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Star Wars Logo
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The Star Wars logo shows how popular the series is all across the world. Symbols are up to interpretation. The emblem serves as a reminder that as significant as the events may seem, they are simply a brief stop in the universe’s unending path. To learn more about the Star Wars logo, here is the information on empire, rebellion, republic, and the resistance font which is in connection to the star war logo.

Films, animated series, video games, comic books, and other Jedi-related space opera products make up the well-known Star Wars media franchise. There was consideration between the nine main episodes and two extra episodes to be the ancestors of the Star Wars universe. There was also a release in 1997 for the first of them. But before that, 20th Century Fox released a book based on the script, because they weren’t sure how well the film adaptation would do. Thus, wanting to know in advance if they would receive the novelty. Let’s read down to see the origin and history of the star wars logo

Original Star Wars Logo From 1977

The Star Wars logo has been in existence since the 1970s. It has come to represent more than simply a company logo; it has also come to represent an understanding of pop culture. Although looking at the logo is complicated, the people it was made for have always loved it a lot.

When the Star Wars logo first appeared in 1976, very few people were able to see it. This particular logo was designed by Ralph McQuarrie and has a white backdrop with a black logotype. This is because it wasn’t widely used on movie posters and products, and the majority of people are unfamiliar with this style. Even though the design was cutting-edge, the business felt that it was too delicate for the plot of the franchise. The block letters in the second Star Wars logo are much bigger and look better than the ones in the first.

A multitude of versions of the Star Wars logo were useful on posters and other promotional materials. But the most recognizable variant was a wordmark that was either black or yellow and appeared to be fading away. The design is extremely similar to the screenplay, which is typically read by moviegoers after the first act. Even most iterations of the movie poster for “New Hope” featured celebs (in the form of white dots). This served to emphasize the movie’s theme even though many marketing assets were still shown in plain black or yellow.

The original Star Wars logo, as most people currently recognize it, stands out in any medium due to its extra-bold typeface. Because of the clever and deliberate stacking of the words, the company was able to remind viewers of the sensation they had at the beginning of a Star Wars film.

The Star Wars emblems have undergone significant alterations throughout time. Even though the word “STAR” is an emphasis on both the current Star Wars logo and the original Star Wars design, each has its own charm and uniqueness. From the initial release of “A New Hope”, there was no such thing as the Star Wars emblem that is most famous today. They gave the designers a requirement to produce something for the movie using the scripting typeface.

For a while now, the Star Wars film and television franchise has been successful, thereby changing the logo to reflect how it meets with the new era. The condition from the middle of the 20th century, after all, is no longer applicable. So, the designers put a lot of work into making sure the space opera looked like a typical space opera.

Before the Release: 1976 

The history of the emblem began in the latter half of the 1970s. When George Lucas produced the renowned science fiction epic “The Jedi”, Ralph McQuarrie’s team made the first Star Wars symbol after the first movie started to be made.

They provided a range of choices, and the word “STAR WARS” in stylized letters is one of them. Particularly striking were the odd “W” and the “R” with the flattened right side. This variant served as the foundation for the final logo.

History of the Star Wars Logo From 1977-1978

In 1977, Dan Perri, a type designer, contributed to the logo’s creation. He also came up with a design for the logo animation that takes the phrase “STAR WARS” away from the viewer and toward the horizon. The author’s use of bold font and a bright yellow color for the text did not adhere to the idea of a linking narrative. Maybe this will be the cause for changing the background to a black one with lots of stars.

The shape of the writing was like a cone form. It was taken by Dan Perri in 1939 from the opening credits of the film Union Pacific. Promotional materials, like the first poster for Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, took advantage of this interpretation. She found it difficult to pay attention to the movie.

History of the Star Wars Logo From 1978 – Present

Suzy Rice, an artist, designed the emblem that appears in the credits of each Saga episode. At first, it has the intention to be useful in adorning the packaging and promotional products. In addition to the cover of the brochure, Seiniger Advertising was requested to make it by George Lucas. Suzy, a young expert, was the only one who was excited about putting the plan into action. The other designers didn’t care much about the task.

