HOW TO GET A WHOLESALE LICENSE IN 2023: Detailed Step-by-Step Guide

How to get a Wholesale License
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If you’re a retailer, you might think about buying wholesale products from wholesalers to cut costs and make more money. When you buy wholesale, you avoid paying sales tax. In order to obtain a wholesaler’s license, you must also meet the following requirements: Obtain your employee identification number and register your company, and obtain a sales tax permit or identification card. If you’re wondering how to get a wholesale clothing license in California and Texas, look no further because this article got you covered. 

How Much Does It Cost to Become a Wholesaler?

The minimum startup costs for a wholesale business: are $62, the maximum startup costs for a wholesale business: are $60,032, and the average startup costs for a wholesale business: are $33,230.Also, consider the following:

#1. Expenses for Equipment and Supplies

Starting a wholesale business may necessitate the purchase of some equipment, whether for manufacturing the product or packaging the goods, or for the back office. If you intend to get a physical location for your wholesale business in California or Texas, you must consider the costs of rent, as this may be the most expensive aspect of running your business. Rent for your wholesale business is heavily influenced by its location. This cost will vary depending on region and location: a lease in the heart of Manhattan could cost more than $80,000 per month in rent. In the meantime, a storefront lease in Florida or Tennessee may cost less than $1,000 per month.

#2. To Run Efficiently, Your Wholesale Business Requires Software

Why would you spend money on software? Because it can help you save time and automate certain aspects of your business, allowing you to focus on what is most important. Software and technology can help you grow your business while saving you money on labor costs. It is up to you to decide whether you require office space. It is not required, but it may become necessary as your wholesale business expands.

#3. Inventory Costs

If you sell physical goods, you’ll almost certainly need to start with some inventory. Every business should have a website, and it’s worth the investment to get it right.

How Do I Become a Wholesaler?

Thousands of businesses are already active in the global wholesale marketplace. Despite this, there has never been a better time to get started in many ways. The variety of digital tools available today has sped up the process of sourcing, producing, marketing, and selling goods. Because you’re basically a B2B business, you need to know the industry, have a few financial resources, and have a great B2B marketing plan to know how to start wholesaling. It is critical to get a wholesale clothing license in California and Texas, especially when purchasing in bulk. Here’s how to get started as a wholesaler:

#1. Decide on the Type of Wholesale Items to Sell

Everything from electronics and mechanical parts to jewelry materials and food is included in wholesale. Wholesale produce, wholesale meat, wholesale seafood, and wholesale dairy are all examples of wholesale food. DTC food can be used to supplement wholesale sales. Choose a niche with consistent demand and profit potential. You can always expand your product offerings as your company grows, but it’s critical, to begin with, a dependable product.

#2. Determine the Type of Wholesaling You Want to Do

Some wholesalers are brokers, while others are merchants; each requires a different approach. As a broker, you will sell to other producers. As a merchant, you will sell wholesale goods directly to consumers.

#3. Reduce the Size of Your Target Market

The wholesale industry is already thriving; selling to a broad market will not help you. Take, for example, baby clothing. While there is a high demand for this niche, it is already oversaturated with sellers. Infant clothing or upcycled baby clothing, on the other hand, could be excellent niches. The goal is to identify a pain point in a larger market.

#4. Identify Relevant Manufacturers or Suppliers

By researching how to find vendors, you can find thousands of suppliers and manufacturers. Examine a few wholesale directories. Make sure you’re getting a good deal and working with a reputable vendor. Some businesses sell on the black market, which is bad for you and your customers.

#5. Complete Relevant Paperwork

The government, like any other business, requires certain forms to be filled out. An eCommerce business license, employer identification number (EIN), sales tax ID, and possibly a reseller’s permit are frequently included in the documents. You’ll also need to research and apply for a wholesale license. If any legal issues arise, you can quickly demonstrate that your work is truthful, including through the use of a wholesale purchase agreement contract PDF.

#6. Develop a Strong Wholesale Sales and Marketing Plan

Once the housekeeping is finished, you’ll need a strategy to get your brand noticed. Matching your wholesale marketing efforts to your budget is an excellent way to accomplish this. A new business, for example, should not spend thousands of dollars on advertising or eCommerce PPC. A better strategy would be to use low-cost DTC marketing methods such as eCommerce SEO, referrals, and word-of-mouth.

#7. Organize Your Retail Efforts

Numerous wholesalers sell their products in retail establishments, which provides exposure and traction. As a new wholesaler, you’ll want to make appealing offers to increase the likelihood that they’ll work with you. Find out which stores are open to new vendors and address the problems that your target market is having.

#8. Open or Rent a Physical Workspace if You Need It

Some wholesalers use dropshipping, which is the practice of shipping goods directly to consumers (DTC) without keeping your own inventory. Other wholesalers transform materials into new products that are then sold to customers. Your requirements will be determined by the business model you select. Understanding warehousing is advantageous for wholesaling. Make sure to invest in high-quality eCommerce packaging and a capable eCommerce shipping team.

