How to become a social media influencer

Instagram was one of the first platforms where “influencers” established themselves during the social media boom of the 2010s. They were easy to identify thanks to their coveted blue ticks (for verified) on their profiles and 10,000+ followers. As Instagram enabled sponsored ads in 2013, many firms were drawn to work with this new network of “influencers” to promote their goods to customers. Influencers were well paid in return for their cooperation. Soon, additional websites like TikTok and YouTube were added. Influencer marketing as a field and the number of influencers have greatly expanded in recent years. This article contains all the necessary information you need on how to become a social media influencer.

Who Are Influencers and What Do They Do?

An influencer is someone who has the power to persuade others, as the word suggests. When it comes to purchasing decisions, influencers may have an impact on their following. They speak with authority on the subject since it is assumed that they are authorities in their fields or niches. They routinely produce content in their particular genre, such as fashion, technology, or parenting, and post it to their social media accounts. Setting a consistent cadence is crucial in this situation since influencers’ “following” look forward to their content releases.

Brands of Social Media Influencers

#1.  Thought Leaders and Experts

In this group, we would have people, like Neil Patel or Jamie Oliver, who are experts in their own fields. Their word carries weight in their respective industries and hence, they add value to brands.

#2. Celebrities

Brands have been known to use celebrities with enormous fan bases, such as Rihanna or Justin Beiber, to sell products.

#3. Authors of Content

Bloggers, vloggers, live-streamers, and others fall under this group of influencers.

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What Abilities Must a Social Media Influencer Possess?

Influencers offer knowledge in particular genres. Yet influencers must possess a certain set of talents regardless of the genre they appeal to. Any aspiring influencer can build solid foundations and assemble a devoted community of viewers and followers by developing the following skills.

#1. Have Experience Creating Content

Of course, having content-generating skills is a requirement for influencer status. Knowing what to post, when to post it, and how to post it is part of the art of content creation.

#2. Express Your Creative Self

Consumers will constantly be seeking out new and interesting stuff. You must maintain a high level of creativity as a result. Only when your ideas are creative will your audience be interested in what you have to say.

#3. Search Engine Marketing (SEO)

Do you want more people to view your content? Select SEO or search engine optimization! Your visibility can be increased and you can reach a larger audience by creating a well-thought-out SEO plan.

How to Become a Social Media Influencer on Instagram

For helpful tips on how to become an Instagram influencer, whether you’re just starting to build your following or you’ve been experimenting with content production for some time, continue reading.

 Who is An Instagram influencer?

An Instagram influencer is, to put it simply, someone who has developed an active following on the social media site. You do not need to have a minimum number of followers to be considered an influencer.

It takes a combination of perseverance, planning, coordination, and adaptability to become a full-fledged Instagram influencer.

With the help of these pointers, your Instagram account will be well-positioned to attract active followers.

#1. Identify Your Niche and Content Pillars

Give people a cause to follow you on Instagram if you want to expand your following. People will grasp what you do and what they can gain from joining your online community more readily if you have a clear notion of what you’re going to post or discuss on Instagram.

#2. Improve the Bio on Instagram

The tiny but powerful bio you have on Instagram. By improving it, you can increase the visibility of your account and potentially make it simpler for you to gain followers.

“For brand consistency, it’s crucial to utilize the same photo and username on as many social media platforms as you can.” According to influencer gurus and digital content creators, that is one of the best things you can do to get noticed. Using the same headshot on your Instagram profile as you do on your personal website or IMDb may do this as an actor rather easily.

#3. Change to a Creator Profile

Nevertheless, make sure you change to a creator account in your app’s settings if you want to expand and possibly produce Instagram reels that go popular. The fundamental distinction between creator and corporate accounts relates to music and affects the type of content you can make for Instagram Reels. “If you have a business account, you can only listen to music that isn’t protected by copyright. This implies that you won’t always have access to popular music. You’ll have access to everything with a creator account.”

