HALLOWEEN GIFTS: 30+ Halloween Gifts Ideas

halloween gifts
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Although Halloween may not be the first holiday that comes to mind when thinking of gift-giving, there are lots of reasons to surprise someone with a little something during this spookily wonderful season. Perhaps your best friend is fascinated with the holiday and you want to get them something to commemorate it; maybe you’re organizing a party and want to provide party favours; perhaps you’re attending one and want to provide a hostess gift. Well, this post is geared towards knowing all about Halloween gifts ideas.


Halloween is a holiday observed every year on October 31st, and in 2022, it will be held on Sunday, October 31st. The custom dates back to the ancient Celtic celebration of Samhain when people lit bonfires and dressed up in costumes to fend off ghosts. Pope Gregory III established November 1 as a day to celebrate all saints in the ninth century. All Saints Day soon incorporated elements of Samhain’s customs. All Hallows Eve, and later Halloween, was the night before. Trick-or-treating, carving jack-o-lanterns, celebratory parties, donning costumes, and eating treats have all become part of Halloween’s tradition.

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Halloween gifts

We’ve all got that one buddy (hello, I’m a friend) who is much too preoccupied with Halloween gifts. Also, it’s safe to say your acquaintance is obsessed with spooky, from adorning the halls with Halloween decor to dressing up in several Halloween costumes. And if you’ve decided to give your October-obsessed loved one a little gift this year, you’ve come to the perfect spot, because I’ve got a ton of Halloween gift ideas for your adult companion (who, honestly, is probably sick of all those G-rated cartoon ghosts and black cats).

#1. Mini Ghost Candle

Couldn’t you just squeal with delight at the sight of these adorable ghost candles?

#2. Black Spider Air Plant Holder

This spider air plant holder comes with an actual air plant, making it a spooky present for any plant lover as long as they’re not afraid of spiders.

#3. Witch’s Cauldron Bath Bomb

Give this to someone who loves conjuring up a little relaxation time

#4. Pumpkin Pie Earrings

This pair of imitation miniature pumpkin pie earrings almost looks edible. In addition, they’re even flecked with odourless spices.

#5. Halloween Lip Balms

These fun little lip balms come with labels like “poison,” and “black crow.” 

#6. Witches’ Brew Candle

For a really enchanting scent, hence, this soy candle combines spicy cinnamon bark and earthy earth notes with dark amber and guaiac wood.

#7. Ghost Portable Charger

Your phone will never die again, thanks to this adorable, wide-eyed ghost charger. 

#8. Jack-o-Lantern Succulent Planter

Add a little succulent to this 3D-printed jack-o-lantern planter, and it makes a perfectly cute gift.

#9. Cat Skeleton Candle

When this geometric purple cat-shaped candle burns all the way down, it reveals a metal cat skeleton inside. 

#10. Skeleton Initial Bookmark

This skeleton bookmark, personalized with their initials, is perfect for any ardent reader/Halloween fan.

#11. Web Earrings

These spiderweb earrings are so cool, you’ll want to wear them year-round.

#12. You’re My Boo Shot Glass

This shot glass with the phrase “you’re my boo” contains a friendly ghost (not the kind from dating horror movies), thus, making it the ideal gift for a friend or significant other.

#13. Anatomy Dishes

These creepy-cool dishes can be used as ring or candy dishes, also, they can even be hung on the wall for a unique design moment.

#14. Skull Jar Hot Sauce

Turn up the heat with this hot sauce that comes in a very Halloween-friendly skull jar.

#15. Skull Throw Blanket

Perfect for decorating for Halloween or anyone who wants to show off their goth flair in their home.

#16. Halloween Pumpkin Ring Dish

Come October, this cheerful little jack-o-lantern is the ideal spot to store rings and other treasures.

#17. Apothecary Wine Labels

Don’t just give the gift of wine, stick one of these apothecary labels on the bottle and make it much more Halloween-y.

#18. Mini Milk Chocolate Skulls

Because nothing says Halloween quite like some fancy chocolate skulls.

#19. Book of Shadows Journal

Hocus Pocus fans will appreciate this journal inspired by the Sanderson sisters’ infamous spellbook.  

