SHOE BRANDS FOR WOMEN: 17 Most Popular Picks & 2023 Reviews (Updated)

Shoe Brands for Women
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Women’s shoe brands abound in their millions, but understanding which shoe brands are best is a whole other matter. Even the most frugal shoppers among us enjoy treating ourselves to a little sartorial treat every once in a while, whether it’s a complete overhaul of our shoe closet or simply a couple of new pairs of fashionable shoes to wear this spring/summer. Where, though, would be ideal? To get the best comfortable, popular, and orthopedic shoe brands for women, here is an article for you.

Shoe Brands for Women

Choosing the appropriate shoes is essential for any style. When you discover a brand that fits your personality and way of life, it’s like meeting your soul mate. You must remember that the pair you are buying is both strong and fashionable even when you are all focused on growing your shoe collections. Beautiful shoes come in a wide variety of designs, including flats, heels, sneakers, espadrilles, boots, wedges, and many more exquisite options.

The women’s shoe firms listed here will accommodate you regardless of your preferred style and price range, whether you love mules, kitten heels, sandals, or luxury trainers. Browse our list of the best women’s shoe brands below to find anything from well-known companies (Russell & Bromley, we’re looking at you) to up-and-coming ones. To save time, let’s get right down to the list.

Best Shoe Brands for Women

Are you trying to find the best shoe brands for women? By learning about new businesses and potential creators, you can keep gathering creative designs. Remember these brands when looking for your next pair of this stylish shoe for women.

#1. Liberty

When it comes to shoe brands for women, Liberty definitely stands out. It provides a wide range of welcoming, unpretentious options. It offers the best footwear that is fashionable, long-lasting, and in accordance with current trends.

#2. Crocs

The company, famed for its incredibly soft shoes and pajamas, is of the opinion that keeping things simple and always wearing comfortably is essential. It is one of the newest shoe brands in India. The business has faced criticism for the types of shoes it offers, but as consumer demand and acceptance increased, it was able to ignore the remarks and is now one of India’s top shoe manufacturers. Shoes made by Crocs are breathable, have a roomy forefoot, and have strong arch support.

#3. Bata

In India, Bata has been among the well-liked and very popular shoe brands for women since 1894. Bata distinguishes itself from the competition by providing a wide selection of shoes for all age groups, including casual, formal, and sports footwear. Bata has everything you need, including dressy heels and pajamas for the office, for an affordable price.

#4. Jimmy Choo

When consumers want high-end footwear with a classic style that oozes understated elegance, Jimmy Choo is the go-to brand. While retaining the high standards of style they established for themselves, this company consistently outperforms the competition in terms of shoe comfort and durability. Some of the most well-known women in the world have been spotted wearing Jimmy Choo shoes.

#5. Reebok

Another international producer of athletic footwear is called Reebok, and it is headquartered in India. Due to its unique styles and patterns, it takes up a large percentage of the market. The business is well known for its distinctive designs. The largest collection of athletic shoes in the world is available there, as promised.

#6. Sergio Rossi

With a long history of creating high-quality footwear, this is one of the most well-known Italian luxury footwear businesses. In the realm of conventional high-end footwear, Sergio Rossi is a well-known name. Hollywood A-listers including Scarlett Johansson, Olivia Culpo, Hailey Bieber, Taylor Swift, and others commonly wear Sergio Rossi heels.

#7. Nike

India and other countries around the world are familiar with the Nike brand of athletic footwear. This company sells premium athletic footwear. Nike shoes are renowned for their straightforward styles and cozy fits. This corporation produces and sells more sports footwear than any other company in the world.

#8. Givenchy

High-end French clothes and fragrance brand Givenchy. There may be Haute Couture clothing, accessories, and fragrances available. Givenchy expanded its product line in the 1970s to include items like ties, shoes, and jewelry. Givenchy shoes are timeless classics that every woman should wear.

#9. Converse

How could one of the most recognizable sneaker manufacturers be left off of a list of shoe manufacturers? Converse high tops are essential for every look since they are stylish, cozy, elegant, and well-known in popular culture.

#10. Aerosoles

Since 1987, Aerosoles has produced stylish and cozy women’s shoes. All-day shoe wear is made possible by memory foam insoles, removable footbeds, and longer calf zippers.

