Top 20 Most Expensive Steak in the World 2023


The world’s most expensive steak cut is significantly more expensive than others. This is sometimes because they are derived from rarer animals, as demonstrated by Kobe beef, which is derived from a specific strain of a specific Japanese cattle breed.

It is important to note, however, that different parts of the same animal can have different properties that make them more appealing to some people than others, resulting in a difference in value to interested individuals.

Moreover, the United States of America comfortably holds the second-highest position in beef and buffalo consumption after Argentina. Hence, beef consumption is driven by a variety of factors, including the high demand for end products such as burgers, steak, and bacon.

According to a report from the United States Department of Agriculture, its consumption is directly proportional to its production, with a 30 million tonne increase from 1961 to 2018. (USDA). Steaks are practically America’s favourite food, as they are used to serve a variety of meals.

As a result, this article will focus on the world’s most expensive and cheapest steaks. Most of them are also hard to come by in restaurants and grills.


What is a Steak?

A steak is a piece of meat that has been sliced across the muscle fibres and may contain a bone. It is typically grilled, but it can also be pan-fried. Steak can also be cooked in sauce, as in steak and kidney pie, or minced and formed into patties, as in hamburger patties.

Steaks are frequently cut from animals other than cattle, such as bison, camel, goat, horse, kangaroo, sheep, ostrich, pigs, reindeer, turkey, deer, and zebu, as well as various types of fish, particularly salmon and large fish such as swordfish, shark, and marlin. Furthermore, these cuts are commonly referred to as chops for some meats, such as pork, lamb and mutton, chevon, and veal. Some cured meats, such as gammon, are frequently served as steak.

Other vegetarian dishes, may be referred to as mushroom steaks. An imitation steak is a food product made of various pieces of meat shaped into a steak shape. Watermelon and other grilled fruits have been used as vegetarian steak substitutes.

The skirt steak cut from the plate, the flank steak cut from the abdominal muscles, and the silver finger steak cut from the loin and including three rib bones are exceptions in which the meat is sliced parallel to the fibres. Fish steaks, ground meat steaks, pork steaks, and many other types of steak are well-known.

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What Meat Cannot be Served Rare?

It is widely understood that pork and chicken must be fully cooked (unless subjected to a powerful curing process), although specific portions of beef and lamb can be eaten rare.

What is the Most Expensive Cut of Steak and Why?

Among the best there is. The Japanese Kobe steak is often regarded as the world’s priciest cut of beef, and for good reason: its marbling is unparalleled anywhere in the world. You can see why Kobe beef is so pricey when you consider the rigorous grading processes involved and the fact that just 3,000 cattle a year qualify as genuine Kobe meat.

Top 20 Most Expensive Steak Cut in the World

Check out the top 20 most expensive steaks in the world and discover why chefs charge such exorbitant prices for them. Please keep in mind that the prices of the steaks are subject to change.

#1. Kobe Beef Steak: $423

Because of the numerous awards, it has received, award-winning Kobe beef steak is quite expensive.

You can bet that you’re getting 7 ounces of the best of the best steak for the price listed above.

#2. A5 Kobe Streak Steak: $350

Due to high demand and the tender nature of this steak as a result of the beast’s weak muscles, Kobe’s streak commands a hefty price tag.

This is one of the world’s most expensive steaks.

#3. Charbroiled Kobe Filet: $310

Charbroiled Kobe filet offers locally butchered Tajima and Kobe beef with mustard and pepper seasoning over charcoal at culinary minimalism.

This culinary delight is from the Tokyo neighbourhood of Arakawa.

#4. 4 Ounces of Kobe Beef: $300

This steak is a little less expensive than a charbroiled Kobe filet and has successfully cornered the Vegan Kobe market.

This is yet another of the world’s most expensive steaks.

#5. A5 Kobe Filet: $295

The beast (Tajima Cattle) used to make these most expensive steaks is intentionally raised in a natural and clean environment with quality food and clean water.

Tajima cattle are considered the pinnacle of Japanese wagyu.

#6. A5 Kobe Rib-Eye: $280

This mentioned steak may boast of a high price tag due to a scarcity of availability in restaurants.

#7. Saltbae Tomahawk: $275 

The salt bae, the most expensive steak cut available at Nusr-Et Steakhouse in Miami was appropriately named after the “salt bae.”

#8. Wagyu Beef Sirloin: $243

Zuma in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, houses a restaurant that has gained international acclaim by accurately imitating Japanese pubs.

#9. 42-Ounce Wagyu Tomahawk: $220

When you’re craving a culinary splurge on the tomahawk, RPM steak in Chicago should be your first stop. You know, increase your cravings!

#10. 10-Ounce A5 Kobe Tenderloin: $200

It’s uncommon to find these most expensive steaks in a restaurant serving A5 Kobe beef in the United States. The scarcity would undoubtedly raise the price.

When it comes to A5 Kobe beef, Empire Steak House in New York will give you the best bang for your buck.

#11. Japanese Wagyu Beef: $150 to $200

This incredible cut of steak is known for its perfect marbling because it is sourced from Japanese-raised cattle that are specifically bred and raised to produce prize-winning beef.

