CNN LOGO: Find Out Who Created the Logo, Meaning, and History.


CNN, which stands for Cable News Network, is one of the most watched and respected TV networks in the United States. It began in 1980 and was the first network to cover breaking news all the time. This article talks about the history of the CNN logo, its font, news, and business.

What CNN Logo Means

Ted Turner, who started CNN, and Terry McGuirk, who used to run the network, both liked the idea of a monogram with a line across the letters, which made the letters look like they were connected by a cable. From 1980 to 1984, CNN’s classic logo was black and white with a cable in the middle.

The CNN logo is just the letters in the company name arranged in a circle. The logo is not a wordmark but is rather built to appear as a seamless whole. The band goes around and around to make a “C” and two “Ns.” But the middle part of both “N”s is the same, which makes the link between them stronger.

The executives from CNN who went to the meeting in the 1980s to choose the logo said that the wire running between the letters was the deciding factor. Considering the company’s name, it was only natural that it would resemble a cable. Although the logo is well-liked, it should be noted that it has also been criticized. Canadian National Railways was concerned because the design resembled its own logo. Despite the fact that there was debate and the logo was created in just two days, the current design has been in use for nearly 40 years.

The simple image is a great way to show that the channel covers international events consistently. The late Anthony Guy Bost created the official font for CNN within 48 hours.

CNN Logo Font

The CNN logo hasn’t changed much over the years. Even after the logo was changed, it was still the most recognizable symbol in business. The CNN visual design gives the network a unique look and makes it seem more trustworthy.

The CNN logo’s distinctive uppercase letters are written in a custom-made designer typeface with thick, smooth lines that are joined together to form a strong, easy-to-read font. The font on this emblem is most similar to Quinceanera NF or Decked Out NF, but the letter shapes

The letters that make up “CNN” come together in a beautiful way. They give the system a sense of calm, which helps it serve people from all walks of life in the global community better. The fonts are eye-catching and really show how innovative the system is.

The CNN logo has the letters “N,” “U,” and “G” in red, with the letters “C” and “N” in white in the middle. You can make text that looks like this with Ray Larabie’s CNN logo font.

CNN Logo History

CNN logo was started by Ted Turner in 1980, and it is now owned by Turner Broadcasting System, which is a part of Time Warner Inc. On June 1, 1980, CNN went on the air for the first time. It was the first news station in the United States to cover breaking news nonstop. In 1985, CNN opened its first branch outside of the United States. It was called CNN International.

Since it was first made, the CNN logo hasn’t changed much, which has helped it keep its classic look in history. The logo looks like it belongs to a world leader and gives off an air of power.

In 1999, CNN introduced a new set of time-lapse symbols for its international networks. The new CNN logos show that the news organization is modern and on the cutting edge of technology. The fact that CNN has regional logos shows that it has really gone global. The cost of making the CNN logo was between $2,400 and $2,800. When CNN got involved, the designers lowered their price request from about $5,000.

1980 – 1984

Since CNN first started, it has kept the same logo because it worked so well from the start. It has become a part of popular culture all over the world and stands for the channel it represents. This helps the network build a strong, recognizable brand. The strategy works and is reliable because the number of people watching the channel around the world keeps going up.

1984 – 2014

The CNN logo didn’t change much in terms of shape, but they had to add a red-and-white color scheme that year. With the new color scheme, the new logotype for the TV station is more noticeable and easy to remember.

2014 – Today CNN Logo History

There was a change in CNN’s color palette and visual identity again in 2014. There was still the traditional red and white, but the red was a deeper color, almost burgundy, lending the emblem a more authoritative and reliable air. At the same time, it started to look more lively and passionate.

The CNN Money Logo in a Lighter Color

They just used a different color scheme and a bigger version of the CNN logo for CNN Money. Next to the names of the TV networks, the word “money” is written in a clean Sans Serif font. Each word begins with a capital letter. These lines are thinner than the ones that make up the word “CNN.”

It’s Both Trump and the Sign.

The fight between President Trump and the TV networks got a lot of attention. In July 2017, he put a video of himself hitting a man wearing a CNN logo with his body on Twitter. CNN said that the president’s actions were “below the dignity of his office” in a statement that came out soon after the video came out.


