Step-by-step Guide On How To Get Twitch Affiliate Programs

Step-by-step Guide On How To Get Twitch Affiliate Programs
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It is desirable to obtain affiliate status on Twitch because doing so makes the prospect of monetizing one’s streams available. In this piece, we will draw from our months of experience working with broadcasters to share some of the best strategies on how to get Twitch affiliate programs for achieving Twitch Affiliate status and beginning to monetize your channel or payout. These strategies will be based on some of the most effective step-by-step guide on how to get Twitch affiliate programs to achieve Twitch Affiliate status fast.

How To Get Twitch Affiliate Programs

To get Twitch affiliate programs, creating high-caliber content and promoting your stream on social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and Reddit are the most efficient ways to get Twitch Affiliate viewers. While Twitch requires streamers to broadcast for at least 500 minutes spread out over at least 7 days, most streamers have a hard time meeting the requirement of 3 concurrent viewers.

The best way to get your initial viewers is to ask close friends and relatives to check out your stream.

With diligence, organization, and a little luck, you can become a Twitch Affiliate in a week. Typical streamer programs take between two and four months to obtain Twitch Affiliate status. Keep in mind that if you do not follow Twitch’s TOS, you risk losing your affiliate status.

In this article, we’ll go over the steps you can take to become a Twitch Affiliate or get affiliate programs quickly so you can begin making money from advertisements, paid memberships, and cryptocurrency donations.

Twitch Affiliate Requirements

The first big goal you will set for yourself on Twitch is to become an affiliate. After you sign the Twitch Affiliate Agreement, you’ll gain access to a number of tools that will improve your streaming experience (toward Twitch Partner).

In order for you to become an affiliate for Twitch, you will need to fulfill the following requirements:

  • Acquire fifty new followers.
  • Keep an average of three people watching at the same time.
  • Streamed content totaling at least 500 minutes within the past 30 days.
  • Stream throughout the course of at least seven days within the most recent thirty days.

How To Get Twitch Affiliate Fast

The following are some critical tactics that can assist you in achieving your objective, regardless of whether you choose to reach the status in a week or over the course of a month:

#1. Set Up Your Channel for Growth

Spend some time thinking about the path that your channel will take. Because of this, you will have the opportunity to construct a strong foundation around which to build your content. If you have everything set up correctly, you won’t need to worry about troubleshooting or gathering new information or products along the way. This is because you won’t need to do either of those things. What are some of the items that need to be organized?

#2. Stream Branding

When developing your stream brand, it is important to play to your personality and strengths. Determine the direction you want to take your material, the kinds of risks you are ready to take, and the steps you will need to take to get started. Make use of that information to select a brand name that will remain consistent, create a logo and any other graphics that will be used on your Twitch affiliate programs channel, and establish your social media profiles.

#3. Graphics for Your Channel

Once you’ve settled on a brand identity, it’s time to make (or pay for) a logo, profile banner and panels, Twitch overlays, offline screen, alerts, subscription badges, and your first couple of channel emotes. Only after you’ve been accepted as an affiliate and your emotes have been verified will you be able to utilize them (generally takes about 48 hours).

Showcasing your planned stream expressions on your profile helps reassure viewers that you’re committed to your channel. Having these on hand will provide additional fodder for discussion throughout the first week.

#4. Stream Equipment and Software

Make it a goal to start with a high bar for your content quality. Learn as much as you can about your stream’s hardware and software. Check that your camera and microphone are up to snuff in terms of quality to draw in viewers.

To make sure your scenes transition smoothly, your visual quality is high, your overlays are in the right places, and your audio is in time with your video, practice switching between them. Adjust the brightness and color of the lights and the background until you achieve a nice effect. In order to achieve the best possible outcomes, solicit the opinions of a few close friends.

#5. Fill Out Your Twitch Profile

Fill out this profile in detail. Explain who you are, what you’re streaming, and why people should tune in. Include your preferred social media accounts and save some room in your schedule for forthcoming events and subscription perks.

Think of your bio on Twitch as an advertisement for your channel. Keep things interesting, and offer folks a reason to subscribe.

#6. Know Your Target Audience

To find your place in the world, you must first explore it. In spite of the fact that it is likely to evolve or change over the course of your first few months (and be impacted by your viewers), identifying unique things that you can contribute to your stream will set you apart from the competitors. Also, focus your content on one particular topic. Don’t waste your time on a game that has too many players. To increase your chances of being spotted, pick a game that has a lot of spectators but few streamers.

#7. Plan Content in Advance for Each of Your Streams

Know what you want to stream, what games you want to play, and what you will talk about in advance.

How Fast Can You Reach a Twitch Affiliate?

To become an affiliate, you need to have at least 7 streams and 500 minutes of broadcasting time. If you streamed merely seven times, each stream would be around an hour and fifteen minutes long (71.43 minutes). Considering that the average viewer spends two hours per session watching content online, this is a very realistic goal.