In Japan, Wagyu cattle are fed a special diet of grass, straw, and other natural grains. Japanese cattle farmers also make certain that their cattle have the proper amount of fat and muscle to enhance marbling and flavour. Wagyu is so prized and revered that it has its grading system, with A5 being the highest grade available.

A few years ago, Costco offered a discount to its members, lowering the price of an A5 Japanese Wagyu Ribeye from $1499 to $1199 for 11 pounds of the steak.

#12. American Wagyu Beef: $100 to $150

American Wagyu beef is similar to Japanese Wagyu beef, but it is produced by American cattle using Japanese cattle-raising and feeding practices. So it’s safe to say that the steaks will have many of the same characteristics and flavours, but American Wagyu is graded using the USDA Prime system rather than the Japanese grading system.

On average, an American Wagyu steak will cost slightly less than a Japanese Wagyu steak, but you may be able to save a little money.

#13. Filet Mignon: $30 to $100

Filet mignon is made from the tenderloin, which is arguably the most tender cut available. Because the average animal only holds about 500 grams, or slightly more than a pound, of the filet portion, filet mignon can be even more expensive per pound than tenderloin.

Although filet mignon is an expensive cut of beef, most steak experts can’t get enough of its ridiculously amazing texture. And, with so many different sauces and seasonings to choose from.

#14. Japanese Kobe Beef: $250 

That is not to say that non-A5 Kobe beef is cheap. Because you should expect to pay a lot of money for this prime cut, Japanese Kobe beef without an A5 grading made our list as the second most expensive steak cut in the world.

C1 is the lowest grade of Kobe beef. Even at that grade, you’re looking for $250 per pound. That’s because Kobe beef, regardless of grade, is considered the best money can buy. As the grade increases, expect to pay more, with most A-grade Kobe beef costing $300 or more per pound.

#15. Beef Tenderloin: $20-$30

Filet mignon is found in the beef tenderloin. However, because filet mignon is only a portion of a full tenderloin, it is a more expensive steak per pound than beef tenderloin. However, this does not imply that the beef tenderloin is a cheap cut of meat. Expect to pay around $30 per pound for this delectable cut, which fans say is well worth the price due to its robust flavour and super-tender texture.

If you’re looking for a less expensive beef tenderloin, ask the butcher for an untrimmed one. Of course, you’ll have to trim the fat and slice it yourself, but doing some of the work could save you $5 per pound.

#16. Porterhouse:$20 to $25

Porterhouse steak is typically more expensive steak than New York strip steak, but it is also a staple of some of the best steakhouses in the country. Similarly, this steak is so expensive because it is two steaks in one. On one side of the bone, you’ll find a New York strip, and on the other, a tenderloin filet. So it stands to reason that you’ll pay slightly more for this cut than for a New York strip, simply because you’re getting a strip steak with your porterhouse order.

#17. New York Strip: $15 to $20

New York strip steak is one of the most expensive steaks available in most steakhouses, butcher shops, and supermarkets. Although it is more affordable than some others, it can still be prohibitively expensive, especially when compared to lower-end cuts available for purchase.

This cut is not as tender as a filet or a ribeye. Furthermore, the flavour of the New York strip is its crowning achievement. However, You probably have an idea of what this cut tastes like when you think of a beefy steak. It has a delicious, beefy flavour and cooks perfectly in a pan or on the grill.

#18. Ribeye: $15 to $20

Who can deny that ribeye is one of the most delectable cuts of expensive steak to grace the menus of fine dining establishments? However, ribeye is popular due to its bold flavours and perfect marbling. It’s also adaptable, working well with a variety of steak meals and complementing your favourite steak side dishes. Meanwhile, it’s popularity is most likely due to its high price tag, but it also has many qualities that other steaks simply cannot match.

Expect to pay more for bone-in ribeye than for boneless ribeye. That’s partly because you’ll be charged for the weight of the bone as well as the meat. However, when it comes to ribeye, having the rib bone attached is part of the cut’s allure.

#19. T-Bone: $10 to $20

A t-bone steak is similar to a porterhouse steak, but it is smaller. While porterhouse steaks must have a filet that is at least 1 14-inch thick, t-bone steaks only need a filet that is 14 of an inch thick. That’s a significant difference for a piece of meat, and it’s the main reason why a t-bone steak can cost up to $15 less per pound than a porterhouse. T-bones, however, are not cheap, with prices as high as $20 per pound.

#20. A5 Japanese Kobe Beef: $400

Japanese Kobe steak is a high-priced cut of meat. Firstly, it’s widely regarded as the most expensive steak cut in the world, though prices vary depending on location, restaurant, and so on. Secondly, Japanese Kobe is frequently praised for having the best marbling of any steak available for purchase.

Japanese Kobe beef is subjected to a stringent grading process, with only 3,000 cattle cut each year to be labelled as authentic Kobe beef. As a result, if you see this cut in a restaurant, you can bet that a single serving of the most expensive meat per pound will set you back a pretty penny.

But not all Kobe beef is created equal. To identify the highest-quality Kobe steaks, Japanese butchers use a grading system similar to the USDA’s beef grading system. And the A5 grade is the top of the line.

