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Ferrari Logo
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Any fan of the racing car will be able to recognize the prancing horse as the logo for Ferrari right away. However, the horse is depicted in complete black against a yellow background. Ferrari’s logo comes in different styles, such as a shield with the letters “S” and “F” under the horse and a vertical rectangle with “Ferrari” written across the bottom. Each of the two most recent Ferrari logos features three horizontal bands of color at the top to honor the company’s roots in Italy’s national colors: green, white, and red. In the history of the car business, the name Ferrari has always been associated with prestige and quality. In this article, we will find out the difference between the Porsche and Ferrari logo, and the Scuderia Ferrari logo.

Ferrari History

Ferrari is often regarded as the best producer of high-end sports cars. In 1947, the business opened for business. Even before that, though, the company’s namesake and illustrious creator, Enzo Ferrari, was working in the automobile sector.

  • Established on September 13th, 1939
  • Inaugural CEO: Enzo Ferrari
  • Home Office : Maranello, Italy (Emilia-Romagna)

About Enzo

The Italian-born Enzo Ferrari began his career as a race car driver. In the 1920s, he became an official Alfa Romeo racer and went on to win multiple races, notably the 2nd Circuito di Modena.

Also, Ferrari started Scuderia Ferrari in 1929, and it is the company’s official racing team in history. But at first, it was a sub-brand of Alfa that catered to the needs of gentlemen drivers who needed to get their race cars ready. At the time, sports car racing was becoming increasingly popular among the rich and famous.

When Enzo last raced in 1931, it was at the Circuito Tre Province, where he finished a respectable second. When his first son, Alfredo, or Dino, as he was known, was born, he wanted to devote his time and energy to his family.

Nonetheless, he remained with the Scuderia and the Alfa car-building team until 1939. He stepped down as head of Alfa Corse in September of that year to launch his own automaker, Auto Avio Costruzioni, in his hometown of Modena, Italy. After his departure, he was forbidden to use the Ferrari brand on any of his vehicles or in any of his races for a minimum of four years. So as not to break the terms of the agreement, Auto Costruzioni Ferrari did not change its name to Ferrari until 1957, when the Ferrari 125 S was introduced as the company’s first automobile to bear the Ferrari name.

Early Years of Enzo

The V12 engine, which was first made available in 1945, is one of the things that makes Ferrari what it is. But the first Ferrari model, the 125 S or 125 Sport, didn’t leave the Via Abetone Inferiore factory in Maranello, Italy, until 1947, more than ten years after Enzo left Alfa. In the beginning, only two variations were available. In May of that year, the car was entered into a race for the first time at the Piacenza Circuit, and on May 25, it won the Rome Grand Prix. The launch date of the car had originally been slated for before World War II broke out, but it was pushed back. After the factory in Modena was bombed, the company moved to Maranello and built the famous factory that it still uses today.

Over the next two decades, the Italian automaker saw great success thanks to the success of its vehicles in significant events such as the Mille Miglia (1948), the Le Mans 24-Hour Race (1949), and the Formula One World Championship Grand Prix (1963). (1951).

In the early 1950s, race car driver Luigi Chinetti opened the first Ferrari showroom and dealership in the United States. Ferraris were only owned by the very wealthy and used in racing competitions until recently. Even though the American Ferrari market started in Manhattan, it has grown to become one of the most valuable in the world.

Enzo’s firstborn son, Dino, passed away from muscular dystrophy in 1956. The decade of the 1960s was a moment of change for the corporation. In 1961, key engineers Carlo Chiti and Giotto Bizzarrini left the company to form ATS. The goal was to compete with Ferrari. There were rumors that Enzo’s wife, Laura, got into trouble because she took on too much responsibility in the business.

Ferrari History Continues 

Mauro Forghieri, an engineer, and Sergio Scaglietti, a body designer, were brought on to complete the 250 GTO, which paradoxically became one of the most famous sports cars of all time.

Also, Enzo knew that the company needed a business partner in the late 1960s so that it could continue to grow and thrive in a market with a lot of competition. In 1969, a good partner was founded in the Fiat Group, and that company bought 50% of the business. The F40 first saw daylight in 1987. That would be Enzo Ferrari’s last model before he retired. After his death at age 90 the following year, the Fiat Group raised its ownership in the business to 90%.

