RESTAURANT BUSINESS: The 21st Century Business Guide (+ Detailed ideas)

Restaurant business ideas, proposals and starting a restaurant business

Right now, and forever human beings cannot ignore the ambiance of enjoying the luxury of already-prepared foods, and drinks. The elegance of getting served while comfortably seated in a serene environment. Who knows, even as you read, you are likely processing that feeling of a great dining, without having to step into your kitchen. Yes, that feeling prompted the need for the restaurant business. It’s also the reason why restaurant business ideas are limitless. On that note, this post will expose you to practical steps to starting several restaurant business ideas, keeping in mind the need for proposals.

Restaurant Business

To start with, it is okay to say that a restaurant business isn’t for whoever is easily stressed out. It is a very stress-filled endeavor. If you’re an agile entrepreneur with passion for food; If you have a unique way of handling stress; this is the article you’ve long-awaited. 

The Restaurant Business

Have you asked, at any point in time if the restaurant business is a venture worth entering?

Your answer is a capital YES.

Think of this…. On a bad day, an average human eats twice a day. But on the other hand, even when we ignore the rise in the world’s population daily, it is a different story entirely. Basically, on good days, we eat as much as we want.

So it’s totally safe to say that, the Restaurant business is extremely lucrative.

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Restaurant Business Ideas in U.S

As a newbie, setting out into the restaurant business is not an easy feat. At the initial stage, you’re faced with the need to decide the type of food business to focus on. And often, people just rush into making a choice without deep knowledge.

I bet you do not want to start a business you’ll have to shut down within a year. Therefore, since it’s impossible to do all the food businesses out there, this list discusses some ideas you should consider, for your restaurant business.

#1. Family Restaurant

Family restaurants are designed in such a way that it attracts families to dining. It allows for parents to enjoy lunch and dinner time with their kids and vice versa.

But more importantly, it goes beyond fostering love within a family. By extension, it helps to connect other families together through family dinners, and the likes.

#2 Fast Food

Restaurant Business

Fast food restaurants make available, quick meals to people. It is often located along roads common to pedestrians, where it is easily accessible.

Business-wise, thriving in it is much feasible.

You may ask why, but Permit me to answer that with a question.

Now, what do you think the thousands of people (who daily rush out of their homes to get to schools, work, etc) eat?

Basically, these people need affordable means of energy to sustain themselves while at work or in school. So, considering this idea means satisfying the cravings of at least more than a quarter of the teaming population in your sphere of contact.

And you know what that means …

#3. Food Kiosk


With an extremely low capital investment, you can set out on this adventure. All you need do is getting the right location: mall, amusement park, an office, etc, and sell your food.

#4. Food Truck


Have you ever thought of food on the go? That is just what this is.

Prepare your meals, and sell them on the wheels.

The only special thing you need to do is, getting the necessary license/permit, as in the urban streets, such business may be regulated.

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#5. Home-to –home

Restaurant Business

As the name implies, you get to prepare (in your own kitchen) the food ordered by your customers, then you deliver it to their homes.

There are people that really do not have time to cook, but want to eat healthy foods.

That is exactly where you come in. The interesting part of this business is, you may not need to rent a shop or kitchen; you can cook in the comfort of your home kitchen, and deliver, with logistics companies.

However, the only special skill needed is in the area marketing. At the onset, traditional and online marketing works just fine. And as time goes on, network marketing will takeover.

Restaurant Business Proposal

Restaurant Business Proposals-RewardsNetwork

A business proposal is a sales pitch to a prospective client. It simply says, “Here are the problems you are facing; here’s how I can help you solve them.” 

When making a business proposal, there is a way to structure it. But before that, check out what to include in a business proposal:

  • Who are you (your company)?
  • What problems does your client face?
  • How do you (your company) intend solving them?
  • What resources will it take to provide these solutions.

After getting these rightly, you then consider the structure. The structure of your restaurant business proposal should have the look below:

  1. Title
  2. Table of Contents
  3. Executive Summary
  4. The Problem Statement
  5. The Proposed Solution
  6. Qualifications
  7. The Timeline
  8. Pricing, Billing and Legal
  9. Terms and Conditions
  10. The Acceptance

It is advised to check the web for a vast explanation of those parts.

