GMAIL BUSINESS: How it Works & How to Create it

Gmail Business

It takes little time to set up Google for business email. To make that possible, there are necessary steps you need to take to achieve that. So in this article, we are going to take you through those necessary steps you need to start up your Gmail business. While setting up your account, you can buy a domain name from Google or another reputable domain registrar if you don’t already have one.

What Precisely is Gmail Business

The Gmail for Business app from Google’s G Suite is a SaaS service that helps improve teamwork, communication, emailing, calendaring, and document production for your company.

With the exception of business Gmail, you probably already regularly use the free Gmail service and apps for emailing or online writing. While these give anyone using Gmail for business purposes more than enough capability, several of the fundamental functions of Gmail for work are lacking or constrained, especially when compared to Microsoft Office 365.

Creating a Gmail Business Account

Here are a few steps on how to create your business account

#1. Make a Google Workspace account 

Click the “Start Free Trial” button on the Google Workspace homepage page. This directs you to a page where you must enter the name of your company, the number of employees, and the area or nation where it is headquartered. After entering this data, click “Next.” Provide your name, email address, and professional phone number on the following page. Next, select “Next.”

#2.  Integrate Your Domain (or Buy a Domain Name)

You can connect your domain name after providing your contact details. In a web address (also known as a URL) and after the @ symbol in an email address, there is a term called a domain name. For instance, this website’s domain name is “

#3. Establish a Gmail Business Email Account

To use a username and password for your Google business email, create them. For example, [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], and other email address formats, are examples of usernames. Your username is what appears before the “@” symbol and your domain name. Click “Agree and Proceed” after that.

#4. Enter Payment Information and Finish Account Creation

You won’t be charged while utilizing Google’s 14-day free trial, but you will still need to give payment information in order to use the program. The default setting for the plan is Business Standard. But, throughout your free trial, you have the option to either downgrade or upgrade to the next plan. Click “Next” and finish the purchase procedure to start using Gmail for business email.

Gmail Business Email Price

You are billed for G Suite on a per-user basis. The cost of G Suite increases with the number of users you have. Consider a scenario in which you only want to use G Suite Basic and want to purchase it for yourself. As you are the only user, the monthly fee is $6.

Let’s imagine your business has 50 employees, all of whom use G Suite. In this example, the total cost would be $300/month.

Business Starter, which costs $6 per user per month and includes 30 GB of Google Drive storage, Business Standard, which costs $12 per user per month and offers 2 TB of storage along with additional security and admin controls, Business Plus, which costs $18 per user per month and offers 5 TB of cloud storage along with enhanced security, and Enterprise, which has unlimited storage and advanced controls and requires a quote from sales.

Gmail Business Email Setup

#1. Activate Google Workspace

On signup indicate the domain you want for your business email. If you don’t already own the domain, you can pay Google extra money to do so.

#2. Create an Account

You will be asked to confirm your domain during setup. Create email aliases like sales@yourcompany, upload your business logo, and add any more users who require an email address to personalize your account.

#3. Send Emails

For a period of 14 days, you can share files in the cloud, hold HD video conferences, send emails, and create documents using Google Workspace. After the trial period, you can set up billing at any moment to continue using Google Workspace.

Is Gmail Business for Free

You must have a paid Google Workspace account in order to use Gmail for your business.

If you wish to use Gmail for your business, there isn’t a free version available; instead, only emails using the @gmail generic domain are free.

Many users still refer to it as G Suite, which is simply a renamed and updated version of Google’s previous product offering.

Gmail Business for Free

Let’s start by making a free business email that you may use with Gmail.

#1. Introduction to HostPapa

It’s crucial to clarify what we mean when we say “how to build a free business email with Google” before we move on.

Effectively, you may access a free business email with that domain if you already have a domain name and website hosting.

It is suggested that you utilize HostPapa if you don’t already have a domain name and hosting because it is reasonably priced and simple to use.

#2. Cpanel Provides Free Business Email

Although your Cpanel may have a slightly different style and design from ours depending on your hosting provider, you should still be able to follow this tutorial.

#3. Setup Your Business Email With Gmail 

At this point, we’ll demonstrate how to connect to and utilize this formal company email within your free Gmail account for businesses. For the sake of this lesson, a brand-new Gmail account has been created.

You may combine your free business email with Gmail by simply following the instructions below:

  • Go to your free Gmail account and sign in.
  • Navigate up to the right-hand side and click on ‘Settings’.
  • Find “Accounts and Import” and click it.
  • Click “Check email from other accounts” after scrolling down.
  • Click “Add an email account” next to this.

#4. Set Your Company Email as Your Default Email

Follow these steps to set your free business Gmail as your default email:

Go to “Send mail as” at the bottom.

As you can see, the default setting for our email address is [email protected].

Change this by clicking “Make default” to make Stewart Gauld’s (name) [email protected] (email address) your new default email address for business communications.

What is the Difference Between Gmail & Gmail for Business

The email domain is where the two diverge the most. In contrast to free Gmail, a corporate Gmail account needs you to have a domain address where all conversations are addressed.