In 1991, Luca di Montezemolo took over from Enzo as Ferrari’s chairman. He stayed in that position until October 2014. Sergio Marchionne, who will take over from him, has said that he wants to separate Ferrari from the Fiat Group. In 2015, we saw the initial public offering (IPO) of Ferrari N.V. on the New York Stock Exchange at a valuation of approximately $10 billion, and in 2016, we saw the same event on the Milan Stock Exchange.

Ferrari History Today

The Ferrari logo car and the Cavallino Rampante, which is also called the “prancing horse,” are easy to spot. The company is also known for making some of the best and fastest cars in the world. However, the use of red was customary. Furthermore, red was the mandatory color for all Italian race cars competing internationally. Ferrari kept up the practice long after it was necessary due to a commitment to tradition that dates back to the 1960s. It has now become a staple of the company’s public persona. In addition, over 85% of 1990s Ferrari owners chose the iconic red paint job.

The famous black prancing stallion on a yellow background was made in honor of the military hero Count Francesco Baracca. During the war, Enzo served with the Italian armed forces. As a First World War pilot with the Italian air force, Barracca had a painting of a horse on the side of his plane. The horse was originally red on the plane but was painted black to match the Ferrari logo.

The Ferrari logo car is instantly recognizable all over the globe. Since it started making cars, the Italian company has won more than 5,000 awards, and its cars have been racing on tracks all over the world. Also, Ferrari is the most durable and successful race car in the history of Formula One.

Ferrari Logo Meaning and History

The Ferrari logo, which has been used by the Italian sports car company since 1947, was made to honor a top pilot in World War II. The products’ national identity, style, grace, and elitism are all represented by the logo. The Ferrari brand of racing and sports cars is well-known around the world. Furthermore, the corporation was founded in 1947 in Maranello, Italy. Enzo Ferrari starts his own automaker, and his racing team, Scuderia Ferrari, is born.

Historically, this company’s emblem has included a rearing, rearing horse. Across the globe, that is how he is recognized. Also, the design of the logo came about two decades before the company did, around the time that businessman Enzo Ferrari started a small business. It was the cornerstone upon which the future automotive juggernaut was built.

Furthermore, the proprietor used the picture of a ferocious horse, which is a symbol of power, uncontrolled strength, and speed, as the main sign. Yellow and black are prominent brand colors because they heighten latent emotional tension.

Ferrari Logo Evolution 1929- 1947

Even though the black horse prancing on a yellow shield has been a Ferrari logo since 1929, not many people know that it has important roots in Italy and the aviation industry.

During WWI, national hero Francesco Baracca had the prancing horse painted on the tails of his planes. When the famous pilot’s mother asked about the horse, Ferrari bought it as a tribute to her son.

To begin with, the Ferrari car logo was a yellow shield with black, red, and white lines across the top and the initials “S” and “F” (standing for Scuderia Ferrari) across the bottom. As seen from the side, the Ferrari logo features a black horse that is turning left. Both of these things are in the Ferrari logo. It starts with a solar shield with a black horse and the letters “S” and “F” to the right and left, respectively. The Ferrari logo features both elements. These letters, printed in an italicized, uppercase font, translate to “Scuderia Ferrari.” The top features the Italian flag’s three horizontal stripes.

However, this logo debuted in 1932 on the cars that competed in the Spa Grand Prix. She has been used in a lot of packaging designs, and after that, she became Ferrari’s main logo. This Ferrari car logo is unique in that the horse is seen looking to the right instead of the left. However, it’s important to note that he isn’t totally white in this depiction; the artist used a lot of white highlights to give his silhouette depth. The creature also sports massive wings that are covered in realistic bird feathers. They look like rearing, ready-to-jump horse hooves. The main Ferrari car logo is a yellow-orange circle with radial, dark-to-light edges.

Brand Evolution Continues 1947- 1994

The original Ferrari car logo, a square with rounded corners, debuted in 1947. It was meant to be used in place of the more common triangular shields. A little yellow color permeates the foundation. In order to make more room, they twisted the black horse to the left and blew it up. A long strip, continuing the upper horizontal stroke of the letter “F,” serves as the basis for his one foot. All subsequent characters, set in bold serif type, can be found below this line. An Italian tricolor flag is displayed above the animal’s head. Objects have gold borders and accents.

Also, since 1951, the horse’s silhouette isn’t as big, and it doesn’t cover the lower writing any longer. The foundation transformed into a brilliant yellow rectangle in the traditional vertical orientation. In addition, the upper colored stripes were also transformed into rectangles, but these ones were laid out horizontally.

