Small Business Ideas You Can Start to Implement Even Before Graduation

Small Business Ideas You Can Start to Implement Even Before Graduation

Students don’t need to wait until they graduate to make money. Making an income should not be set aside for employment after graduating college. University students can start a business and make good money even before graduation. 

Here, let’s focus on small business ideas that you can start on and will not require excessive time deposit or drive them to the brink of bankruptcy. Below are simple businesses that need a small amount of capital and help bring in extra income for students.

#1. Printing and designing clothes

Making custom designs for clothes and printing them is a venture that any student with a bit of free time on their hands can jump on. Printing t-shirts, baseball hats, hoodies, pants, bags, and even shoes can be profitable if sold to the right demographic. For a student, their peers can be a very good demographic. 

Depending on the ongoing trend at that time, a student can curate designs that fit the style, print them on different articles of clothing and sell them at a good profit. Just a small amount of savings should set you up for a good design and printing business.

#2. Sell a skill

Incorporating skills in making money is probably one of the most hassle-free small business ideas you could put into action. Selling your expertise doesn’t require any training prior because it is a skill you had already developed. The capital needed for this is not much, and sometimes none is necessary. The time you can work is also flexible. All you need is to agree with whoever is interested. 

While you are busy enhancing your skills to make yourself ready for business, you need to focus on your education too. As a college or a university student, you cannot afford to spend your time doing complex assignments as you need every bit of time to enhance your career. In this case, you need the best thesis, essay, and college lab report writer from the reputed service, EduBirdie. It’s well-known in the study circle because of its high-quality writers who always deliver the work on time.

#3. Get crafty

There are so many DIY projects a university or college student can do and make an income. You can learn a simple craft and sell the products you make from it at a price you see fit. For example, you could make and design unique scented candles and sell them to fellow students, or can even make it an enterprise and sell them online on a pre-order basis.

Crafting is a skill you can learn on platforms such as YouTube and within a short time be able to create them and get money from selling them. Such crafts can always be done over their free time and not interfere with their school schedule. Deliveries can be scheduled for weekends when you can send them all.

#4. Provide a service

There are so many small needed services that you could do while in school. There are so many services that seem non-essential and turn out to be. People who cannot afford the time or availability hire people to do it for them. Time is always on a student’s side. You should, therefore, make a good investment. 

An example of this is walking dogs for their owners. This is a simple activity, but you need free time to do it. People who are constantly on the move may not be able to do this. On the other hand, you as a student have a lot of free time on your hands, can do this with ease and even enjoy it. You get to make money and enjoy a nice little walk. 

#5. Make money on social media.

We spend and end up wasting so much time on social media consuming the content presented on different social media platforms. The youth are more conversant with social media platforms, and most university/college students fall in this bracket, so why not make some money on something you spend most of your time on. 

There are many ways to monetize your social media. You could build a good following and become an influencer, where companies hire you to promote their products. You could also post content such as hair care, make-up and beauty, skincare, fashion, fitness, and from all this content, companies that deal with the same may notice you and endorse you to market their products or services.


Students have so much time on their hands because you have about 7-8 classes in a week. With all this time, you can venture into several money-making activities which could help them, at that moment and even in the future, in an era when employment after college is not guaranteed. You can make this a full-time venture or just something you do as a side hustle.

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