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Golden State Warriors
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Anyone making a list of the top NBA teams must include the Golden State Warriors. The team has about 5 NBA championships and is one of the oldest NBA teams in the United States. Anyone can trace their origins to Philadelphia before moving to California. The Golden State Warriors are one of the teams that have changed ownership, name, logo, and even jerseys over the years. Additionally, the team has an interesting history that highlights their origin as well as why they are called warriors. Their logo has unveiled the rich cultural heritage of California City, among other things.

Golden State Warriors

The Golden State Warriors are a National Basketball Association (NBA) team that plays out of San Francisco, California. They are one of five teams in the Pacific Division. She had been around since 1946, and within that time she had gone by three different names.  The first was the Philadelphia Warriors, the second was the San Francisco Warriors, and the third was the Golden State Warriors.  When the team relocated from Philadelphia to San Francisco in 1962, they became known as the San Francisco Warriors. At the moment, they are the second-most valuable NBA club. Additionally, they are the sixth-most valuable sports franchise in the world.

The Golden State Warriors’ current logo is a blue circle with an image of a yellow bridge inside the ring. You will see a portion of the Golden Gate Bridge clearly in the background of the photo. It is the yellow bridge at the center of the circle. Also, people all over the world recognize the famous building as a symbol of San Francisco. It should come as no surprise that this bridge has been dubbed the most photographed bridge in the world. The Golden State Warriors have been in San Francisco since 1962, so their logo is usually a tribute to the city. The logo of the Golden State Warriors features various recognizable symbols. This includes a ring, a circle, the Golden Gate Bridge, and, of course, the typeface.

What Does the Golden State Warriors logo Mean?

The Warriors’ new logo is a tribute to their origin and legacy. According to the team, the new Golden State Warriors logo salutes the team’s Bay Area legacy. It also relates to the bright prospects of the organization’s future.

Golden State Warriors Logo History

The popular NBA team, the Golden State Warriors, was founded in 1946 in Philadelphia. From 1946 to date, the team has undergone several changes that laid the foundation of what the team is today. For a start, the team had changed its name twice. Until the name “Golden State Warriors,” the team was first called the Philadelphia Warriors and then the San Francisco Warriors. Since their inception, the Golden State Warriors have had to go through several modifications to be what they are today. Let’s see the history of the team’s logo.

#1. 1947-1951

In 1947, the logo for the Golden Warriors was a satirical drawing of an Indian that looked like a cartoon. He has a feather on the headgear that he wears and is also playing basketball. The native American figure is white, the ball and feather are yellow, and the outlines are purple. In addition, the word “Warriors” is written on the logo in a handwritten typeface that is yellow.

#2. 1952 – 1962

The logo that had been used since 1947 went through some changes in 1952. The changes weren’t very significant. It was minor adjustments here and there, but the proportions of the design were changed. However, the result was a piece of art that is entirely blue. The blue color looks like a line and has little to do with the color it was before.
Moreover, the path that the ball is taking is shaped like the letter “W” as it travels through the air (from the word “Warriors”). The name of the team, the Philadelphia Warriors, was woven into the middle.

#3. 1970 – 1971

In 1969, the designers of the logo made the conscious decision to shift away from the concept of the Indians. They do, however, place more emphasis on the territorial association of the team. To accomplish this, they drew a picture of the Golden Gate Bridge inside of a yellow circle that had a blue frame around it, and then they wrote, “The City” at the very top of the picture.

#4. 1963 – 1969

After moving to San Francisco, the team decided to give itself a new name under its new ownership. A brand-new logo has to go along with the change of name. The Indian national headdress is shown in the design’s focal point, which is a smaller circle inside a larger circle. The larger circle is the main support structure of the design. Also, the entirety of the club’s name is spelled out in blue sans serif letters in the white ring that surrounds the yellow core of the design.

#5. 1970 – 1971

The planning for the 1970 logo began as early as 1969. The emblem for the Golden Warriors has been redesigned to take on a new appearance this time around. This time around, the team’s commitment to the territory, rather than the Indians, was highlighted. The Golden Gate Bridge was depicted as a yellow circle inside of a blue frame, and the words “The City” were written on top of that representation.

#6. 1972 – 1975

1972 was a year that brought about a significant amount of change. The first thing that happened was that the name of the team was changed, but the emblem remained the same. We are all aware that when a company changes its name, it is necessary to create a new logo, particularly in cases where the old name remains on the old logo.
In 1971, the team officially changed its name from the San Francisco Warriors to the Golden State Warriors. Therefore, the new team’s logo needs to incorporate its new name. The circle has been revised so that it now includes the borders of the state of California in the United States. A blue star has been put in the area around San Francisco Bay to show where the team’s headquarters are. Above the orange circle, the words “GOLDEN STATE” are written in a dark blue font, and below the circle, the word “WARRIORS” is written in the same dark blue font.

