THE COCA-COLA BRAND STORY: 5 Growth Attributes

THE COCA-COLA BRAND STORY: 5 Growth Attributes

For every brand strategy planned and implemented appropriately, there is a high tendency of it experiencing a skyrocketed growth level in all ramifications. Similarly, for every successful brand, there lie stories and lessons that follow afterward. Same applies with the Coca-Cola brand.

The Coca-Cola brand story remains invariably a big bang theory that rings through the heights and depths of the vast world of business.

The Journey So Far:

The Coca-Cola Company was established in 1886, when Dr. John S. Pemberton, a pharmacist in Atlanta got an idea to experiment a soft drink that’s refreshing and can be sold out. The idea birthed the excellent Coca-Cola drink and was well commended by everyone who tasted it.

However, the pharmacist, Dr Pemberton struggled to attain success because he had no marketing plan suitable for the drink. Fortunately, Dr Pemberton’s bookkeeper, Frank M. Robinson became very resourceful at that time. He gave the name “Coca-Cola” and designed the initial brand logo, which has been modified overtime. After a while, a man, Asa G. Candler took Coca-Cola out of Atlanta for the time. This saw to the astonishing feat the brand later attained globally.

One marketing effort embraced by the Coca-Cola brand is based around offering customers’ satisfaction, which is stemmed from creating sustainability of their strategic growth admired by all and sundry.

Coca-Cola Company is undoubtedly one of the best distribution networks in the world, as long as the beverage industry is concerned. Its market focus and growth strategy cannot be overemphasized. Owning to the fact that there are other beverage brands in the industry, the Coca-Cola brand remains topnotch and has since recorded tremendous successes in its market position.

Attributes That Sustained Coca-Cola Growth:

Brand success can be an easy task compared to its ability to sustain the success story. It all boils down to knowing the nitty-gritty of the strategic growth and sustainability of the brand’s growth.

So, what has helped sustained the growth of an iconic brand like the Coca-Cola brand?

1. Vision:

The Coca-Cola Company’s vision statement is a strong influence on the company’s needs towards achieving the sustainability of a qualitative growth scheme. Its vision is, however, centered on fundamental growth factors. They include:

  1. People
  2. Partners
  3.  Portfolio
  4.  Profit
  5. Planet
  6. Productivity

With the vision in sight, the brand never ceases to dish out fresh, exciting, noteworthy, and unique marketing campaigns for over 130 years. Coca-Cola brand identity has also gained firm market positioning in the hearts and minds of customers at all levels from generation to generation.

2. Wariness of Changes:

Change, as we know is universally constant. Marketers and brand owners in general, seem to shy away from big changes that are likely to occur. The fear of these changes resulting in a diminishing return is inevitable. The decisions made during such changes can either make or mar the brand and as such, it is paramount to be wary of changes.

With the excellent success recorded by the Coca-Cola brand so far, it might be a shocker alert to know that there have been mistakes made in the past which at some points affected the company’s growth. In its bid to satisfactorily meet the needs of customers, the company faced a terrible shift in branding and drink flavour compared to its counterparts.

Therefore, it is advisable to cogitate seriously when it comes to rebranding or restructuring. This is one factor Coca-Cola subscribed to, which of course has helped sustain its growth.

3. Maximizing the Brand’s Power:

The growth of the Coca-Cola company has stood over the years because of the maximization of their brand’s power. They’ve been able to focus on building a brand, rather than its products.

Most brands in the business world today, are still very much shaky and are on the verge of collapsing because they have the “my product, my pride” mentality. One secret is, your product or service is zero without a powerful brand. The Coca-Cola company has been able to sell their brand, their idea, and experience, rather than their product.

4. Consistency:

You will strongly agree that the Coca-Cola company is one that remains consistent in all areas. Regardless of the umpteen customers, they’ve attracted, they never cease to create awareness and come up with new and captivating marketing campaigns to attract both old and new target audiences. With the introduction of a new brand logo and product package, they still maintain their vision of refreshment to life, as well as putting smiles on the faces of all who have a taste.

5. Value:

What has helped sustained Coca-Cola growth, is their ability to stand firm on their values as a brand. Since conception, it stands on positive ideas and a determination to achieve the brilliant desired result. The Coca-Cola brand remains timeless.

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