COMMERCIAL ALARM SYSTEMS: Best Business Security Systems of 2023

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Successful entrepreneurs widely acknowledge that they must safeguard their assets as crucially as they maximize their profits. Ensuring the safety of oneself and others is a crucial aspect of operating a business. Similar to residential security, each commercial alarm system must be customized to fit the specific requirements, dimensions, design, and potential hazards of a business. This guide aims to assist you in selecting the best commercial alarm systems, their cost, and how to bypass commercial alarm systems. So, keep reading!

What Is a Commercial Security? 

Commercial security services provide a more extensive level of protection in comparison to residential ones, primarily due to the larger areas that they have to cover. Commercial security services also encompass a wide range of offerings, from CCTV cameras to the deployment of onsite security personnel, catering to the needs of businesses of all sizes.

What are Commercial Alarm Systems?

Commercial alarm systems have been created to deter visitors, criminals, and break-ins. These systems offer round-the-clock surveillance and control through the use of alarm systems and CCTV cameras. In addition , a building’s infrastructure can also include a wide range of other cutting-edge inventions and pieces of equipment. These may include keycard authentication, communication systems, life, and fire protection measures, as well as state-of-the-art technological innovations. General Security and other service providers offer a range of additional features to their customers. These features include VoIP telephones and aircraft observing and tracking, providing a convenient one-stop shop for clients. Experts’ information and statistical reporting can also enhance staff interaction and efficiency. Also, for business owners, selecting the optimal technology can be a daunting task, as it requires a comprehensive understanding of the various alternatives and functionalities. 

In addition to enhancing safety measures, commercial alarm systems have the potential to boost worker efficiency. The system provides a comprehensive analysis of crucial data, including personalized temperature management, efficient communication between workers and responsibilities, detailed open and close reports, and multi-location accounting. Also, for those seeking a reliable alarm system or comprehensive commercial alarm system, it is advisable to seek the assistance of a professional. A survey and on-site evaluation will be done to find the best technological advances and ideas for your particular needs.

Best Commercial Alarm Systems

Best commercial alarm systems for businesses encompass a wide range of features, including but not limited to locks, motion detectors, and flood monitors. Certain retailers provide specialized tools such as tags to deter shoplifting. Many best commercial alarm systems come equipped with a sophisticated application that allows users to monitor and regulate the system’s functions. Additionally, some systems seamlessly integrate with popular voice assistants such as Alexa or Google Home, enabling users to adjust the temperature, switch on lights, or activate the alarm with ease. Our search for the best commercial alarm systems led us to prioritize high-quality tools, affordable pricing, and round-the-clock professional monitoring. Some of our choices depend on standard home security systems, while others offer a wide range of specialties. After conducting thorough evaluations, we have determined the best commercial alarm security systems for business. Thus, they include the following:

#1. SimpliSafe

SimpliSafe is a prime illustration of how certain commercial alarm systems are more appropriate for small businesses rather than larger ones. This is a complete security system for homes, but because it has a wide range of tools and features, it is also suitable for use by small businesses. Also, for those who possess a shop with only one or two entry points, SimpliSafe can serve as an ideal security solution.

In addition, SimpliSafe distinguishes itself as an elite company security solution due to its effortless do-it-yourself installation process. Brands that primarily serve large businesses often fail to provide such benefits. SimpliSafe offers a personalized home security solution that allows you to tailor the various components to your specific needs. Additionally, their user-friendly installation process empowers you to set up your security system on your terms. One has the option to choose between enrolling in a monitoring service or self-monitoring the system.

The installation process is also simple. The whole process of setting up the SimpliSafe home protection system took less than 30 minutes. The duration of the installation procedure may vary depending on the amount of equipment purchased. However, it is not necessary to shut down operations for a day during this process. After installing SimpliSafe, you can self-monitor it and eliminate the need for monthly fees. We highly recommend opting for professional monitoring services to ensure comprehensive and uninterrupted protection. In case the budget is a constraint, we suggest opting for online storage at the very least for your SimpliSafe cameras to ensure event recording. 

#2. Vivint

Vivint is a company that takes its operations seriously. The company’s security solution commences with a thorough evaluation conducted by a security specialist and concludes with a seamless installation process, all while providing top-notch service from beginning to end. Upon installation of the system, users will gain access to state-of-the-art technology through Vivint’s tablet-like user interface and mobile applications. Additionally, professional monitoring services are available 24/7.

Video surveillance is a highly effective option worth considering. The advanced AI technology in Vivint’s outdoor camera enables it to detect potential intruders. If there is a security breach, the camera activates sirens and lights to deter intruders. Also, if you have a parking lot or worry about your property’s security at night, these features will be highly beneficial.

#3. Cove

Since our previous evaluation, Cove has ascended to the second position on our ranking. The system is primarily designed for residential security purposes, however, it also provides cost-effective plans for startups. Each of its plans incorporates competent monitoring, however, it provides the flexibility to configure your very own system or participate to set the situation up for you. Our recommendation for implementation in office and small retail store settings is based on the system’s diverse range of recording devices and devices. However, note that the system’s access tools have limitations and it does not offer specific security features like Tattletale or ADT.

