Small profitable business ideas 2023 (+ free quick tools)

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Looking for small profitable business ideas?

Don’t look too far; we’ve got the perfect list for you in this blog post.

Each of the suggestions in this blog post can be started inexpensively.

Some might not necessarily require any capital, if the equipment is available.

Below is the list of small profitable business ideas:

List of small profitable business ideas

Residential cleaning services

People are getting busier as the days goes by, so they’re willing to employ someone to clean their homes while they concentrate on other important things.

Residential cleaners are needed once in a week, or once in a month.

All you need to start this business is some cleaning supplies, the right knowledge of the use of the cleaning supplies, and the right customer base.

Delivery business

Have a good record in driving? Starting a delivery business is the small profitable business you can think of.

Home delivery guys get paid to deliver products and goods to the buyers.

You will need a vehicle, a clean driving record, and a resilient spirit to start.

House painting

Painting is one of those chores that people can’t do on their own, which makes it one of those chores you can make money doing.

It could be interior or exterior painting.

This business is completely scalable. Once the clients are trooping in, you can hire others and become a manager.

It’s an easy work, once there’s a high demand for it.


There is a steady demand for teachers at all levels in particular subjects such as math, physics, and other core subjects.

If you have in-depth knowledge on any subject, you have the ability to be a teacher.

Hauling services

There are lots of people with junk they’d like to dispose of. It could be furniture, debris from construction projects, etc.

If you have access to a large truck, you can make good money doing this.

Confectionery business

Confectionery business deals with the production of food items rich in sugars and carbohydrates.

Major examples include donuts, cakes, sweet pastries, scones and cookies.

This is a profitable business idea, and can be started with little capital investment.

You will need a well developed business plan to start this business.

A business plan is an integral part of starting a new business.

Luckily we have developed a confectionery business plan just for you.

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Liquid soap production

Every household needs liquid soaps. The well established brands for liquid soaps, are not meeting demand, so there is a high demand for it.

You can make a lot of money producing liquid soap by selling to supermarkets and stores.

Get the necessary training at vocational centers; and create a huge customer base with good branding and fine packaging.

Cosmetics production

The global beauty industry is showing growth at up to 7% a year.

Cosmetics products have become a basic and daily need. The volume of cosmetics consumed should give you an idea on how lucrative this business is.

Sale of mobile accessories

There are more than 60 million people that use mobile phones. You can purchase some of these mobile phones accessories from foreign countries, and sell to these mobile phones users.

Mobile phone accessories include batteries, memory cards, earpieces, pouches, etc.

With a sum of 50,000, you are good to get started with this business.

Plantain chips production

Plantain chip is a deep fried crispy snack made from plantain.

The business of plantain chip making can be done with very little capital investment.

The major raw material you will need is the raw material – plantain, which is richly grown in Nigeria.

There are several small profitable business ideas in the world today, but we have listed the best ten in this article. We do hope you found it useful.

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