11+ Best BUSINESS ALARM SYSTEMS for Small & Large Businesses

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There is a need for business alarm systems in all businesses, no matter how big or small, yet, these systems’ primary function is not to prevent break-ins. Monitoring employee attendance using a business security system is crucial for minimizing costs and maximizing output. Similarly, the best small business alarm systems can help retailers and service providers monitor foot traffic, and guarantee customers are being attended to on time. 

Furthermore, other components of your security system, such as heat and smoke detectors, guarantee that your building complies with all applicable safety standards.

Choosing the best business alarm systems for your company might be a challenge. The first step is to determine what kinds of tools you’ll need.

The level of monitoring provided by a security company is also crucial. Above all, you should consider the security system’s cost and the quality of the assistance provided.

This article closely examines 11 of the best small business alarm systems for retailers.

We compare their features, pricing, and customer care to help you pick the ideal one for your business. 

What Are The Best Small Business Alarm Systems For Small And Large businesses? 

Here are the top wireless business alarm systems out there:

#1. Simplisafe 

On our first list of the best Small business alarm systems is SimpliSafe. To protect your house, consider using SimpliSafe, a widely adopted and powerful security solution. 

The good news is that these strategies require little modification before being used by smaller enterprises. 

One of SimpliSafe’s most appealing qualities is that, in contrast to many of its rivals, it sells pre-assembled security kits.

The Foundation ($229) is their entry-level package that includes a base station, a keypad, an entry sensor, and a motion sensor to assist you in identifying intruders. 

The Essentials, SimpliSafe’s most popular package, costs $259 and includes two extra entry sensors, the key fob, and a free HD camera.

However, the Haven plan ($489) is a great option for large rooms.

 An entrance sensor system can protect your home from intruders at up to four different doorways. 

To further ensure the security of your workplace, it also has a temperature sensor and a smoke detector.

 The additional features include a water sensor, panic button, and siren. There is a 60-day guarantee and 24/7 monitoring included in the price of each of these kits.

Choose professional monitoring and save 20% on each pre-built kit. 24/7 expert surveillance with a fast response time from the police is included in the premium package. The SimpliSafe mobile app allows you to manage and adjust your security system from virtually any location.

 SimpliSafe also does not lock you into a contract, so you can cancel whenever you like.

Creating your setup is an option if none of the prefabricated packages meets your requirements. 

#2. ADT Business Alarm Systems 

Regarding commercial security systems, ADT Business alarm systems are among the best. With its full portfolio of services, ADT is the best option for large and medium-sized enterprises that value security but want more say in its implementation. 

ADT has been around for nearly 140 years. Its extensive security equipment includes everything from door and window sensors to motion detectors to smart plugs to hold-up buttons to smart locks to intercoms and keycard readers. 

Unfortunately, ADT’s devices are not typically designed for do-it-yourself installation.

Unlike rival company security providers, ADT Business alarm systems can tailor its services to various sectors. Consider ADT’s commercial retail offerings. 

Getting the EAS system (electronic article surveillance) is possible if you go that route. 

All the cameras and sensors you need to monitor your store’s entrance and prevent stock loss are included in this Wi-Fi-enabled system. It is one of the best business alarm systems. 

#3. Vivint 

Business owners may get the kind of protection you’d expect from a leading supplier with Vivint, which includes video surveillance, alarm monitoring, and mobile app control. 

Motion sensors, fire and smoke alarms, and smart locks are all available from the company. However, its cutting-edge surveillance cameras set Vivint apart from the competition. The business provides cutting-edge security cameras for both indoor and outdoor use. 

Indoors, the Vivint camera can pan 155 degrees and tilt 80 degrees to provide a comprehensive overview of your property. You can communicate with workers via the cameras thanks to the built-in two-way communication technology.

It’s not any different with Vivint’s exterior cameras. Using its Smart Deter technology, Vivint’s Outdoor Camera Pro, for instance, deters would-be intruders with flashing lights and loud noises.

In addition, it features built-in intelligence that can tell the difference between people, animals, and cars. This way, you won’t have to worry about unnecessary alarms, such as getting woken up because a bird flew too close to your window.

It is recommended to hire a professional to install your Vivint items. They will install a command center at your location from which you will have complete system control. 

Vivint has developed a user-friendly smartphone app that allows business owners to manage their security system from virtually anywhere. 

It is one of the best small business alarm systems. 

#4. Frontpoint

Among the several DIY business security options we researched, Frontpoint emerged as our top pick. 

Small and medium-sized organizations who want more control over their security but don’t want to deal with expert installation will find it a good option.  It’s a great alternative to professionally installed corporate solutions like ADT and Vivint for smaller and medium-sized enterprises looking for more security management flexibility.

Frontpoint provides a wide range of equipment, including cameras, sensors, alarm systems, and smart devices, unlike many DIY alternatives. 

Therefore, your options for commercial machinery will be unrestricted.

There are three primary packages to choose from with Frontpoint: the Safehouse, the Bunker, and the Fortress. 

For $255.06, you can choose the Safehouse plan, which includes a hub, a keypad, two door/window sensors, a motion sensor, and a home defense kit. 

For an additional $412.05 a month, you can upgrade to the Bunker plan, which adds an interior camera, smoke and heat detectors, and extra door and window sensors. The Fortress plan ($518.62 a year) provides a lot more, including six door/window sensors and an additional motion sensor for businesses.

 If you don’t find an existing plan that works for you, you can create your own.

