MOST EXPENSIVE NECKLACE: Top 10 Most Expensive Necklace 2023

Most Expensive Necklace
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It’s impossible to put together a complete look without the perfect matching necklace to go with the outfit. Jewelry, watches, bangles, and other accessories are highly sought after by the general public, especially women, all over the world. Sit back as we reveal the most expensive necklace ever made in the world, including pieces from Cartier and Tiffany & Co.

World Most Expensive Necklace

The traditional diamond necklace is, however, the most expensive brand in the world and features the biggest, internally perfect diamond. Below is the most expensive necklace in the world:

#1. Leviev’s Brilliant Yellow Diamond Pendant

Up to $10 million for the masterpiece, Leviev, an Israeli diamond merchant, received up to $10 million for the masterpiece. The vivid yellow diamond in this necklace, which weighs 77.12 carats, is also accompanied by a chain of white diamonds, which accounts for its exorbitant price.

The discovery of one of the largest Ascher cut diamonds in the history of the world was made by Leviev at one of his mines.

#2. The Star of China Necklace ($11.1 million)

The largest (75.36 carats) briolette diamond “China Star” necklace, also known as “China Star,” is ranked fifth among the top 10 most expensive necklaces. Thus, the necklace brought $11.1 million to Christie’s in 2013. for sale

The creation of the largest and most flawless brioche diamond ever was by chief artisan William Goldberg over the course of six months.

#3. The “Heart of the Kingdom” Necklace ($14 million)

The creation of this stunning ring was thus by the famous jewelry company Garrard and Company, and it sits on a band made of 155 carats of round and pear-shaped white diamonds. There is also coverage by these gems of one of the biggest Burmese rubies in the entire world. Astonishingly, this heart-shaped ruby weighs 40.63 carats. Its rich shades of blood pigeon red add to its allure. The necklace is also flexible, allowing you to wear it as a headdress.

There are 150 diamonds in all of Kingdom Hearts. There is still an establishment of the rarity and authenticity of brilliant rubies by a Swiss laboratory. It also makes sense why this is an astounding $14 million.

#4. The “Heart of the Ocean” Sapphire Necklace ($20 million)

The majority of us are familiar with a replica of Kate Winslet wearing the Harry Winston original from the 1997 movie “Titanic.” At the 1998 Academy Awards, Gloria Stuart wore a magnificent blue sapphire and diamond necklace. The beautiful 15-carat blue diamond in Winston’s original diamond necklace was the reason it was so pricey; yet, the duplicate that was worn in the film only cost $10,000.

#5. The “L’Incomparable” Diamond Necklace ($55 million)

In 2013, there was a composition of the 637-carat “L’Incomparable” diamond necklace, worth an astounding $55 million by Mouawad. The Guinness World Records listed this piece at the time as the most expensive diamond necklace ever. The pricey pendant gemstone, a perfect brown-yellow diamond measuring 407.48 carats, was also a major factor in the “L’Incomparable” necklace’s $55 million price tag.

The necklace is adorned with 35 round diamonds, 27 pear-shaped diamonds, 9 heart-shaped diamonds, 5 emerald-cut diamonds, 5 cushion diamonds, 4 oval diamonds, 3 Asscher-cut diamonds, and 2 brilliant diamonds in addition to this enormous rock. L’Incomparable also has a vine-like aesthetic, with the core stones dangling from the stem.

#6. A Heritage in Bloom Diamond Necklace ($200 million)

Wallace Chan unveiled a $200 million masterpiece that broke all prior records, rewriting history in the process. The “A Heritage in Bloom” necklace, created by Chinese master jeweler Chen Shiying, is not only the most costly diamond necklace in the world with an estimated value of 200 million dollars but also the most expensive necklace overall.

#7. The “Red Scarlet” Diamond Necklace ($5.1 million)

This enormous piece, created by famous jeweler James Currens, fetched an astounding $5.1 million at the Christie’s Hong Kong auction in November 2012. 26 oval Burmese pigeon blood rubies ranging in weight from 1.27 to 5.38 carats are in this stunning piece. A cluster of pear-shaped and white marquise diamonds also complements each ruby.