The letters “CNN” come from a double red stripe that loops and winds around itself. The image’s simplicity shows that the channel is always looking for something new and different. The distinctive form of the CNN logo represents the qualities of reliability, strength, and leadership associated with the news network. It represents each letter in the title, making for a visually stunning piece. Because of its unique look, the CNN logo is an easily recognizable symbol all over the world.


CNN’s visual identity is based on a bold and striking mix of red and white. This shows strength, energy, determination, and professionalism. It also shows that CNN is a reliable and reputable TV network by making people think of mastery and superiority. The CNN “cutout” logo’s bright red color fits well with the rest of the company’s beautiful branding. The red color of the network shows that it is in charge. The color blue stands for the services and creativity of the network, and it also shows how widespread it is.

Red is the color of passion, style, persistence, and stardom. It works well with any kind of introduction or setting, and it shows how the company has stayed true to the values that have made it successful over the years and around the world.

CNN News

At 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time on June 1, 1980, CNBC made its first broadcast. Ted Turner began the first news show on the channel, and then David Walker and Lois Hart took over. Burt Reinhardt, the channel’s executive vice president, hired most of the first 200 people who worked there. One of them was Bernard Shaw, who was the first news anchor for the network.

You can view CNN all over the world because it has so many affiliates, but most of its shows come from the CNN Center in Atlanta, the Time Warner Center in New York City, and studios in Washington, DC, and Los Angeles. “CNN/U.S.” is a term that distinguishes the U. (elcapitalino) S. version of CNN from CNN International.

CNN Worldwide tells people about local and international events in more than 200 countries through cable, satellite, radio, wireless devices, and the Internet. However, CNN has the largest number of TV, online, and mobile viewers in the United States. When it comes to news coverage, more than 260 million households worldwide have access to CNN. CNN Digital Network is also the undisputed leader in online news and current events.

More Information

CNN International is always the top 24-hour news channel in terms of how many people watch it around the world. With a fleet of 38 satellites, CNN International reaches more than 260 million homes in more than 200 countries and territories. CNN International has been split into five departments since September 1997. East and South Asia, Oceania, Latin America, and North America. CNN Newsource also works with hundreds of local and international news organizations. This makes it the most popular news service in the world. Time Warner owns CNN’s parent company, Turner Broadcasting System, Inc.

Its Program

Starting in 1980, CNN’s Moneyline was the network’s most-watched show for nearly 20 years. It was about business and money. Lou Dobbs’ Moneyline started out focusing on financial news, but over time it grew to include general news as well as political and economic analysis.

When asked if it was fair to consider President Barack Obama a native-born U.S. citizen, which is a requirement to be President of the U.S., Lou Dobbs, the only TV personality left from the channel’s start 30 years earlier, quit.

The Larry king

Larry King Live: In 1985, Larry King became the host of a prime-time interview show on CNN called Larry King Live. On the show, people like politicians, business tycoons, and Hollywood A-listers came as guests.

Larry King Live, CNN’s longest-running show, ran for a total of 25 years before its host, Larry King, said he was leaving in 2010. It had the most viewers of any news show on TV until 2001 when The O’Reilly Factor on Fox News Channel beat it. Since then, it has had the most viewers of any cable news show. Larry King was a straightforward, low-key interviewer, unlike most. He was usually honest in interviews, but sometimes he would say something funny or rude. Some people who wouldn’t have joined otherwise did so because of how he did it.

More Information

King once said that he never read the books of the writers who came on his show. This was part of a long tradition of not preparing for interviews. Some people have said that Larry King was too nice to his guests because he let them talk on his show when they wouldn’t have on other, more “tough” talk shows.

At the start of 1987, Larry King had a serious heart attack and had to have five bypass operations. It was a turning point in King’s life because he used to smoke and did nothing to hide it, even though he knew it was bad for him. King used to smoke three packs a day, and during his performances, he would always have a cigarette lit. After that, he stressed how important it was to stop smoking to lower the chance of getting heart problems.

