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Twitch Logo
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Twitch is a video streaming service that debuted in June 2011 as a supplement to It enables you to watch music, artistic and creative broadcasts, as well as the gameplay of video games and e-sports competitions. Justin Kan and Emmett Shear were the creators of the project, but Amazon now owns it. On the other hand, Twitch’s brand identity has gone through two major transformations since 2009. In 2012, the original logo was replaced with a more distinctive wordmark, and a favicon was added to make the brand identity more memorable.

Well let’s find out more about this unique logo starting from the history down to the evolution, meaning and the elements of the Twitch logo.

Twitch Logo History

Twitch. Tv began as a standalone gaming content section on Justin. Tv. Twitch’s founders, Justin Kan, Kyle Vogt, Emmet Shear, and Michael Seibel, chose to create gaming content because it was the most popular.

When the project was first launched, the founders used a wordmark symbol with the light grey inscription “Twitch.” The gradient provided depth to the emblem. The first “T” had an extended end and owing, appearing lower than the other glyphs. The “H” had the same effect, though it didn’t blend in with the “T.”

The letter “TV” was next to the inscription, inside a 3-dimensional square with rounded corners representing a television screen. The box was filled with a deep grayish-green, the emblem’s most “colorful” part. The Twitch logo was frequently placed above a dark grey background, highlighting the metallic shade.

Initially, the platform for Justin. Tv channel was the live streaming video service. As a result, when it was first released, it quickly acquired an emblem bearing the inscription “TwitchTV.” Its status then changed, as did the appearance of the decal. Twitch has had three logo designs in total throughout its existence.


The initial Twitch logo design featured the word “Twitch” in light gray. Most letters are in ALL CAPS, while the “i” is lowercase. The first letter, “T,” has an extended leg that extends beyond the margin and appears larger than the other letters. The same effect is used on “H,” but the leg is shorter than on “T.”

The “TV” icon is on the inscription’s right side, inside a round square depicting a television screen. The displayed color is dark gray.


Twitch changed its name in 2012, dropping the TV reference. Twitch is now resourcefully centered on collaborative processes that are executed in real-time, allowing customers to watch and participate in gaming. NX World created the new logo.

The emblem depicts the company’s name as a combination of graphics and text. These are prominent geometric symbols that make up the word “Twitch.” The logo consists of white lowercase letters with purple shadows.

The letter “h” has a top-right corner, whereas the letters “t,” “c,” and “w” have a beveled bottom edge on the left. An unusual shadow-like edge represents glitches or a split image, creating a 3D effect.

2019- Present

Twitch’s current logo is similar to the previous version from 2019. The only difference is that the gaps between the letters have been narrowed, and the color has been changed to light purple. Collins Studio created the new design unveiled in late September 2019.

The current Twitch logo designers stated that they intended to create a different font, make the style friendlier, and add a bit of emotion to the graphics to attract users to the new brand identity.

Elements of Twitch Logo Design

What exactly is the Twitch Font? Several fonts look similar to the Twitch inscription. For example, the Dimitri font includes the distinctive “cut” angles and the “t” missing half of the top bar. Furthermore, there are numerous differences in how the glyphs are depicted, and customers cannot be specific about whether the logo creator had prior experience with this font type.

Twitch Logo Color: The Twitch logo scheme has a distinct purple shade (Hex: #6441A4) on a white background.

Twitch Symbol: The Twitch logo was updated significantly in 2012. The shape and color palette of the logo was altered, as was the brand name (the inscription “TV” was removed).

The current logo is divided into two parts. The first element is an inscription typically used as a different logo. There’s also a small icon above the description. The “twitch” text is in white lowercase characters, with a purple silhouette creating a 3-dimensional effect.

Chatbox Twitch Emblem: 

The “TV screen” from the original Twitch logo was most likely the inspiration for the icon. Glitch, according to the company, is their mascot. If you look closely and try to figure out what it means, you’ll probably conclude that it’s a chatbox with eyes.

Twitch’s Evolution

Twitch debuted in 2011 as a new feature of Justin. Tv, a live streaming service founded by Justin Kan in 2007 with a 24/7 stream of his activities. Twitch was the one-stop shop for online video game content streaming by 2020, with more than 9.7 million monthly active streamers.

Twitch users watch 106 minutes of video game-related content per day on average. Audiences spend significant time interacting with the live streaming service, transforming Twitch into a livestreaming behemoth and providing a massive opportunity for influencers and marketers.

With its focus on a large, engaged audience and an evolving monetization structure, Twitch may not be as popular as YouTube, but its influence is enormous.