#7. 1976 – 1988

Since the squad first competed in 1946, they have used the 1976 logo for the longest period. The Golden State Warriors used the version of their logo from 1976 for a whole decade. The logo that was used in 1976 was very similar to the one that was used in 1972. However, it was much clearer back then. The majority of the adjustments were concentrated in the middle of the circle. This changed the way it looked, making it look like a basketball thanks to the lines that can be seen inside the circle. The circle was changed to look like a basketball, and the colors were also changed to yellow.

#8. 1989 – 1997

The Golden State Warriors unveiled their redesigned team logo in 1989, and it immediately became a symbol of the franchise’s unwavering dedication to winning. The ring changed back to the orange tint it had been before. When compared to prior iterations of the font, the current one features letters that are both flatter and bolder.

#9. 1998 – 2010

In 1998, the Golden State Warriors gave a great deal of consideration to the significance of the team’s logo. The orange circle has morphed into a three-dimensional ball, which may be seen as a backdrop for the appearance of a person wearing a blue cape. The individual is slouched over the word “WARRIORS” and is also grasping a zipper with both hands. It appears as though the lightning bolt is continuing from the letter “W” as though it were an extension of the letter itself.

#10. 2011 – 2019

2011 saw the introduction of a new logo for the Golden State. According to the annals of history, it took a whole 18 months to develop the new company logo. The new logo was presented to the public on July 17th, 2010. Once more, the primary colors were royal blue for the Warriors and golden yellow for the California Golden. The piece of the Golden Gate Bridge that had been removed was re-installed in the middle of the circle, with “GOLDEN STATE” written across the top and “WARRIORS” written across the bottom, just as the designers had intended. The National Basketball Association (NBA) and Adidas collaborated on the design of this logo, which is presently used by the franchise.

#11. 2020 – Today

On June 12, 2019, the Warriors unveiled a new primary logo with a different font and a few small changes. This was launched in 2020. The colors got darker, which made the fine details of the bridge’s design stand out. On the same day that the club moved into its new home at the Chase Center on June 14, 2019, the new team logo was revealed to the public. But on June 12, 2019, the Warriors debuted a new primary logo that was slightly different and had a new, unique font.

Golden State Warriors Color

The Golden State Warriors primarily have two colors. These are blue and golden yellow. Check out the color palette below;

RGB: (29, 66, 138)
CMYK: (100, 78, 0, 18)

RGB: (255, 199, 44)
CMYK: (0, 19, 89, 0)

Evolution of Golden State Warriors

The Golden State Warriors are a professional basketball team that plays their home games in Oakland, which is located in the state of California in the United States. The Warriors are a professional basketball club that represents the Pacific Division of the Western Conference in the National Basketball Association (NBA). Since its start in 1946, the Philadelphia Warriors, a team in the National Basketball Association, have called Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, their home (BAA). They relocated to the San Francisco area in 1962 and became known as the San Francisco Warriors after the move.

The name was changed to Golden State in 1971 so that it would be consistent with the nickname given to the state of California. Since it opened in 1972, Oracle Arena in Oakland has been the club’s main place to play. 

Golden State Warriors Uniform

The Warriors have gone through several uniform changes throughout their history, with the most recent one occurring in 2010. On September 17, 2019, the public saw for the first time six brand-new jerseys with the new club logo.

During the 2020–21 NBA season, the Golden State Warriors debuted a one-of-a-kind “City” uniform in recognition of their 47 years of play in Oakland and the “We Believe” era. The color scheme as well as the typographic treatment of the word “Oakland” from the previous logo have been carried over into the new one.

The Warriors wore a throwback jersey called the Warriors Origins in the 2021-22 season. This jersey was based on their road uniform from the 1961–1962 season but featured modernized logos and materials. Their final season in Philadelphia was 1961–1962, during which Wilt Chamberlain set a single-game scoring record with 100 points. In addition, a commemoration of the franchise’s 75th anniversary can be found on the back of the shirt.


