BEST WHOLESALE WEBSITES: Top 15+ Wholesale Websites in 2023 

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Businesses that purchase items in large quantities can potentially save a significant amount of money by utilizing a wholesaling website. Utilizing wholesale websites offers a significant advantage in that they typically offer an extensive selection of products. When it comes to selecting the most suitable wholesale websites, the abundance of choices available can make the task seem daunting. Fortunately, this guide contains the necessary information to locate them. So, read on to learn about the best wholesale websites for boutiques, small business, and Amazon FBA.

Best Wholesale Websites

The best wholesale websites include the following:

#1. DHGate

This is a top-tier wholesale marketplace that links 2.2 million suppliers with 26 million customers. The company has been around since 2004 and is headquartered in Beijing. DHGate is great for new business owners since it allows you to buy wholesale in smaller amounts than sites like Alibaba and Chinavasion. 

The vast majority of DHGate’s sellers are located in China. The vast majority are either sole proprietors or small shops looking to get rid of excess inventory at low prices. Although we recommend DHGate as a top wholesaler for small businesses, it may be difficult to secure the same products consistently from the site because the vendors on DHGate are often shifting. On the other hand, the low MOQs make it an excellent place to test out reselling. 

#2. Chinavasion

A Chinese invasion is up next. This wholesale dropshipping firm was established in 2004 in Shenzhen, and it has since grown to become one of the most successful online retailers in China. If you’re a retailer in this industry, Chinavasion is one of the best wholesale websites you can use to find reliable sources of cheap technology.

#3. Bulk Office Supply

If you’re looking for low wholesale prices on a wide variety of office supplies and break room equipment, this is the site you can’t afford to miss. The wholesale website’s founders and proprietors have been in the office supply business since 1989. They have taken their experience and moved it online, producing what is perhaps the best portal for wholesale purchases. More than two thousand educational institutions and districts around the country have put their faith in this wholesaler, a testament to the high caliber of their offerings.

#4. Alibaba

Alibaba, a Chinese wholesale directory that has been around since 1999, continues to enjoy massive success in the B2B market. Some have called this site “one of the best wholesalers” because of the wide variety of brands and manufacturers represented there. From consumer electronics to heavy industrial, it offers more than forty different classes of goods. Using an external dropshipping provider website like Oberlo, you can dropship items through the platform.

#5. Global Sources

Products from Chinese wholesalers are available at Global Sources. There are verified status emblems for each supplier to show that they are legitimate. These certifications show that the organization has been thoroughly examined. Global Sources is unique among online wholesalers in that it does not facilitate online payments from customers. There is no payment method available on the site, so after you find a suitable vendor, you will need to make separate arrangements with them for shipment and payment.

Best Wholesale Websites for Boutiques

The best wholesale websites for boutiques include the following:

#1. Volume Apparel 

Volume Apparel now stocks sizes for men, women, and juniors, as well as children aged four and up; sizes for infants and toddlers will be added soon. In addition to stocking items for big and tall women, they also sell regular sizes for males. Volume Apparel, based in Massachusetts with a storefront in New York City’s garment district, sells wholesale used apparel by the pound. 

#2. Wholesale7 

This is one of the best wholesale websites for boutiques where you can get items like ripped jeans (a requisite of the Korean fashion scene) and kimono gowns (a current trend in Japan) among its many other options. Wholesale7’s clothing features fashionable patterns and bold color palettes. This provider also provides premium logo-designed boutique apparel. You can start your own private-label clothing business with Wholesale7 as your backbone since you can put your logo on the tag and box.

#3. Handshake

This is one of the best wholesale websites for boutiques that hundreds of online wholesale call a home. From long fashionable coats that are ideal for fall to lovely drape dresses, these sellers have it all for boutique shoppers. The nicest part of using Handshake to get pricing information is that you don’t have to contact vendors individually. Instead, it collects data on suppliers and their prices to make product sourcing easier for you. In addition to being able to check out on the website, ordering products for your boutique is more simpler with Handshake than with the other wholesale merchants on this list.

#4. Tasha Clothes

This is also one of the best wholesale websites for boutiques in the United States that offer discounts for buying multiple items. Retailers of all stripes can find the latest fashions at prices 60-80% off the existing wholesale rate, thanks to the site’s extensive size and style options.  Tasha Apparel does not impose minimum order requirements on its wholesale customers. It also allows for dropshipping and the use of product photos hosted on the site. Drop shippers can always sell the season’s hottest products thanks to the company’s bulk shipping and bulk rates. 

#5. Jelly Bean

Jelly Bean is a women’s clothing boutique that also sells a wide selection of accessories and jewelry. Hence, with the help of their creative team, boutique owners can always provide their consumers with the newest and most sought-after trends in fashion. This online shop offers bulk discounts and direct shipping for its customers. Before delivering your goods to the transport company, Jelly Bean will double-check them and bundle them safely. So, if you own a brick-and-mortar shop or are planning to do so, this is a fantastic alternative for you.

