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The Atlanta Braves are indeed an American professional baseball group of players in a team. They began in 1871 as the Boston Red Stockings but moved to Atlanta in 1966. Liberty Media owns the team right now, and it plays in Major League Baseball. This article talks about the history of the old and new Atlanta Braves logo.

What Is the Symbol for the Braves?

The Atlanta Braves’ uniforms bear a stylized red tomahawk, a Native American cultural icon. The Atlanta Braves tomahawk chop and name debate concern the Atlanta Braves, an American Major League Baseball (MLB) team.

Where Did the Braves Logo Come From?

When William Russell bought the team’s franchise before 1911, it became the Rustlers. The following season, Tammany Hall alderman James Gaffney tried to purchase the team. Tammany Hall’s symbol was an Indian headdress, and its members were known as the Braves.

In the winter of 2013, the team came under fire for putting a Native American head on their spring training caps. The team waited two months for the dust to settle before getting rid of the controversial Native American mascot and making a new cap.

The Atlanta Braves used to be called the Boston Beaneaters. Before the turn of the century, most teams had simple logos like the word “Boston” written in a curvy red font.

Major League Baseball is where the Atlanta Braves play (MLB). The Atlanta Braves are part of the East Division and play in the National League (NL).

Most of the current members of the club played for the now-defunct Cincinnati Red Stockings when the club was first formed in 1871. The first person to live in the house was Arthur Soden. He was the only leader from 1905 to 1909. From 1890 to 1910, they did a good job running the franchise. Later, she moved from owner to owner and never stayed in one place for long.

In 1911 and 1912, the team was led by William Hepburn Russell. From 1912 to 1915, James Gaffney was in charge. From 1915 to 1918, Percy Haughton was in charge, and from 1919 to 1922, George Grant was in charge. After Lou Perini became president of the club in 1962, other well-known businessmen like Emil Fuchs and Bob Quinn soon followed. Perini sold the company while William Bartholomay of Chicago was in charge.

Ivan Allen Jr., who is the mayor of Atlanta, built a brand-new stadium to try to get Premier League officials to move there. The Milwaukee Brewers, who are now part of the Atlanta Braves, were interested right away. 1966 was the year she left.

In 1976, media mogul Ted Turner bought the rights to the franchise. At the time, he was the owner of WTBS. He used athletes in ads for his cable channel, which showed how resourceful he was. In December 2005, the businessman said that he was selling the team, and in February 2007 the Braves Liberty Media Group became the new owner. At the moment, she belongs to her.

Additional Details

Before becoming the Atlanta Braves, the team had a few different names. The Boston Beaneaters were just the first team. After them came the Doves and the Rustlers. The word “Braves” was added to the name for the first time in 1912 before the team moved to Milwaukee. When the franchise moved to Atlanta, it once again got a new name. Now, finally, this time has come.

Between 1966 and 1989, the group played around with an Indian prototype. After that, the logo went through some major changes. In the 1990s, a red tomahawk with a yellow thread started showing up as a response to this. This version still has something to offer.

The History Logo of the Braves From Atlanta

The Braves is the name of the Major League Baseball team from Atlanta. In Major League Baseball, the team is in the East Division of the National League.

The Atlanta Braves played at Atlanta-Fulton Stadium from 1966 to 1996, and at Turner Field from 1997 to 2016. Since 2017, they have lived in Trust Park in Cumberland, which is about 10 miles northwest of downtown Atlanta.

The word “Braves” came into use in 1912. It came from the word “brave,” which meant a Native American warrior. The Atlanta Braves, also known as the Bravos, have fans all over the United States because their games were shown nonstop on the national TBS network from the 1970s until 2007.

Only the Chicago Cubs and the Atlanta Braves are still in the National League. The Braves have been playing professionally since 1871. They used to be called the Boston Red Stockings. They say that they are the oldest sports team that has always been in business in the United States.

Additional Details

Before settling on the Boston Braves, the team had many different names. The name stuck for the first half of the century. The team moved to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in 1953, and now plays as the Milwaukee Braves. When the team moved to Atlanta in 1966, the name was changed to the Atlanta Braves.

