketing strategist optimizes your website for voice searches, focusing primarily on long search queries and phrases.

#7. Video Marketing

Video production is a great method to broaden your company’s reach and increase revenue. Thus, you may deliver your brand message in the most effective way by using videos. Therefore, there are introductory, instructive, announcements, events, behind-the-scenes (workplace culture), and many more types of movies. Videos increase brand visibility and, more crucially, keep your audience engaged.

A digital marketing strategist is familiar with the strategies as well as the specialists in the area. As a result, the task is never delayed. During my investigation, I came across a couple of websites that I believe provide useful information on digital marketing tactics. The Digital Marketing Institute and Smart Insights were the sites where the articles were published.


As a result, the moment for concluding phrases has arrived. Many colleges offer digital marketing courses that can be taken online or at their physical sites. Theory-based knowledge is useless without practical experience, therefore don’t overlook it. In addition, digital marketing is a rapidly evolving and changing profession that necessitates the hiring of employees who are most suited to this variety. Because running a business is exhausting in and of itself, a one-man army cannot meet all of the requirements for a successful operation. Save, but save wisely. Invest in specialists; they will assist you in making long-term savings.

Can an Introvert Do Digital Marketing?

Yes. People who are more comfortable concentrating on information than conversing directly with others may find that the field of digital marketing in general is a good fit for them. In addition, introverts often exhibit some attributes that are extremely important in the field of digital marketing and will help them flourish in that field. These qualities include the following:

Does Digital Marketing Have a Future?

Television advertising continues to be one of the most important advertising mediums for many organizations, but digital marketing gives them the ability to reach customers all over the world online. The number of positions available in the sector of digital marketing is inevitably growing as a result of the continued rapid expansion of digital marketing initiatives.

Which Country is Famous for Digital Marketing?

1- USA. Marketing is essential for any business that wants to maintain or expand its current market share. By participating in the digital marketing management program at the University of California, Berkeley, you will acquire the practical skills necessary to create an all-encompassing marketing plan.


How do I become a Google digital marketing strategist?

These are the 10 steps to follow to become a digital marketing specialist.

  1. Learn Digital Marketing Essentials.
  2. Work as an SEO Expert.
  3. Master PPC Advertising.
  4. Build Social Media Marketing Skills.
  5. Implement Content Marketing Campaigns.
  6. Learn How Email Marketing works.
  7. Build Team Management Skills.

Is digital marketing a good career?

Digital Marketing Is A Lucrative Career

As you enter the digital marketing industry, you can garner a starting salary between 25-35k per month. With things changing so rapidly in the digital marketing industry, you have to constantly be on your toes and do great work.

How long does it take to learn digital marketing?

Depending on your current experience, you may be able to acquire the skills you need to become a Digital Marketer in as little as 12 weeks. However, mastering many of the techniques and skills particularly soft skills learned on the job like leadership and communication may take years.

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