#20. Ghost Cupcake Toppers

Show up to the party with cupcakes decorated with these adorable ghost toppers, and they’re sure to be a hit. 

#21. Magic Potion Spoon

This hand-stamped spoon will make every coffee drinker’s morning a little bit more magical.

#22. Skull Rocks Cocktail Glass

The perfect, on-season gift for any cocktail connoisseur. 

#23. Halloween Cookies Witches Collection

These beautifully decorated cookies are guaranteed to please your sweet-toothed pals.

#24. Vampire Fang Soap

These vampire soaps won’t suck your blood, but they will leave your hands clean.

#25. Stranger Things” Soy Candle

This Eleven scented candle smells like the Hawkins forest, also, Eggos, and maple syrup, and is perfect for anyone who likes Stranger Things for Halloween.

#26. Ghost Enamel Lapel Pin

This tiny ghost enamel pin can turn any outfit into a festive Halloween look.

#27. Cauldron Mug

Who wouldn’t want to drink their favourite tea or coffee from such a magical mug?

#28. Rustic Candy Corn Mason Jar Vase

Flowers are nice, but pair them with a candy corn-inspired mason jar vase and you’ll have a Halloween hit.

#29. The Nightmare Before Christmas Music Box

With this The Nightmare Before Christmas music box, you may sing along to the song of “This Is Halloween.” You may even have it engraved!

#30. Cuddly Ghost Pillow

This hand-sewn pillow made of soft sherpa will complement any Halloween sofa decor.

10 Best Halloween Gift Ideas for 2022

Autumn is arrived, which means Halloween is just around the corner! What began as a festival of casual trick-or-treating and homemade costumes thus, has evolved into one of the year’s most adored and recognized holidays! Additionally, Halloween is the most fun and frivolous holiday, with extravagant decorations, lavish parties, complex costumes, and spooky yard signs.

Most importantly, thus, Halloween presents a wonderful opportunity to surprise someone special with an unexpected Halloween gift. While Christmas is recognized as the season of giving, individuals who adore autumn will be overjoyed to get a festive gift from you this frightful Halloween holiday!

Send the hostess of your favourite Halloween party a unique indoor Halloween décor, or hence surprise the little ones in your life with their favourite sugary goodies. In fact, if you want to treat yourself to one of our wonderful Halloween gifts, we won’t tell anyone.

You can be as imaginative and wacky as you like when presenting a gift merely for the sake of giving it. Olive & Cocoa will deliver Halloween treats to the people you care about.

#1. Fanny Frog Witch

This Halloween, conjure up some magic! Fanny Frog Witch is as lovely as she is terrifying, hence, she is sure to cast a delicious spell on anyone who comes into contact with her. Fanny is the perfect Halloween present for teachers, thus that helpful neighbour, hostess, or bewitching witch-lover in your life, with elaborate costume details and a sweet, hand-painted face.

#2. Harvest Tapestry Estate Mat

The ultimate Halloween gift for grownups can sometimes be found in the shape of home decor. Also, this understated estate mat, set the tone for a warm harvest welcome. Consequently, the stunning Harvest Tapestry Estate Mat, woven from genuine coconut coir, makes a fantastic Halloween present for a new homeowner or to grace your own front porch all season long. you’d like to wow your in-laws with a considerate present that aids in the maintenance of their floors!

#3. Raven Noir Scarf

Halloween is an excellent opportunity to dress up in your most imaginative attire. Also, the Raven Noir Scarf is excellent for the friend with a taste for the macabre, as it is inspired by the eerie beauty of classical art and legend. In addition, this lightweight scarf is woven from the softest strands and embellished with pictures of skulls, ravens, and flowers, making it the ideal accessory for a night of trick-or-treating.

#4. Pumpkin Patch Personalized Tray

Send a Halloween gift that has all of the fun of a fall pumpkin patch without the mess. For example, the name of your choice is printed in the bold orange font on the Pumpkin Patch Personalized Tray. Our serving dish is ideal for delivering snacks or hot bowls of soup on a dark and stormy night, and it also makes a lovely gift for someone special in your life.

#5. Black Cat Treat Tote

If you know a tiny child who adores black cats, thus why not give them this gorgeous Black Cat Treat Tote filled with all the Halloween flavours? The ideal Halloween present for kids, once they’ve gobbled all of the delectable snacks inside, can use the tote as their trick-or-treat bucket on Halloween night.