From 1991 to 2005, the team had one of the best pitching staffs of all time and won 14 straight division titles, making it one of the most successful baseball teams in American history. Tom Glavine, John Smoltz, and Greg Maddux were the first three players in the lineup. Also, as a pitcher, Steve Avery was an important part of the rotation from 1991 to 1993.

As a result of reorganizing the divisions, the Atlanta Braves played in the National League’s West Division from 1991 to 1993 and in the National League’s East Division from 1995 to 2005. In 2010, the team made the playoffs as a National League wild card.

During the 1990s, the Braves went to the World Series of baseball more than once. In 1995, they beat the Cleveland Indians to win the whole thing. Over the course of the league’s history, they won 18 pennants and a record-setting 21 division titles.

What Are the Atlanta Braves Called Now?

Starting with the 2022 season, they plan to call themselves the Guardians. But the owners of the Atlanta Braves have refused to change the team’s name, which many Americans, especially Native Americans, think is disrespectful and demeaning.

Why Did the Braves Leave Atlanta?

In 2017, the Atlanta Braves moved from Turner Field to Cobb County so they could build a new baseball stadium as part of mixed-use development.

Atlanta Braves Logo History

The Atlanta Braves are without a doubt one of the most historically important baseball teams in the world. The following is the Atlanta Braves logo history below;

1966 — 1971

In 1966, the group moved to Atlanta and took the name it has now. The new logo was based on the old one, but the fonts were better and the colors were more vivid. The pink skin tone was changed to Bowen, and the yellow feather was changed to a white and black one. From top to bottom, the inscription said: “Atlanta” in all capital letters in a rounded, narrow sans-serif font and “Braves” in handwritten cursive.

1972 — 1984

In 1972, the famous Iroquois logo was changed to be more colorful and up-to-date. It now has a white and red picture on a blue square with rounded corners. Atlanta was taken from the nameplate, and “Braves” was changed and moved to fit under the photo and cover the blue square. The red text had a white border on the inside and a blue border on the outside.

1985 — 1986

In 1984, the color scheme of the emblem was changed, and the writing was made easier to read. The blue in the background got darker and stronger, and the font for “Braves” got more refined and classy. Even though this version of the logo was only used for one season, it was a big improvement over earlier versions.

1987 — 1989

In 1987, the blue that the Atlanta Braves are known for got even darker. This made even a simple photo look cool and modern. The writing was even better after the letters were made smaller. Still long, but the outline is whiter.

1990 — 2017

The “Braves” lettering is all that remains of the logo after they took out the Iroquois image in 1990. The team has taken the typeface from the 1985 logo and kept the same color scheme and graceful curves. The club has two logos: a fancy red “A” with a bright blue outline, a circular badge with white lettering, and two big red hammers crossing in the middle.


The hammerhead shark from the past is a defining feature. It is to the right of the word “Braves” and below the writing on the emblem. There are three parts. The grip is the most important part. It has a cross-section that looks like a triangle, a golden base, and an oval tip. The second type of weapon is a stone or metal blade with a sharp end that can cut.

Some of the things that make her carvings stand out are the very fine lines in them. The third part is the string that holds the other parts together. The way it twists makes a pattern. The letter “e” is one of the things that makes this font stand out.


The text on the logo is also important. A group of brave people at the top of the emblem make up one part of it.  The lines and curves are smooth. Except for the first capital letter, none of the letters stand alone.

The “s” doesn’t have a raised cap, which is a strange choice. In other words, it doesn’t have a set loop. The palette had the colors navy blue, deep red, and white. In addition to the team’s traditional colors of navy blue, crimson red, and white, the Atlanta Braves logo also has yellow.

When Discussing Boston (1871–1952)

The Cincinnati Red Stockings, the first openly professional baseball team, broke up after the 1870 season. After being invited by Ivers Whitney Adams, the founder of the Boston Red Stockings, player-manager Harry Wright, his brother George, and two other Cincinnati players moved to Boston, Massachusetts, and became the core of the Boston Red Stockings, a founding member of the National Association of Professional Base Ball Players (NAPBBP).