The system achieved a rating of 4.02 on a scale of 5. Cove’s pricing received the highest score, as their monitoring plans commence at a modest price of $18, and their equipment is also reasonably priced. The product exhibits robust general features, albeit with a drawback of incompatibility with other devices. Additionally, it received a lower rating due to the absence of hardware tailored to specific equipment. Nonetheless, it is user-friendly and provides satisfactory cost-effectiveness.

#4. ADT

ADT has been a trusted name in the security industry for more than 145 years, providing reliable commercial and residential security services. For businesses with specific requirements and a stable operational structure, we highly recommend this service. It provides a comprehensive range of surveillance and notification solutions that cater to various aspects such as break-ins, floods, and cybersecurity. ADT boasts extensive experience across various industries, ranging from commerce to eating establishments. The company is well-versed in the intricacies of federal and professional regulations, ensuring that your business remains in line at all times. For enterprises seeking an all-inclusive solution, this is a robust option.

According to our evaluation, ADT received a commendable score of 3.34 out of 5. This particular system stands out from the rest on the list due to its exceptional scores in both general and hardware features. Despite being a popular choice for home security, ADT falls short in certain areas. The company’s pricing is on the higher side, and their contracts tend to be lengthy. Additionally, there have been concerns raised about a lack of transparency in their operations. Mixed customer reviews also contribute to ADT’s lower score.

#5. Brinks

Brinks is among the limited number of commercial alarm systems that claim to be compatible with pre-existing equipment. However, it has recently discontinued its monitoring services for Nest Secure systems. It may be necessary to develop a combination that is compatible with various brands of recording devices, motion sensors, and detection systems. Please ensure that you have a clear comprehension of the terms and conditions of the agreement for a period of three years and that you possess a high level of confidence in the service before proceeding.

The evaluation resulted in a score of 3.45 out of 5 for this system. The company’s score was hurt by opaque pricing and long-term contracts, like other service providers. Additionally, the company does not offer equipment-specific tracks and other related tools. The equipment is subject to a monthly insurance fee of $5 to obtain a longer warranty. Nevertheless, it received high ratings for its overall security capabilities, installation process, and user-friendliness.

How to Bypass Commercial Alarm Systems

Ensuring security is a vital aspect of a successful business. Once your business becomes successful, the number of competitors interested in acquiring your confidential data also grows. In this article, we will elucidate five methods by which unauthorized individuals bypass commercial alarm systems. They include the following:

#1. Access Control System Tailgating

Tailgating is the intrusion of an unauthorized person, whether on purpose or by mistake, into an area where authorized individuals are present. Criminals can gain access to regulate systems and encourage data theft through tailgating, which can damage a company’s standing in the market. Your business can avoid these negative outcomes by implementing an anti-tailgating system. Anti-tailgating devices that use tangible obstacles like barriers and velocity gates, that only let people in with proper identification are a great way to increase safety.

#2. Attempts to Break into Closed-Circuit Television Systems

CCTV cameras have improved over the years, yet they are still susceptible to hacking. Hackers have been able to bypass security systems and reroute them at will using a wide variety of methods. Accessing a CCTV system is an easy slice of cake for cybercriminals since they can easily obtain the default login credentials and user IDs.

#3. Turning Off Security Devices

Sensors in modern alarm systems can communicate with control panels via radio transmissions. It’s not easy to tinker with radio transmissions. Intruders, however, have gotten ahead of technological advances and may now disable alarms by taking control of the main units. Now they employ jammers, which send out their electrical impulses to disrupt radio waves.

#4. Ignoring Computer Virus Protection

The hackers use strategies like code alteration and obfuscation to circumvent security software. The hackers force the user to open a malicious file or gain access to the system using a vulnerable version of the operating system. Therefore, a computer must always have the most recent antivirus software installed.

#5. Violation of Authentication for Access Control

Access to every firm control room is limited by fingerprint or photo ID. A scanner will only allow entry to a person who has provided either a digital fingerprint or an ID card. The intruders tap gadgets or install concealed cameras to keep tabs on the official and obtain their handprints or user ID. Thus, for this reason, every government official should implement some form of access control system.

Commercial Alarm Systems Cost

When determining the cost associated with commercial alarm systems, it is imperative to take into account a multitude of factors. In the modern business landscape, security systems play a crucial role in safeguarding business operations. It’s worth noting that business security requirements differ from one enterprise to another, and as such, it’s essential to tailor security solutions to meet specific business needs. It is also essential for companies that specialize in establishing commercial alarm systems to have a comprehensive understanding of the unique requirements of each business and the most effective ways to fulfill them.

When considering the cost associated with commercial alarm systems, there are a few key factors to bear in mind. The cost of a security system varies depending on the scope of the business and its specific security requirements. Small and medium-sized enterprises may have different needs, which can impact the overall cost of commercial alarm systems. When it comes to security systems, small businesses can enjoy a cost advantage over larger establishments such as hotels, malls, and office buildings. Furthermore, the cost of commercial alarm systems is influenced by their components. When engaging in discussions with a service provider, a prudent business owner would carefully evaluate the various types of alarm systems offered and determine which ones are essential for their business.

Bottom Line

The realm of business security has expanded beyond the implementation of sensors for movement and commercial alarm systems. Contemporary systems may incorporate fingerprint locks, communication between cameras, overflow sensors, and intelligent home technology. Prioritize identifying your needs before determining the optimal solution. It is advisable to carefully consider whether committing to a contract aligns with your long-term goals, as they are commonly associated with challenges in terminating the agreement.


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