#11. Dear Frances

Fashion editors, celebrities like Sienna Miller and Anna Kendrick, influencers Bettina Looney, Hannah Crosskey, and Lindsey Holland, as well as the well-known UK Company, have all thrown their support. They are traditional with a touch of contemporary. When you wear them all day, the superior materials they are made of are extremely apparent.

What is The Most Liked Shoe Brand?

Nike is one of the most well-known sportswear companies worldwide, and its shoes can be seen on the feet of athletes competing in a wide variety of sports. Its shoes are well-made, fashionable, and comfy.

Who is The No 1 Brand in Shoes?

Nike is currently the leading manufacturer of shoes and the second largest manufacturer of clothing worldwide (the first being the luxury fashion empire, Christian Dior)

Comfortable Shoe Brands for Women

When it comes to footwear, comfort is key! But you shouldn’t be forced to give it up for the sake of fashion. This post is conscious of the requirement for both comfort and style among the various women with foot difficulties I assist in my role as a style coach. Thankfully, a lot of shoe brands for women are choosing to offer more fashionable comfort options, as can be seen on the blog today. Now let us quickly go through the list of comfortable shoe brands for women

#1. Keen

In Portland, Keen uses ecologically friendly production techniques to create its boots and shoes. Keen is happy to support local environmental projects. To create ethical business practices in the footwear sector, Keen worked with the Outdoor Industry Association, the Leather Working Group, and the Sustainable Apparel Coalition. The company specializes in making warm shoes so that customers may take advantage of the outdoors. The brand has gained attention for the dual-dense footbeds in many of their boots, which support the heel and ankle, and the all-terrain rubber outsoles, which offer outstanding traction. This is thus one of the most comfortable shoe brands for women

#2. Birkenstock

Some of the most supporting footwear is offered in Birkenstock’s flip flops, sandals, clogs, shoes, and boots. Birkenstock was founded in 1774. Birkenstock takes considerable satisfaction in the fact that molded footbeds were first introduced in the 1930s. These popular and comfortable shoe brands for women have ergonomic designs, ample toe room and grip, deep heel cups for cushioning, bottoms that absorb shock, and soft suede footbed linings that prevent moisture from building up on your feet. They are also a part of Birkenstock’s best-selling sandals.

#4. OluKai

The three pillars of OluKai’s footwear philosophy are sustainability, style, and comfort. The beautiful leathers used in OluKai’s outsoles are sourced from eco-friendly tanneries, and the company uses Hawaiian workmanship and recycled rubber in its products. The naked feet served as inspiration for the shoe’s design. Its anatomical footbeds offer medial and lateral arch support as well as a deep heel cup that cradles your foot in situ, all of which are based on the company’s Wet Sand Principle. OluKai’s sandals are ideal for a day at the beach if you’re searching for a comfy pair of flip flops that can handle sand, water, and salt.

#5. Boots

A pair of well-insulated, waterproof boot brands of shoe for women will keep your feet warm, comfortable, and protected from rain, snow, and whatever else Mother Nature throws our way as we prepare for the winter. For increased arch support, Dr. Koshimune suggests wearing boots with wide toe boxes and detachable insoles. Additionally, boots must have adequate ankle support, such as a lace-up design or zip closure. The ankles can no longer roll, which is obviously harmful.

#6. Merrell

For more than three decades, Merrell has produced cozy hiking boots, trail runners, and everyday shoes. The four pillars of Merrell’s design philosophy are comfort, toughness, design, and versatility. They all have anatomical footbeds with built-in heel counters and arch supports as a result thereby having a position among the comfortable shoe brands for women. They also include stabilizing air cushions in the heels and grippy outsoles for traction on slick surfaces and uneven terrain.

#7. Vionic

The definition of a comfortable shoe for women is evolving thanks to Vionic brands of shoes. They were created by podiatrists, have the APMA stamp of approval, and are very well-liked. Vio-Activity Support is a distinctive feature that conforms to the contour of your foot to follow your action and offer stability. Any new pair should include cushioned ball of foot support, changeable insoles, deep heel cups, supportive heel seats, and molded orthotic footbeds.