When it comes to professional sports in the US, the original Boston Red Stockings and their descendants hold the record for the longest-running franchise. After the Great Chicago Fire of 1871, the Chicago Cubs, the only other team with as long of a history, did not play for two years. During the NAPBBP era, two young players, pitcher Al Spalding (who later created Spalding sports goods) and second baseman Ross Barnes, were hired away from the Forest City team in Rockford, Illinois, and ended up being the biggest stars.

Four of the five National Association titles won by the Red Stockings were because of the Wright brothers, Barnes, and Spalding. The team, also called the “Red Caps,” was founded in 1876 as one of the first teams in the National League (as a new Cincinnati Red Stockings club was another charter member). On April 22, 1876, the Boston Red Caps beat the Philadelphia Athletics 6–5 in the first game of the National League.

Additional Details

Even though Boston had very few good players in the National League’s first season, they won the pennant in both 1877 and 1878. In the 19th century, the Red Caps/Beaneaters were one of the best teams in the league and won eight championships. For most of that time, Frank Selee was their manager. In 1883, the Red Sox changed their name to the Beaneaters, but their uniforms stayed red. The 1898 team won 102 games and lost 47. This was a new club record that would stand for almost a century. Hugh Duffy and Tommy McCarthy, known as the “Heavenly Twins,” and “Slidin'” Billy Hamilton, also known as “The Kid,” were two of the most famous players on Beaneater teams in the 1890s.

In 1901

In 1901, when Boston got a new American League team, they wiped out the old one. Several of the Beaneaters’ best players left to join the new team after getting contracts that the Beaneaters’ owners didn’t even try to match. From 1900 to 1913, they only had one season where they won and five where they lost at least 100 games. The Sporting News Baseball Guide from the 1940s says that the Beaneaters stopped wearing red stockings temporarily in 1907 because the team manager was worried that the color might make players’ wounds more likely to get sick.

The American League team’s owner, Charles Taylor, didn’t take long to decide on the name “Red Sox.” Even after the media changed the team’s name to the Doves in 1907 and the Rustlers in 1911, the team’s performance in the National League did not improve. Before the 1912 season, the team changed its name and logo to the Braves, which they used for the first time that season. The club’s president, John M. Ward, wanted to honor the business owner, James Gaffney, so he named the place after him. Their symbol was an Indian chief.

In Relation to Milwaukee (1953–1965)

The Braves’ crazy fans in Milwaukee helped bring in an NL record of 1.8 million people. The Braves went 92–62 in their first year in Milwaukee. After the success of the relocated team, the Philadelphia Athletics, the St. Louis Browns, the Brooklyn Dodgers, and the New York Giants all moved within the next five years.

As the 1950s went on, the Braves’ play got better after they had a new start. The best pitchers were Warren Spahn, Lew Burdette, and Bob Buhl, and the best hitters were Eddie Mathews and Hank Aaron (they hit a combined 1,226 home runs as Braves, 850 of which came when the franchise was in Milwaukee and 863 while they were teammates). The 1956 Braves were one game ahead of the second-place Brooklyn Dodgers.

In 1957, Aaron’s MVP season was a big reason why the Braves won their first title in nine years. He broke NL records for home runs and runs batted in. One of his 44 home runs that year will always stand out: a walk-off two-run bomb against the St. Louis Cardinals on September 23 that helped the Braves win 4-2 and win the league title. After beating the New York Yankees in seven games, led by Berra, Mantle, and Ford, the team celebrated its first World Series win in more than 40 years. Burdette, a former Yankee who was the Series’ most valuable player, beat his old team by pitching three shutouts and giving up only two earned runs.

In 1958

In 1958, the Braves won the National League title again, thanks in large part to how well Spahn and Burdette pitched. They also took a commanding 3–1 lead over the New York Yankees in the World Series. The Yankees won the last three games thanks to the pitching of World Series MVP Bob Turley.

In 1959, the Braves and the Los Angeles Dodgers both had a record of 86-68. Even though Chicago and Milwaukee are only about 75 miles (121 km) apart, many fans in both cities wanted a World Series between the White Sox and the Braves because of how close they are. In a best-of-3 final, however, the Dodgers beat the Braves and sent them home. The Dodgers would go on to beat the Chicago White Sox in the World Series.