Lucas believed that the symbol should be as ominous and “fascist” as possible. This idea was realized by the artist using a huge drawing board, papyrus paper, and a straightforward pencil. Her intention was to create a logo for the brochure, thus she was guided by the booklet’s dimensions.

The cover’s aspect ratio was akin to a projection screen, so as Suzy worked on it, she imagined how the “STAR WARS” caption would seem on the big screen. But the logo’s creator had no idea that it would appear in the movie’s credits. Dan Perri’s version was rejected by the directors because it was difficult to read in animated form.

The Star Wars Symbol

Over the years, the distinctive wordmark that serves as “Star Wars” principal brand insignia has remained an essential component of the franchise’s personality. Over time, the colors of each Star Wars production experienced alterations, and the movie titles received significant additions. However, the secondary 1977 logo, to which the majority of moviegoers were accustomed, would still be evident in almost every picture.

George Lucas and the Star Wars branding team say that the wordmark was chosen to represent the future, the hope of space, and the huge universe that the Star Wars characters have made and are now a part of. The use of diverse colors has also acquired a variety of connotations for businesses and their supporters. Sometimes yellow is used to represent the stars, especially when it is presented against a black background to symbolize how endless space is.

The Logo’s Color and Font

Suzy Rice carefully crafted the current logo. The 1930s saw the emergence of fascism as one of the state systems. Thus the artist looked at copies of political artwork from that time period while creating it. She chose the wider Helvetica Black typeface as a base and concentrated on the Art Deco style.

The sole text in the first layout was the two-lined word “STAR WARS,” which was underlined in white lines. The outlines of the insignia were then dramatically altered by director Joe Johnston by turning them blazing yellow.

In each of the movies that use the most recent Gothic edition, the actual Crabble Text and the Star Wars typeface are present.

What Do You Call The Two Sides In Star Wars?

Every Star Wars film centers on the battle between the Galactic Empire and the Rebel Alliance. Who is striving for control of the galaxy? The struggle between good and evil is something that even a small child can comprehend. Adults can distinguish between the good and evil sides of the fight as the Sith and the Jedi.

You can see the uniforms of the Rebel Alliance Starbird and the Imperial eagle on the X-wing pilots as they engage the Death Star. Numerous media, including movies, TV shows, books, video games, and comic books, all take place in the Star Wars universe. The insignia, like badges in our world, make it simple to recognize which organization a person has sworn loyalty to. Five of these Empire Star Wars Logo from a distant galaxy are below:

#1. The Rebel Alliance

In the first three films, the Rebel Alliance Star Wars fought the Galactic Empire, but after years of conflict, the Alliance finally agreed to consonance with the Empire. In The Force Awakens, the Resistance base’s uniforms bear the Starbird logo, which is for the empire and is typically found on pilots’ helmets. The Starbird/phoenix graffiti that Sabine Wren wrote on the wall in Star Wars Rebels might have had an impact on the design.

#2. Galactic Empire

There was a change in the Galactic Republic’s crest when Sheev Palpatine established the Galactic Empire. The entire company was using the new cog with six spokes. Banners, clothing, and even propaganda posters all display it. When the insignia is present, it denotes Imperial control and represents the power of the Empire. Or, to put it another way, the Empire was good at defining itself.

#3. The First Order

Even after the last members of the Empire agreed to the Galactic Concordance with the New Republic, not everyone wanted peace. There was a creation of the first order out of the ruins of the Empire. The First Order’s new emblem, like the Imperial crest, is prominently displayed on clothing and displays everywhere they do business. It belongs to a completely different group than the Imperial crest and looks very different.

#4. The Galaxy Republic

Prior to the Clone Wars and the establishment of the Galactic Empire, the Galactic Republic also referred to as the Republic, ruled the galaxy. The Galactic Senate oversaw the Republic, which cooperated with the Jedi Order. The eight-spoked cog served as the Republic’s emblem.