#8. Naturalizer

Naturalizer has been making footwear that fits women’s feet perfectly since 1927. Also, Naturalizer is a pioneer in terms of cozy fashion footwear. Thanks to its distinctive N5 contour technology, it offers padded comfort for fashionable, contemporary shoes. They uses premium materials such as smooth interiors, flexible outsoles, and breathable uppers to make their footwear. However making it one of the most comfortable shoe brands for women.


“Anima Sama In Corpore Sano,” which translates to “You should pray for a healthy mind in a healthy body,” is the name given to it in Japan. According to some, wearing the appropriate shoes would boost your chances of succeeding in both life and sport. This makes this brand among the most popular and comfortable shoe brands for women. Modern ASICS footwear is a great example of this brand tenet because it has elements like gel cushioning, an external heel counter to reduce ankle movement, and other stability features for even weight distribution and uncomplicated landings.

Always make a decision after selecting the appropriate footwear. Even among this lengthy list of shoe firms, one can pick from a variety of top shoe brands depending on the announcement they need to make. Since it’s likely that you aren’t aware with all of the popular shoe brands for women, we’ve put together a list for you to consider.

#1. Dr. Martens

Stilettos may not be something that some people envision having in their closet. If you favor wearing combat boots, turn to Dr. Martens. These sneakers combine a vintage aesthetic with a contemporary vibe. The respectable workwear company Dr. Martens, which was established in the 1940s, rose to prominence during the 1960s punk movement. The respectable workwear company Dr. Martens, which was established in the 1940s, rose to prominence during the 1960s punk movement.

Their sneakers have a straightforward silhouette that lets you change how they look. Dr. Martens are renowned for their classic designs that seamlessly blend comfort and elegance. In the 1970s, Dr. Martens shoes went from being an essential part of business dress to the pinnacle of the self-expression wardrobe. Look no further than Dr. Martens if you want to spend money on reasonably priced boots that will last a lifetime.

Until more straightforward and feminine variations appeared in the 1980s, the name came to be associated with the punk-rock movement of the 1970s. In the 1990s, Dr. Martens became active in the festival scene and eventually made it into the music industry.

#2. Haute Curry

Women’s sandals with a chic design and gorgeous appearance are sold by The Shopper Stop, which has locations in important Indian cities, under the Haute Curry brand. Shopper Stop locations carry the brands that Shruti Hasan manages.

#3. Metro

Metro Shoes is another renowned footwear retailer in India that concentrates on Tier II cities. It offers a large selection of elegant women’s shoes in addition to designer sandals and slippers for women.

#4. Inc.5

The most well-known brand of women’s shoes in India is Inc.5, which is available online and in all of the main department stores, including Shopper Stop and Lifestyle. The most well-known brand of women’s footwear also offers a stylish selection of fashionable flats, designer sandals, hiking boots, flip-flops, and modern handbags.

#5. Jimmy Choo

We will always include Jimmy Choo on our list of the top shoe retailers for ladies since they provide footwear fit for Cinderella. Jimmy Choo’s high-end, handcrafted shoes gained notoriety for their superior quality and classic style. Jimmy Choo’s high-end, handcrafted shoes gained notoriety for their superior quality and classic style.

After Princess Diana wore the brand in the late 1990s, it first experienced a surge in popularity. The Duchess of Cambridge and other members of the British and American aristocracy favor the Jimmy Choo brand. Customers frequently select Jimmy Choo as their top-tier shoe brand of choice when looking for a classic look that personifies subtle elegance. Some of the most well-known women in the world have been spotted wearing Jimmy Choo shoes.

Jimmy Choo is the brand to choose if you want to make a long-term investment in upmarket footwear. Women who want to spend a lot of money on bridal shoes with a princess theme frequently choose this brand.

#6. Salvatore Ferragamo

Salvatore Ferragamo is the only place to get genuine Italian footwear. Among the most popular brands of Italian shoe for women. This Italian fashion house Salvatore Ferragamo was established in Florence. It is well known for both men’s and women’s footwear, accessories, and clothing. Italian fashion house Salvatore Ferragamo was established in Florence. It is well known for both men’s and women’s footwear, accessories, and clothing.

This legendary shoe manufacturer invented everything we use today, including the first wedge heels and Judy Garland’s rainbow shoes. Ferragamo shoes are a requirement for your closet if you desire timeless footwear that never goes out of style. The “Vara” pump, which is adorned with the company’s distinctive Vara bow, is the most traditional kind of footwear made by Ferragamo. They epitomize European style and lend a casual air to every ensemble.

