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There’s a story behind every brand’s logo. For the Reddit brand, legend has it that the smiley mascot, which serves as the design logo, is an alien who came to earth to learn more about people, relate with them, observe them, and also communicate with them. Whether this is true or not is a story for another day. However, we do know that the logo was born out of boredom. History has it that the designer was bored in a marketing class and decided to sketch away boredom. Reddit is a social platform that reflects friendliness, openness, sociability, and valuable information. It is little wonder that the network has millions of users across the globe. Well, let’s explore how the Reddit logo came about, the founders, and how safe the website is. We’ll also highlight Reddit place which is a community built and strengthened by oneness.

The Reddit logo is a stylized alien head that goes by the name “Snoo,” or Reddit’s mascot.  The mascot, called Snoo, travels across time with his oval head, pom-pom ears, and antenna. Aside from his cute smile, there’s so much to this simple logo. Snoo symbolizes the welcoming, chatty atmosphere of the Reddit community. 

Oh, before I forget, the Reddit logo primarily has three colors. These are white, black, and orange. Our guy, Snoo, is white and resting on an orange background (FF4500, PMS 172 C). 

You’ll find the Reddit logo across their premium advertising collateral and merchandise. Sometimes they use the word “Reddit” too.

Reddit Logo Design

The Reddit logo is a simple design that stands out in grand style. Let’s take a look at the primary element of Reddit’s Logo as well as a

#1. The Oval Face

The majority of the Reddit logo consists of a geometric shape, the circle, in its different styles; this includes the head, the eyes, the ears, the tip of the antenna, the body, and even the orange background. What does the circular face mean? The circle represents oneness. This means Reddit is a brand that facilitates communication between individuals and groups. It also symbolizes infinite movement.

#2. Reddit Antenna

The antenna, located at the right head of Snoo, proves that our alien friend hails from another planet and that the dude is a time traveler. What does this mean for Reddit users? It means that users are from different parts of the world. Although the Reddit logo may seem to represent a gender-neutral, abstract human being. The antenna reveals there’s more to it.

#3. The Sly Smile

The next is the sly smile around the mascot’s face. This smile depicts the Reddit mascot’s warmth and openness. Add this single line in orange color adds life to the Reddit logo.

#4. Reddit’s Typography

The Reddot’s typography is all lowercase letters. One thing is certain: It suits the mascot. No one wil deny the fact that Reddit is bold on the logo even though it appears in lowercase letters.

Reddit Logo Colors

There are several firms in the United States that have not changed their color since their inception. Reddit is one of these companies. Reddit’s signature orange, white, and black colors. The truth is, Reddit’s use of color is fitting with its corporate identity, and the choice was wise. 

#1. Orange Color

The eyes in the original Reddit logo had an orange color. After nearly a decade, though, the company decided to give its logo a facelift, and the orange color became more prominent in the background. You’ll see the orange color in the typography includes symbols for the eyes, mouth, background, and tiny circle above the letter ‘i.’

#2. White Color

Reddit has a white face, and this is clearly visible against the orange background. The incorporation of white into its logo conveys purity, modesty, as well as trustworthiness, all qualities associated with the optimistic color white. Reddit’s use of white might evoke feelings of purity, honesty, and openness in its users. 

#3. Black

Both the mascot and the wordmark are black in the original logo. The present logo, however, solely features black in the wordmark. The first logo is more visually appealing since the mascot stands out against the clean white background thanks to the bold black outline.

One of the network’s co-founders, Alexis Ohanian, designed the Reddit logo. This idea came about in 2005 at the University of Virginia during a marketing class when he felt disinterested and bored with the material being presented. When Alexis got back to his residence, he pulled out an old PlayStation Portable 5.0 console and used a jailbroken version of it to digitize the sketch he had been working on in his notebook. After a while, a young designer modified the design with his finishing touches.

How Many Logos Has Reddit Used Since Its Inception?

Since its inception in 2005, Reddit has only used two logos. Although they have about three copyright logos, the official trade of Reddit was first incorporated in 2005 and was modified in 2017. However, the first initial is still in use to date.

#1. 2005 – Present

Reddit First logo 2005-Present

2005 to present simply means this logo is still in use even though the brand now has another logo. It is the first Reddit logo, and the common place you’ll see it is in the Reddit community. The original logo for the news website had both a full-length Snoo and a Reddit message. We see our friendly alien with an oval head, a semi-oval body, semi-circular ears, legs, and arms, and a lengthy antenna in the shape of a circle. The face of Reddit, our dear alien friend, is white with orange eyes. An individual black line defines each section of the body, including his smile. According to Reddit, this smile advocates the willingness to meet new people and make connections.

