COMMERCIAL SECURITY SYSTEMS: Best Commercial Security Systems & Services 2023


Every successful businessperson is aware of how crucial asset protection is in addition to profit growth. Because of this, managing your own business means keeping both your own safety and the safety of others in mind. Every corporate security system needs to be specifically adapted to a business’ demands, size, layout, and risk considerations, just like home security systems. By outlining the top manufacturers that can provide adaptable, dependable, and cost-effective security solutions, we’ll help you choose the best commercial security systems companies in Houston, TX, and Las Vegas for your company in this guide.

Best Commercial Security Systems Companies

Locks, motion detectors, and flood monitors are all part of modern commercial security systems provided by companies. Some provide certain instruments, such as tags, to stop stealing. The majority of systems come with a smart app for monitoring and managing the system, and some interface with Alexa or Google Home to control the alarm, regulate the temperature, and turn on the lights.

With top-notch equipment at affordable costs and round-the-clock expert monitoring, we looked for the best commercial security system companies. Others on our list provide more specialized services, while some are derived from commercial security systems companies. Based on our evaluations, the best commercial security systems companies are:

#1. SimpliSafe: Best Overall Small Business Security System

SimpliSafe is a well-liked security option with affordable costs and simple-to-use hardware that you can install yourself. This system is the best option for businesses on a tight budget that require basic protection in the form of locks, cameras, and environmental sensors like flood and fire.

In our analysis, it received a 4.07 out of 5 rating. SimpliSafe is a low-cost system that is simple to use, offers a variety of monitoring options, and consistently receives positive feedback from real-world users, making it an excellent choice for many small businesses.

#2. Cove: Best Budget Security System

Cove has moved up to the second spot on our ranking since our last evaluation. Although it focuses mostly on home protection, it also provides affordable plans for small businesses. Although it allows you to put up your own system or hire a professional to do it for you, all of its plans include professional monitoring. Because it offers a reasonable selection of cameras and sensors but has fewer access tools and no specialized security solutions like Tattletale or ADT, we recommend it for workplaces and small retail establishments.

#3. Tattletale: Best for Outdoor Security

The business plan for Tattletale was created primarily to meet the requirements of vast outside spaces, including building sites, utilities, recreation areas, businesses that deal in gardening or landscaping, schools, and churches. Invisible fences and a compact, ultra-durable security system that can monitor 500 sensors are features. Small businesses can use Tattletale’s home system as well, but you’ll need to buy your own locks or access controls.

#4. Frontpoint: Best DIY Business Security System

Frontpoint is a home security system with monitoring from experts. You can buy the tools, set them up on your own, and then order a monitoring schedule. A 36-month, $50 per month package that includes Allstate Identity Insurance’s identity theft insurance is listed with the purchase.

#5. Vivint: Best Business Security System for Businesses With Company Cars

Vivint offers options for both homes and businesses, offers specialized installation that may be able to use any current equipment you may already have, and offers round-the-clock expert monitoring. Smart thermostats, environmental sensors for temperature or flooding, smart locks, and a smart control panel are all available from Vivint. Its cameras are also wireless. We appreciated its Car Guard feature, which allows you to keep an eye on your vehicles. This can keep company cars safe if you have any, such as those used for delivery or transportation.

#6. Vector: Best Business Security System for Multiple Locations

Plans and tools from Vector Security are tailored to the needs of various sectors. It is one of the few companies with commercial-grade equipment and committed consultants that assist with modifications for your particular business as it develops or expands, making it ideal for bigger or multi-location enterprises that need a genuine security solution while staying on a tight budget. Automotive, finance, food, warehousing, grocery, healthcare, restaurant, and retail industries are all served by Vector.

#7. Brinks: Best for Using Compatible Equipment

One of the few security systems we discovered, Brinks, claims to be compatible with old hardware, despite having just stopped supporting monitoring for Nest Secure systems. Although a hybrid system would be required, it is compatible with many different models of cameras, motion detectors, and other detectors. You must be certain that you are comfortable with the service and that you understand the conditions of the firm’s three-year contract.

#8. ADT: Best for Retail & Restaurant Businesses

ADT is a household name in the home and business security industry with more than 145 years of experience. Because it offers a good selection of monitoring and alarm services covering everything from burglary to flooding to cybersecurity, we strongly advise it if you are a steady organization with specialized demands. ADT is familiar with a variety of businesses, including retail and restaurants, and it also knows what you need to do to comply with legal requirements. It’s a good option for companies that require an all-encompassing system.

Commercial Security Systems Las Vegas

The best and most reputable commercial security system companies in Las Vegas are listed below. We created our own list based on this rating point list to assist you in locating the top commercial security systems companies in Las Vegas that are close to you.

#1. Security One

Security One is a Las Vegas-based home security company that is happy to provide safety and protection to residents throughout Nevada. They offer the most advanced, top-of-the-line smart home security systems available since they understand that family is the most important component of life. Knowing that your house and loved ones are secure will allow you to sleep well at night. In the event that you run a company and require security for your workplace or warehouse, they also provide commercial alarm systems.

They provide top-tier security products from GE and Honeywell, two of the biggest producers in the sector. To give you access to their expertise and experience, they have partnered with these respectable organizations. They are confident that they can offer you a full range of options, from wireless cameras to medical alert systems, to meet your security demands.