How to Become a Social Media Influencer on TikTok

By having an account on TikTok, influencers can produce and share amazing viral videos. As a result, they gain more people under their control as followers. In addition, depending on their number of followers, the types of films they post, and engagement rates, some businesses and brands pay TikTok influencers between $200 and $20,000 for each branded video.

Describe TikTok

Users of the video-based social networking site TikTok can make and share videos that last between 15 and 60 seconds.

The TikTok app is Chinese in origin and is also known as “Douyin.” TikTok has gained more than 900 million active monthly users since its launch in 2018. There are many creators on TikTok who make money from their videos as a result. For instance, users are displayed between popular videos when a video is submitted to TikTok. The system then examines how much video the user watches and shares to determine how many hours were watched. 

Following that, this information is employed to create comparable material for a specific user and disseminate popular films to a larger audience. As a result, your film quickly goes viral because this platform exposes new audiences to it. In this approach, you can quickly increase the number of people that follow you.

How Can I Get Started As A TikTok Influencer?

TikTok enables you to sell your video content and make money from it because it is an entertainment platform. Ads and sponsorships are the main sources of income for TikTok influencers. For this reason, you must be aware of the precise actions needed to use this platform as an influencer and make money. They consist of:

#1. Choose a Niche

Finding and concentrating on your area of interest is the first step in becoming a TikTok influencer. Choosing a topic that interests you guarantees thorough investigation and the development of a solid command of your chosen expertise. This creates the groundwork for you to frequently produce top-notch content. Also, having a certain level of experience in the relevant field aids in growing your fan base. Choose the field without hesitation if you check off the points listed below.

#2. Establish A Special TikTok Profile

Both brands and creators can sign up for accounts on TikTok. A brand, on the other hand, needs a business account, whereas an influencer needs a creator account. Once you’ve created the necessary account,

#3. Recognize Your Market

To draw in your audience, you must offer original stuff. This forces your supporters to support you. Even so, you have the option to deliver it in a way that is appealing to your audience. For a solid content strategy, you must first comprehend your target. Analyze your follower base for this purpose, then look for the post that generated the most interaction. You need to produce more material in this area.

#4. Examine Your Rivals

Knowing who your rivals are can help you understand what the market is looking for right now. Find the influencers who work with comparable demographic interests for this reason.

#5. Organize a “Ask Me Anything” Session

The benefit of these sessions is that they will keep your audience interested and encourage them to ask you any questions about your personal or professional life. Hence, you can establish an emotional bond with your audience. You can also demonstrate your authority in your field.

#6. Announce A Contest Or Giveaway

Through these giveaways and competitions, you’ll be able to reach a wider audience. As a result, it increases their number of followers. Also, you can cooperate with other influencers to effectively promote them.

When you host a giveaway, you thank your followers for their likes, shares, and comments on your content. You can also allow your followers to include their friends’ names in the notification.

How Can A TikTok Influencer Make Money?

#1. Work Together With Brands

As you become recognized as an influencer, you must seek out brand partnerships. To achieve this, you need first express your interest in working with the brands to draw in new customers. As an alternative, you may contact pertinent brands. You can also use influencer platforms, which link influencers and brands. You may build relationships with companies in this way and position yourself as an influencer.

#2. Donations 

You can collect money from your attentive viewers while live streaming as a TikTok creator. You can also acquire virtual gifts with monetary worth.

Every TikTok user has the ability to buy presents and coins using their profile for a price displayed at the purchasing point. These gifts and coins will be added to your account after being purchased.

In addition, TikTok fans have the option to give presents to their favorite creators by clicking the Give Gift icon on their content.

#3. Manage A Media Agency

Brands may connect with the top influencers in their industry with the aid of an influencer agency. As a result, you can conduct influencer campaigns for businesses to earn money and execute, strategize, and manage influencer campaigns.

#4. Post Sponsored Content

Sponsored postings are one of the most well-liked ways to monetize your TikTok account. You can sponsor articles that mention a particular brand’s products as an influencer. These companies pay you in exchange for marketing their goods online.