Alexis Ohanian also used a bold font to write Reddit on the right side of the mascot. Both the write-up and the logo are still in use to date. 

#2. 2017 – Present

Reddit Logo
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Fast forward to 2017, minor adjustments or modifications were made to the 2005 Snoo. However, there are key similarities between the two. The new Reddit logo is still white, but currently on a black background. So if you ask me, this is better. Because its features are more defined, it still has only one head. In 2017, the new Reddit logo still has the face of our dear friend Snoo, but this time, it’s not a full body but a face. He still has his lovely smile, and of course, the antenna.  The bright orange circle in the background matches the hue of the eyes and the smile. The word “Reddit”, now appears to be much smaller. The alien eye from the original design may be seen in the little circle that sits atop the letter “i.” So the modification is really worth it. 

Will Reddit Change Their Logo Soon?

Judging from the fact that it took 12 years to change and make modifications to the first logo, no one can really tell whether they will be changing the logo soon. However, the present logo stands out and still depicts the value, culture, and what Reddit stands for, which is open lines of communication and an understanding of one another’s perspectives among people from all walks of life, we doubt whether the website will be changing their logo anytime soon.

Reddit officially has three logos. The first is the Reddit Icon, and watermark, General Snoo, and Custom Snoo. How does each differ from the other?

#1. Reddit Icon and Water Mark

The official logo of Reddit is a stylized version of Snoo’s head inside an Orange-Red circle. As a matter of fact, Reddit and its licensed partners are the only ones permitted to utilize the content commercially. These are the official company graphics, and they should be used in all Reddit links. Reddit can cancel your right to use its trademarks for non-commercial, personal usage at any time. Subreddits whose usage of Reddit’s trademarks breaches this policy (or the Reddit Content Policy) or is deemed improper by Reddit will have their community styling rights revoked. 

#2. General Snoo

The second logo is the Reddit mascot, which is the general Snoo. This gender-neutral alien advocate encourages open lines of communication and an understanding of one another’s perspectives among people from all walks of life. Only Reddit and the licensed partners it has agreed to work with are allowed to make commercial use of the content.

At any time, Reddit reserves the right to revoke your permission to use its trademarks for personal, non-commercial purposes. Subreddits that violate this policy (or the Reddit Content Policy) or whose use of Reddit’s trademarks are deemed inappropriate by Reddit will have their community-style rights withdrawn.

#3. Custom Snoo

A Custom Snoo is a representation of the people who use Reddit and the communities they belong to. They show how different our audience is and what they like and care about. Snoo can wear costumes, but he doesn’t do anything that breaks Reddit’s Content Policy, that most people would find very offensive or upsetting, that defames or insults Reddit, or that Reddit decides isn’t appropriate. Reddit will look at a Snoo that has been changed.

What is the Reddit Mascot Called?

The mascot on the Reddit logo is an alien named Snoo. Although an alien, he travels across time. Snoo has an oval head, pom-pom ears, and an antenna. Anyway, he is just a white figure with antennae and some strange reddish-orange eyes.

What Does Snoo Mean in Reddit?

The short white alien with orange eyes and an antenna represents the social news website Reddit. He is the official of the Reddit Logo. According to Reddit, the name means what is new? 

Is the Reddit Logo Copyrighted?

Yes, it is. The official logo of Reddit is a stylized version of Snoo’s head inside an Orange-Red circle. As a matter of fact, Reddit and its licensed partners are the only ones permitted to utilize the content commercially. These are the official company graphics, and they should be used in all Reddit links. Reddit can cancel your right to use its trademarks for non-commercial, personal usage at any time. Subreddits whose usage of Reddit’s trademarks breaches this policy (or the Reddit Content Policy) or is deemed improper by Reddit will have their community styling rights revoked. 

Can I Use Reddit Logo For Other Things?

Yes, you can. But do remember that the logo is a trademark that is under copyright protection. So you will have to contact them before using their logo by becoming a partner. You can contact them at [email protected].

Reddit Corporation

Reddit is an American website where people can share news, rate content, and talk about it. Registered users can add links, text posts, images, and videos to the site, which are then rated by other members.

