How to Deliver a Successful Business Presentation?

How to Deliver a Successful Business Presentation

Whether the goal is to sell an idea, product, or service, a PowerPoint presentation has been a go-to choice for professionals. In a world where over 30 million PowerPoint presentations are created every day, only a minuscule percentage can cast a lasting impact on the audience. In this post, we will understand how you can put together engaging slides, bring real value out of the data, get your point across the room, all with the help of a PowerPoint presentation.

Use Captivating Templates:

Presenters can use ready-made templates from SlideModel to create quick & appealing PowerPoint presentations. Rather than creating a presentation from scratch, you can leverage a ready-to-use template, worry less about the design and focus more on creating meaningful slide content. Not just that, but since these templates are 100% editable, you can customize slide elements and match your company’s branding guidelines without any fuss. Hence, the template brings aboard quick customization, speed, professional design, and superior branding.

Often, presentation creators overwhelm the slides with a mix-match of animations, color schemes, and other slide effects. Design consistency in your presentation throws the audience off track & causes the phenomenon of “Death by PowerPoint” among the audience. Presenters can avoid hodgepodge style and design with the help of professional-grade templates. Hence, templates enable you to avoid jarring transitions and ensure a consistent, opulent slide design across the presentation.

Utilize Data-Driven Infographics:

What sets apart a successful presentation from an ordinary one? It’s the impact it casts on the audience. Presenters can boost the efficacy of their presentations through effective data visualization in the slides. You can use 3D graphs, charts, PowerPoint icons, and other infographics to showcase analytical data, identify emerging trends and aid the decision-making ability of the audience. Thus, we can say data-rich visuals help you constructively communicate findings.

One should note that your audience is not participating in the meeting to read random text from the slides. With the help of data-driven infographics, presenters can summarize complex data, establish a relationship between entities, perform business analysis, stay competitive in the industry, and keep their presentations engaged. Thus, track business-critical key performance indicators (KPIs), and provide a holistic view of data to your audience with added ease!

The 10 20 30 Rule:

The 10 20 30 is one of the most popular methodologies used by presenters around the world. The rule not only helps you create engaging presentations but also enables you to deliver your presentation effectively. How? The 10-20-30 method states that a presentation should not have more than ten slides in total. Plus, it shouldn’t take more than twenty minutes to deliver it & the font must be at least 30px. The rule helps you cut clutter in your presentation and go on stage with no more than ten slides containing valuable content.

With a restricted number of slides in hand, presentation creators are encouraged to cover only critical aspects of their presentations, such as Problem, Solution, Business Model, Competition, Projections, Team, Timeline & Call-to-Action. Moreover, when you’ve fewer slides in your deck, it will take less time to deliver it, and hence, it is easy to get hold of your audiences’ attention. Lastly, the rule encourages a presenter to keep the font at least 30px since it becomes easier for your audience to read crisp, clear, and large text.

The End Line:

Whether you are preparing a presentation for a webinar, board meeting, investor pitch, or introducing a product to the audience, design plays a pivotal part in the process. Presentation creators must realize that the slide design is as important as the content.

A captivating and intuitive presentation can be a determining factor amidst a missed opportunity and a sealed deal. Hence, you can transform your ordinary presentations into success stories with the help of the tips shared above in the article. Create impressive presentations, boost engagement manifolds & woo your audience today!

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