Best Wholesale Websites for Small Business

The best wholesale websites for small business include the following:

#1. Alibaba

There are currently 40 different categories of goods on Alibaba, ranging from furnishings to computer parts. Since its founding on June 28, 1999, the China-based retailer has expanded to serve customers in more than 190 countries. 


This works on a wholesale basis, which makes use of overstocks to sell popular brands at low prices. They sell everything from clothing and accessories to makeup and furnishings over more than 500 distinct product categories. DIRECT allows you to buy in quantity without having to bid on the items, while their pricing is based on a bidding system. With the exceptions of the Dominican Republic, Iran, the Korean Peninsula, Sudan, and Iraq, offers international shipping. 

#3. ThomasNet

On homasNet, you may find a comprehensive directory of suppliers, wholesalers, and service providers operating in a wide variety of sectors. ThomasNet helps entrepreneurs locate suppliers for their businesses based on criteria such as location, kind of product or service, and type of business. The platform has a robust search engine that allows users to narrow their results to precisely what they’re looking for.

#4. Amazon

Amazon has developed a separate platform specifically for small enterprises called Amazon Business. They’ve included a feature on their platform where small firms may apply for and perhaps get financial grants. Amazon Business has also compiled an easy-to-navigate list of approved vendors and manufacturers. Tools aimed specifically at micro and small enterprises (SMEs) may also be accessible. Insights and analytics can be checked for fairness using the combined technologies.

#5. Lightinthebox

Lightinthebox is another Chinese company that exports in bulk to the Western world, including electronics, clothing, housewares, and gardening supplies. They are the best there is at updating their listings, so new things should be appearing every day. They teamed up with DHL to ship internationally quickly and easily to meet the growing demand for their products. There are additional insured shipping options available to you. 

Best Wholesale Websites for Amazon FBA

The best wholesale websites for Amazon FBA include the following:

#1. DHGate

DHGate is among the most reputable wholesale vendors online. There’s a good reason why they’re so popular among Amazon vendors: their products are trustworthy, inexpensive, and plentiful. The company also takes great pride in its membership in the APEC Business Advisory Council. This indicates that they are dedicated to maintaining high standards and providing excellent products and services. DHGate is an excellent choice if you need a reliable wholesale supplier. You’ll find all you need and more in their humongous inventory and rock-bottom rates.

#2. Dollar days

Dollar Days is a game-changer for Amazon vendors because it allows them to test products with a low initial investment (only $50). The marketplace has a concept based on bulk purchasing, with the savings being passed on to users. Dollar Days take great satisfaction in supplying fresh, low-cost goods to nonprofit organizations, schools, churches, and other nonprofits.

#3. Alibaba

If you’re an Amazon seller, you should check out Alibaba, one of the largest wholesale suppliers in the world. The ability to identify manufacturers for virtually any item is one of Alibaba’s greatest strengths. Alibaba is a fantastic online marketplace for finding just about anything you could want. You can increase your profit margins by purchasing from Alibaba suppliers who are based outside the United States. One more perk of using Alibaba is that you can often meet potential suppliers in person at trade exhibitions that they attend.

This is an excellent method to learn about a supplier and their offerings before committing to anything. So, if you’re an Amazon seller in search of reliable wholesale suppliers, Alibaba is a fantastic place to start.

#4. Worldwide Brands

If you’re looking for a wholesale directory that checks out its vendors for you, go no further than Worldwide Brands. They are a rare and valuable resource for online merchants around the world. It also implies you’ll come across novel concepts for products you hadn’t thought about before. Also, for Amazon merchants, this means swifter product sourcing with fewer concerns about product quality or availability.

To aid its vendors in expanding their operations, Worldwide Brands provides a plethora of services and tools. They supply everything you need to be successful on Amazon, from analysis of products to promotional tools.

#5. SaleHoo 

Using SaleHoo, Amazon FBA sellers may gain access to more than 8,500 verified vendors and 2.5 million items. To boost their profits and expand their businesses, Amazon FBA sellers can use SaleHoo to locate reliable suppliers who provide low pricing.

How Do I Find Legitimate Wholesale Suppliers?

The most common ways to find new vendors are through trade shows, personal recommendations, and professional networks. Alternatively, you can use reverse sourcing to track down a provider. Finding vendors who can supply your in-demand products should be your first order of business.

Where Is the Largest Wholesaling?

The Yiwu Market in China is a prominent commercial hub that attracts a vast number of visitors from all over the world. Chinese department stores are renowned for their immense size, but what I am about to share with you will leave you in awe! The Yiwu Market, also known as the Futian District market, holds the distinction of being the world’s largest wholesale market. Its vast expanse spans an impressive 5.5 million square meters and covers a distance of 7 kilometers.

What Is the Difference Between a Distributor and a Wholesaler?

A wholesaler’s sole responsibility is to fulfill orders placed by retailers; they play no other function in the distribution chain. However, a distributor does more than just carry out orders sent to them; they also serve as an active representative of the manufacturer in the marketplace.


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