Twitch’s Early History

Twitch was still in its early stages when Justin Kan began streaming on his platform (Justin. tv) in 2007. Justin. Tv, co-founded by Justin Kan, Kyle Vogt, Emmet Shear, and Michael Seibel, began as a service where users could broadcast live streams and was launched to the public in October 2007.

In some ways, Justin. Tv was ahead of its time. It arrived during the early days of Facebook and Twitter. Live streaming is still in its infancy, even on major social media platforms. Justin. Tv led the live streaming world in 2007, likely leading to Twitch’s meteoric success years later.

Justin. Tv featured various categories and allowed users to broadcast a wide range of content, from events to live streams to how-to videos. However, it recognized something special in the gaming community on the service and launched a gaming section on the website in 2011, naming it Twitch. Tv.

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Twitch and Justin. Tv’s parent company, Twitch Interactive, rebranded in 2014. The new company shuttered Justin. Tv to focus on Twitch and the gaming live-streaming community.

Twitch has established a Partner Program that allows streamers to earn money from their streams, established corporate and publisher partnerships, launched TwitchCon (a primer Twitch tier), and introduced dozens of features for streamers and viewers since its inception.

Twitch now receives over 2 million unique streamers monthly and has over 17,000 streamers registered in its partner program. Furthermore, roughly half of Twitch users spend at least 20 hours per week on the platform.

Twitch has introduced new features such as Pulse—a kind of Twitter-like text of content, photos, and video from Twitch users—and a new purchase feature allowing viewers to purchase games directly through a streamer’s channel.

Twitch: How Does It Work?

The majority of Twitch streamers produce video game-related content of some kind. While you can live stream things like music, painting, and illustration, games are Twitch’s primary focus.

Many Twitch live streams feature players interacting with their audiences via chat while playing live games (typically with live footage of themselves in a corner). Twitch’s usual format, but the service can also broadcast e-sports competitions and gaming talk shows.

Streamers serve dozens of markets and niche interests within gaming, whether it’s a specific game like League of Legends or Hero Zero Dawn or gameplay like first playthroughs or speed-running.

Viewers tune in to Twitch streams for various reasons. Still, the most common is that one streamer has a compelling personality while playing onscreen (e.g., by offering thoughtful commentary, being humorous, or sparking conversation) or is exceptionally skilled.

Getting to Twitch

Viewing games on Twitch does not require registration. To broadcast and chat, you must first register, which is entirely free. Twitch is a genuine social experience on the internet thanks to its live interactive chatting capability. Many broadcasters use live interactive chatting to build personal relationships with their audience. Furthermore, broadcasters can permanently archive videos, storing them for later viewing.

Twitch content is available through various mediums and devices, including personal computers, mobile devices, and gaming consoles. Twitch offers access via dedicated Twitch apps as well as a web browser. It also provides reliable applications for better video streaming.

Twitch also provides an API and a software development kit for integrating the live streaming platform with websites, web applications, and game devices. For example, using the Twitch application programming interface, a large group of gamers can play a specific game by issuing commands via chat. This results in more Twitch subscribers and millions of page views.

Twitch’s Revenue Model

Twitch makes money through subscription fees and advertising. It offers a Turbo subscription for $8.99 per month, allowing users to view Twitch content without ads and access other enhanced Twitch features.

Twitch advertisers include various gaming companies, game developers, game portals, and game tournament organizers who have a highly targeted fan base that is essentially addicted to gaming.

Twitch’s revenue-sharing model with streamers is an excellent option that attracts many talented video gamers to the platform. This increases revenue for the live-streaming platform in the long run.

How Do Twitch Users Make Money

Twitch users can apply to join the Partner Program, which allows them to receive a portion of Twitch’s subscription and advertisement revenue. To be accepted into the program, you must first obtain approval, which includes meeting specific requirements such as having a certain number of broadcasts each week and a certain number of viewers.

Twitch has partnered with game development companies to provide outstanding gamers with various rewards, including scholarships. It hosts e-tournaments regularly, with winners receiving a variety of prizes.

Twitch also allows users to accept PayPal donations from other users in exchange for sharing hacks, game tips and cheats.

Competitors of Twitch

While Twitch remains a top live-streaming platform, it has competitors. Numerous live-streaming services are available, but Facebook Gaming, YouTube Gaming, and Mixer are the most popular.

Wrapping Up Twitch’s History

Many people have always enjoyed watching gamers play video games. Viewers would gather around the television to watch gamers compete, or they would go to the local casino to watch the gamers. Twitch modernizes that leisure activity by allowing users to Livestream video games to people who want to watch them.

Twitch is about more than just watching video games. Because the action is live, viewers can interact with the gamer and help shape the content. Some viewers can compete against broadcasters while the stream is displayed on one screen and their game is displayed on another. Twitch has developed into a society that grows and thrives on a daily basis.


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