The artfully placed diamonds and rubies thus create a stunning effect that also gives the necklace the appearance of a floral lei. There is an arrangement of these precious stones in 18k white gold and priceless platinum.

#8. The “Mrs. Winston” Diamond Necklace ($5.8 million)

It was discovered by “Mrs. Winston” in a cascading diamond necklace that has a total of 187.5 carats of high-quality white diamonds, of which the majority are pears. From the diamond band to the product’s center, these exquisite diamonds flow. Therefore, to make the necklace heavier and emphasize the sloping appearance of the jewelry, add three huge diamonds at the bottom.

A reminiscence of 1950s culture, “Mrs. Winston” features 207 diamonds in all. At the 2013 Golden Globes event, the graceful Jessica Alba exemplified this perfection. Thus, this vintage V-necklace suited Jessica Alba’s elegant dress at the awards ceremony.

You can get this item for $5.8 million since all of the diamonds are platinum in composition and are D, E, or F hues, ensuring outstanding quality.

#9. Etcetera’s Burmese Ruby Necklace ($6.4 million)

Given that it sold for up to $6.4 million at the Christie’s Hong Kong auction in November 2013, the Etcetera Burmese Ruby Necklace is regarded as the most expensive ruby necklace in history. With 87.78 carats of oval and white pear-shaped diamonds, Burmese rubies, and platinum, this magnificent item also resembles a lace collar. Six pear-shaped diamonds hang from the streams’ borders, producing a dripping illusion, and each ruby is connected to a wave of diamonds.

#10. Christie’s Diamond Necklace ($8.14 million)

At Christie’s auction in November 2013, the necklace brought $8.14 million. This item costs an absurd amount because it has 52 round diamonds with a combined weight of 104.84 carats. Christie’s also promises that every gem will be of the finest clarity and quality. This whole diamond beauty can therefore produce powerful fire and sparks that are unequaled by other necklaces.

Cartier Most Expensive Necklace

One of the most renowned jewelers in the world is Cartier. Since 1847, the French company has designed, produced, distributed, and sold upscale jewelry and timepieces. Louis-Francois Cartier established the business in Paris, France, in that year. The main office is in Paris. With subsidiaries in London and New York City, After Pierre Cartier passed away in 1964, the company remained in the family until 1972, when Robert Hocq and his investors purchased Cartier from Pierre’s sons, daughter, and brothers Jean-Jacques and Louis.

Today, Pierre Cartier’s granddaughter, Elle Pagels, and the Richemont group, a South African business managed by the Rupert family, jointly hold Cartier. Cartier has also produced some of the most exquisite and expensive jewelry over the course of its existence. Now let us take a look at the most expensive necklace by Cartier.

#1. The Patiño Cartier Necklace ($10.2 Million)

High-quality diamonds and emeralds are in the Patio necklace. Mine owner Simon Iturrio Patio was from Columbia and lived from 1860 to 1947. His production of more than 60% of the tin in the world was by him. He also enjoyed precious stones. The “Andean Cross” that would adorn the Patio necklace by the House of Cartier was in production from one of the most exquisite and expensive emeralds he discovered. In 1937, Cartier made The Patio necklace with a unique emerald cross that she had given to Queen Victoria Eugenie of Spain. Twelve well-cut emeralds totaling 100 carats and 20 flawless white diamonds totaling 60 carats are featured in the Art Deco-style necklace. The Andean Cross emerald, which the other priceless gems surround, is also featured in a 45 cm necklace that celebrates its royal and holy elements.

#2. The Patiala Cartier Necklace ($3.16 Million+)

The 73-carat yellow diamond from De Beers that is a part of the Patiala Necklace costs $3.16 million. In 1928, Cartier received a request from Maharaja Bhupinder Singh of India to convert this expensive diamond into a necklace. There were also many necklaces with huge diamonds all around the gem. 2,930 diamonds in total, including the De Beers yellow diamond and six more sizable stones weighing between 18 and 73 carats, were put together on the chains.