#5. The Jedi Order

Before the Clone Wars, the Jedi Order prioritized world peace. Even though a few Jedi made it through Order 66 and the related purge, the Order as it was known in the Galactic Republic no longer exists. In their logo, the wings and what looks like a bright light show what they do and what they believe in.

A 3D fantasy television show called Star Wars Rebels is currently airing. Its events occur before those in the first movie. Five years before the primary Star Wars events, this prequel was ready in the Galactic Empire. It was ready in the Dark Ages when a massive revolt was just getting started and the imperial soldiers were searching for the Jedi, produced by Lucasfilm Animation. He created a cartoon with new characters in the Ralph McQuarrie main trilogy style.

The undertaking was well received by the general public and was nominated for a number of honors, including the best-animated series and an excellent effort for a young audience (as part of the Primetime Emmy Award). The show also received a Saturn Award for Best Animated Television Series. There was a release of seasons one and two in 2014 and 2018, respectively. There are a total of five sections in the movie.

Rebellion Star Wars Logo History

Things happen when the Galactic Empire is at its strongest, 14 years after the Jedi Order and the Galactic Republic have been defeated. The plot follows the same outline as Revenge of the Sith. In the scenario, people from different races and social groups get together to form a rebel group and carry out secret operations. They are meant for the Imperial troops stationed on Lothal and other planets that the Empire wants to take over. The lightship Ghost is the setting for the story.

To help the public understand the key characters and how the plot develops, the authors have added extra materials. Comic books, movies, books, and video games are a few of these. These media goods have characters, settings, details, and plot lines from the main animated series. The first season began airing in the fall of 2014, and the second did the same in the summer of 2015. The third part was out in the fall of 2016, the fourth in 2017, and the fifth in the spring of 2018. Each of them had a distinct original identity that bound the entire series together.

Moving on…

With the addition of “Rebels,” the text opening is created in the style of the prototype movie. Three lines, one on top of the other, make up the title. In the logo, “Star Wars” is written in all caps at the top with wavy “S” letters, and the words “Rebels” for rebellion are printed at the bottom with cutout military badges. The second area has an orange outline against a black background, whereas the first section has a black background with a yellow-red outline. Two rectangles are joined together to form this frame, forming the Rebellion Star Wars logo.

A recognizable symbol that also played a graphic role in the symbology was the phoenix bird. She had the profile of a shuriken turned on its side, or a Viking axe, both with sharp edges. It has pointed right and left extremities, a circular center, and a fleur-de-lis pattern on top (one of the most popular armorial figures). These are the bird’s wings, head, and crest. The Mandalorian graffiti artist and weapon master Sabine Wren had an effect on the appearance (from the Rebel series).

Rebellion Star Wars Logo: Symbol’s Font and Color Scheme

The logo on the Rebellion Star Wars splash screen has clear and distinct letter transitions between the letters “S” and “T,” “R” and “S,” and other letters. For the movie that served as the source of inspiration for the Star Wars animated series, Helvetica Black was specifically created. However, the lowercase “Rebels” Rebellion Star Wars logo is typeset in a striking stencil font with a combative feel.

The monochromatic color scheme of the Rebellion Star Wars business logo emphasizes the gravity of the story and heightens the drama, setting the stage for sinister events. Black is essentially a standard color. In order to accentuate the poignancy of the Rebellion Star Wars story and the protest struggle, the logo is reinforced with a vibrant yellow. This changes to orange in the titles of the animation.

The fictional Galactic Empire from the Star Wars film and television franchise is a star system with a republic system of government. It first appeared in the 1977 film. Then it was discussed in three additional TV prequels, in 1980, 1983, and 2021 films. The Galactic Republic created Autocracy in 19 BBY, which is the major antagonistic force in the Fantastic Cinematic Universe. The Republic Star Wars logo was made by costume designer John Mollo.

Republic Star Wars Logo History

The totalitarian superpower was established by Sheev Palpatine, Supreme Chancellor. The Jedi tried to overthrow him, but they failed, and the Galactic Republic at the time finally annihilated the Jedi Order. The political and governmental framework of the Galactic Empire was built upon this. The Republic essentially fell apart during the chaos and carnage of the Clone Wars. After killing the unwanted, Palpatine proclaimed himself emperor and turned the Galactic Republic into the Galactic Empire.

