5 Things to Know About Job Hunting

Job Hunting

Searching for jobs is not an enjoyable experience. You spend days, if not weeks, perfecting your resume and hitting “submit application” at least a hundred times. And out of every 100 job applications, you’ll probably hear back from about 10 of them.

Yeah, job hunting is exhausting. But as tiring and discouraging as it may be from time to time, it’s important to stay committed. You will find your perfect job—you just have to keep searching. Here are 5 things to know about job hunting that might make the whole experience a little bit more bearable:

#1. Tailor Your Resume

Your resume is not a one size fits all situation. You need to tailor your resume for each job you’re applying to. Look at what the job posting is asking for and include some of those resume keywords. This will help your resume stand out to recruiters who see hundreds of resumes on a regular basis.

If a job is looking for someone who’s creative and can work independently, make sure you have those words on your resume. Writing a solid resume should be your first step in applying for jobs.

#2. Check Your Credit

It’s customary for an employer to run a background check for every candidate they’re considering hiring. A background check will usually show employment, criminal records, education, credit history, and more. So, before you apply for a job, make sure you double-check your credit history.

Why do employers check your credit? There are several reasons, first, to reduce risk, especially for financial or managerial roles. Running a credit check also assesses a candidate’s financial responsibility and gauges their trustworthiness. An employer will check your credit to get a better idea of your ability to handle financial obligations.

#3. Create a Portfolio

For many jobs, having a portfolio is not only recommended but required. So if you don’t already have a portfolio of your work, it’s a good idea to start on it now.

An online portfolio is a great way to showcase your previous work and provides evidence of your skills and abilities. Why tell someone your skills when you can show them? Creating a portfolio is a good way to stand out and leave your mark. Make your portfolio unique so that it reflects who you are.

Job Hunting

#4. Prepare for Interviews

The last thing you want to do is go into an interview blindly. Before any interview, research the company and prepare as much as possible. Research common interview questions and write out possible answers. How prepared you are for an interview will definitely show, so make sure you take some time to prepare.

#5. Expand Your Skill Set

If you feel like you’re not quite meeting the mark for any of the jobs you’re interested in, it might be a good idea to expand your skill set. The more skills you have, the more memorable you will be to a recruiter or HR department.

There are so many resources out there that you can use to learn new skills, whether that be for coding or social media management. Find a topic you’re interested in and get to explore it.

There’s no denying that applying for jobs is stressful and tiring. You’re likely going to face rejection along the way, but it’s important to not get discouraged. It’s something we all go through! No one finds their dream job overnight.

Stay committed to looking for your perfect job, and you will eventually find it. But in the meantime, check out these tips, and hopefully they’ll help make the job search process a little bit more enjoyable.

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