CO WORKER CHRISTMAS GIFTS: Best, Simple & Inexpensive Gifts in 2023


Friends are often referred to as the family you select. And in the same way, your co workers are the family that capitalism has selected for you. Whether your co workers are in-person teammates, Zoom friends, or a mix of the two, these gifts will show them they’re special, appreciated, and more than just “work friends.” Therefore, in this article, you will learn the simple inexpensive gifts, to give to your co worker, and female co workers on Christmas.   

Co Worker Christmas Gifts

When planning for your co worker Christmas gifts, It can be hard, whether you’ve worked with them for years or just see them onscreen every week. But the general rules are the same as with any other gift: You want to give them things that are thoughtful, not too expensive, and that they’ll enjoy using. We did the legwork for you and found the best Christmas gifts for less than $50 for each type of co worker. You can use the table of contents to skip ahead if you’re looking for something specific. We’ve found a tried-and-true Strategist favorite they’ll love, whether they’re a foodie, a want-to-be skin-care scientist, or always looking for ways to make their desk better.    

#1 Tea With Loose Leaves

Did anyone say tea? Yes, you did hear correctly. Tea. Almost everyone likes tea. And if you give it a chance, it can be good for co worker Christmas gifts, especially if it’s one that helps relieve stress.

Tea is a wonderful and amazing mix. It is full of the antioxidants you need to stay healthy and fresh. Loose-leaf tea is not only easy to get, but it is also cheaper than the other options.

There are a lot of options.

  •  Sore throat? Ginger tea.
  • Improving cognitive function? black tea.
  • Getting rid of anxiety and stress? Peppermint tea.
  • Vitamin Deficient? Green matcha tea
  • Whatever works for you, go for it!!
  • Gift Box for Wine Bottle

If you don’t have wine at a party, is it really a party?  The holiday season and the end of the year make everyone want to party.

A wine bottle gift box is one kind of gift that would be perfect for a fancy event. Caroo’s specialists on corporate culture are well-versed in the art of gifting co workers. So, they put together a box of wine and snacks that would be great for a Christmas present exchange.

Bring along a good bottle of wine and a wine glass. With Christmas and the New Year coming up, a box of wine makes a great gift. So, be a cool Santa and get a nice box of wine as a gift for your co workers. This will make their holiday season more fun. 

#2. Stainless Steel Water Bottles

Does that sound too boring for co worker Christmas gifts swaps?

Most likely, but this one gift is a gold mine that hasn’t been found yet. Plastic bottles are not only bad for the environment, but they can also be dirty. Because of this, steel water bottles are the best option. Having one on hand is helpful in many ways. Not only are these steel water bottles good for the environment, but they are also strong and can keep harmful carcinogens from getting into your drinking water. One of the most interesting things about steel bottles is that they keep your drink at the perfect temperature. It also comes in different colors and designs. This is the kind of perfect present that no one knew they needed until they got it.

#3. Perfumes

What is the one thing that everyone turns to when they can’t think of anything else to give?

The most underrated are perfumes. They actually fall into our go-to category because we use perfume virtually every day unless we enjoy smelling awful. Nobody can deny the allure of a good old bottle of perfume. They smell wonderful, can be worn every day, and are reasonably inexpensive. Also, perfumes are more “present-worthy” than other options because they show that you care about your Secret Santa gift recipient. With their pretty boxes and pleasant smells, perfumes show that the person who gets them deserves the luxury.

#4. A Self-Care Kit

Self-care is important at all times, no matter the season. But because we have so much to do, we often forget to take care of ourselves as we should. People have much more time to think about themselves during the holidays, so the situation changes. So, a self-care kit is a nice thing to give as a gift.

Giving someone a present that encourages them to take some “me” time and to take adequate care of themselves is highly thoughtful. This is very useful for Secret Santas who don’t know what the receiver enjoys.  Moreover, you don’t even have to put everything together yourself. Different brands and stores do the work for you by offering a variety of kits ranging from bath basics to skin care kits to stress treatment kits, among other things.

Christmas Gifts for Female Co workers

Bring some holiday cheer to the office with these cute and sweet Christmas gifts that your female co workers are sure to like and find adorable.

#1. Gift Set of Bath Bombs

When you’re looking for the right Christmas gifts for a female co workers, it doesn’t have to cost a lot. There are a lot of creative gifts that are also easy on the wallet. Making a bath bomb is a cheap and thoughtful way to honor someone or during a festive period like Christmas

#2. Slippers With Soft Insoles Made of Memory Foam

Soft, fluffy slippers will soothe her aching feet. These Christmas gifts for female co workers are so warm and cozy that she’ll look forward to putting her feet in them every day when she gets home. They don’t slip, so she can walk up and down stairs and on surfaces that are wet without worrying about falling.

#3. Basket of Delicacies

It’s not often that food gift baskets have faulty items like those strawberry-flavored candies. This is a gourmet gift for a female office coworker, not fruit or candy.

The gift basket has both sweet and savory snacks, such as caramels, crackers, olives, and cookies. A handwritten note is also included in the gift basket. Realtors can give this to their coworkers as a Christmas gift to thank them for their work.

#4. Let It Snow! Suede Pillow for the Christmas Season

If you want to find the best Christmas gift for a female coworker, you might want to look for something with a holiday theme. It’s a great idea to give this suede pillow with some of the most famous holiday images to your coworkers.