The Maharaja was famous for his extravagant taste in fine jewelry, which he gave to all of his wives. He was dressed in Patiala. You can see them in a lot of the Maharaja’s pictures. Many of the royal jewels vanished when India gained its independence in 1948. There was a discovery of a De Beers yellow diamond in a secondhand jewelry store in London in 1988 by a Cartier employee. Using the renowned huge De Beers yellow diamond, Cartier was able to replicate 

#3. Patiala.

Many years ago, Sotheby’s “Magnificent Jewels and Jadeite Spring Sale” sold this lovely, expensive vintage Cartier necklace for $27,4 million. There are also 27 huge Qing Jadeite beads in the lavish necklace. Each priceless diamond has a very delicate texture and bright translucent green tones. The dimensions of the huge beads range from 19.2 mm to 15.4 mm. The construction of the clasp on the jade necklace is that of a diamond. This piece has been in existence since the 18th century.

What has been known is that Cartier purchased the necklace, which was gifted to American Woolworth heiress Barbara Hutton by her father, Franklin Laws Hutton, on the occasion of her wedding in 1933. So there was a marriage between Hutton and Prince Alexis Mdivani, a Russian immigrant. Unfortunately, the couple would split, but because Hutton was close to Princess Nina Mdivani, the niece of Alexis, she would receive the Jadeite Cartier necklace.

#4. The Grand Duchess Vladimir’s Imperial Emerald ($3.5 million)

This Cartier necklace’s big emerald stone was originally in the Russian Imperial Collection, where it stayed for a century. Catherine the Great’s collections of emeralds included the famous 107.67 square-cut emeralds. The Grand Duchess Vladimir treasured the emerald and enjoyed flaunting it. The Grand Duchess transported her diamonds to her son, Grand Duke Boris, who was also residing in hiding in London at the time of the Russian Revolution.

In 1920, the Grand Duchess fled to Venice from Russia. The Grand Duke sold Cartier the priceless jewel in 1927. There was the reinstallation of emerald by Cartier on an expensive diamond necklace in the sautoir design. Also, on the advice of dealer Raphael Esmerion, Cartier recut the emerald in 1954 into a 75.63-carat pear shape to improve the clarity. John D. Rockefeller Jr. bought the necklace. In 1971, Esmerion bought the necklace. A private collector paid $3.5 million for the necklace at a Christie’s auction in Geneva.

#5. La Peregrina Cartier Necklace ($11.8 Million)

This brand could be the most symmetrical pear-shaped pearl in the entire world. La Peregrina, often known as the “Wandering Pearl,” had a complicated past before being acquired by Cartier to make a necklace for its previous owner, Elizabeth Taylor. The 55-carat pearl is thought to have been found in the sixteenth century off the coast of Panama and ended up in the possession of Spanish monarchs. The pearl was a gift from King Phillip II of Spain to Queen Mary I of England.

Queen Elizabeth said, “I gave the pear back to the Spanish Court after she passed away.” Joseph Napoleon would eventually come into possession of the exquisite pearl and give it to Duchess Louisa Hamilton as a present after returning it to England. Richard Burton, an English actor, bought La Peregrina in 1969, and on February 14th, he also gave it to his wife, Elizabeth Taylor. Elizabeth is in charge of asking Cartier to make an expensive necklace with La Peregrina. on it. There is a display of 55-carat pearls on the necklace, which is a pendant-style piece with lovely diamonds.

Tiffany and Co-Most Expensive Necklace

This is the production of high-end, expensive jewelry (e.g., a necklace), clothing, and accessories by the American corporation Tiffany & Co. The company was founded in Lower Manhattan in 1837 when Charles Lewis Tiffany and John Young opened “Tiffany, Young, and Ellis,” a stationery store. Diamonds are also Tiffany & Co.’s specialty, and the company creates some incredibly expensive jewelry with them. However, people of various types wear Tiffany & Co.’s wares. His most expensive necklace is often worn by high-status individuals because some of its jewels can cost millions of dollars. Knowing their history, we will examine the most expensive necklace from Tiffany & Co.

