REDX: Features, Pricing, Plans and 2023 Review

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One thing on which the vast majority of real estate agents, wholesalers, house flippers, and other specialists in the real estate industry can agree is that finding leads is not difficult, but finding quality leads is challenging. In most cases, leads can be found anywhere, such as among those next-door neighbors, among colleagues, or even among associates; however, high-quality leads do not idly wait about. You need to make a deliberate attempt to find them by combining conventional and digital methods of lead generation, such as making cold calls through REDX. The provision of automatic access to high-quality real estate leads is one of the ways in which REDX makes real estate marketing and lead creation easier. How REDX benefits real estate agents and its comparison with Vortex will be discussed in this piece. Read on!

What is REDX?

REDX is an American real estate prospecting platform and software firm. By making available high-quality, regularly updated lead lists, REDX facilitates and automates lead creation through cold calling for real estate agents, realtors, wholesalers, and other real estate investors.

There are many other types of lists available, such as those of expired listings, FSBOs, FRBOs, and GeoLeads. The Multiple Listing Service (MLS), newspapers, tax records, websites, and classifieds are just some of the sources. In order to avoid potential legal issues and to guarantee high accuracy, all REDX lead lists are frequently checked against the Do Not Call Lists, and properties are relisted. 

In addition, REDX provides Vortex, a customer relationship management platform that allows companies to centrally store and quickly access data about their leads, current and former customers, and other data critical to the lead-generating process. A preview line dialer and a multi-line dialer are also included to facilitate contacting potential customers. 

Originally, the software company just dealt with expired lead lists, but now it offers all of the aforementioned kinds of leads as well. Most real estate investors have faith in this Utah-based software firm because of its enormous user base. 

REDX Features

The features available in REDX help real estate agents expand their inventory of listings. Agents can schedule as many listing appointments as possible with the system’s prospecting features. Select from a variety of lead generators, processing tools, and informational resources to maximize your lead conversion rates.

When looking for FSBO, FRBO, preforeclosure, and expired leads, REDX is one of the best platforms to use. Tools are also available to facilitate enhanced interaction with potential customers. Its Power Dialer automatically makes cold calls, cutting down on prospecting time. Adapting your phone calls to each stage of a lead’s journey is made easier with these downloadable scripts. Agents may have faith in their prospecting efforts because of the verified leads that ensure only accurate contact information is stored in the Vortex system.

How Does REDX Work?

REDX is made to help real estate investors by giving them access to several lead lists. The platform’s subscribers receive compiled lead lists that have been crawled and aggregated from multiple databases. 

Also, with REDX users can select from a variety of lead list categories, each of which provides access to a wealth of valuable real estate lead creation data, including contact details, property information, tax information, and more. 

However, using any of the three REDX phone dialers, listing appointments can be quickly scheduled once this data is gathered. Users also receive scripts specific to each lead source, which is great for inexperienced real estate agents who are still learning the ins and outs of conducting business over the phone. In addition to providing free access to its CRM for each lead list type, REDX also facilitates efficient data management and retrieval.

What Does Redx Do?: Goals and Objectives.

REDX’s objective is to assist real estate professionals in creating and sustaining successful businesses, which is in line with the aims of our clients. Our goal, and the means by which we plan to achieve it, is to furnish sales professionals with the best possible prospecting environment. Also, their ultimate goal is to see our clients succeed in all that they set out to do. Providing agents with the ideal prospecting platform requires more than simply a large pool of quality seller leads with verified contact information. It implies making it easy to get in touch with those prospects through various channels of communication and social media. 

However, this implies offering real-time assistance to customers so that they can resolve any issues that arise. Developing effective training and instruction that helps agents of varying skill levels expand their operations is essential. Understanding our clients’ surroundings, goals, and ways to help them achieve them is crucial.

How Much Does Redx Cost?: Pricing

With REDX, you subscribe to a package tailored to the specific kinds of leads you want to pursue. The REDX monthly subscription costs are as follows:

  • GeoLeads: $59.99 per month
  • Expired PLUS: $119.98 per month
  • Pre-Foreclosure Leads: $39.99 per month
  • FSBO Leads: $39.99 per month
  • GeoLeads PLUS: $119.98 per month
  • FRBO Leads: $59.98 per month
  • Expired Leads: $59.99 per month
  • Pre-Foreclosure PLUS: $79.98 per month

You can acquire up to three homeowner phone numbers per lead with the starter plan. Location, cost, and sale or expiration date can also be used as filters. Agents that want to throw the widest possible net will find the base plans invaluable. Since FSBO and expired leads are already in the market, they may be more open to your proposal, but GeoLeads, FRBO leads, and pre-foreclosure leads all have substantial untapped potential that may be unlocked with some skillful persuasion.