The remodeling made the horse look different; its body is now visibly hefty, and the expressive relief of the muscles has vanished. The gradient around the rectangle is silver, while the other colors of the Ferrari car logo have been toned down or brightened, depending on their placement.

Evolution Continued from 1994- Till Date

As of this year, the company has publicly debuted in its current form. She made a car logo for her Ferrari that was a black horse rearing up on its hind legs. In addition, there is a primary focus on a sunny yellow background.

Directly above it are three skinny lines, one each of green, white, and red, that provide a link to Italy. Here’s where we reveal the name. It was designed using the traditional serif typeface. The solid upper section of the capital “F” extends across the rest of the word to a rounded point at the I Disappearing are the “S” and “F” written in cursive.

As far as the brand’s evolution goes, this is the second most crucial time. And that’s when they actually did rebuild it from scratch. He made some small adjustments, such as changing the color and adding a few lines. However, now that the separating line is gone, the sun-yellow field has taken on a more vibrant hue, and the colors in the upper half have blended together.

Also, the drawing of the horse has been changed to make it look much more muscular. The painters also raised the right front foot of the horse slightly from the original, so that the left no longer hides it.

Ferrari Logo Font and Color

The brand’s font has evolved very slightly throughout time. To use a metaphor, it is “summarized,” meaning that the lines grow more refined and refined. The basic style of typeface writing, in which the continuation of the first letter is also the end of the text element, didn’t change, though.

Also, the Ferrari logo has a black horse, which is a sign of power and wealth because black is a dark color. The Italian tricolor, which was included in all logo iterations, is also significant.

Even though yellow is a color that means happiness, joy, and celebration just by itself, the background color of the Ferrari logo also has other meanings. Enzo Ferrari was born in the Italian city of Modena, which has a large yellow section on its flag. In addition, the “Ferrari stable” still has its headquarters near this location.

Why Is the Ferrari Symbol a Horse?

Count Francesco Baracca, an important Italian pilot in World War I, was the first person to paint a black horse on the fuselage of his planes as a sign of his own. But some historians think the horse came from a banner that belonged to the Duke of Savoy in 1692. Others say it was a reminder of home and the stables where his family kept horses. Still, others say it was a badge that showed Baracca was responsible for shooting down a German pilot from Stuttgart, whose city crest has a prancing horse that looks like the one on Baracca’s.

Facts About Ferrari

When it comes to high-performance automobiles, Ferrari is not alone; several rivals exist. However, no matter how fast a car becomes, there will always be a Ferrari that we’d rather pilot. Ferrari is a well-known company that makes high-end cars. Car fans all over the world envy Ferrari’s cars. Today, Ferrari has made a wide range of amazing cars that have attracted car fans from all over the world. Whether you’re already a die-hard Ferrari fan or curious about the brand for the first time, here are some interesting facts about Ferrari.

#1. The Company Makes a Lot of Money off of Licensing and Merchandise

Due to their success in both racing and making cars for sale, Ferrari has become a worldwide symbol of wealth and luxury. As part of their business plan, Ferrari markets and sells products with the Ferrari name and logo on them to give them an edge over their competitors.

Ferrari knew that many of its fans probably couldn’t afford to buy one of its cars, so the company carefully moved into a new market by selling branded merchandise. So, Ferrari is now a huge company that sells a lot of things, and its brand seems stronger and more important than the cars themselves.

#2. 2016 Was a Record Year

The name “Ferrari” has been around for quite some time. Despite individuals converting to smart or hybrid cars, demand for premium cars is high. Are you sure? In 2016, Ferrari made more than 8,000 cars, which was more than ever before for the Italian company. The company doesn’t disclose much of its financial details, but this is the greatest annual sales total for the model.

#3. Currently, Fiat Has a Significant Amount of Ferrari Stock

Ferrari struggled throughout the 1960s due to financial issues, challenges in achieving clean air pollution laws, and difficulties in complying with new safety caps. Enzo was interested in selling his company to Ford for $18 million, but in the end, he decided to sell half of it to Fiat S.p.A. instead. This way, he would always own the company in its entirety.

Also, Enzo Ferrari and his son Piero sold an extra 40% of the company to Fiat before Enzo died in 1988. In 2014, FCA stated that Ferrari S.p.A. would become an independent company. A new holding company, Ferrari N.V., was formed.