#1. John Schlumberger Stars and Moons Necklace ($2.8 Million)

A very also expensive and distinctive necklace is the John Schlumberger Stars and Moons necklace. This unique necklace was created in John Schlumberger’s honor, a notable Tiffany designer. The necklace features a magnificent 5.29ct round diamond in the center, which is also flanked by 116 more diamonds totaling 127.86 carats.

#2. Diamond Fringe Necklace ($7 Million)

A stunning diamond necklace with a sizable 20.01ct diamond refers to the Diamond Fringe. The greatest qualities of a set diamond are a color grade of D and internal flawlessness, both of which apply to this enormous diamond. There are additionally 13.26cts of marquise diamonds, 6.66cts of round diamonds, and 19.95cts of cushion-cut diamonds.

#3. Lucida Star Necklace ($10 Million)

With a hefty price tag of $10 million, the Lucida Star Necklace is Tiffany & Co.’s most expensive necklace. This platinum-set necklace with 94 carats of diamonds was notably worn by Anne Hathaway during the 2011 Academy Awards.

#4. Lucida Diamond Opera Necklace ($2.25 Million)

The Tiffany & Co. expensive necklace “Lucida Diamond Opera” is also on our list. In this 36-inch-long necklace, 34 Lucida diamonds totaling 73.58ct are set. Only Tiffany produces the distinctive cut of diamonds known as Lucida. There are also 17.24 carats of round diamonds and 12.30 carats of marquise diamonds. Platinum was used to create the necklace.

#5. Majestic Diamond Necklace ($2.5 Million)

The next Tiffany & Co. expensive necklace on our list is the Majestic Diamond Necklace. This platinum-set necklace contains more than 300 stones. 13.12ct of pear-shaped diamonds and 71.07ct of round diamonds total 71.07ct. Ever since it went on sale, the necklace has had a $2.5 million price tag.

What’s the World’s Most Expensive Necklace?

Here is the list of the most expensive necklace in the world:

  • Leviev’s Brilliant Yellow Diamond Pendant
  • The Star of China Necklace ($11,1 million)
  • The “Heart of the Kingdom” Necklace ($14 million)
  • The “Heart of the Ocean” Sapphire Necklace ($20 million)
  • The “L’Incomparable” Diamond Necklace ($55 million)
  • A Heritage in Bloom Diamond Necklace ($200 million)
  • The “Red Scarlet” Diamond Necklace ($5.1 million)

What’s the Most Expensive Diamond Chain?

This traditional diamond necklace is the most expensive brand in the world and features the biggest internally perfect diamond.

Who owns Cartier brand?

One of the most renowned jewelers in the world is Cartier. Since 1847, the French company has designed, produced, distributed, and sold upscale jewelry and timepieces. Louis-Francois Cartier established the business in Paris, France, in that year. The main office is in Paris.

What Jewelry Is the Rarest?

The Hope Diamond, a blue gem weighing 45.52 carats, is the most costly and arguably the most famous gemstone in the world. Boron atom impurities are believed to be responsible for its atypical blue hue, according to experts.

How Much Is Queen Elizabeth’s Necklace Worth?

The diamond-encrusted jewel presented to the queen by the Nizam of Hyderabad is valued at AU$122 million. APPROXIMATELY AU$122 MILLION (£66 MILLION), experts estimate that the Nizam of Hyderabad necklace is the most costly piece of jewelry in the royal family’s collection.

What Necklace Was in Titanic?

The Heart of the Ocean in the film Titanic is not a real piece of jewelry, yet it is nonetheless immensely popular. However, the jewelry is based on a genuine diamond, the 45.52-carat Hope Diamond. The Hope Diamond is one of the world’s most valuable diamonds; its estimated value is over $350 million.

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