If you choose a more subtle appearance, Ferragamo is the ideal substitute for designer labels like Christian Louboutin. Hollywood icons like Audrey Hepburn are well recognized for donning these feminine clothes. Although more affordable, this high-end Italian company is just as well-known as Gucci or Prada.

#7. Timberland

The only brand of outdoor footwear offered is Timberland. This American shoe company can be used as a substitute for Dr. Martens of Britain because of its reputation for producing high-quality boots. The original footwear is a pair of waterproof boots with a distinctive design called “Timberland”. On chilly city days or for a stroll, these sneakers will be worn.

Timberland boots, which were once made for outdoor activities and blue-collar workers, are now among the most widely used types of casual footwear. Timberland boots, which were first made for outdoor activities and blue-collar workers, are now among the most well-liked types of casual footwear. They offers a range of other shoes in addition to boots and winter boots. Additionally, they provide boat shoes and other more laid-back designs. We appreciate Timberland because it makes use of eco-friendly patterns and materials. The company debuted its “Earthkeepers” line of shoes made of natural and recycled materials in 2007. The company recycled 128 million plastic water bottles between 2009 and 2023 to make its shoes. There were 345 million of them by 2018.

2023 Top 8 Sneakers:

  • Nike Dunk Low Vintage.
  • Jordan 1 Retro High 85
  • Balenciaga Defender. 
  • Yeezy 700V3.
  • Jordan 6 “UNC” 
  • Notre x Vans OG Style 36 LX
  • Supreme x Nike SB Dunk High.

Orthopedic Shoe Brands for Women

Orthopedic shoes provide firm yet comfortable support by distributing body weight evenly and preventing one part of the foot from bearing more weight than necessary, which can cause discomfort, injury, and other foot diseases. Their footwear is designed to reduce strain and pain from the foot’s structure up through the ankle, leg, hips, and back. They additionally offer stability and additional support. In the past, the fashion industry had a bad image of orthopedic shoe brands. But as the top orthopedic shoe brands for women’ selections of orthopedic sandals and shoes have expanded recently, fashionable orthopedic footwear has taken over.

#1. Vionic Zinah Slip-On Sneaker

The women’s leather slip-on Vionic Zinah Slip-On sneaker is made by one of the best orthopedic shoe brands and is highly versatile for women. Put on some pants and a blazer to dress it up, or opt for a more laid-back look by pairing some T-shirts with some jeans or a skirt. These practical sneakers include a cushioned, changeable footbed that supports the foot anatomically. I can get the support, comfort, and fit I need in this shoe. The walking shoe is beautiful and well-made, according to one Amazon reviewer.

#2. Hoka One One Bondi 7 Running Shoes

Thanks to the Hoka One One Bondi 7’s extremely light weight structure and maximum cushioning, every stride feels buoyant and bouncy. A removable ergonomic insole can be replaced with custom orthotics. The collar’s soft memory foam construction reduces friction on the ankle’s rear. One reviewer with ankle issues wrote, “I feel like I’m walking on a cloud in these shoes.”

#3. Vionic Minna

Even though comfortable women’s flat shoes don’t have heels, podiatrists agree that they nevertheless need to provide enough underfoot support. The APMA (American Podiatric Medical Association) Seal of Acceptance and the durable rubber outsole of this 100% leather shoe give it stylish appeal and orthopaedic comfort for women. It is one of the best Orthopedic shoe brands for women.

#4. Orthofeet Orthopedic Walking Shoes

Orthofeet’s orthopedic walking shoe brands for women are a great option for any woman with plantar fasciitis, diabetes, foot or knee issues because they come in four different widths and should fit most foot types. The insoles offer enough cushioning and anatomic arch support to ease the discomfort caused by overpronation, flat feet, and arthritis. Constant absolute comfort is ensured by the lining and soft uppers. The wide toe box helps accommodate bunions and hammertoes.

#5. Dansko Tricia Sandals

Service sector professionals choose Dansko shoes, which are commonly recommended by podiatrists as a great alternative for comfortable, useful footwear. Need a little prod? The Dansko Tricia wedge sandals are the most cozy options for anyone who prefers a slight height raise. They have a thick rubber outsole, a totally molded midsole, and a cushioned footbed. They are designed to be cozy all day.