Top Social Media Influencer

Who will be the top social media influencers in 2023? Let’s get started.

#1.  lame

80M people follow (@khaby00).

Comedy and Lifestyle

Where they first appeared: TikTok

You might be shocked by our top choice, but that just shows you aren’t using TikTok to its full potential! The most popular user on the platform is a Senegalese-Italian content producer named Khaby Lame.

#2. Amanda Cerny

23.3M people follow Amanda Cerny (@amandacerny).

the entertainment genre (Comedy)

Where they first began: Vine

In 2011, Amanda Cerny made her modeling debut by appearing in Playboy. She and regular partner Lele Pons (#3 on our list!) produced comedic videos for Vine.

She combines sensual aspirational content with comedic videos and brand collaborations with Playboy and Glamira on her Instagram grid.

#3. Huda Beauty 

51.9 million (@hudabeauty brand account) and 2.6 million (@huda personal account) followers total.

Category: Beauty

Where they first appeared: YouTube

In addition to her beauty blog and YouTube channel, Huda Kattan debuted her own cosmetic line in 2013. She has built the Huda Beauty brand into a billion-dollar worldwide beauty business over the last ten years.

Being the face of Huda Beauty today, Kattan routinely posts “get ready with me”-style videos utilizing solely the goods from her company.

#4. Charli D’Amelio 

28.4M people follow Chiara Ferragni on Twitter.

the entertainment genre

Where they first appeared: TikTok

18-year-old 2019 marked Charli D’Amelio’s debut as a dancer on TikTok. In 2022, she had the most income of any app star. She has released music, sells her own fragrance, and won the 31st season of Dancing With the Stars.

She promotes well-known companies on Instagram, such as Spotify, Amazon, and Prada.

#5.  Zach King (@zachking)

 has 24.6 million followers

the entertainment genre (Magic)

Where they first appeared: Vine and/or YouTube

Zach King is a talented video editor who specializes in “digital sleight of hand,” as he puts it. As of right now, he has the Guinness World Records title for the TikTok video with the most views (2.2 billion views).

This Instagram influencer produces enchanted content for companies including Turkish Airlines, Kinetic Sand, and Dick’s Sporting Goods. The resulting advertisements perfectly complement his own personal brand.

What Qualification do You Need?

#1. Qualifications in Education and Training

Upper School

Attend speech and English classes to improve your written and oral communication abilities. Your education in accounting, business, finance, and arithmetic will equip you with the knowledge and abilities needed to manage money and operate a firm. To become tech knowledgeable, it’s imperative to enroll in as many computer science classes as you can, particularly those that focus on Web development and digital design. You will learn about current events and how the world functions in social studies and government classes.

#2. Education Beyond High School

To operate as a social media influencer, you don’t need a college degree, but any postsecondary education that enhances your business, financial management, analytical, problem-solving, communication, and interpersonal skills would be helpful. Also, obtaining a degree in your area of expertise—such as fashion, culinary arts, business, etc.—can provide you with a higher level of knowledge that will be helpful when discussing your hobbies. Also, it will enhance your credibility and knowledge. When expressing an opinion about a restaurant or high-end kitchen range, for instance, an influencer with a degree in culinary arts will be far more persuasive than someone without one or no experience in the food industry.

#3. Certification

A social media marketing certificate is offered by the online education portal Udemy. For more information, go to Certificate programs in marketing, social media marketing, and similar subjects are available through colleges and institutions.

#4. Other Training or Education

The American Marketing Association, eMarketing Association, Internet Marketing Association, SEMPO, and other organizations provide classes in marketing, search engine marketing, social media writing, and other subjects. Certification, License, and Specific Needs

#5. Licensure or Certification

The American Marketing Association, eMarketing Association, and Internet Marketing Association all offer voluntary certification in Internet marketing. For additional information, get in touch with these organizations. Influencers are not eligible for any license.