In 1960

The Braves’ luck changed over the next six years after 1960. A year after the Braves lost to the Pirates’ Harvey Haddix’s nearly perfect game over 13 innings, Milwaukee’s Burdette and Spahn threw two no-hitters that season. The Brewers finished seven games behind the Pirates, who went on to win the World Series. The Braves finished fourth in the National League in 1961, even though Spahn won 300 games and threw another no-hitter.

Even though Aaron hit 45 home runs for Milwaukee that year, which was a career-high, the Braves only won five games. The next year, Aaron hit 44 home runs and drove in 130 runs, and 42-year-old Warren Spahn was again the best pitcher on the team, going 23-7. For the first time in the franchise’s short history in Milwaukee, the Braves finished in the “second division” because no other players helped the team do well at that level.

In 1962

At the beginning of the 1960s, the Braves were average, but they had a lot of wins because the New York Mets and the Houston Colt.45s had grown. The Milwaukee Braves are the only team in the major leagues to have never lost a game in more than one season.

In 1962, a group of people in Chicago led by William Bartholomay bought the Braves from Perini. Bartholomay started advertising the Braves on TV almost as soon as he got the job. Atlanta Stadium, which cost $18 million and had 52,000 seats, opened in 1965. Mayor Ivan Allen Jr. wanted to bring a major league baseball team or an NFL/AFL team to the city of Atlanta, which was growing quickly.

After Atlanta failed to convince the Kansas City A’s to move there (the A’s moved to Oakland in 1968), the Braves announced that they would move there for the 1965 season. But a court in Wisconsin said that the Braves have to stay in Milwaukee for one more season. The Atlanta Braves didn’t start playing there for real until 1966.

Eddie Mathews is the only Braves player who has played for the team in all three of the places where it has been based. Mathews was a mainstay on the Braves’ roster during their last year in Boston, their whole time in Milwaukee, and their first year in Atlanta.

When the Milwaukee Braves moved from Milwaukee to Atlanta in 1966, the Atlanta Braves took their place. The first logo for the Atlanta Braves looked a lot like the current one, but the team eventually came up with its own look. The following is the old Atlanta Braves logo history below;


When the Boston Beaneaters baseball team played for the first time in 1900, their logo was a Gothic “B” in red. The long, curved tail of the letter was a fun addition to an otherwise serious symbol.

1901 — 1906

In 1901, the word “Boston” became darker red and sans-serif. They had to add it to the arch. It seemed professional and honest at the same time, and it made people trust you by giving the impression of experience, energy, and dynamism.


In 1907, the team changed its name and logo. They became known as the Boston Doves. Despite returning to its original visual identity, this time around the “B” in the gothic font became bigger and harsher.


In 1908, the letter “B” got thicker lines in the shape of a wishbone and a small white square in the middle of the vertical bar. Those bright red and white colors are still there.


There was a change to the logo again in 1909, a year after the last change. The red “B” got a modern font with angles and slashes. After adding the letter, the design becomes more authoritative and professional.


Before the name was changed to the Rustlers, the team’s first logo from 1901, a red “Boston” in an arch, was brought back. So, the last logo for the Beaneaters became the last logo for the Doves.


The Boston Rustlers’ new logo is navy blue and white. They drew the letter “B” in 1911 in the Gothic style, with clean lines and sharp angles.

1912 — 1915

In 1912, the team got a new name and logo: the Boston Braves. This was to match the new direction the team was going in. The club just got a new logo of a Native American man with red and white paint on his face and a fancy feather headdress.

1916 — 1920

By making the portrait smaller and putting it inside a solid blue circle, the 1916 redesign made the Boston Braves’ visual identity stand out and look more polished.

1921 — 1924

In 1921, there was a change in the picture to the letter “B” with a wishbone. The colors were changed to blue and white, which looked clean and professional.

1925 — 1928

In 1925, there was a change in the “outline” and color scheme to make the letter easier to read and smoother. This was done by making the blue lights brighter and the lines of the letter longer. A small white triangle was added to the new “vertical” bar to change it. It looked like a button that said “Play” and pointed to the right.

1929 — 1935

The original logo for the Boston Braves was a Native American figure. By the end of the team’s first era, however, the team decided to go back to the figure, but with a new color scheme and a more accurate look at the skin. Even though the basic structure was the same as in 1912.