#5. Pillow for the Holidays

What if you need to buy a few inexpensive holiday gifts for your female coworkers? A suede pillow with a holiday theme is a great addition. This is a great option if you’re scrambling to find a gift for your boss or a Christmas present exchange at the last minute.

#6. Wall Art

If you have a co worker who believes in the power of chance, you could give her a print as a personalized Christmas gift. It’s a great way to show your coworkers how much you enjoy spending time with them. Even if it’s hard, you can try different things to find the best and most thoughtful gifts for your female coworkers. Moreover, look into your options and decide which ones will work best for your teammates.

Simple Inexpensive Christmas Gifts for Co Workers

 When the holidays come around, you want to give lots of gifts to your coworkers. But buying gifts for everyone on your list can be hard on your bank account. To make a big impression at work, you don’t have to spend a lot of money. You can find a lot of great gifts for under $30, whether you’re looking for a small present for your best friend at work or a great gift for the white elephant exchange. Here’s what you need to do.

Top 10 Inexpensive and Simple Christmas Gifts for Co workers

If you’re looking for an inexpensive Christmas present for a coworker, you’ve come to the right place. Here are ten inexpensive and simple Christmas gifts you can give to your co workers:

#1. Classic Indulgence Box

This tray has the most delectable trio. The strawberries and Granny Smith apple wedges are dipped in semisweet chocolate and silky white chocolate, while the banana pieces are dipped in semisweet chocolate.

Cost: $29.99

#2. Freshly Baked Cookies

Gift your coworker two dozen freshly made cookies. Assorted cookies, snickerdoodle cookies, sugar cookies, white chocolate strawberry cookies, pineapple semi-sweet cookies, and chocolate chip cookies are all available.

Cost: $27.99

#3. Best Coworker Ever-Coworker Mug

This is one of the simple inexpensive Christmas gifts you can get for your co workers. The mug is made of solid ceramic and holds eleven ounces of your coworker’s favorite hot beverage. It is ideal for the workplace kitchen.

Cost: $17.99

#4. The Office Alphabet Tote Bag

Consider this tote bag for a coworker who enjoys the TV show The Office. It depicts the alphabet with themes from The Office, such as b is for bears, beets, and Battlestar Galactica.

Cost: $14.99

#5. HALLUCI Women’s Cross Band Soft Plush Fleece Slippers

Choose these cozy slippers for your co worker to wear when no one is looking at the office. They have a solid, high-density memory foam insole that makes them the most comfortable shoes ever. There are 16 different colors to choose from..

Cost: $23.99

#6. The Three Musketeers Iii M Mini Portable Air Cleaner

Choose this air purifier to help improve the air quality. It gets rid of 99% of pollutants as small as 0.3 microns. It’s about six square meters in size, which makes it perfect for a small office or cubicle.

Cost: $24.99

#7. Poeland Desktop Storage Box

This desktop organizer has four spaces for pens, pencils, a smartphone, paper clips, and more. It will help your co worker keep his or her desk clean and organized. It is durable because it is made of both plastic and bamboo wood.

Cost: $14.99

 #8. But First Coffee Sign

Choose this fun sign with two sides. It says “But First Coffee” on one side and “Make Today Amazing” on the other, so your coworker can choose the best message for her mood each day.

Cost: $10.00

#9. At-Home Tea Starter Kit

This set includes eight eco-friendly teabag sachets, including English breakfast, green tea, matcha, Earl Grey, mint, coconut creme, and other flavors. A pine wood box holds all of the sachets.

Cost: $24.99

#10. Christmas Pot Holder Baking Kit

Choose this baking kit with potholders for a co worker who likes to bake. It comes with a mini spatula or a whisk and a bag of cookie mix in a potholder with one of five cute designs.

Cost: $11.50

All of these ideas for gifts for coworkers are under $30 and will make a big impression. You’re sure to find something for a coworker on this list, whether you’re shopping for a few close friends at work or for a Christmas gifts exchange.

What Are Some Gift Ideas for Coworkers?

  • A rare tissue box.
  • Noise-canceling headphones.
  • A compliment cap. 
  • An elegant delicacy.
  • Enhanced instant coffee.
  • Skin saver.
  • eerie window stickers
  • A unique plant. 

Should Boss Give Employees Christmas Gift?

Some people do this, but they really shouldn’t. Gifts at work should go from top to bottom, not the other way around. This means that your boss can give you a gift, but employees shouldn’t be expected to give gifts to their managers. Because of the power dynamics at work, that rule exists.

What Gifts Do Employees Value Most?

  • Provide company-branded swag.
  • Give employees with desk plants.
  • Make a charitable contribution.
  • Offer organizational supplies.
  • Give the gift of a massage.
  • Provide Corporate Discounts.
  • Handwritten notes should be given.
  • Offer a good catered lunch.

What Do Employees Want for Christmas?

  • Gift Cards. Gift cards have always been at the top of every list of corporate gift ideas.
  • A Care Package.
  • Books.
  • A Christmas gift basket.
  • Board games for the whole family.
  • Earphones with noise cancellation
  • A chocolate gift basket.
  • Personalized notebooks.

How Much Should a Boss Give for Christmas?

Bosses want their workers to feel like they are important, but they don’t want to give them impossible goals or cause unnecessary drama. Depending on the event and the person receiving the gift, the average amount spent on staff gifts will be between $10 and $50 per employee per event, up to a maximum of $100 per employee per year.


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