#4. The Company Didn’t Choose the Iconic Ferrari Red Color

Ferrari’s Rosso Corsa, or “racing red,” is featured prominently on the company’s color chart. Ferraris used to only come in red because that was the only color allowed by the rules set by the International Automobile Federation for all Italian Grand Prix race cars. Ferrari will base all future cars on the racing red color scheme.

Enzo Ferrari, who designed cars and served in the Italian Army’s 3rd Mountain Artillery Regiment during World War I, was a leader in his field. In 1923, Count and Countess Baracca suggested Ferrari use their son’s logo for luck.

Also, the “prancing horse” logo was owned by Francesco Barraca, a famous pilot who was killed in battle in 1918. In honor of his hometown, Ferrari raced the first car to feature the logo at the 1932 Spa 24 Hours.

#6. A Ferrari Allows Complete Customization Of Its Features

Ferrari stands apart from the competition due to its “Tailor-Made” initiative. People who participate can change the look of their new Ferrari once it leaves Maranello. In addition, Ferrari’s one-of-a-kind Atelier Ferrari lets customers customize their vehicles to their own specifications.

There are three different ways to customize a Ferrari: the racing-inspired Scuderia, the updated Classica, and the one-of-a-kind Inedita. However, customer wait times after making adjustments can reach two years.

#7. To Put It Simply, You May Visit a Theme Park Dedicated to Ferraris

There is a Ferrari theme park, however, it’s not as well-known as Six Flags or Disneyland. People who are interested in visiting can do so in Abu Dhabi at a theme park named Ferrari World. However, this attraction opened in 2010, making it the largest indoor theme park in the world. Ferrari World’s Formula Rossa is the world’s fastest roller coaster, reaching 149 mph.

What Does the Ferrari Logo Represent?

No matter how you look at it, the meaning of the Ferrari car logo is very clear: the Cavallino Rampante represents unyielding fervor, bravery, and mastery over a field that was once supposed to be unconquerable. As a pilot, Barraca was best in the air, while Ferrari was best at racing on the track.

Why Is the Ferrari Logo a Prancing Horse?

Francesco Baracca was an Italian aviator and hero of World War I. His family suggested that Enzo Ferrari use the prancing horse as a lucky symbol on his race cars. But Ferrari seems to have remembered that the design came from meeting Baracca’s parents by chance.

When it comes to Italian sports car makers, Ferrari is without a doubt the most well-known name. No German sports car can compare to a Porsche because of the options and performance of any model.

But in the modern world, Ferrari and Porsche have become known as the two most prestigious sports car companies. Many of their logos share some fascinating commonalities. Many people are confused by the difference between the black prancing horses in the Ferrari logo and the Porsche logo. Here is the difference between the Porsche and Ferrari logo

The Porsche logo is almost the whole coat of arms for Weimar, Germany. It has only been used on Porsche cars since Baden-Württemberg was created, which doesn’t use the coat of arms. However, the Porsche logo, which includes the words “Porsche” and “Stuttgart,” clearly violates the unwritten rule that coats of arms should not explain their meaning.

In acknowledgment of Stuttgart’s significance in founding Porsche, its logo is a customized depiction of the city. There, the company, which started in 1931, would offer consulting services for the next 20 years, first on building cars (often for the German government) and then, in the late 1940s, on making the Porsche 356. In 1952, the prancing pony emblem made its debut on the Porsche 356, the company’s second model.

All Porsches, even the brand-new 911 sports cars due in 2019, still have the Stuttgart coat of arms. Residents of the St. Paul area should find these extra facts about the long history of the Porsche logo interesting.

It’s not quite so simple to trace back the history of the Ferrari logo. The prancing horse in the Ferrari car logo was first used by an Italian fighter pilot in World War I.

However, Enzo Ferrari won a race in 1923 at the Savio circuit, and he claims that’s where he first met Countess Paolina of Ravenna. Later, the Countess convinced Ferrari to put the logo on his car by saying she’d heard it was lucky. Her son, Count Francesco Baracca, Italy’s best fighter pilot in WWI, had the logo on his plane. It wasn’t until 1932 that the Ferrari Alfa Romeo debuted with its signature yellow shield. The original Ferrari logo was a shield with a coat of arms on it, but over time it was changed to a modern rectangle that is easier to recognize.

Also, it’s not clear why an Italian fighter plane from World War I had the symbol of a German town on it. It is said that Baracca put the prancing pony logo on his plane to honor a defeated German rival from Stuttgart who had flown a plane with the same symbol.

