Best Business Communication Software for Teams & Employees

Best business communication software

Communication is vital to the success of both personal relationships and commercial enterprises. According to a study published in the Harvard Business Review, modern employees spend about 80% of their time on tasks that require them to work with others. In the contemporary business world, digital communication tools are essential for making the most of these interactions. Hence, we have put together some of the best communication software for teams and employees. But let’s begin with the basics.

What is Communication Software?

Communication software is defined as software that allows information to be transferred between systems. This kind of software lets you send files between computers in many different formats and access systems from afar.

Communication Software for Business

Business communication solutions are what businesses use to stay in touch with their clients, customers, and coworkers.

The following are the top five business communication software options:

#1. Slack

Best for: Interaction in the workplace

Slack, one of the most popular internal communication tools, gives your company a platform for team members to talk to each other in real-time. You can plan and talk about your projects, transfer files, make private and public channels, and send direct messages using its desktop or mobile apps.

One of their best features is the real-time ability to plan and discuss your projects’ status.

Teams across the firm can communicate using both private and public channels.

Pricing: Slack is unrestrictedly free for small teams to test out.

  • Basic: $2.67/month
  • Plus: $5/month

#2. Teams

Microsoft Teams often called “Teams,” is an excellent commercial communication tool that enables teams to work remotely. It gives businesses a variety of tools that make it easy for them to talk to their teams and get work done. You can do everything within the hub, including video calls, document sharing, and sending GIFs.

Pricing: Windows Teams are Free

  • $5 per person per month for Microsoft 365 Business Basic
  • $12.50 per user per month for Microsoft 365 Business Standard

#3. ​​Zoom

Best for: Videoconferencing

For remote businesses, Zoom is a popular voice and video conferencing tool. It is one of the most widely used platforms for business communications and is simple for chats and audio/video calls.

Online communication also has things like replies and different backgrounds that can be used to make it more fun. Excellent for a small or enterprise-level firm.


  • Basic is free;
  • Pro is $149.90 for a yearly license.
  • Business license, $199.90 per year
  • $300 annual license fee for Zoom United Businesses

#4. Google Meet

This platform is a videoconferencing app that, like Zoom, makes it easy for businesses to hold meetings with people inside and outside the company. Google Meet will be displayed as an option when you schedule a call on Google Calendar, making it simple for you to plan and host meetings.


  • Free always with Google Meet
  • Each month costs $9.99 for the Google Workspace Individual.
  • Google Workspace Enterprise: Personalized to meet your needs

#5. Trello

Best For: Managing projects

Trello is a solution for managing business projects and tasks with a clean and simple user interface.

You can configure the workflow and quickly keep track of all the tasks thanks to the cards’ straightforward card movement. The solution also enables simple collaboration and project integration with third-party apps.


  • First Class is free
  • Business Class is $12.50 per month ($10 if paid annually).

Best Employee Communication Software

Employee communication software is a collection of web technologies made to make it easier for team members in any organization to communicate, share files, and collaborate.

Regardless of individual employees’ location or time zone, businesses may use such tools to keep teams in sync and working productively.

#1. Workvivo

Workvivo was made so that all your employees, no matter where they work, can feel a part of your company’s culture and be more engaged. They have made a social network using their platform as a modern intranet, engagement platform, and communications hub.

Their system supports traditional communication tools like SMS push notifications to every employee for important messages, updates on company news and events, and reminders about business news and events.

#2. PeopleOne

PeopleOne, an employee communication, and engagement platform, can help improve internal communications. It has features that are already set up to help the IT, facilities, HR, and business teams send out news, holiday calendars, wellness data, event information, and messages about leadership. The program ensures that the procedures for approval, permission, and content generation are owned.

Due to its ability to support customized workflows that improve organizational efficiency, this system is a good option for corporate communications.

#3. Emplus

Bringing the entire digital workplace to life and enhancing company culture are the two goals of the employee engagement tool, Empuls. Empuls is a tool that executives can use to create an environment where employees are valued, collaborate across teams, break down silos, and give each employee a voice.