Robert Novak and Rowland Evans were the hosts of the talk show Evans and Novak, which first aired in 1980. It quickly became one of the most-watched talks shows on the channel. Mark Shield and Al Hunt were the first fill-in panelists on the show in 1997, but they eventually became regulars.

The Crossfire

Crossfire is a late-night political talk show on CNN, hosted by liberal Tom Braden and conservative Pat Buchanan. They debate different political issues from their own points of view. Because of how quickly the show became popular, it was moved to a more important time slot. After leaving the show in 1985, Buchanan became the director of communications for the then-President of the United States, Ronald Reagan.

His co-host on the political talk show Evans and Novak, Robert Novak, took over for him. In 1987, Buchanan replaced Novak on Crossfire and went back to work there. After two years, Braden left the show, and Michael Kinsley, a magazine editor, and a journalist took over.

CNN’s history is full of different types of shows, such as (but not limited to):

  • Sports Tonight was on NBC from 1980 to 2001.
  • As it’s the first thing in business in the morning.
  • From 1980 to 2005, CNN had a morning show called Daybreak.
  • Elsa Klensch was the host of the fashion show “Style” from 1980 to 2000.
  • People who made headlines.

CNN Business

CNN runs the news and information site CNN Business, which is all about business. The site started out as a partnership between and Time Warner’s Fortune and Money magazines. Other Time Warner properties were also part of the site. Since Time Warner broke off Time Inc. and sold it to Meredith Corporation and then to IAC’s Dotdash, it has been run as a CNN affiliate. At first, and Time Warner’s Fortune and Money magazines made the website. The website remained operational as a CNN affiliate after Time Warner’s publishing assets were split off as Time Inc. and sold to Meredith Corporation and then IAC’s Dotdash.

Since its start, CNN has expanded to many different types of broadcasting platforms, such as traditional broadcast networks, closed-circuit channels, and online portals (such as CNN Airport). The company has 42 bureaus, 11 of which are in the U.S. and 31 of which are in other countries. It has been run as a CNN affiliate since Time Warner split off Time Inc. and sold it to Meredith Corporation, then to IAC’s Dotdash., Fortune, and Money magazines made the website. Time Warner’s publishing assets were split off as Time Inc. and sold to Meredith Corporation and IAC’s Dotdash.

Because the channel was so popular, its founder, Ted Turner, became a real business mogul. In 1996, media giant Time Warner (later WarnerMedia, which merged with Discovery Inc. to form Warner Bros. Discovery), bought the Turner Broadcasting System.

Concerning the CNN Business

In 2001, CNN Money took the place of the original CNN website. Time Warner had also said that CNN would become CNN Money, but it looks like this plan has been scrapped.

Before June 2014, Time Warner’s business magazines Fortune and Money and CNN worked together to run the website. Following the sale of Time Warner’s publishing business to Time Inc. in June 2014, all three brands got their own websites, and CNN Money had a new name and logo to distinguish itself from Money magazine. Jeff Zucker, who is in charge of Your Money at CNN, said that the relaunch will add branded segments and change the name of the show to CNNMoney.

In October 2018, CNN changed the name of the section to “CNN Business” and put more attention on the “digital transformation of business” and how it affects all parts of the economy. As part of the new start, a new office was set up in San Francisco. Like CNNMoney, it will have branded segments on CNN’s online and broadcast content.

The History of CNN

CNN, which stands for “Cable News Network,” was the first international news channel to show news nonstop. It is a part of WarnerMedia and has its headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia.

In 1980, eccentric broadcasting legend Ted Turner started CNN as part of his own TBS (Turner Broadcasting Service), which seemed to be a response to doubts from within the industry. After planning and getting ready for four years, Dave Walker and Lois Hart started CNN with a newscast in 1980.

How Cable News Network began (1980–1989)

On June 1, 1980, CNN went on the air for the first time. At the time, the network had 300 employees between its headquarters in Atlanta and its bureaus in Washington, D.C., San Francisco, New York City, Los Angeles, Dallas, and Chicago. At first, the station showed the CNN logo on a red background with a sound. Then, there was nothing. Next, Ted Turner gave a speech to the first people who watched the network. Lois Hart and Dave Walker, a couple in the news business, hosted the first network news show.