1936 — 1937

In 1936, the team’s name was changed to Boston Bees, and a new logo was shown to the public. The 1925 symbol had the same wishbone “B,” but they made some changes by adding a new line and a blue color palette. The letter’s body was a lime-yellow tint, and its outline was thick, bright blue lines.


In 1938, there was a change in the outline of the letter “B,” but the colors were still the same. The top and bottom horizontal sides of the letter were now curved toward the middle, creating a geometric shape. By making the blue outline thinner, the yellow-lime color of the letter’s body becomes lighter and brighter.


In 1939, the “B” kept its basic shape, but it got a dark red fill and a thin blue border. This made it look and feel more dangerous and fierce. Even though the club was only around for a year, it always looked polished and well-run.


In 1940, the Boston Bees’ logo was once again a Gothic-style “B.” The letters in royal blue on a white background represent power and loyalty. However, their lines were a little bit longer, and there was a horizontal toss in the upper tail.

1941 — 1944

The team’s logo stayed almost the same after going back to being called the Boston Braves in 1941. Since the team was already famous for its initials, there was no pressing need to change its name.


For one season in 1945, the team used its logo from 1929, which was a profile of a Native American man with a red feather in his hair. The shape and color scheme of the logo hasn’t changed much since the 1930s, but the new badge is bright and new.

1946 — 1952

In 1946, the Boston Braves changed their logo by redrawing the lines and making them a bit longer. There was also a change in the positions of the colors. This caused the Indian’s skin to get darker and his lips to turn red. The black outline of the image also got bigger, which made the logo look strong and sure of itself.

1953 — 1956

The team moved to Milwaukee in 1953. They are now called the Milwaukee Braves. That same year, the new logo became the official one. The logo was a picture of a Native American man looking to the right. The picture consists of the colors yellow, red, white, and blue, and a solid yellow circle.

1957 — 1965

In 1957, the now-iconic Braves logo came out for the first time. The picture was a three-quarters view of a male Iroquois Indian. In a cartoonish way, the man’s eyes were closed and his mouth was wide as he laughed. A yellow and black feather stuck out of the left side of his hair, and he had a gold hoop in his ear.

What Is the Symbol on the Braves Sleeve?

The Indian head is a nod to the team’s new name, the Braves.

What Is the Thing on the Braves Jersey?

The left sleeve of the jersey has a gold Roman number “IV” over a star to honor the team’s four World Series wins.

What Does the Star on the Braves Jersey Mean?

On the left sleeve of the jersey, there is a gold “IV” with a star below it to show that the Braves have won four World Series.

What Does the Braves Mascot Mean?

At the Atlanta Braves fan fest on January 27, 2018, Blooper was presented to the public for the first time. After “Homer the Brave” retired as the team mascot for the Braves, Blooper was brought in to take his place. Blooper is described as a “product of science run amok” by the Braves, which translates to the fact that he possesses all of the characteristics of a Braves’ superfan but was created in a laboratory.

What Do Braves Mean to Indians?

Native American warriors from the Great Plains fought against the westward expansion of United States settlers onto their ancestral land during the American Indian Wars that took place in the middle to late 19th century. These Native American warriors were sometimes referred to as Braves in contemporary colonial sources.

What Are the Braves Famous For?

The Atlanta Braves are a professional baseball team from the United States that is based in Atlanta. Since the beginning of professional baseball, this team has competed in each and every season of the major leagues, making it the only one of its kind still in existence. They have been victorious in the World Series on four separate occasions (1914, 1957, 1995, and 2021) and have captured 18 National League (NL) championships.

Who Are the Braves Enemies?

The New York Mets and the Atlanta Braves have been rivals for many years. However, the year 2022 marked a turning point in the intensity of their competition. They finished the regular season as two of the best teams in baseball, but the fact that they played in the same division meant that their competition for the title of the best team in baseball lasted literally for all 162 games.


The Braves are good at their games. When the Milwaukee Braves moved from Milwaukee to Atlanta in 1966, the Atlanta Braves took their place. The first logo for the Atlanta Braves looked a lot like the current one, but the team eventually came up with its own look.

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