How difficult is it to become a Social Media Influence?

For some people, turning their passion for social media into full-time employment sounds like their ideal job, but is that all it takes to become an influencer?

There is no question. Influencer marketing truly has the capacity to sway consumers’ purchasing decisions. In fact, according to research, only 4% of people nowadays still believe in celebrity endorsements.

But, there are numerous little details surrounding the position that goes beyond the gloss and glamour. What is it truly like to be an influencer, we wonder?

#1. The Job is not on Hold

The working hours of an influencer are not set in stone like those of your typical office employees. Influencers must be online constantly, even on weekends and during vacations, as social media is their primary source of revenue. Being an influencer never stops, especially if you represent a brand that was created by an influencer.

#2. Flexibility is Required

While there are many benefits to being an influencer, including free gifts and trips, being an effective influencer also requires ongoing self-reflection, self-evaluation, self-adjustment, and learning.

Influencers interact directly with social media, and as we all know, internet and social media trends change frequently. It is essential that influencers be open to change and embrace growth. Influencers need to be creative in order to maintain their audience’s interest and remain current.

#3. You Must Be Both Genuine and Distinctive

Being authentic is a crucial component of influencers. The innate trust that influencers have developed with those who follow and read their content is what gives them power. It’s critical for these individuals to perceive influencers as “genuine people” in an age where transparency is valued above all else. There is a great chance that they will lose interest in the said influencer the moment they believe the influencer only partners with a brand for financial gain.

How do I Start Influencing?

#1. Choose a Niche

You must first choose your niche before embarking on your journey to influence. You must pick a niche in which you are both engaged and capable of regularly producing content. For you to be able to position yourself as an influencer, you should also have some level of experience in the subject.

#2. Your Social Media Profiles Should be Optimized

The next step is to choose your favorite social media platforms, and build or optimize your profiles, after deciding on your specialization. The majority of influencers are well-known on just one or two social media networks. It is therefore preferable to concentrate your efforts on only a few channels.

#3. Recognize Your Audience

You must comprehend your target audience before you start producing material and sharing it on social media. Influencers command their audiences and establish close relationships with them. That’s a result of the fact that they solely cater to customers who share their interests in a particular area rather than everyone.

Who Pays Influencers?

Influencers have a variety of ways to monetize their work, much like in other areas of the internet and the mass media. They typically base their decisions on their chosen expertise, unique talents, available opportunities, and more. In addition, there are choices that necessitate higher degrees of dedication yet which an influencer may not be interested in.

#1. Affiliate Promotion

One of the earliest responses to the query “who pays influencers?” is affiliate marketing.

Influencers and website owners include unique links or discount codes in their content using affiliate marketing. The influencer receives a small payment when customers click on the links or use the promo codes at checkout. Amazon Associates is among the best-known affiliate marketing platforms. A dedicated influencer campaign is also available.

#2. Dispatch Marketing

Display advertising is yet another choice.

The majority of us think of services like Google AdSense, but this one primarily operates on websites or blogs. Sound clips can be readily added to the program by those who have podcasts. Due to the interruption of the program, the advertisement in this instance is comparable to radio commercials. A merchandise shelf is one of the display advertising options available on YouTube.

#3. Sales of Images and Videos

The amazing images on Instagram are well-known. In order to do this, travel influencers and other photographers who produce stunning images could be able to sell them. In this instance, photo sales usually take the form of prints that you can purchase from their website. The rights to them may occasionally be purchased as well. Videos frequently have licenses.


Influencers on social media require a variety of soft skills in addition to other character attributes. They require confidence, for instance. You must have confidence in your skills and talents, as well as the guts to approach businesses and pitch yourself and your services. Because they must be able to communicate with their followers and explain their work to potential employers, influencers also require excellent communication skills. It’s crucial to have a “thick skin” because not every follower will appreciate what you write, your assessments of a good or service, or the pictures or videos you share.


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