Early on, former U.S. President Jimmy Carter did an interview with host Daniel Schorr. John Anderson heard Schorr read the questions asked of the top three candidates in the 1980 presidential election. The goal was to help voters who weren’t sure who to vote for. Even though there were technical problems, CNN was able to show and record Anderson’s live comments and the responses from Carter and Reagan.

In 1982, the network was called CNN2. In 1983, it changed its name to HLN (Headline News). When it first started, HLN’s only goal was to provide nonstop news coverage, with 30-minute news shows airing at regular times around the clock. CNN, on the other hand, had a mix of news bulletins, specialized feature and topical shows, and general news.

More Information

So, it was one of the first networks to use a rotating schedule (or “wheel”) for its news programming. In 2005, HLN decided to stop broadcasting news 24 hours a day in favor of news talk shows with more personality during prime time.

As CNN’s popularity grew, other cable news networks began to appear. CNN was the best, and these other channels didn’t even come close. In 1982, Satellite News Channel was one of the first to go up against CNN. At the time, SNC’s news shows were mostly about both local and national news. Ted Turner bought the satellite transponder slot for the Satellite News Channel in October 1983 so that he could get more people to watch the Home and Lifestyle Network (HLN).

When CNN moved out of its first headquarters in midtown Atlanta, it had been around for five years. When he bought the Omi International multiplex from Tom Cousins, Turner moved CNN’s headquarters to what is now called the CNN Center. So, Turner helped bring Atlanta’s central business district back to life.

The Years That Tom Johnson Was in Charge of CNN (1990-2000)

Back in 1990, CNN chose Tom Johnson to be president. He ran the Los Angeles Times for more than ten years. Johnson grew CNN’s reach by starting multiple cable and satellite channels, both in the U.S. and abroad. The first of these, CNN International, began in 1991.

Both CNN Airport International, which sends CNN International simulcasts and its own shows to airports around the world, and CNN Checkout Channel, a network for grocery stores that stopped broadcasting in 1993, started as closed-circuit TV services in 1991.

In 1996, CNN launched CNNFN to compete with CNBC in the business news arena, and CNNSI to provide sports coverage in conjunction with Sports Illustrated. In 2002 and 2004, CNNSI and CNNFN both stopped doing business. Thanks to, CNN’s partnership with the magazine it owns, Sports Illustrated, is still going strong. has been online since 1995, and it is now one of the most visited news sites in the world. CNN also started a radio channel that sends news updates and other programs to radio stations all over the US. The radio network grew to include ten domestic and twenty-six international bureaus. It now works with more than 900 local radio stations that all get news and feature programs through CNN Newsource, the company’s affiliate video service for radio stations. The huge popularity of CNN helped the network’s founder, Ted Turner, become a real media mogul. It also made it possible for the huge multimedia company, Time Warner, to buy TBS in 1996.


In the early 2000s, CNN hired a number of well-known newscasters, such as Anderson Cooper, Paula Zahn, and Aaron Brown. At the same time, Lou Dobbs came back to the company. Rick Kaplan quit as president of CNN-US in 2000, and after more than a decade as CEO, Tom Johnson left the company in 2001.

After Johnson left, competition from Fox News Channels and new management caused CNN’s ratings to drop steadily throughout the 2000s.

The History Explained in Detail

Gives a Full Rundown of What Cnn’s Old Logo Used to Look Like

Anthony Guy Bost, a professor at the University of Auburn, designed CNN’s first logo in 1980. Communication Trends, a company in Atlanta that worked with CNN before the channel “officially” started, sent the logos to CNN’s executives with a few different ideas.

The vice president of Turner Broadcasting, Terry McGuirk, says he was one of the first people to see the logo presentation for the news channel when it was just starting out. There were maybe five styles to choose from, but it was clear that one of them was better.

Ted Turner, the founder of CNN, and Terry McGuirk, the network’s former president, both liked the idea of a monogram with a line across the letters that made the letters. From 1980 to 1984, CNN’s classic logo was black and white with a cable in the middle. The logo, which features letters that come together like blips on a heart rate monitor, seems tailor-made for the network and its mission to provide viewers with the most recent news from around the world.