In addition to providing homeowners with their own email addresses, the PLUS plans also include information on financial and market trends, as well as details on building materials and amenities. With this new information, you can be pickier in your pursuit of niche perfection.

REDX Alternatives

If you’re looking for new software features or just want to try something different, research the top REDx alternatives. When looking for a replacement for REDx, usability, and dependability are also crucial criteria to weigh.  Here are the top best REDX alternatives.

#1. IXACT Contact

IXACT Contact is a real estate CRM and marketing automation platform that facilitates user organization and management of contacts and customer communication. The tool facilitates the development of a visually appealing new website for agents and aids them in their efforts to cultivate and convert leads into customers. And the automation of social media marketing services is available to agents, along with the ability to set goals and monitor progress.

However, the contact management software features a sleek layout, a homepage that can be tailored to the user’s preferences, and the ability to schedule meetings and set up automatic reminders. With this solution, reps may see when they have availability to call customers back or schedule meetings.

An intuitive email marketing tool is included in IXACT Contact, allowing users to manage campaigns, compile contact lists, and view activity reports on opened and clicked emails. In addition, the system paves the way for brokers to set up lead-generating websites of their own.

#2. Realty Juggler

Realty Juggler is customer relationship management software designed specifically for real estate brokers and agents to help them keep track of their clients and transactions. The system allows reps to keep tabs on leads and set up calls with them at convenient times. Feeds from any website with a Contact-Me form are made available to agencies.

With this service, brokers may give access to their client database to their agents and staff, increasing the likelihood that more leads will be converted into paying customers. Agents can make their own schedules and send emails straight from the program.

Also, agents can use the software to communicate with customers via text message and keep track of their earnings and expenses. Appointments and new leads can be generated immediately by agents via email and text messages. In addition, the software is hosted online and uses SSL encryption to keep user information safe.

#3. Tenant Turner

With 24-hour customer support, the service Tenant Turner offers landlords a solution to the issue of keeping track of their tenants’ schedules. By using this system, both landlords and tenants may consolidate their lead generation efforts into a single hub.

Furthermore, landlords are able to establish pre-qualification conditions for renters and obtain comprehensive reports on leasing activity. With this service, sales representatives can easily follow up with prospects, set up meetings, and receive timely responses. User-generated papers can be stored in a locked electronic box that comes with the product.

The software’s main dashboard is where all of your leads and listings are located. An agent has complete autonomy over when he or she can show prospective tenants a property. To keep agents apprised of any maintenance issues with the rented properties, it notifies them via email.

#4. BoomTown

BoomTown is a system that contains intelligent CRM and helps real estate agents manage their properties, leads, and other business operations. With this solution, reps can always reply to leads and increase their return on investment. Real estate agents are better able to narrow their attention to the clients most likely to make purchases or sales, which in turn boosts the agency’s conversion rate.

The robust capabilities of the software facilitate the development of new opportunities and the administration of large-scale real estate enterprises. Agents may manage all of their branches from a central portal, and consumers can be sent there from within the portal to find out more about the agent’s local service offerings.

Through digital advertising, the solution’s team may generate more leads, and the funnel methodology makes it simple for customers to keep track of all their sales. There is a centralized reporting portal built in, so users can easily generate analytics and reports to aid in making quicker, more informed choices.

#5. Homesnap Pro

Homesnap Pro is a real estate industry solution provider that helps real estate agents better serve their clients. Agents can acquire free leads from serious buyers by using this service, and they also receive leads every time a potential buyer visits the website.

However, it also provides agents with the necessary leads without the distraction of commercials, banners, or even the ads of competing agencies. With this service, brokers can monitor market activity and status changes with ease. Agents can arrange showing times with clients that work with their schedules.

Agents can use the tool to generate CMA reports in under a minute, which they can then send to prospective buyers or sellers. Real estate agents may see anything from nearby sales to school zones and more by just clicking on a property’s boundary. In addition, agents can maintain constant contact with customers thanks to the available communication channels.