#1. Plan Out Your First 8 Streams

We recommend carefully outlining your first eight streams. We did, in fact, count to 8, not 7. This is why! Gaining Affiliate status is important if you want to make money off of your stream. Maintain communication with your audience throughout the week to keep the excitement and anticipation high. If you succeed, reward those who helped you.

Make use of your eighth stream after you’ve attained affiliate status to earn that bonus. It’s up to you whether to do this on the ninth night or to wait the recommended three to four days for your first remote to be accepted (a great way to immediately attract subs). If you go with the latter option, you can still choose to broadcast anytime before your incentive stream on the seventh day.

Tell your followers when you’re throwing a party. Many will come with you if you’ve entertained them well. Given your new status as an Affiliate, some of your readers may be willing to help you financially.

#2. Offer Incentives and Invite Feedback

Promote your next two to three emotes (or more) on your profile and send traffic there during your affiliate push week. You can ask them to vote on which one they prefer to see before subscribing. This will not only have them talking to one another more, but it will also plant the seed for potential subscriptions in their minds. As your channel expands, keep giving subscribers more benefits to choose from.

#3. Plan Out Your Content.

See if you can collaborate with friends (or other new streamers). Create a list of potential names for the stream, and ask your friends for their opinions. While becoming an affiliate may be a short-term objective, building and sustaining a following should be your long-term objective. It is important to start this at the very beginning of the process.

Your streams’ names should also be predetermined in advance. A big part of attracting 3+ organic concurrent viewers is by selling your broadcast through a strong stream title. Be prompt when streaming time rolls around.

#4. Set Up Your Stream Schedule

If you want to reach affiliates in a week, you need to broadcast continuously for seven days. Though it’s not recommended to broadcast every day, it’s well worth your effort to work toward affiliate status if you can. You should list the days and hours you plan to stream in the future on your profile so that visitors know this isn’t your regular schedule.

Affiliates need more than a week of your time if you want to see any progress. Try to time it with a vacation, holiday, or other break from work if at all possible. With this buffer, you’ll have more time to get your stream ready to go before it goes live. It’s important to look back on your broadcast and identify your show’s high points while also taking audience feedback into account so that you can improve the following day’s broadcast. You shouldn’t compromise on quality for speed, so plan ahead to ensure you have enough time and manpower.

Spreading out your schedule gives you more time to prepare how to develop the material for each one, which is especially helpful if you aren’t racing for the affiliate title in a week. You’ll be able to tell right away if you can maintain that routine indefinitely. Real life events and duties may necessitate a time extension, so feel free to make the necessary changes.

#5. Strategically Select Your Genre

Using statistics services like SullyGnome is an excellent technique for attracting organic readers. You may track the amount of streamers vs viewers hour by hour with this function. If you look at the data from the past week or two, you can get a sense of when you have the greatest possibility of attracting new followers. Try to find moments when there are still many watchers but fewer streams.

#6. Chart of Sully’s Gnome Statistics

You may view charts for a wide variety of metrics on SullyGnome, in addition to the usual game-by-game data. This graph displays the top five games, along with their average weekly Twitch viewers, for the month of August 2019.

#7. Play Video Games in High-Traffic Areas to Promote Your Channel

Many people who have the potential to become Twitch affiliates have been broadcasting for months (or even years) to an audience of fewer than three because they believe “the grind” will pay off in the end. Streaming is focused more on advertising than on actual gameplay at the moment.

Playing games that aren’t as popular on Twitch as the AAA titles that most other accounts stream is the quickest method to become noticed and build a following. For help with your first stream, have a look at our articles on the Top Games to Stream on Twitch and the Ultimate List of Stream Topics.

How to Get Concurrent Viewers

Getting the word out to your friends and family is a quick way to get more eyes on your new project. If you have a social media following, let them know when you’ll be broadcasting. You need at least three viewers at once to qualify as an affiliate, and their support could be the deciding factor.

In addition, they can keep your channel’s talk lively for random visitors. Make sure your fans know if you’re coming from another site. The vast majority of viewers will follow you because they enjoy what you’re producing and want to see more.

How to Network with Other Streamers

Have you had trouble connecting with a real-world community of people who care? Construct your online social network now. If you play a massively multiplayer online game, you should let your regular gaming companions know that you intend to stream. Visit forums related to your field, and participate by answering questions and providing helpful advice. If people are interested in what you’re doing, they may follow you on Twitch even if you don’t advertise yourself.

One further tactic is to check out the channels of competitors in your field of broadcasting (who are near your level and follower count). Again, avoid shameless self-promotion in favor of helpful participation in their forum.

Engage with the streamer and the community they’re building by asking them questions about their lives or the stuff they’re creating. Be kind and accommodating. If the streamer or other viewers inquire if you play or stream the game, let them know. Many viewers will stick around for your next broadcast, and the streamer might even visit your channel to host a raid or guest appearance.

