PENNY STOCKS: Best Stocks to Buy Now 2023 (+ Free Investment Tips

Penny Stocks to Buy Now
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Investing in penny stocks has the potential to be rewarding and volatile. Penny stocks typically have a value of under $5 and can be risky, but they can yield significant profits for investors who are willing to take on some risk. We look at a few notable penny stocks that you can buy now as they are currently attracting market attention below. 

Penny Stocks 

Simply put, a penny stock is any stock or company that has filed for an IPO and regularly trades with a share price of less than $5. They are inexpensive to purchase, and there are many different penny stocks available on the stock market. Although penny stocks are notoriously high-risk, you can lower your risk and still make a successful investment. You require an expert selection of high-quality penny stocks. 

Small-capitalization or small-company stocks are other names for penny stocks. When operating in a new or emerging industry, they are also referred to as emerging stocks. It is crucial to exercise caution, make wise investments, and obtain high-quality stock research. Small businesses may carry a high level of risk because penny stocks are frequently unheard of and typically lack sufficient research. 

Reasons to Buy Penny Stocks

#1. They Are Cheap and Affordable

One obvious advantage is that you don’t need to invest much money at first or that you can purchase a sizeable holding for a lot less money than you would need to invest in an expensive blue chip stock.

#2. They Provide Growth and a Solid Return.

It is much simpler for a small business to expand quickly and double or triple its size. In developed economies, growth is uncommon and challenging to achieve, so penny stocks can provide investors with genuine growth. 

#3. Portfolio Diversification

They are not only cheap, but you can diversify your portfolio by buying a variety of them to make sure it is well-balanced. Diversifying their holdings among several different penny stocks is a strategy used by wise investors. 

#4. Potential for High Returns

Since the majority of penny stocks have tiny market capitalizations, it only takes a small sum of money to significantly change their share price. Positive news, like gaining a significant client or forging a new strategic partnership, can therefore produce sizable returns before the stock is discovered by the majority of investors. On the other hand, unfavorable news can result in sizable losses.

#5. Leverage

Due to their lower share prices, penny stocks appeal to investors with limited trading capital because they enable them to purchase thousands of shares.

Cons of Penny Stocks

#1. Difficult to Research

Investors may find it challenging to evaluate the financial stability of these penny stocks because they frequently represent small, emerging businesses and because many of them are not required to file reports with the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC).

#2. High Risk/Low Liquidity

Particularly in the short term, penny stock prices are prone to large fluctuations. Low liquidity increases this risk because it can be challenging to find buyers when there are fewer traders for a particular stock, potentially exposing the stock to significant downward risk.

Since penny stocks frequently trade on low volume, it can be challenging for investors to enter and exit positions. Additionally, the bid-ask spread for these stocks is frequently very wide, which raises the cost of trading.

#3. Extreme Valuations

Penny stocks that begin to rise in price quickly appear on stock screeners and might even garner media attention. This frequently draws more speculators, who drive prices even higher and produce unsupportable valuations.

#4. Penny Stock Firms Lack Credibility.

It’s uncommon for businesses that you already deal with daily to be listed as penny stocks. Penny stocks, on the other hand, are typically those of less well-known businesses that haven’t yet shown they can endure and succeed. 

Penny Stocks to Buy

Equity securities, also known as “penny stocks,” are those that typically trade for $5 or less per share. A good reason exists for penny stocks’ extreme volatility. The irrational market swings have been exacerbated by lower prices, less liquidity, and occasionally lower levels of market awareness. Due to their low liquidity and propensity for over-the-counter (OTC) trading, which results in higher trading expenses, owning them can be risky. 

#1. Virgin Orbit Holdings Inc. (VORB)

Over the past few days, trading activity in Virgin Orbit shares has significantly increased. When Richard Branson’s company announced plans to bring back a select number of employees, the price of VORB initially increased. Reuters reports that it intends to reassign the staff to work on rocket upgrades.

The sub-$1 stock has rebounded this week, maintaining the stock market’s optimism. According to reports, Matthew Brown, a venture capitalist based in Texas, and Virgin were close to finalizing a $200 million investment agreement.

#2. Ferroglobe (GSM)

Ferroglobe is an additional popular penny stock to keep an eye on right now in the stock market. The company’s stock reversed course from the previous few trading sessions this week. Silicon metal, as well as specialty alloys based on silicon and manganese, are produced by Ferroglobe. The company’s most recent round of earnings has prompted some of the most recent rumors.