#6. WiseMirror

WiseMirror is a comprehensive survey tool that can be used to design surveys for businesses and other institutions. The tool creates the best surveys for your company, allowing you to base solid decisions on survey data and boost productivity across the board. WiseMirror allows you to easily create surveys for gathering feedback on your most recent presentation, session, or even annual output.

You may make a swift business decision based on the results of any survey, whether it’s designed to increase productivity in the workplace, get feedback from employees, or gauge consumer satisfaction. The software is straightforward and offers you chart-based data that is simple to understand and evaluate, so you can determine what fraction of your audience is happy with your offerings. Also, keep in mind that WiseMirror is a universal survey tool, providing all you need to design and distribute your survey, as well as generate the results report, in record time.

#7. LionDesk

Keeping an eye on leads and customers is easier with LionDesk, a customer relationship management tool. Users are able to maintain order, have smoother interactions, and close more business because of our solution. It helps users keep track of their connections, streamline their interactions with clients, and create multi-channel marketing campaigns.

Also, users can set transactional reminders and automate repetitive operations with this solution. Users can benefit from enhanced communication and more solid conclusions as a result. It’s a great way to keep in touch with people and share listings, all while keeping an eye on the market.

In addition, a machine learning system is built into LionDesk to aid in employee development. It allows workers to access all resources with only one login and provides a unified interface for all business processes. The product helps you get ahead of the competition by providing video texting and automated drip campaigns.

How REDX CRM Benefits Real Estate Agents

When contrasting REDX with other CRM options, “filter” is the word to keep in mind. Whatever data subset you’re working with, the REDX platform’s filtering capabilities will come in handy.

In essence, REDX will do the legwork of prospect research and cross-referencing for a real estate agent. Use the Outdated Ads. So that agents don’t waste time phoning people who have already found another agent, Vortex will look for recently expired listings and compare them to relisting before providing contact information. Here is how REDX CRM benefits average real estate agents.

#1. It’s a Helpful Indicator of Lead-Generation Channels

If you’re a cutting-edge real estate agent, you’re probably working on multiple lead-generating efforts simultaneously. You can get leads from anywhere: your website, your blog, your online events, your great email marketing outreach, YouTube, TikTok, advertisements, open houses, and so on.

While mastering lead creation is a must, a multichannel plan may easily spiral out of control if not managed effectively. It’s crucial to track the origins of your leads. Your company may learn if the leads are qualified, where in the sales funnel they entered, what interested them, and whether or not they are ready to buy once you collect this data.

After that, people are better able to work together and achieve their goals. You’ll learn not only which lead-generating strategies are working and which need tweaking, but also how to tailor your approach to each individual lead. An effective technique for identifying the individuals who provide leads in the real estate industry is REDX CRM software. Also, read SALES PROSPECTING: Definition, Method & Template.

#2. Prioritize Enables Concentration on the Most Valuable Leads

The quality of leads varies.

Realtors should do their best for each customer, but there are certain fish that are just too big to handle. It’s important to sort through the contacts that made it into your database and identify the ones that are serious about making a purchase or sale before you devote time to nurturing them.

That’s not to say that the other possibilities can’t develop into worthwhile commercial possibilities as well. Instead, you’ll have a better idea of who to prioritize when allocating marketing resources.

Successful strategies always prioritize high-quality leads over low-quality prospects. Those people include real estate leads who are currently looking to engage an agent or search the market, as well as those who have an immediate need to buy or sell and have spent considerable time doing so.

To qualify and score leads, customer relationship management software is indispensable.

#3. It Organizes and Centralizes Client Data

The real estate market is quite competitive. Before you can successfully reach out to leads and turn them into customers, you need to attempt a variety of methods. This usually entails the use of multiple channels of contact, such as email, social media, phone, and instant messaging.

A successful real estate agent will save all relevant data in a customer relationship management system (CRM) like REDX. In addition, consumer information is safe within a CRM system. People have a right to expect that their information will be safe in any field. In addition, the real estate industry is notoriously vulnerable to cyberattacks.

#4. It Makes Nurturing Leads Much More Effective

The sales process can be easily mapped if you’re only dealing with a few sellers and purchasers. At first, you might be negotiating with 50, 100, or even 1000 (!) potential customers per week, but as your real estate firm expands and becomes more successful, that number will quickly balloon.