Why Are the Porsche and Ferrari Logos Similar?

The horse on the Porsche logo comes from the coat of arms of Stuttgart, Germany, where the company was founded, so it’s practically the same animal. This means that the logos of two of the most well-known car companies in the world were both inspired by the same thing.

Formula One crew Scuderia Ferrari has been around for a long time and has done well. But a bunch of old Scuderia Ferrari cars with the prancing horse logo and “Ferrari” written in black showed up. Since its start in 1929, the racing division of the luxury car company and sports team of the same name has had a lot of success in Formula One, winning a lot of championships and other awards along the way. But the company’s founder and namesake, Enzo Ferrari, designed it for this very reason.

Furthermore, the black horse rearing up is an impressive Scuderia Ferrari car logo. The logo picture shows how dynamic athletes are, how strong they are below their skin, and how angry they can get.

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What is Scuderia Ferrari?

Scuderia Ferrari has more championships than any other Formula One team. This is also the name of the division responsible for making sports automobiles. Since moving from Modena to Maranello in northern Italy in 1943, they are known for their high-quality automobiles.

The founder of the Scuderia Ferrari, Enzo Ferrari, has a lovely narrative to tell about how the iconic Ferrari logo came to be. On the evening of June 17, 1923, Dino, Enzo’s brother, gave the symbol to Count Enrico Baraka, whose squadron had won the first victory at Circuito di Savio that day. Once Enzo had gotten to know the pilot’s mother, Countess Paolina, she suggested that he paint a picture of a reared horse on the side of his race vehicle, much as she had done on her son’s plane. Wearing his symbol will help your fortunes improve.

Some, however, argue that a black horse is not a direct indication of Baraka’s presence in a person’s life. The pilot’s parents couldn’t tell Ferrari what the mark was, but it turns out that it is the 912th Squadron’s symbol. However, there are many who believe that Baraka sculpted the horse from the fuselage canvas of a German plane he shot down, establishing it as the city’s coat of arms. This unique item, provided to pilots on both sides, was on his ship. Before 1932, Enzo’s logo omitted a horse.

Each country’s car had a unique color at the start of the race. Green is English, blue is French, and red is Italian. “Red” became synonymous with Ferrari.  Furthermore, the word “scuderia” is from the Middle Ages. In Italian, it was used to talk about racehorses, which have since been replaced by race cars.

The rearing horse on the Ferrari logo’s yellow shield was initially put on the car’s lateral planes in 1952 by Scuderia sports manager Nello Ugolino. Until this year, Ferrari merely marked the hood. In addition, yellow was used for the Scuderia Ferrari logo background because it’s Modena’s color.

Evolution of The Scuderia Ferrari Logo 1950-1996

At first, the Scuderia Ferrari logo was a long combination of the company and team names, with a small prancing horse sign tucked in underneath. Formerly, he worked as a truck decorator for the Scuderia Ferrari team In addition, the shape of the horse was represented by the letters “r.” The top of the capital “F” was made to run the length of the word, and the dot over the I was swapped out for an oval. In 1965, the size of the letters and the picture were changed to make the prancing horse the most important part of the Scuderia Ferrari logo. The name was painted yellow and moved down, transforming the structure into a ramp fit for a mighty beast.

In 1983, Ferrari (Scuderia) changed its logo to a black horse inside a yellow rectangle. The brand’s name appeared at the bottom, with an elongated “F” whose top line almost touched the dot atop the letter “i.” Towards the top, you’ll notice three stripes of varying colors. In addition, the three colors represent Italy’s flag.

The Scuderia Ferrari logo has been a mainstay in business since 1994 when it was officially recognized and its supporting cast was updated. Suddenly, three horizontal stripes in the colors of the Italian flag were burned into the top of the thing. Subsequently, they were included in a wide range of adjustments. The name was changed to include the prancing horse, and everything was moved to the yellow vertical rectangle. They repainted the inscription black so that the letters would stand out more against the neutral color scheme. The full circumference of the geometric shape was framed in a thin, dark line. In addition, the square’s corners were softened for aesthetic purposes.