Halloween gifts teachers idea

Teachers put in a lot of effort to educate and nurture our children. They give up valuable time, spend their own money, and invest emotionally in our children in ways that we generally aren’t aware of. When I have the chance, I appreciate presenting gifts of appreciation to my daughter’s teachers. There are a lot of creative ways to include the holidays in any teacher gift, including Halloween! Therefore this Halloween, I’ve found some very cute (and, more importantly, economical) ways to give your kids’ teachers some spooky gifts.

#1. Special Treats WIth Spooktacular Gift Tags

Teachers’ gifts should be heartfelt, hence, which means they don’t have to be extravagant or complicated to produce. These teacher-specific printable tags are fantastic. Also, make a batch of your teacher’s favourite sweet treats, place them in a box or bag, and finish it off with this festive tag!

#2. Smell My Feet Pedicure Kit

We all deserve a little pampering now and then, and this is especially true for our dedicated instructors who are on their feet all day assisting our students. This charming “Smell My Feet” (get it, Trick or Treat, smell my feet…) is the ideal way to show your appreciation for your teachers. Complete pedicure kits can usually be found at your local dollar store, cheap nail polish can be found practically anyplace, and pint-sized mason jars can be found for very little money at craft stores (particularly with a coupon!). Oh, and did I mention the lovely tag that came with it?

#3. Wine Is Divine!

It’s no secret that many teachers like unwinding with a bottle of their favourite wine thus, after a long day at school. Why not add a cute “Candy is Dandy, but Wine Is Divine” tag to a bottle of their favourite? Is there a pattern here? The tag is free. Also, this present is only as expensive as the bottle of wine you’re giving it with.

#4. Something Sweet Candy Jar

Candy is a well-liked and perfectly appropriate teacher present. And it’s something that everyone enjoys from time to time. Why not toss some candy into a nice jar, add some plastic vampire teeth, and this very entertaining printable instead of just handing someone a bag of ordinary candy? I believe any teacher would love the added touch provided by this sweet tag, not to mention the sugar high it would provide during a long afternoon of teaching.

#5. Halloween Soaps

Teachers can’t get enough hand soap, whether it’s for the classroom or at home. Keep the germs at bay by giving these wonderful and bootiful (see what I did there?) thus, tags as gifts over the Halloween season.

#6. Halloween Survival Kit

It’s not always about providing a Halloween-themed gift, but rather a chance to thank a teacher during that time of year. This survival kit hence is just what you need. It’s chock-full of your teacher’s favourites, such as coffee, apples, energy or health bars, and perhaps a few candies. It’s totally seasonally acceptable if you put it in a Halloween-friendly container.

#7. Halloween Tumbler

Give your teachers a basic tumbler as a gift to keep them hydrated. Almost everyone can benefit from an additional tumbler, whether it’s for their morning juice or coffee or simply to keep filled with water. You can either buy cheap tumblers and make them yourself, or you can just buy one of them from Etsy!

#8. Candy Corn Sugar Scrub

Once you try this recipe for the homemade sugar scrub, you’ll wonder why you haven’t been making it for yourself. In addition, no achieve the iconic candy corn look, all you need is a basic recipe, some food colouring, and some strategic and precise layering. Why not include some extra candy with your gift?


Do people gift on Halloween?

Traditionally, people don’t exchange gifts on Halloween. But it doesn’t mean you can’t surprise that special someone in your life with 1 or 2 spooky and clever Halloween gifts. Also, his is especially true if they’re obsessed with witches, ghosts, haunted houses, and all things Halloween.

What can I put in a Halloween basket?

Fill a basket with Halloween candy, Halloween toys and Halloween books, plus fun things like socks, bubbles, and goodie-bag items and watch how excited they’ll get. (And, unlike with trick-or-treating, thus they might actually remember to say, “Thank you.”) Of course, kids don’t have to have all the fun.

What is a boo basket?

It’s a super fun tradition where you secretly leave a basket of Halloween goodies on the front porch of a neighbour or friend. Additionally, once they have been “Booed,” they hang a sign on their front door so other neighbours know they have already received a Boo Basket

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