A circle with six equal-sized stripes pointing in various directions was chosen as the country’s emblem. When coupled with the circle in the center, they mimic the sun’s rays, emphasizing the authoritarianism and autocracy of the new governmental system. Sheev Palpatine utilized this symbol to designate what he was permitted to and was not permitted to touch, including starships, propaganda materials, flags, and uniforms.

The Galactic Republic Star Wars had adopted the recognizable prototype of the Galactic Empire’s logo as their coat of arms throughout the Clone Wars. But it wasn’t a duplication; it was a changed version. The eight-pointed circular shape of the original has six hubs left. In reality, it was made by John Mollo, who also worked on the two episodes’ costumes for the venerable television show.

Additional Information

Despite the antagonism of the formation it shows, the coat of arms has many good associations at once. The first is the all-encompassing sun, the second is a ship’s helm, and the third is a component of a complex machine. The Republic Star Wars Logo of the imperial flag is boldly featured in the center.

The Republic Star Wars logo also makes me think of steering wheels because the curve is so close to the main parts. The composition of the coat of arms is in detail of extremely accurate geometric shapes. They include six small trapezes (closer to the edge) and as many large trapezes (they start in the center). Six teeth that point inward are seen on the flat outer stripe.

Without any words, the Republic Star Wars coat of arms is simply a graphic image, which results in no logo font. The color scheme is traditional monochrome. When coupled with the idea of a cogwheel, it also creates a sad tone in addition to tension and pushing emotions. Every painted surface is black paint. The figures in the vacant space are white, as is the background. In other words, the color scheme of the Republic Star Wars logo has political overtones: the beginning is sunny (bright), but the dark forces have ringed and constrained it.

The New Republic Defense Force gave birth to the First Order, an unofficial military organization that sought to restore the Galactic Empire during the Cold War. In contrast to the New Republic Senate and High Command, the Resistance saw the First Order as a serious threat to galactic democracy. Despite the fact that its acts were technically illegal, the New Republic impliedly supported them. In a new conflict between the First Order and the Resistance, the First Order defeated the New Republic in a surprise strike in 34 ABY and took control of large portions of the galaxy. Nevertheless, despite the Resistance’s early independence, the movement aroused resentment across the galaxy, and eventually, a Citizens’ Fleet banded together to aid the Resistance and wage a revolt against the First Order.

Resistance Star Wars Logo History 

General Leia Organa founded the Resistance, which was built upon the Alliance to Restore the Republic. Members of the Resistance felt the same way as General Organa about how dangerous the First Order was. Princess Organa started the Resistance while she was a senator for the Republic. She was kicked out of the Republic after it was revealed that her father was Darth Vader, which caused a scandal. General Organa also brought in other members of the New Republic military, like New Republic officer Poe Dameron, and many others joined the Resistance as officers, soldiers, pilots, and in other jobs.

After the First Order overthrew the Republic and advanced to seize military dominance of the galaxy, engaging it in open battle, the Resistance acted as a check on the First Order. A rebellion against the First Order was started when the last Jedi, Luke Skywalker, and his student Rey assisted the Resistance in escaping the First Order’s siege on Crait. The Resistance attacked the Sith stronghold on Exegol to stop the Sith fleet from aiding the First Order. When the former emperor Darth Sidious revealed himself to the galaxy with the Sith Eternal’s enormous fleet of planet-destroying spacecraft, the Final Order.

After Rey sacrificed her life to kill the Sith Lord, Ben Solo used his life force to revive her, and the two of them eventually fought the Sith Eternal soldiers with the aid of a civilian fleet. People rebelled against the First Order after being encouraged to do so by the Resistance’s victory over the Sith Eternal. Which led to the First Order’s military rule of the galaxy being overthrown through a series of assaults.