People who like to post and read the information that has been submitted by other users can actually join this virtual community online. It acts as a social network and has a feature similar to a forum where users can “like” certain things that other users have written.

Is There a Meaning Concealed Within the Word “Reddit”?

Not exactly.  There is no explanation available for the meaning, history, or origin of the word “Reddit.” Nevertheless, we are able to trace it back to the word “read it.”

What is Reddit Really Used For?

We regularly use Reddit as a platform to disseminate our marketing expertise and gain insight from those working in related fields. This platform is an excellent location to network with other professionals in your industry.

Reddit is a website that allows its users to connect with one another in a variety of different ways, including the posting of questions, links, comments, and debates on a range of different topics of interest. Users cast their votes based on how helpful they believe each post is.

Reddit can be used in a variety of different ways, one of which is as a resource for the latest information on breaking events, cultural phenomena, internet memes, and other topics of interest. This is only one of the numerous uses for Reddit. In addition to this, it grants access to specialist online communities, the likes of which may be difficult to find in other places.


Steve Huffman and Alexis Ohanian are the original founders of Reddit. However, most people do assume it is Condé Nast. But the company was bought by Condé Nast when it still had three owners. These were Steve Huffman, Alexis Ohanian, and Aaron Swartz

Reddit History: Everyone Has A Begining

In 2005, Steve Huffman and Alexis Ohanian, who were college friends at the time, came up with the idea and started building the first version of Reddit. Huffman and Ohanian, both students at the University of Virginia, spent their spring vacation in Boston, Massachusetts, hearing programmer and entrepreneur Paul Graham speak.

Following Graham’s speech, he spoke with Huffman and Ohanian, inviting them to apply to Y Combinator, the startup incubator, which was one of the programs he operates. 

The Journey Begins

Reddit wasn’t the first project the duo embarked on. Their first project was the concept of letting customers place orders by SMS text message (My Mobile Menu). Unfortunately, this failed woefully. But a failed project is not enough to weaken the duo or kill their vision.

They kept learning, and one day, Graham coined the phrase “first page of the Internet” to describe the concept that emerged during a brainstorming session for a business pitch. Huffman and Ohanian were included in the inaugural class of Y Combinator because of their idea. With help from Y Combinator, [Huffman] developed the site in Common Lisp], and from there, Reddit was released in 2005 with his friend Ohanian. 

Even though the project was successful, there were no users for the sites. Therefore, the duo went back to restrategize and ended up creating hundreds of false users to post on the site.

Swartz is Out

Between November 2005 and January 2006, Aaron Swartz’s company, Infogami, merged with Reddit, and Swartz became an equal owner of the resultant parent company. However, they sold it to Condé Nast Publications on October 31, 2006, for an enormous amount. Swartz left in January of 2007 for an unknown reason, even though he was initially frustrated by the new acquisition.

Reddit Statistic

According to Semrush, Reddit was the 9th most visited website in the world and the 6th most visited website in the U.S.  About 42–49.3% of its users are from the U.S., followed by 7.9–8.2% from the U.K. and 5.2–7.8% from Canada as of March 2023. Twenty-two percent of U.S. adults ages 18 to 29 and 14 percent of U.S. adults ages 30 to 49 regularly use Reddit. 

History of the Reddit Mobile App

Before 2010, Redditors users were required to download an app developed by a third party to access the Red dit website. It is common knowledge that going through a third party can decrease the number of people utilizing your website. Therefore, the team behind Reddit needs to devise strategies for effectively managing reading and navigation on their website. The initial version of their mobile web interface was made available in the year 2010.

A mobile application developed specifically for the Ask Me Anything community on Reddit was released by the company in the year 2014. Within the app itself, users were able to see ongoing AMAs, subscribe to notifications, post questions, and vote on answers to those questions.

In 2014, Reddit made Alien Blue its official app for users of Apple’s iOS platform after purchasing the app. Two years later, in 2014, they launched a second official app, and in 2016, they discontinued the Alien blue service.

Is Reddit Safe?

Good question. The truth is, Reddit is safe, depending on how you use it as well as who is using it. People hold diverse opinions about the safety of the site, depending on their personal views. Let’s consider some of the features as they will help us arrive at a good answer. 

Why Do We Think Reddit Is Safe?

There are several reasons why we can bodily say that Reddit is safe, the following are some of these;

#1. Strict Processes For Hacked Accounts

Generally, Reddit will lock your account and require a password change if they suspect it has been compromised or used in a way that violates their rules of service. This is great as it protects people’s accounts from hackers. However, Reddit will permanently delete your account if they realize you used it in an inappropriate way that endangered the safety of others or damaged the site’s reputation.