Brand Evolution Continues From 1996- 2010

Since 1997, Phillip Morris, the company that makes Marlboro cigarettes, has had a big name on the Scuderia Ferrari racing team’s logo. The designers rethought the whole look and made some changes, all while sneaking in ads for cigarette products in a creative way. Furthermore, the big red rectangle is now a triangular diagram. And the two on top were white-bordered squares of identical size. The team’s name was printed in black letters on a yellow shield that the horse was dancing around. The letters “S” and “F” were scribbled underneath the shield. Moreover, the word “Marlboro” was printed on the right side in tall, thin serifs. But the last part, which was near the bottom, was a repeat of all the inscriptions. It said, in swooping cursive, “Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro.”

All aspects of the Scuderia Ferrari logo were regrouped by the company’s administration. The upper rectangles were pushed to the right, and “Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro” was extended in block letters with wide spacing. The logo seems longer. Two large red stripes on top and bottom accentuate this.

Furthermore, the automotive firm had to change its logo because of the tobacco ban. The black horse remained on the yellow shield, but “Marlboro” was replaced by a barcode. The logo was a big geometric “SF” with two red border lines and a blue “Scuderia Ferrari” that was written in an angled way.

The people who made the barcode have changed it by adding encrypted short strips to fix the scandal that happened despite their best efforts to hide the marketing of tobacco products. Simultaneously, scarlet was adopted as the new red. This resulted in a gradient and highlights that made the black SFs stand out even more.

Scuderia Ferrari Logo Continued 2011- Till Date

Because of constant pressure to stop advertising tobacco products, the car company has changed the logo of the racing team. Since Phillip Morris was still their sponsor, the barcode was changed to a pattern that looked like Marlboro cigarettes. The designers hoisted a triangular shield that was yellow in color and included a branded horse in the top left corner. Aside from keeping the name at the bottom right, they also added bold red stripes.

When Marlboro advertising was removed from the Scuderia Ferrari logo, Mission Winnow was used to mask Philip Morris’ encrypted identity. Instead of blatantly promoting cigarettes, the Riders switched to a new logo that had a big picture of a cigarette on it. On the left is the car’s Scuderia Ferrari traditional logo, and on the right is a complicated set of arrows. As an added bonus, both the red and white components of the design emerge from the void. The design adds intrigue and energy to the logo.

At this time, the professional racing team went back to its old logo, which was a shield with a running horse and the letters “S” and “F” on either side. Outside of the main component, the black name was also kept. The Italian flag’s colors have been transformed into a triangle stripe.

What Is the Ferrari Horse Called?

The wild horse, or Cavallino Rampante. Scuderia Ferrari, the racing subsidiary of Italian sports car manufacturer Ferrari, uses the Prancing Horse (Italian: Cavallino Rampante, lit. ‘small prancing horse’) as their logo.

Why Is the Porsche Logo a Ferrari?

According to the story that he tells, Enzo Ferrari first met the Countess Paolina of Ravenna in 1923 after he had won a race at the Savio circuit. It was the Countess who eventually persuaded Ferrari to affix the insignia to his cars, under the pretense that having the logo would make the cars more fortunate.

A celebration of one of the heroes of the First World War, Francesco Barraca, who had an image of the black horse on his plane, the secret significance of the black stallion that is featured on the Ferrari badge is a celebration of Francesco Barraca. Aside from this, the emblem of the Italian luxury company represents both sophistication and authority in all that it does.

What Emblem Does a Ferrari Have?

The beautiful black horse, set against a background of yellow-gold, is depicted in the Ferrari insignia. This stallion, which is the personification of the beauty and power of the automobiles made by the Italian company, is featured in the Ferrari emblem.

What Is Ferrari’s Emblem?

The image of a black stallion takes up the majority of the space in the middle of the Ferrari emblem, which consists of a vertically oriented rectangle with rounded corners, a bright yellow background, a thinly stretched Italian flag at the top, and stylized black lettering at the bottom of the badge. The image of the stallion dominates the composition because it is in the center of the emblem.

The circumstances of the First World War have a direct influence on the design of the well-known Ferrari logo. During the war, the courageous pilot Francesco Barraca, who would later be honored with the title of Hero of the First World War, had a picture of a black horse standing on its hind legs painted on the fuselage of his plane.


The Ferrari logo represents more than one thing. Automobiles’ superior strength and speed are symbolized by the horse. While the red prancing horse was a trademark of the late pilot Francesco Baracca, his plane’s new black paint job is a somber tribute to him. The city of Modena, Italy, is where Enzo Ferrari was born, and the car’s signature yellow paint job is a nod to that city’s rich history.

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