#5. Lorex 

If you’re in the market for high-quality company security solutions without breaking the bank, Lorex is a fantastic option.

Among the available possibilities, we discovered that the selection at Lorex’s shop was the most extensive.  Cameras, motion sensors, pre-built kits, recorders, and accessories like hard drives and junction boxes are just some of the thousands of products available at Lorex’s retail location. 

Lorex includes a beginner’s guide describing each product and how it functions, making it easy to choose.

Lorex provides security products and services for large commercial buildings like warehouses and small enterprises like shops. 

Sign up as a partner with Lorex at no cost and start reaping the benefits immediately.

Partners can take advantage of discounted prices, priority service, order customization, and a 60-day return policy. 

Companies with several locations, such as franchisees, can take advantage of Lorex’s volume savings.

Lorex, in contrast to other commercial security systems, does not provide a monthly subscription model. 

This reduces the cost of their enterprise security solution but also leaves your company open to attacks at any time. 

Therefore, select Lorex if you have a staff of monitors on hand. Lorex is also one of the top wireless business alarm systems. 

#6. Tattletale

Another one of the best business alarm systems is Tattletale. 

The commercial plan from Tattletale was created with the needs of large outdoor spaces like building sites, utilities, gardens or landscaping, and churches in mind. 

Some features include an ultra-durable portable security system that monitors up to 500 sensors and invisible fences. 

The Tattletale home system can be used for commercial purposes, but you will need to provide your locks and other access hardware.

Tattletale was rated 3.91 out of 5 stars by our panel. This system is a terrific buy with its low price, simple setup, and positive customer reviews.

 But among the systems, it earns the lowest marks for overall quality and hardware specs.

 Lack of smart platform integration, inability to verify locks, limited device compatibility, equipment and damage warranties, and lack of use all work against the solution.

#7. Cove 

Cove is primarily a home security system; however, the company does provide security solutions for small businesses at very reasonable pricing. 

Every one of its packages comes with professional monitoring, but you can install the software on your own or hire a technician to do it for you. 

We recommend it for workplaces and smaller retail establishments since it has a decent selection of cameras and sensors. Still, its access tools are restricted, and it does not have specific security capabilities like Tattletale or ADT.

On our scale, this system scored 3.83 out of 5. 

The pricing structure of Cove received the highest marks, with plans beginning at just $14.99 and affordable equipment available as well.

 It has a solid showing for general features. Still, its score suffers since it is incompatible with other devices and loses points because it does not include equipment-specific hardware.

 In addition, there have been many customer complaints in 2023, contributing to a decrease in its score. 

However, it is simple to use and provides excellent value for the money.

#8. Vector 

Vector Security is among the top company security providers since it tailors its services to meet the unique requirements of various sectors. 

Ideal for larger or multi-location businesses needing a real security solution while staying within a budget.

 Among the many sectors that Vector serves are the automotive, finance, food, warehouse, grocery, healthcare, and hospitality sectors.

Our overall score was 3.63 stars, with reductions for the high cost, short contract term, and automatic renewal provisions. 

Low marks were caused by the relatively short duration of the guarantee and the absence of some cutting-edge features, such as equipment-specific monitoring.

#9. Brinks 

The Brinks security system is one of the very few we identified that claims it can be used with the equipment already in place. 

It sells Nest and Security Safe equipment, both of which can be professionally installed for an additional fee or installed by the customer. 

Because it is a binding three-year commitment, you must ensure that you fully comprehend the terms and are comfortable with the service.

In our analysis, this product scored 3.49 out of 5. Its score is lower than many others because, among other things, it requires customers to sign long-term contracts and does not offer clear online pricing for businesses.

 In addition, it does not offer certain tools, such as biometric locks. If you want the equipment to be covered by an extended warranty, you must pay a monthly insurance cost of $5. 

On the other hand, it received high marks for its general security functions, ease of installation, and usability.

#10. Abode 

We don’t suggest self-monitoring for your company, but if that’s the route you’re set on taking, Abode is a solid option.

 It provides a self-monitoring plan that is free of charge. You can always switch to its contract-free pro-monitoring plan if you ever find yourself in a situation requiring assistance from another person.

Regarding security, Link Interactive offers features that its competitors don’t, such as a grill sensor, sensor-equipped gun locks, and outdoor sensors. 

Because of this, Link could be the best option if you want a system tailored to your specific requirements.

Link is also one of the best business alarm systems. 

How Much Is an Alarm System for a Business?

The total cost of a business alarm system for small businesses is $1000-$2000 on average. 

What Are the 3 Main Types of Alarms?

Here are the three main types of alarms:

  • fire alarm
  •  burglary alarm
  •  and intrusion detection

What Is the Most Reliable Alarm System?

ADT Business alarm systems are the most reliable business alarm systems.

What Is the Least Expensive Security System?

As said earlier, SimpliSafe is the least expensive business alarm system. 


The security measures taken by businesses today go well beyond motion detectors and fire alarms. These days, systems may have biometric locks, cameras capable of two-way communication, flood sensors, and smart home technology. 

Determine what your requirements are before moving on to the next step. 

Also, consider carefully whether you want to be bound by a contract, as such agreements are notoriously difficult to break free from.

Because of its reasonable price and user-friendliness, SimpliSafe is, in our opinion, the most effective corporate security system for use in smaller companies.

 Even though it was created for homes, it provides outstanding tools for small enterprises and offers contracts every month rather than requiring a commitment of several years. 


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