How Can I Buy Wholesale Without a Business?

  • You can buy as a reseller even if you don’t have a Sales ID or EIN.
  • The second option is to purchase as a reseller with a Sales ID or EIN without first registering your business.
  • The third and final option is to purchase in bulk as a consumer, also known as a third party.

How Much Does It Cost to Get a Wholesale License in Georgia?

Is a license required to wholesale in Georgia? In Georgia, no license is required to wholesale properties. If you do not have a license, you must follow a different set of rules in order to complete wholesale transactions. Without a license, real estate wholesalers, for example, can only sell the rights to assign a contract for the property.

Can I Use My EIN to Buy Wholesale?

If you have an employer identification number (EIN) and a wholesale license, you can buy wholesale goods from any legal entity. The government requires businesses to fill out these forms in order to properly track sales tax, income, and other business activity.

How Much Can Beginner Wholesalers Make?

With the foregoing in mind, it’s not uncommon for private wholesalers and real estate companies to earn $5,000 to $10,000 per contract, with some deals going even higher with a little luck. This also implies that you must spend less than $5,000-10,000 on each transaction in order to profit

How To Get a Wholesale License Clothing

The most important aspect of how to get a fashion boutique is obtaining a wholesale license for clothing, be it in California or Texas. Generally, newly established fashion boutique owners are perplexed as to how to get a wholesale clothing license in California and Texas. It is critical to get a wholesale clothing license in California and Texas, especially when purchasing in bulk. To ensure their authenticity, most renowned and well-known wholesale clothing manufacturing companies require you get a license before making any deals with fashion boutique owners.

How to Obtain a Wholesale License in Texas

If you’re wondering how to get a wholesale license in Texas or California, you must first register your company. If you intend to buy products wholesale and resell them in smaller quantities, you must get a wholesale license.

#1. Registering Your Business

Contact the IRS and apply for an Employer Identification Number to register your business (EIN). It is free to apply, and you will receive your EIN within four to five weeks of submitting your application. To speed up the process, you can also file online. An EIN is a business’s equivalent of a Social Security number. You can hire employees and begin doing business once you have a valid EIN.

#2. Obtaining a Sales-Tax License

After you’ve registered your company, you’ll need to get a sales-tax license so you can charge sales tax on the items you sell. The percentage of sales tax, license terms, and application fees will vary depending on where you live. To apply for a sales-tax license in Texas, contact the Texas Department of Revenue.

#3. Obtaining a Wholesale License

To get a wholesale license, contact the Texas tax or revenue office to learn about application fees and how to apply. Once you’ve registered your company as a wholesaler, you won’t have to pay sales tax on items you intend to resell. It’s a good idea to consult with an accountant or lawyer to find out which exemptions your business is eligible for with a wholesale license. To sell goods or services in Texas, you must have a wholesale license. After submitting your application, you should receive your permit within four weeks. When purchasing goods for wholesale in Texas, you must complete a wholesale certificate. This wholesale certificate keeps track of your core business activities as well as the goods purchased by your company.

#4. Make the Most of Your Texas Resale Certificate

You will be able to get items to sell to your clients once you have obtained your Texas wholesale license. Fill out and deliver Form 01-339, Texas Sales and Use Tax Resale Certificate, to each merchant to avoid paying sales tax when making purchases for resale. This includes providing your company’s and the vendor’s contact information, detailing the items you’re purchasing, and having your wholesale permit ID on hand.

How to Obtain a California Wholesale License

A wholesaler is a company that buys items in bulk and sells them to resellers rather than consumers. In California, if you are in the wholesale business, you need a wholesale license, which is also called a “seller’s permit.”

#1. Identifying Your Requirement for a Seller’s Permit

Recognize a seller’s permit. A seller’s permit is a state license given out by the California Department of Tax and Fee Administration (CDTFA). It lets the holder sell items wholesale or retail and give resale certificates to suppliers so they don’t have to pay sales taxes. Because end purchasers only have to pay sales tax once, a wholesaler can avoid paying sales taxes when purchasing from a manufacturer by issuing a resale certificate.

#2. Determine Whether You Do Business in California

If you are “engaged in the business” in  California, you must get a  wholesale license. Even if a company’s principal office is located outside of California. The CDTFA considers it to be “engaged in the business” in California. If you have an office, salesroom, warehouse, or other places of business in California, you are doing business there. Even if your presence in California is temporary, you are conducting business there. Furthermore, if you have a sales representative, agent, or canvasser in the state, or if you receive rental payments from the lease of tangible property located in California, you are engaged in business. However, there is a need for you to get a  wholesale license in California.


Do I need a license to buy wholesale in California?

Yes, you must apply for a license as a wholesaler or retailer in California.

Can a wholesaler sell to the public?

You can sell to both consumers and other retailers as a wholesaler. You do not have to choose between the two.

How much can Beginner wholesalers make?

With an average wholesale assignment fee of about $10,000 per deal, it doesn’t take many deals for a wholesaler to make a good living quickly.


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