What Makes Soda Pdf the Best Tool for Your Business?

Soda PDF

Soda PDF, without a doubt, has become a necessity for growing businesses. Businesses need a secure format in which they can create, edit, convert, and store data. It helps businesses achieve this goal. This software, developed by LULU Software, is capable of opening, creating, editing, converting, and sharing portable PDF documents. It has brought a revolution in the PDF world. Now businesses can transfer their data safely from one location to another. In this article, we will discuss the features that make soda pdf the best tool for business.

PDF Documents

Pdf soda helps you to convert and transform your file into other formats. In addition, there are multiple options for creating a PDF document. It allows you to identify errors in your pdf document. You can also customize your pdf document by adding various form fields and buttons. You can add radio buttons and checkboxes to make your pdf document stand out. Moreover, you can add images, and links, remove image backgrounds, and much more.

Markup Tools

Pdf soda helps to highlight and underline the important passages in your pdf document. It also helps to insert sticky notes in which you add personal comments. In the same way, you can reply to people’s comments in pdf documents or make them hide. It’s solely up to your choice.

E-Sign Any Pdf Document

Signing a document has never been this easy. Pdf soda allows you to sign pdfs online.

You can start by opening the pdf, adding signer details, and sending for a sign. Moreover, you can track the progress by pdf soda e-sign inbox. Once the document is signed and the procedure is complete, you get an email along with a link from where you can download the signed pdf document. E-sign is considered equivalent to a handwritten sign.

Password Protection And Permission

One of the promising features of pdf soda is that you can adjust security settings. Only those who have access to passwords can open the pdf document. Moreover, you can restrict the actions of others on your pdf document. You can allow limited access by only permitting the extraction of pages or deleting them. On the other hand, you can just allow users to fill in the form and abstain individuals without passwords from printing the pdf text.

OCR in Pdf Soda

OCR in pdf soda stands for optical character recognition. It is an advanced feature that allows scanned documents to be edited, saved, and shared across the network. There is no doubt that it has gained the trust of businesses across the globe. It allows ultimate safety measures to edit, save and share confidential data across the web.

Hence, It is the best alternative to adobe acrobat. It is business-friendly. Pdf soda is a reliable tool for editing, saving, and sharing sensitive information from one location to another.

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