The following are the number of years a uniform stays before the launching of the next one;

  • 1962-1964
  • 1964-1966
  • 1966-1971
  • 1971-1975
  • 1975-1984
  • 1984-1989
  • 1989-1997
  • 2002-2010
  • 2010-Presents

Alternate Uniforms

The Golden State Warriors feature alternate editions of jerseys aside from the main ones. The following are some of the Golden State Warriors’ alternate uniforms from its inception to date;

  • Special Editions
  • Black Sleeved Alternate
  • Chinese Sleeved Alternate
  • Gold Sleeved Alternate
  • White Sleeved Alternate

Golden State Warriors: Ownership to Date

Ownership of the Golden State Warriors has evolved several times since its inception. Some of the team’s greatest achievements were under key owners who gave their best to see to the success of the team. The following are the various leadership and acquisition that the team had undergone since its inception;

#1. 1946 – 1952/Pete Tyrell

The Warriors were founded in 1946. They used to be called the Philadelphia Warriors, and they were one of the first teams in the Basketball Association of America. Peter A. Tyrrell, who also owned the Philadelphia Rockets of the American Hockey League, was the owner.

When Peter A. Tyrrell set up the basketball team in 1946, he hired Eddie Gottlieb to serve as a coach and general manager of the team. Eddie Gottlieb named the team “Philadelphia Warriors” in honor of the team he co-founded with his friends Harry Passon and Hughie Black in 1917 as the Philadelphia YMHA. 

#2. 1952 – 1962/Eddie Gottlieb

In 1952, Gottlieb acquired ownership of the Warriors from Tyrrell in a transaction that cost him $25,000.

Edward Gottlieb, who was born in Ukraine and was Jewish, was a professional basketball coach and a manager. His life spanned from September 15, 1898, to December 7, 1979. From 1951 through 1962, he was the owner of the Philadelphia Warriors of the National Basketball Association (NBA) and served as the team’s first coach and manager. He was given the nicknames “Mr. Basketball” and “The Mogul.” His hometown is Kyiv, Ukraine, and he was inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame on April 20, 1972, for the contributions that he had made to the sport of basketball. The Eddie Gottlieb Trophy, which is given to the NBA Rookie of the Year, is named after him every year.

#3. 1962 – 1986/Franklin Mieuli

Franklin Mieuli was born on September 14, 1920, and died on April 25, 2010. He is most recognized for his role as the principal owner of the San Francisco/Golden State Warriors during the years 1962 to 1986. He was a radio and television producer who was based in the San Francisco Bay Area. The highlight of his 24 years with the team was winning the National Basketball Association (NBA) championship in 1975. He was with the team during that time. Additionally, he was a minority owner of the San Francisco 49ers and the San Francisco Giants during his time in the Bay Area.

Franklin Mieuli Success

After the conclusion of the 1961–1962 NBA season, Mieuli was a participant in a joint venture that was directed by Diners Club. He bought the Philadelphia Warriors from Eddie Gottlieb for $850,000 and then moved the team to the Bay Area. Under his leadership, the basketball team’s name was changed from Philadelphia Warriors to San Francisco Warriors. After averaging 5,579 fans per home game in the previous season, the Warriors averaged only 3,067 in 1962–1963, their first season in San Francisco, which put them at the bottom of the league in terms of average attendance. When Diners Club and other stockholders said they wanted to leave the business, Mieuli just bought the other investors’ shares until he was the only owner.

During his 24 years as owner of the Warriors, the team had a good deal of success on the court. During that time, they qualified for the playoffs ten times and advanced to the NBA Finals three times.

Mieuli had a significant role in the elimination of racial barriers in the NBA by convincing the front office of the team he played for to sign players of other ethnicities. Ten of the twelve players on the Warriors’ championship team in 1975 were African Americans, as were head coach Al Attles and his assistant Joe Roberts. This made the Warriors the first team in NBA history to win back-to-back titles.

The deal for the sale of the Warriors to Jim Fitzgerald and Daniel Finnane was finalized on May 23, 1986, and these two became the new owners of the team. 

#4. 1986 – 1995/Jim Fitzgerald

James Francis Fitzgerald was born on March 27, 1926, and passed away on June 4, 2012. He was 92 years old. He was an American businessman as well as a former owner of professional sports teams. James Francis is one of the best former owners of the National Basketball Association clubs the Milwaukee Bucks and the Golden State Warriors.

Jim Fitzgerald and Dan Finnane, both of whom had worked for the Bucks, purchased the Golden State Warriors in 1986 and managed the team until 1995. He didn’t sign an agreement to make the transfer official. Instead, he just shook hands with Don Nelson and gave the team to him. On the other hand, Don Nelson was promoted to the position of head coach for both teams at the same time. Well, Don Nelson did his best for the squad, which strengthened the relationship that he already shared with his close friend Jim.