You can raid or host other channels after you finish your stream. Many other streamers (whom you should see as comrades rather than competition) will appreciate your efforts and may even thank you for “raiding” their channels. Because of this, their audience will now be aware that you exist. Perhaps they will tune in the next time you broadcast live. The best way to create rapport with a streamer and their audience is to watch their channel for at least 15–20 minutes and engage with both the streamer and their viewers.

#8. Produce Interactive Content on Twitch

The following are some examples of interactive material that can be created:

Engagement in Mutually Beneficial Interactions

Think about doing something interactive with your visitors, such as playing a game or undertaking an activity (this works well with less crowded niche games or categories). There are a lot of Twitch viewers who want to feel like they’re a part of the action, so you can bet they’ll click on titles that promise they’ll be able to play alongside you.

Thank People for Participating

Encourage them to subscribe to your channel if they want to be a part of your material and thank them for asking to join in with enthusiasm. Once you’ve built up a sizable following, you may use the same strategy to convert some of them into paying members.

Avoid Follow for Follow

We advise against engaging in follow-for-follow Twitch schemes, but if you’ve fulfilled all the other qualifications and are having trouble gaining followers, this could be a quick and easy way to reach your goal. Realize that this won’t help your channel’s overall growth in the long run, and that building an organic following is always preferable.

Hang Out in Twitch Communities

Look for groups of streamers who share your interests and are eager to lend each other a hand. Try talking to them, and see if you can get any of them to check out your stream and give you some input on how to improve the quality of your broadcast. Our goal is to facilitate communication between members so they may form cohesive groups capable of providing constructive feedback and mutual support.

Follower Goal Widgets

It is also possible to use a follower goal widget (like the one offered by Streamlabs) to visually display your progress toward your desired number of followers. You can make your intentions clear to others without having to spend time explaining them verbally.

#9. How to Use Social Media to Get Twitch Viewers

While it’s important to avoid spamming people on social media, there are certain strategic strategies to bring people back to your feed.

Participate in Facebook streaming or content-specific communities. Share your plans, solicit feedback, and lend a hand to those who can when you can. You can meet new people and even form new partnerships through these channels.

There are a number of Facebook groups and pages dedicated to connecting streamers, including the Twitch Streamers Community.

Reach out to the raider on Twitter and express your gratitude. They’ll be flattered that you’ve alerted your followers to them, and some of those followers might even decide to follow you back after seeing your tweet. At the end of your stream, tweet your appreciation to your audience and name-drop your raiders.

#10. Be Enthusiastic and Positive

Similar to making any other kind of purchase, consumers are more likely to spend money when they are feeling upbeat. People like to watch shows that they find entertaining. Create a group that other people will want to join. Be charismatic. Keep the broadcast going, even if there’s nothing to say in chat.

Inject positive energy and a positive outlook into your broadcast at all times. Take the time to interact with your audience and include them as much as possible. You should take care to create useful information. Don’t be afraid to experiment in order to identify the niche that will make your stream stand out and have real relevance to your audience.

Have no sense of entitlement if you plan on streaming. Confidence attracts others, but arrogance repels them. It is up to you to produce something that will garner widespread acceptance. Don’t assume their presence is guaranteed without promoting your channel.

Twitch Affiliate Payout

Twitch has a simple system in place for paying its users. In order to get money from Twitch after joining the Affiliate Program and increasing your revenue by at least $100 (via subscription increases or accrued Bits), you must first reach the $100 minimum payout threshold.

You can link it to your bank account, PayPal, or a paper check. You’ll essentially be working for yourself, so you’ll need to supply tax information upfront.

If you want to change your Twitch affiliate payout method, you may do so under the “Onboarding Info” section of your Twitch profile by clicking the “Change Payout Method” tab.


If you want to join the ranks of the many other content creators and streamers on Twitch, you should aim to become a Twitch Affiliate. Earning or being accepted into the Twitch Affiliate Programs is as significant as getting the blue verified checkmark on Twitter or becoming a YouTube partner.

At first glance, these may appear to be the Holy Grail, the ultimate goal toward which so many artists strive, yet so few ever seem to get close. The truth is that if you put in the time and effort, you can acquire whatever resources you need to accomplish your goals.

The information in this post should help you get the necessary Twitch programs to achieve Twitch Affiliate status fast and start monetizing your channel or receiving payout.

Step-by-step Guide On How To Get Twitch Affiliate Programs FAQs

How much do Twitch affiliates get paid?

Twitch Affiliates earn $2.00 per month for every $4.99 monthly Prime subscription sold. Affiliates receive $2.49 for every new subscriber. As long as the viewers continue to be subscribers, the affiliates receive this monthly payment per subscriber.

How can I change my Twitch affiliate payout method?

If you want to change your Twitch affiliate payout method, you may do so under the “Onboarding Info” section of your Twitch profile by clicking the “Change Payout Method” tab.

Can you lose an affiliate on Twitch?

Affiliate status on Twitch can be lost for a variety of reasons, including but not limited to inactivity and violations of Twitch’s Terms of Service.

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