Also, you know exactly what to do because you are a seasoned real estate agent. Set up a few open houses, communicate via email, arrange a meeting, show them around a few properties that could be of interest, and then negotiate and finalize the sale.

#5. Marketing and Sales Can Be Automated

If that wasn’t enough to convince you, let me present you with an even stronger argument. By streamlining real estate follow-ups, a high-quality customer relationship management solution can increase sales. Zillow claims…

  • On average, a buyer will spend 4.5 months in the housing market.
  • On average, sellers spend six months prepping to sell their property.
  • Long-term homeowners need even more time to make the decision to sell.

However, real estate agents who want to succeed must take the long view and have faith in their follow-up procedure. For many people, purchasing a home is either a life-changing experience in and of itself. Home purchases and sales are common life events including marriage, divorce, children leaving for college, and professional changes.

It’s fair that they wouldn’t be ready to buy right soon; after all, they’re already dealing with a stressful circumstance. A good real estate agent knows that the best way to persuade a client to sell or buy is through a series of gentle reminders rather than quick pressure.

What is Vortex REDX?

Vortex is a real estate lead management tool powered by REDX that provides real estate agents with a centralized hub for handling all of their REDX leads. Agents can view the lead status, phone number, address, and full name for every lead in the sales pipeline. Vortex equips sales representatives with the tools they need to overcome every objection, including tried-and-true call and email scripts.


  • Lead Qualification
  • Prospecting Tools
  • Lead Management
  • Interaction Tracking
  • Lead Segmentation

Understanding Vortex REDX

Qualified lead generation is critical, but it’s not the whole picture when it comes to real estate sales. Care for the prospect as they travel through the sales pipeline is essential if you want to seal the deal. This is done through making phone calls, sending direct mail, and using other forms of digital advertising. 

Through its official lead management system Vortex, REDX reduces the majority of the work necessary in the nurturing process. Vortex will authenticate and keep all of your leads, current and historical if you subscribe to a specific category. Names, email addresses, phone numbers, tax information, and even the property’s history of listings are all included, making this a valuable resource for anybody engaged in lead generation. 

Vortex helps you track who you’ve contacted and where they are in the sales process without recording every encounter. This facilitates easier follow-up by allowing them to sort their contacted individuals into distinct buckets, such as “not answered,” “warm” or “cold” prospects, or “current” or “former” customers. 

In addition, the Power Dialer, REDX’s official autodialer, is compatible with Vortex, allowing users to automatically contact leads directly from the system and cutting down on time spent manually prospecting.

In fact, the lead management system has pre-programmed scripts that let even real estate newcomers sound professional on the phone. The platform generates and updates these scripts to satisfy each subscriber’s lead list specialty.

Is Redx Worth It?

REDX’s feature set includes the Vortex lead management system and other tools meant to make the entire sales process simpler, not just the initial lead creation. Mail merge and other capabilities make direct mail campaigns a breeze.

In addition to its user-friendliness, REDX also comes with live help and training sessions through Skype for those who need them.

In addition to facilitating budget management, REDX provides free access to Vortex and allows users to subscribe to only the aspects they find useful. There are better platforms out there, but REDX is still a good investment. And it is worth every penny.


In conclusion, REDX is the favorite prospecting platform since it makes lead prospecting and cold calls more efficient.

Also, REDX is an all-in-one prospecting solution since it automatically fetches fresh leads every day, stores all of your information in a centralized database, and allows you to get in touch with leads rapidly using a multi-line dialer.

It’s a cheap replacement for pricey programs like Vulcan7 and does a good job of doing what they do. Lead prospecting can be sped up and more people can be reached thanks to the market’s abundance of competitive possibilities.


How Many Leads Does REDX Give?

The MLS, newspapers, and tax records are just some of the real-time-updated sources that REDX uses to compile its leads. They provide 6 lead categories, an auto-dialer, and a platform to make listing appointments easier.

Does Redx Have a Free Trial?

Subscribers to any of REDX’s lead lists receive a free trial of Vortex, their all-in-one lead manager. All of the platform’s capabilities and tools are available to trial users for 30 days for a one-time setup fee.

Can You Cancel Redx Anytime?

If a Subscriber wishes to cancel their subscription, they can do so at any time by contacting 800-731-7339 and speaking with a Customer Support representative or by sending a letter requesting cancellation to the REDX corporate office.

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