But, Gmail for business offers more advanced capabilities and bigger storage limitations.

Additional advantages are:

Managing a Business Gmail Account from a Single Location

The ownership of resources is the second key distinction between Google Workspace and free Gmail. The business is the owner of the resources in the Google Workspace account. The admin console has the most influence over what occurs inside and outside of the accounts.

The admin can centrally manage all of the data in the Google Workspace because it is all saved on the cloud.

Who may or may not access the accounts is decided by the admin. A staff member’s access privileges are transferred to their replacement if they leave the company, and they are no longer permitted to access the account from outside the organization.

The Style is Different

From a design standpoint, free Gmail and commercial Gmail accounts are different. The free version is created with individual users in mind, whereas Google Workspace leans more towards business and team collaboration features, despite the fact that the two have essentially identical functions.

As a result, you don’t anticipate using team management tools with free Gmail. The ability to share files with these accounts is also constrained. It can be very inconvenient for businesses to have to configure the file access rights for each recipient individually if they want to share a file with several people.

Creating a Corporate Gmail Account has Advantages.

The Google Workspace app Gmail account for business attempts to improve your emailing, team communication, collaboration, document production, and scheduling. You already know that utilizing personal email for commercial purposes is not the ideal strategy for retaining clients. To take advantage of Gmail’s limitless advantages and effectiveness, it is best to open a business account.

The primary characteristics of Google Workspace are 

Communication Tools

and the. And depending on your selected membership package, the email address gives you a chance to save messages and data for up to terabytes.

Another crucial communication tool from a corporate account is Google Calendar. Users can share schedules with their coworkers using the program, which also assists with time management and service scheduling. Everything is improved by the cloud architecture. Important dates can be highlighted by users and shared with coworkers.

Tools for Collaboration

Cloud computing and Gmail for Business are revolutionizing teamwork. With its wide selection of user-friendly templates, it simplifies the operations of generating, editing, reading, and sharing documents. It enables automated storing and real-time editing of documents, reducing the likelihood of data loss.

Documents are another component of Google Workspace. It enables you to quickly edit, distribute, and change documents without worrying about losing data or files. Depending on whether you want the receiver to edit the content, you can share the documents in either view-only or edit mode.

How Much Does Gmail for Business Cost

Four main plans are available from Google Workspace:

Business Starter costs $6 per user per month and includes 30 GB of Google Drive storage; Business Standard costs $12 per user per month and offers 2 TB of storage along with additional security and admin controls; Business Plus costs $18 per user per month and offers 5 TB of cloud storage and enhanced security; and Enterprise has unlimited storage and sophisticated controls – you’ll need to get a quote from sales.

Can I Convert my Personal Gmail to Business

Not at all,

 For the Gmail for Business signup process, a business-owned domain and company information are required? After registering, a new account will be made.

How do I Create a Free Gmail Business Account

#1. Freely Establishing a Business Email Address

Almost everyone with a website can use this simple strategy. It enables you to build a free business email address. You must purchase a domain and sign up for web hosting before building a website for your small business.

Several WordPress hosting companies include a free business email service as part of the package, which is something that most novices are unaware of.

Website hosting typically starts at $7.99 per month, and domain names typically cost $14.99 per year. You would need to add an additional $5 for each email account if you used a paid email service.

Fortunately, one of the biggest WordPress hosting providers in the world, Bluehost, has decided to provide WPBeginner customers with a free domain name and a 60% discount on hosting.

#2. Establishing a Free Business Email Address

You must first select the “Email & Office” tab from the hosting account dashboard before selecting the “Manage” button.

#3. Making Use of Your Company Email Account

Discovering how to send and receive emails with your new free business email account is the next step. You’ll be led to the “Email Accounts” page after creating your email. Your freshly established email address will be displayed there. When you click the “Check Email” link, Bluehost will direct you to a webmail screen.

#4. Using Google Workspace to Create a Business Email Address (formerly G Suite)

With Google Workspace (formerly G Suite), which contains Gmail along with additional productivity tools for businesses like Documents, Drive, and Calendar, professional corporate email addresses are made available.

This approach costs money, but it enables you to utilize a Gmail account with your own company name for official business email.

There is a modest cost, but it has lots of benefits:

  • You will send and receive emails from your website domain using the familiar Gmail interface and apps.
  • Because of Google’s significantly more advanced technology, your emails will always be delivered and won’t get into spam bins.
  • The server resources used by your website hosting firm are shared. They don’t want you to send too many emails, thus this indicates that. In contrast, Google will let you send up to 2,000 emails each day.
  • Here at WPBeginner, we use Google Workspace for our company email addresses.
  • It has every useful email feature you may ever need. A clever spam filter, conditional email forwarding, two-factor security authentication, Google Apps connections, and a ton more are included.


Setting up a separate business Gmail account is, for many business owners, one of the simpler but more pleasant steps in formally launching their company. This is done, of course, for organizational reasons, but the professional appearance is also a bonus. Gmail is the most widely used email service in the nation, if not the entire globe, with over 1 billion active users.


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