#6. Spenco SIesta Slide

A shoe with an open back is the finest to keep by the door and put on at a moment’s notice. Stability is preserved for simplicity in the Spenco Siesta slide. The deep heel cupping provides structure, and the molded footbed offers arch support akin to an orthotic. It is much more difficult to obtain comfy slippers than comfortable shoes. One reviewer who has been wearing orthotics since having foot surgery says they are “supremely comfortable” and have completely changed the way her feet feel. I decided to get them since I believed they may make the perfect slippers for the house given the arch support and metatarsal dome. I don’t know what to say about how comfortable these are.

#7. Dansko Distressed Professional Clog

Dansko’s anatomical footbeds provide stability and comfort to nurses and other service industry professionals, but wooden-style clogs aren’t the best option for all-day usage. Their work clog is made for comfort and support, with an expansive toe box, and a leather inside that resists bacteria. A variety of colors and sizes are also available. It is one of the best Orthopedic shoe brands for women.

Wide Shoe Brands for Women

Nothing can ruin your day more than an uncomfortable shoe, and finding wide-fit, snug shoes that are still fashionable hasn’t always been easy for women with wide feet. To their credit, shoe manufacturers have steadily added wide-fit models to their catalogs after realizing that not everyone wears a sample shoe size 5. Thanks to this, finding the elusive balance between style and comfort is now possible. Now let us see the best wide shoe brands for women.

#1. Sole Bliss

Even the Duchess of Cornwall enjoys Sole Bliss, a product designed especially for people with wide feet and bunions. Three levels of underfoot padding and a hidden “bunion bed” stretch panel cushion are features of their comfortable footwear design.

#2. Carvela

The Carvela wide fit shoe collection is well-rounded despite its small size. They also carry a modest number of heeled sandals and court shoes, and these ombre-effect pumps have a wider fit for added comfort.

#3. Clarks

Clarks is the go-to brand for equipping the entire family thanks to their extensive assortment of shoes, boots, sandals, sneakers, and flip-flops. 3 through 9 shoe sizes. They offer both “regular” and wide-fit versions of several of their most popular lines (D) (E).

#4. River Island

At River Island, there are over 100 pairs of women’s wide-fit shoes available. The high-street favorite’s new wide-fit heeled sandals and winter boots are ideal for wearing as comfy wedding guests’ shoes.

#5. M&S

Marks & Spencer has increased the number of designs offered in its wide-fit shoe collection to include more stylish options due to their reputation for catering to women with wider feet. Many of M&S’ wide-fit shoes have the Smart Insola Flex® technology, which allows you to properly lace the shoe and maintain your feet’s comfort throughout the day.

#6. Calla

Calla defies accepted wisdom about shoe shopping by letting you choose your shoes based on width rather than style. Jennifer Bailey developed the concept after she encountered difficulty locating footwear that was both stylish and cozy because of a bunion. Contrary to traditional wide-fitting shoes, which are wide in the toe box but standard in the heel, Calla shoes offer the wearer wider breadth across bunions while fitting in length. Extra-wide, broad, and wide toe boxes are offered in various fits.

#7. FitFlop

Two incredibly cozy wide-fit sandal styles from FitFlop, the Walkstar and the Surfa, are well-known for their comfort. The basic construction of flip flops is comprised of broad, foot-hugging webbing.


Women who were having problems obtaining shoes that fit properly and suited their sense of style started SANTE + WADE. Their opulent, Portuguese-made shoes, which are available in regular and wide fits, are intended to contradict conventional knowledge.

#9. Sargasso & Grey

The luxury shoe boutique Sargasso & Grey only accepts female customers with wide feet, and its motto is “give broad feet their Cinderella moment!” All of their shoes have bigger toe boxes than usual to allow feet a little extra breathing room. The store features a bridal area in addition to sneakers, heels, sandals, and tennis shoes.

#10. Simply Be

If you’re searching for cost-effective options, go over to Simply Be, where wide-fit shoes start at just $39, for more information. Simply Be sells more than 350 extra wide fit shoes, thus the brand doesn’t just serve customers with large feet.

Which Footwear Brand is Best?

  • Nike. 
  • Adidas
  • Converse.
  • Reebok
  • New Balance.
  • Vans.
  • Puma.
  • Jordan Brand.

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