#2. Brantley Security Systems

Brantley Security Systems, a family-run business, provides home and business security. They have been servicing the Las Vegas Valley since 2004. Its goal is to provide secure protection and great service. They work together with you to create a secure system you can rely on, and they are happy to have it implemented. Its success is dependent on more than just the caliber of its goods; it also depends on the attitude, strategy, and customer service it provides.

The best kind of appreciation and the most powerful kind of advertising are referrals. A central station monitoring center is located on the property of Brantley Security Systems. They keep an eye on all Las Vegas accounts for Brantley Security Systems. Nobody sells or subcontracts out monitoring arrangements.

#3. In The Sky

In The Sky is a well-known supplier of home and commercial security systems in Las Vegas. They provide award-winning security and home entertainment solutions for people who want to combine the newest audio and video technologies in their homes or places of business. With its cutting-edge home and office integration solutions, you can relax knowing that you have the most recent in security, smart home, and home theater technology. In The Sky is an expert in providing low-cost monitoring and surveillance services to safeguard your loved ones and assets from those who would like to harm you.

#4. Shield Fire & Security, LLC

To keep you, your family, and your home safe, Shield Fire & Security, LLC, installs top-notch, modern home security systems. There are burglar alarms that include home automation, cameras, and video doorbells. In September 2009, John Verville of Las Vegas established Shield Fire & Security. They were founded on the idea that the community they serve is the community in which they live, and they are a locally owned and operated business. The company is dedicated to providing its clients with the highest quality, safety, and security solutions, along with unmatched customer service.

Commercial Security Systems Houston TX

The best and most reputable commercial security system companies in Houston, TX, are listed below. We created our own list based on this ranking points list to assist you in locating the top commercial security systems companies in Houston, TX, that are close to you.

#1. Allied Home Security

In the cities of Houston, Austin, and San Antonio, Allied Home Security is among the top home security system companies. The firm provides a wide range of alarm system alternatives for homes, small businesses, and commercial security systems. The safety of the client is the only concern of their technicians. They add police, fire alarm, and medical monitoring to all of their security packages, making them all worthwhile investments. They offer the best customer service in all of Texas, which makes them the firm that people turn to for their security needs.

#2. Fort Knox Security Services

The best home security installation and monitoring business in Texas is Fort Knox Security Services. Their offerings include security packages for homeowners and small businesses that include everything from the most cutting-edge surveillance equipment currently on the market to fire alarms, medical monitoring, and police monitoring. They employ some of the most qualified and skilled technicians in the business. To ensure that you fully comprehend how the system you purchased operates, these specialists will make sure to take you through the installation process.

#3. Alert 360

As the top home security provider in Houston, Alert 360 makes a lot of noise about it. Alert 360 has developed from a modest security installation company to one of the top security companies in the country since its founding in 1973. The business is currently the fourth-largest provider of residential security solutions in the nation. All citizens of Houston and the surrounding areas have access to cutting-edge home security technology. They are among the best in the business as a result of this and their outstanding customer service.

#4. Alarm Monitoring Services

A company that installs security systems and provides full engineering and design services is Alarm Monitoring Services. Their highly qualified and experienced security professionals, who are available to assist all clients at every stage of the process, can provide bespoke business security solutions. The core of the company’s vision is its commitment to its customers. Residential and commercial burglary alarm systems, home security automation, and analog and IP security cameras are all provided by Alarm Monitoring Services.

Which Are the Two Types of Commercial Security?

The following are the most typical business security system types that are offered on the market today:

  • Burglar alarms.
  • CCTV/surveillance cameras.
  • Access control systems.

What Are Examples of Commercial Security?

The following are the most typical enterprise security systems:

  • Access control systems.
  • Security cameras and video surveillance.
  • Alarm systems.
  • Sensors.
  • Emergency and fire safety systems.
  • Cybersecurity systems.
  • Video surveillance capability.
  • Intrusion detection ability.

Motion sensors, interior and outdoor cameras, glass break detectors, door and window sensors, yard signs and window stickers, smoke detectors, and carbon monoxide detectors are some of the various parts that make up a home security system.

What Is Commercial Security Services?

As they are frequently obliged to cover greater spaces, commercial security services provide more complete protection than residential services.

What Are the 5 Security Services?

Define five security services: data confidentiality, data integrity, authentication, non-repudiation, and access control to prevent security threats.

What Are Considered Commercial Services?

Commercial Service is defined as providing services to Clients whose primary business is the selling of goods or services, including institutions and local, state, and federal government organizations, for purposes other than manufacturing or the production of electricity.

What Are the Duties of a Commercial Security Guard?

Commercial security guards’ primary responsibilities are as follows:

  • Applying laws and regulations
  • Taking Action in Emergencies.
  • Safeguarding property.
  • Controlling Access.
  • Observing alarms and surveillance systems
  • Creating/Submitting Activity Reports.
  • Establishing or upholding order


Beyond fire alarms and motion sensors, business security has advanced. Systems now come with biometric locks, two-way communication for cameras, flood sensors, and smart home technology. Determine your needs before thinking about the best. Consider carefully whether you want to be bound by a contract as well, as these are notoriously difficult to leave.


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