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Are Wagyu and Kobe Beef the Same?

Bungo, Matsusaka, and Ohmi are all varieties of Wagyu but are not Kobe because Kobe is not a subtype of Wagyu. Therefore, learning what sets Kobe apart from other Wagyu cuts is crucial.

Why is Wagyu Steak so Expensive?

Japanese Wagyu beef is notable for its taste characteristics. The distinctive flavor, texture, and tenderness result from renowned Wagyu genetics, diet, and environment.

Why do People Eat Raw Steak?

The cooking process destroys many of the beneficial enzymes in meat. The health benefits and abundance of nutrients found in raw meats like beef are why so many people enjoy eating them raw.

What is the Most Expensive Steak Cut?

The most expensive steak cut in the world are:

  • The New York Strip – $20-30 per pound 
  • Filet Mignon – $ $30 per pound 
  • American Wagyu Beef – $150 to $300 per pound 
  • Japanese Wagyu Beef – $300 per pound
  • Japanese Kobe Beef – $300 per pound 

Most Expensive Steak in Japan

The most expensive steak in Japan are as follows:

  • A5 Japanese Kobe Beef
  • Japanese Kobe Beef
  • Japanese Wagyu Beef

Most Expensive Steak in London

Japanese wagyu is the most costly steak to be sold in the UK.

Which Steak has the Most Rarity?

The most popular level of doneness for steak is medium-rare. Steaks served at this temperature have the highest juiciness and texture and are slightly warm. Seared on the outside, medium-rare steaks have a dark pink-red core.

The Cheapest Steaks

Having discussed the most expensive steaks in some countries, it is only normal also to reveal the cheapest of all steaks and then leave the choice to your discretion. We’ve put together this list of eight affordable steak cuts, to help you in your financially sensible hunt for beef. So keep reading to learn more about the cheapest steaks you’ve probably never heard of.

#1. Beef Shank

The beef shank is among the cheapest steaks. Also known as soup bones or beef shins, is a piece of beef that is frequently confined to stewing beef or chopped up for dog food. The shank is derived from the portion of the steer’s leg above the knee. This piece of the leg is chopped into 1-inch slices, with a bone section in the centre. While it is true that you must cook shanks for a long time to overcome their natural toughness, a superb braise can transform this underutilised cut into a highly flavorful dish with the extra advantage of a patty of delectable beef marrow in the centre.

#2. Flat Iron

Because of the broad vein of thick, chewy connective tissue that used to run across the cut, the flat iron has traditionally been one of the cheapest steaks. The flat iron is derived from the steer’s shoulder and is also known as the shoulder top blade.

Despite its reformation, the flat iron has remained relatively reasonably priced and is a remarkably inexpensive cut with the softness and marbling that makes the New York Strip so desirable.

#3. Tri-tap steak

The tri-tip sirloin’s got its name from the triangular form. It originates from the top of the round and the very bottom of the sirloin, and is occasionally referred to as breakfast steak. The meat from this part of the steer tends to be lean and can be a somewhat rough  because the round is used frequently as the animal moves around, but it has a lovely depth of flavour

#4.Chuck steak

Next on the list of the cheapest steaks is the chuck steak. It is also known as the “seven bone steak” because it contains a giant bone fashioned like a “7.” Because of the large bone and the fact that it’s relatively unknown compared to the famed ribeye, you can get a chuck steak for a very low price, and it has a deliciously rich meaty flavour when properly cooked.

#5. Petite tender

The petite tender is the second generation of the most cheapest steaks. This cut, also known as the teres major, was invented as a cheaper alternative to the hanger steak by the successful Beef Innovations Group.
As word spread about the hanger steak and prices rose, the petite tender came in as a low-cost alternative to a previously low-cost option.

What is the Healthiest Meat to Eat?

Chicken Thigh.
Canned Fish.
Pork Chop.
Sirloin Steak.
Rotisserie Chicken & Turkey.

What Is the Best Quality Steak?

The best quality steak is T. Bone, Porterhouse (New York Steak), Ribeye (Scotch Fillet), Eye fillet…

Is Steak More Expensive Than Chicken?

Chicken consumption in the United States has more than doubled, but the price tag has not always risen above that of steak. This is due to the fact that chicken is far easier to process.

If you go to your supermarket’s butcher counter or meat section, you’ll notice that some cuts of beef cost less per pound than certain parts of a chicken.

How Can I Identify the Best Quality Steak?

Check out for the following to identify the best quality steak:

 Thickness, Marbling, and Choosing the actual part of the beef

What Is Steak?

A steak is a piece of meat that has been sliced across the muscle fibers and may contain a bone.


According to all indications, it is unnecessary to splurge on beef cuts if you are not in the mood.

The ‘outrageous’ price tags, on the other hand, cover the flavour, tenderness, and excellent culinary delight that these steaks would provide.

You’ll need to bring a lot of cash if you want the best steaks. Also, keep in mind that whether it is the cheapest or most expensive, it does not always imply high or low quality steaks. A lot of other factors must be considered as well.

There you have it! The world’s cheapest and most expensive steaks.

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