Star Wars Logo Font

It’s possible that the Star Wars logo’s instantly recognizable typography is what makes it so. After all, the Star Wars logo’s distinctive font has been useful in all of its variations. The fact that the Star Wars logo’s font was in place specifically for the brand and not existing typography, like other well-known designs, may not have come as a surprise. The design, which aims to be sleek and modern, is called attention to by some of the elongated features of the letters.

The “S” and “T” in the word “Star” seem to melt into one another, as opposed to the “S” and “R” which both have elongated parts that seem to spread into the distance. The bottom line of the image also connects the letters “R” and “S” in the word “Wars.”

Overall, the Star Wars logo font was successful in producing a timeless, enduring image. In the end, the logo font was given the moniker “Star Jedi” and mass-produced. As a result, people from diverse backgrounds can experiment with the Star Wars logo font type to produce unique headlines. The font the Star Wars logo uses is a unique Star Wars font. The logo and goods both employ the Star Wars font.

Star Wars Font Color

As was already mentioned, the Star Wars color schemes have repeatedly altered over time to represent specific aspects of the films they are meant to represent.

For instance, a new Star Wars logo was chosen for “The Rise of Skywalker” to match the color of Luke Skywalker’s recognizable blue lightsaber. It is composed of shades of blue, white, and black. The usage of a dark crimson intended to convey how much of “The Last Jedi,” which prominently emphasizes Rylo Ken and the Sith, concentrates on the darker aspects of the Star Wars heroes. In the franchise, red is typically in connection to the Sith (the antagonists) and their lightsabers.

The series uses the colors black and yellow to represent the official Star Wars emblem. The color that most closely resembles the Star Wars emblem is unquestionably a bright banana yellow, which is frequently in connection to the magnificent stars of space.

Black is the designated color for Star War logo fonts. The hue of the Star Wars logo font denotes strength. Since 1977, the Star Wars color scheme has remained constant. The color palette from Star Wars can be applied to designs and projects. Below are the Star Wars color schemes and codes for Pantone, HTML, HEX, RGB, and CMYK.


  • HEX: #000000
  • RGB: (0, 0, 0)
  • CMYK: (60, 40, 40, 100)

What Colors Appear in the Star Wars Logo Font?

There is a joining of the letters “S” and “T” in “star” and “R” and “S” in “wars,” and there is also a print of the term “Star Wars” in uppercase letters. The Star Wars logo font is black. The Star Wars emblem symbolizes a power struggle.

Is There a Jedi Symbol?

The Jedi crest, often known as the Jedi insignia, served as the emblem of the Jedi Order. The Old Republic’s seal can be clearly seen in the crest, which is a winged blade of light in the shape of a living sunrise.

Why is the Clone Wars Logo Red?

The Clone Wars program’s opening crimson logo hinted that Darth Maul would soon appear. Two more Star Wars movies, which also happened to be the ones that, respectively, annihilated the Sith and the Jedi, used red logos.

What font is NATO?

Museo 700 is the appropriate font to use. NATO and the # must be replicated in white or gray. Always utilize the approved NATO logo design.

What is The Military Style Font Called?

The A-Team, Private Benjamin, and MAS*H television series, among others, frequently use the stencil typeface for displays with an army motif that are characteristically American.

What Font is Air Force?

The appropriate typeface for “U.S. AIR FORCE” when used with the Symbol is “Berthold Akzidenz Grotesk bold extended” in all uses, regardless of color. Use “Arial Black bold uppercase” in the absence of “Berthold Akzidenz Grotesk bold extended.”

What Font Does The CIA Use?

This typeface is accepted as the industry standard and is suggested for usage in CIA documents and correspondence.

What Word Font is Most Like Star Wars?

This font, called Droid Sans, was designed especially for the Star Wars series and is found in all of the motion pictures and television shows. Similar to Droid Sans but with support for Latin characters is the font Lucida Sans Unicode. SF Distant Galaxy – Use this font to give your text a futuristic appearance.

Which Font is Closest to Star Wars?

However, the most recent Star Wars movies, starting with The Force Awakens, have employed a digitized version of the font, with Franklin Demi being the closest approximation.

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