The Empuls package of features includes one-on-one feedback, peer and social recognition, and a variety of prizes and bonuses. Your HR team won’t be bogged down by complicated operations thanks to Empuls, which lets them focus on planning rewards and incentives instead.

#4. ClickUp

ClickUp is a flexible productivity tool that can be used in many ways. Two of its most well-known uses are to manage projects and make teams more productive. Using the platform’s built-in chat feature, all team members can talk to each other, share information, and stay up to date on how the job is going. This is the main way that the team communicates with each other.

#5. HubEngage

The goal of HubEngage was to provide workers with a better working environment. Team members can submit ideas and stories for consideration through the software, which is also intended to send material to employees, such as news, videos, and papers. Small hospitals and huge international manufacturers alike use HubEngage.

Gamification features, for example, make the workplace more connected and encourage employees to work hard by giving them a reason to do so.

Team Communication Software

Software for teams called “team communication” enables users to communicate with other team members through direct messaging, audio and group chats, and video conferencing.

It enables users to carry out the following tasks:

  • Share files and papers related to your job.
  • Remotely communicate with colleagues.

Below are lists of the best team communication software you can use:

#1. Troop Messenger

This software fosters high levels of team involvement by consolidating all of your team’s tools under a single user interface. By sharing job requirements, files, chats, etc. with the aid of instant messaging, voice-video chatting, videoconferencing, and more, you can take your team’s communication levels to new heights.

Whether for small, midsize, or large businesses, we have built it to meet the cooperation requirements of all internal communication formats and sizes.

#2. Friday

When working remotely, teams may stay connected and on task with the aid of Friday, a tool for team collaboration.

With Friday, you’ll have a quick and easy way to share regular updates about your work, so you won’t have to hold another meeting just to share information. You get extra tools like icebreakers, goals, employee milestones, a business manual, and profiles people on your team to help them work together even when they are not in the same place at the same time.

#3. HyperContext

Managers can create better work environments with the tool known as Hypercontext. The team can become more cohesive and inspired to do their best job by scheduling meetings and defining goals.

#4. MarkupHero

Marking and annotating documents with MarkupHero is a different way to communicate internally that is just as important. It is a simple, easy-to-use app for taking pictures and making notes on them. This lets you share ideas and communicate with coworkers visually.

You can use their Chrome plugin or take a screenshot of your desktop or browser window to grab full screenshots of web pages.

 #5. Zoom

Regardless of where they are, Zoom users can use synchronous communication. It provides screen-sharing capabilities, video calls, and chat app functions.

What Are Two Types of Communication Software?

Software used for communication might be either synchronous or asynchronous. There is a latency in asynchronous communication. Consider writing letters to your friends. After sending a letter, you must wait for a reply. Asynchronous communication methods include text messaging, email, online forums, and comment sections on news articles.

Real-time communication is synchronous. A phone call, text message, video chat, interactive online conference, and instant messaging (like Skype or Facebook’s IM) are all synchronous.

What Is The Role Of Communication Software?

By putting in place standard tools for communication at work, leaders can reduce conflicts between employees and speed up communication.

In terms of technology, a good corporate communication software platform combines several tools into a central interface that lets users see their available coworkers in real time.

What Is a Communication Device on Software?

Any hardware that can send and receive data, instructions, and information is referred to as a communications device. A modem is a communication tool that joins a channel to a sending or receiving device, like a computer.

What do communication programs’ primary goals?

To connect people via their laptops or other mobile devices, communications software’s main function is to connect users. We can use the ability of computers to communicate with people almost anywhere in the world by giving them a variety of ways to do so. Both asynchronous and synchronous communication software is possible.

What causes people to communicate more easily thanks to communication software?

Communications software serves as a data warehouse, one of its main benefits. Numerous apps allow you to record or archive message exchanges and audio and video chats, allowing you to take notes on crucial information, such as client questions, discussion topics, and meeting minutes.


We have discussed the various communication software for teams, employees, and businesses. You can choose from any of the software features that suits you the most and get started.


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