5 Investment Ideas for College Students

5 Investment Ideas for College Students

College is the best time to start investing. Your expenses are low, and you have more chances to earn while you study. Early investment also means that you will learn lessons as well as make more profit in the long run.

While it is enticing to begin your investment journey, you have to consider the options available. Limited finances and the commitment necessary to make the funds work for you will determine your choice of investment vehicles. College homework help at Domyhomework123.com can help you to create time by taking over your essays, coursework, assignments, and other academic papers. You will learn more about investment and commit your time without worrying about your academic performance.

Here are excellent investment ideas and options for college students.

#1. High Yielding Savings Account

Traditional saving accounts offer very low and unattractive dividends. It would require a huge sum of money to earn significant dividends on your investment yet your finances are limited. However, the market provides excellent high yielding saving options.

Consider CD accounts, a certificate of deposit, or high-yielding saving accounts. They have been rated among the safest investment options for people with little sums to invest. The accounts allow you to withdraw your money any time you wish. If your money remains in the account for a specified period, you will earn higher interest rates.

High-yielding accounts help you to keep money safely until a time when you need to use it. For instance, you can earn interest on your tuition money until the next term when it is required in the school’s bank account. It is a risk-free investment option for college students.

#2. Low investment brokerage

Technology has provided enough room for online brokers to earn money through their trade. Such platforms as Charles Schwab and Fidelity Investment allow you to trade for free while learning crucial investment lessons. You can buy stocks as well as engage in ETFs. The platforms are simple to use and recognized in the financial sector for their value.

You can start trading on such online brokerage platforms for as low as $5 per month. Once you grow your money, you can reinvest it to increase your wealth. You trade via mobile apps, allowing you to earn money wherever you will be. Such platforms suit risk-conscious individuals who still want to earn and learn.

#3. Entrepreneurship

Start a business while in college. Investment does not have to go into other people’s businesses. Starting your business is an investment that could be the most rewarding decision you take. Some of the biggest global brands like Google, Facebook, and DHL were started by college students who put in a few hours of hard work and their savings.

Look for investment options that would be easier to start yet provide handsome rewards. Online stores offer affordable starting points. There are free websites that can host your e-store. You have a global audience by riding on the existing logistics companies. You can grow the store and continue working online after graduation.

#4. Sign up for investment platforms

Investment platforms and advisors will take the risk on your behalf. They allow you to invest as little as $5 and get dividends based on the stocks you have selected. You create a portfolio on their investment platform where you can monitor your investments.

Investment platforms allow you to add more money to your portfolio and argument your assets. The firms charge a percentage of your earnings. In case you need the money back, the firm will refund it. The platforms offer excellent returns to investors without getting involved.

#5. Open IRA

Thinking about IRA in college appears like jumping the gun. However, it is one of the best ways to learn about investment as well as build your wealth early. Because of the power to compound your investments, you make more money in the long term. It takes very little effort to win with IRA investments. It also allows you to invest very little, thus accommodating your capital potential.

Early investment gives you more time to earn decent returns. You also learn about investment when you can afford to risk the few available funds. College provides the best time to invest as well as obtain handsome returns in the short and long term.

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