The New CNN Logo Is a Step Forward for the News Network.

The CNN logo hasn’t changed much since it was first made. The surprise is even greater when we think about how cheap the design was. Analysts in the field say that the total cost of the design was between $2,400 and $2,800.

Is the CNN Logo Copyrighted?

CNN and its parent company, subsidiaries, and affiliates keep all rights, including intellectual property rights, to their logos and trademarks on the site. All of the other trademarks and logos on the site belong to the people who made them.

I’d say that’s quite possible. “Fair usage” is the term for this kind of situation. CNN owns the rights to the content it chooses, organizes, improves, and puts together. It also owns the rights to any work that is wholly or partially made by CNN. There is a strict ban on copying, sending, sharing, selling, offering for sale, changing, or using the material in any other way.

In 2014, there was another change to the CNN logo’s color scheme. It’s still red and white, but the red has become more of a burgundy color. The rebranding made the brand look more professional and well-known. It became more animated and passionate in how it looked.

Can I Use a Newspaper Logo Without Permission?

If you only want to use a trademark for editorial or informational purposes, you don’t need permission from the owner of the trademark. Trademark law protects words, phrases, logos, symbols, slogans, and other ways to identify and set apart goods and services in the marketplace.

Can I Use a Band Logo Without Permission?

No one should ever use the trademark or logo of another company without getting written permission from the owner first. Before using a trademark, you should get in touch with the person who owns it. Make sure to explain why you need the logo and where you want to use it.

Can You Use Government Logos Without Permission?

Before you can use any government trademarks or logos, you need to get a license. You can’t use the organization’s logo or trademark on your personal social media profile, for example. It is against the law to use a government publication in a way that makes it look like a government official or worker has approved of your work.

New York University, Michigan State University, Rowan University, Singapore University of Technology and Design, and the University of Waterloo all use Gotham as their official font. Until a few months ago, Gotham became the primary brand typeface at the University of Waterloo.

If someone uses a YouTube channel’s name or logo without permission, the channel’s owner can sue them. By getting a trademark to protect your brand, you can make sure that no one else on YouTube can use your name or logo without your permission. Putting a trademark on a YouTube channel makes sure that no one else can use the name or logo of that channel on any other social media site.

All NBC logos must be “as they are,” which means you cannot crop them or in any way change their typeface.

Several big companies have used the same logos for hundreds of years. Stella Artois is a Belgian beer that has used the same logo since 1366. This makes it the oldest corporate logo that has always been used. But the oldest logo that is still used by a business is that of the British tea company, Twinings.

The first company to successfully trademark a logo was Bass Brewery in 1876. It had a red triangle with the word “Bass” written under it in a flowing cursive style similar to that used by Coca-Cola.

Why Is the CBS Logo an Eyeball?

The original logo was a moving circle of eyeballs. Once the camera got close enough, it was clear that the pupil was a shutter, and when it opened, “CBS Television Network” was seen.

What Logo is an Anchor?

It is the Dockers Anchors logo for Levi Strauss & Co. came from.

What Is the Meaning of the Logo of the Channel?

Coco Chanel created the well-known Chanel logo in 1925. It had two large “C” shapes that are similar and look like mirror images of each other. In the spirit of Coco’s “less is more” philosophy, the letters were simple and bold.

What Does the Fox Logo Mean?

Even though foxes are often associated with bad things, they are surprisingly popular as company mascots. If your organization’s logo is a picture of an animal, it shows that you’re proud that your staff is full of smart people who can solve any problem. People who work in the legal field and as notaries have a soft spot for this clever creature.


Since its start in 1980, Cable News Network (CNN), an English-language cable news channel, has grown into a major media force around the world. It is famous all over the world for covering breaking news all the time. However, there are now more than 25 satellite and cable TV channels, radio stations, websites, and other services around the world that are connected to CNN. About 2 billion people can now read the news in 212 different countries. CNN now broadcasts in seven languages, which makes it one of the most popular news networks.

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