#5. 1995 – 2010/Chris Cohan

On January 2, 1950, John Christopher Cohan was born, although he is known as Chris Cohan.  

Cohan started Sonic Communications in 1977, and by the time he sold it in May 1998. It was one of the largest personal private cable outlets in the country.

He reportedly paid a total of $130 million to buy the Golden State Warriors in October 1994, just before the 1994–95 season, so that he could help pay for the renovation of the Oakland Coliseum Arena (later known as The Arena in Oakland and Oracle Arena, and now called Oakland Arena). 

Chris Cohan Challenges

In the 16 years that Cohan owned the team, there were only two winning seasons and one trip to the playoffs. 

In its May 2009 issue, Sports said that Cohan was the fourth worst owner of a professional basketball team. One of the things that people say about Chris Cohan is that Golden State was always rebuilding but not doing very well.

After getting so much criticism, he sold the team to Peter Guber and Joe Lacob for $450 million in July 2010.

#6. 2010 To Date/Peter Guber and Joe Lacob

Peter Guber and Joe Lacob closed the ownership deal for the Golden State Warriors in July 2010 with a check for $450 million. Joe Lacob is a minority owner of the Boston Celtics, while Peter Guber is the president of Mandalay Entertainment.

Name Controversy: Golden State Warriors Experience

The basketball team, the Golden State Warriors, got the name in honor of the state of California, but it didn’t go well with some people. In the years to come, we may see that the team will have to change its name shortly, although no one can verify it for now. Several people think the name “Warriors” is traceable to Native American iconography. Well, whether they will change it or not is still a wild guess. But the team’s management has said that the name “Warriors” is now just an honorable reference to the US militia and that the team will keep using it, despite the controversy over its history.

There is one reason why brands or teams change their names. This is to better represent the team. A new logo will complement the team’s zeal, heritage, origin, and also its ambition. And this is why the Warriors decided to redesign their emblem. In particular, it reveals the rich history of the State of California, also known as the Golden State.

According to an official statement released by the NBA, “The logo of the Golden State Warriors pays tribute to the team’s history in the Bay Area while also linking to the exciting prospects of the organization’s future.”

For the first time in the history of the team, bright gold was added to the combination of colors, which signified that the logo represented a change from the usual. The transition to straightforward iconography representative of the Bay Area, as well as the playful tone of the script letters, worked very well with the culture of the area.

Is the Golden State Warriors Logo the Bay Bridge?

No, the logo of the Golden State Warriors is not solely a Bay Bridge. However, the Bay Bridge is one of the many elements that make up the Golden State Warriors logo.

Yes, the Golden Warriors have a new logo. The logo was launched in 2020. The new logo is also made up of a few elements. These include a circle, a ring, the Bay Bridge, and the team’s name.

Who is the NBA Logo Modeled After?

The National Basketball Association’s current logo is one of the most famous in sports. However, people only know a little of its history and the archetypes that it represents. The face of the NBA logo is none other than Jerry West, who played for the Los Angeles Lakers. The logo was designed in 1969 by Alan Siegel.

Jerry West is famous for a lot of things, but one of the most well-known is that he was the model for the NBA logo, which is a white silhouette of a player on a blue and red background. This is one of the most well-known things about Jerry West (the colors of the US flag)

Who is number 1 on the Golden State Warriors?

Currently, JaMychal Green is number one on the Golden State Warriors team.

Who is the Best Player in Golden State Warriors History?

Curry, Stephen

Stephen Curry is not only the best shooter in Warriors’ history but also the best Warrior ever. He may even be the best shooter in league history. Since being selected seventh overall by Golden State in the 2009 NBA Draft, he has garnered two Most Valuable Player Awards, four titles, and eight All-Star team nominations. Additionally, he has earned two MVP awards.

How Much Would it Cost to Buy the Golden State Warriors?

According to Forbes, the Golden State Warriors are valued at $5.6 billion. So, if you ever want to buy this team from Joe Lacob and Peter, plan on spending at least $5.6 billion.

Why Did the Warriors Change to Golden State?

Before the start of the 1971–1972 season, the franchise decided to change its name to the Golden State Warriors to give the impression that the team was meant to represent the entire state of California.


The Golden State Warriors have to go through a change of ownership for one reason or the other. Every time a new owner takes over, the team will have to go through a restructuring process. Some of these fell through, like that of Chris Cohan, and some others were a huge success, as is evident with Peter Guber and Joe Lacob. However, the change of ownership is not the reason for the change of logo. This is because every time the team changes its logo, it’s for a specific purpose.

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