Ferroglobe announced a significant increase in Q4 EPS that exceeded expectations by 100%. Additionally, the company anticipates Adjusted EBITDA of $290 million for the fiscal year 2023, which has recently led to a little more optimism.

#3. Virios Therapeutics LLC (VIRI)

One of the penny stocks that saw a particularly high volume of trading this month was Virios Therapeutics. The trading volume was among the highest since late last year, and there were no immediately obvious news catalysts.

#4. Ardelyx Inc.

A biotechnology company called Ardelyx finds and markets a wide range of cutting-edge treatments for unmet medical needs. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration and Ardelyx met in February 2023 to discuss the company’s request for Xphozah (tenapanor) to be approved for the treatment of chronic kidney disease in dialysis patients. 

#5. Clean Energy Fuels (CLNE)

The largest supplier of renewable natural gas (RNG) for use as motor fuel in the United States is Clean Energy Fuels. RNG is an alternative fuel for vehicles made from organic waste. Contrary to conventional natural gas, it is not a fossil fuel, and when compared to diesel, it typically results in a 300% reduction in carbon emissions.

exposure to the highly competitive market for clean energy. The business anticipates a more than doubling of revenue by 2026, with collaborations with major corporations like United Parcel Service (UPS), Amazon (AMZN), and others

Penny Stocks to Buy Now

#1. CXApp Inc. (CXAI)

Recently, CXApp made an effort to make up some of the losses it sustained after going public. Following the trading last week, CXAI stock experienced its highest daily volumes to date. Through a Special Purpose Acquisition Company, the company CXApp, which offers solutions for work experience, went public. By offering employee applications, indoor mapping, augmented reality technologies, and AI-based analytics, it serves the hybrid workplace market.

#2. SoundHound AI Inc. (SOUN)

Similar to CXApp, SoundHound is a business that has experience with artificial intelligence (AI). These Artificial Intelligence (AI) stocks have consistently ranked high on traders’ watchlists each month.

#3. VAALCO Energy (EGY)

A Texas-based independent oil and gas exploration and production company called VAALCO Energy specializes in holdings in West and North Africa as well as western Canada. In addition to recently increased its dividend by 92% to a current yield of more than 5%, VAALCO reported a 43% increase in production in 2022.

Dividends are uncommon among penny stocks, so the dividend increase is encouraging evidence that VAALCO’s management anticipates the company’s momentum to continue in 2023. Energy market conditions are favorable for VAALCO Energy. 

What Is the Fastest-Growing Penny Stock?

  • IonQ Inc. (IONQ)
  • Blue Star Foods Corp
  • Geovax Labs Inc
  • BlackBerry Limited BB

What Are the Best Stocks Under $1?

  • Cybin: OTCMKTS:CYBN, Stock Price of $0.42
  • Akebia Therapeutics: NASDAQ: AKBA, the stock price of $0.8
  • Compugen: NASDAQ: CGEN, stock price of $0.84
  • Leap Therapeutics: NASDAQ: LPTX, the stock price of $0.6

How Do You Find Penny Stocks?

Find potential penny stocks to invest in using one of several methods. For instance, you can visit websites with financial news, visit discussion boards for investing, or use a stock screener. However, it’s imperative to carry out thorough research before making any investment decisions. Before making any investment decisions, it’s important to do your research, consider your investment objectives, and gauge your risk tolerance. 

Can Penny Stocks Make Money?

Penny stocks do offer the potential for financial gain. Although investing in young companies with low valuations or depressed stock prices can result in strong returns, it is usually preferable to stick with larger companies with less speculative valuations. 

How Do Beginners Buy Penny Stocks?

  • Carry out extensive research 
  • Choose a broker 
  • Decide on stocks to buy
  • Start investing on penny stocks


Although it can be risky, investing in penny stocks can be profitable. For those without prior knowledge, “penny stocks” are typically defined as stocks priced below $5. Although they might seem like a risky investment, cheap stocks can also have sizable upside potential for investors willing to accept the additional risk.

If you want to invest in something with significant potential for growth, penny stocks might seem like the best choice. Many investors have experienced significant losses when attempting to invest in penny stocks because they are a volatile and risky segment of the stock market. There are plenty of reputable companies to invest in, so there is little reason to choose the extremely risky penny stock companies. 

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