Do I need a Restaurant Business Proposal?

As a start-up enterprise, you may not immediately need a business proposal. But as your business grows, needs may arise to secure contracts with big firms or people.

How well you make your restaurant business proposal look will determine if it would be considered or (from its title), piled with others that end up in the trash.

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9 Leaps to Starting a Highly Profitable Restaurant Business in U.S


Leaving the idea stage, let’s move to what you’re to do, to start a fast selling restaurant business.

What is your Motive?

Having the right intentions is the very first step to starting any business. You cannot succeed in restaurant business if you will not enjoy doing it. 

The sacrifices involved are endless; and the question is, are you ready to make them? This is not to scare you, cooking business is harder than you can fathom.

Get it right. Know if you truly are ready to invest that energy, time, and money. With the right mindset, you can now proceed to…

Deciding Your Business Concept

Here, you need to know which of the restaurant business ideas you want to explore. This will push you to knowing what it will take (with regards money, workforce, furniture, time investment, etc) to set up your restaurant.

Plan your Business:

The place of business plan cannot be scratched out of any business. Remove it, and you know the difference between a successful and a failed business. So since you planning to fail by not having a business plan, do not start your restaurant business before planning.

Now, don’t get this wrongly. Your business plan mustn’t be complex. Just make it simple, and clear. But note; it should include important details like:

  • Market research.
  • Competitor’s analysis.
  • Business model.
  • Target audience.
  • Marketing plan.
  • Finance budget.

A business plan monitors the growth of a business; you should take it seriously.

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Where to Sell

This is another major deal in restaurant business. When your location is wrong, it would feel like you’re in the wrong business. There are four questions to answer when deciding your business location:

  • Does it have a large market?
  • Is it easily seen?
  • Can you foresee future growth?
  • Is it affordable?

Restaurant starters are advised to start small to avoid getting stuck. Like instead of renting or building an apartment, you can seek for startup incubator spaces, to minimize cost.

However, in any situation you find yourself; whether you want to rent or build an apartment for your business, be smart. This means selecting the best location.

Get Help

In this business, you cannot do all. Along the line you’ll need dish washers, cooks, and at some point, servers. Getting help is not all that bad; It doesn’t make you sound helpless, it only makes the tedious work fun, and easy.

But hang on! You don’t want to run into debt after two months. So avoid the the urge to hire a manager. Just a couple of staff members are enough to get things bubbling.

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Manage the Money:

Money management starts with knowing the total amount your restaurant business needs to start off.

But here comes, the bad news.

You’ll likely to generate very minimal revenue within the first six months. In fact, you should even plan to lose money during the early stages. This is why it is advised to also have in your budget, monies that can sort out expenses for the first six months of the business. And more importantly, it is also wise to have some money planned for the road bumps (unforeseen events).

Furthermore, in managing your money, you should be mindful of your price range. Check out some restaurants that do what you do in your area, to determine how, and what your price level should be.

Get the Equipment

The set of equipment needed for a restaurant business are often on the high side. And to avoid quick replacement, it is wise to get them in high quality. So, start by making a list of them. Then, source for how to get them in terms of cost, and location.

Make a Menu

The type of restaurant you run forms your menu. And in turn, your menu forms the ingredients you’ll need for the day-to-day operations. It is crucial, have a menu.

Market it

A vital aspect of starting a restaurant business in the U.S lies in your ability to market effectively. This is the only way to get your business out there in the faces of your potential customers.

But while marketing, it is crucial to get a good grip on customer relationship and management. Because what’s the essence of marketing you are unable to keep your customers?

The fact is, when you treat your customers right, they’ll be compelled to refer more customers.


A good way to set the ball rolling to ask every customer how they feel about your services; it is an indication that you care. And the truth remains that human beings will always go back to where they feel appreciated, and loved.

Should I add? Word of the mouth remains one of the best ways of marketing. Manipulate it wisely.


Absolutely, the restaurant business becomes profitable at last. Meanwhile, it is not without plenty sacrifices. If you’re ambitious, and determined, your restaurant will boom.

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