This occurs when they are unable to verify the account owner. Additionally, it means that the account was likely created by a third party for malicious objectives, similar to what is seen on social media platforms like Facebook and others.

 #2. Strict Safety Protocols 

There is nothing as cool as being part of an online community without fear. Moreover, Reddit is one of the best platforms that offer strict security measures to protect its users. 

  • Your True Identity Stays Hidden, this means Redditors are anonymous. 
  • Reddit only requires your username and password to register and use the account. You can decide not to use anything close to your real identity, no one really cares. 
  • They do not demand your mail unless you want to release it to them

#3. Has An Age Limit

Reddit will not require you to put your date of birth or current age. However, they have an age limit policy. But their age limit policy is strictly for the age bracket of 13 and below. This is more of parents’ being out of parental control. Unfortunately, a child can claim to be above the age threshold and no one will know. 

#4. Two-Factor Authentication

Reddit uses two-factor authentication to assure users of their safety. So all in all, it’s safe for anyone. While it’s true that Reddit uses two-factor verification, it’s also important to note that it’s only available when you apply for it. 

#5. Reddit Helps To Monitor Your Account For Security Breaches

There are security teams at Reddit that keep an eye on everything that has to do with users’ accounts. Generally, they keep an eye on patterns of behavior and evaluate them against potential dangers. After a warning signal is triggered, they can take corrective measures.

Depending on the result of their findings, they can issue the user a warning, disenable the account, or delete the comment, post, as well as response

#6. Personally Monitor Your Account 

With Reddit, users can easily monitor their accounts. When it comes to protecting your account from hackers, you can take some simple measures that will nevertheless have a significant impact. 

The following steps will guide you in monitoring your account;

  • Go to settings, and log in.
  • IP address login auditing is possible from that location.
  • Take urgent action if you notice an IP address that isn’t associated with a computer you’re currently using or have recently used.
  • Be sure the email addresses you’ve supplied are valid and that you change your password immediately.

Why Do We Think Reddit is Not Safe?

The following are some of the reasons why we said Reddit isn’t safe;

#1. Keep a Record Of Your Comment And Chat

When you use a platform like Facebook, once you delete a comment or a post, it’s gone forever. However, Reddit has a record of your chats and comments even when you delete them. They also store more sensitive things like the IP address, the URLs you visit, the settings for your hardware, and your search history. In case they need these to fix tech problems. But you do not have to worry about it, they delete these every 100 days, so you don’t have to worry. 


  • Now, why will they keep a record of people’s personal chats, even after deleting them? There’s a good reason for it.
  • Reddit stores chat and comment so that people who use the platform can be safe, should issues arise.
  • If someone threatens you or bothers you, you’ll want to know that there’s evidence.
  • It’s helpful should a need arise to investigate any issue
  • It’s used to figure out what you want based on all the information you’ve given.

Reddit Place

Is there anything like Reddit, knowing it’s an online platform? We’ll find out in a bit. Reddit place, or r/place, is a community activity that allows every user to collectively create works of art by posting a single colored pixel every five minutes. The project has one aim, and that’s to prove that it takes unity, oneness, and, of course, a community to achieve progress.  In its first year, the initiative attracted the participation of over a million Reddit users, who together placed 16 million tiles on the public digital canvas that had been launched as an April Fools’ Day joke in 2017. Although it was shut down in 2017, 5 years is more than enough time to strategize. So yeah, in 2023, Reddit’s place came back bigger and better. Unfortunately, it was shut down a few days later, only to be reopened again. Statistically, more than 2.5 million tiles are placed on Reddit place each hour. Even though it took

How Reddit Place Work

Each user is allowed to place a tile every 5 minutes, and the more tiles are placed, the more the image canvas is built. It is impossible to construct without help, as each player can only place one little tile every five minutes. The five-minute delay limits the ability of any one player to take control of the playing field. To create pixel art, users must instead form cohesive groups and rely on one another’s skills.

Reddit Place Completed Canva Design

The following are some of the complete canvas designs with the subreddit name.

  • r/ukrain- Ukrain flags
  • r/stewards- Movie poster
  • r/trees- Marijuana Leaf
  • r/trans- Trans flag and so on

Who Started Reddit Place?

Rumour has it that Josh Wardle was the originator of Reddit place who once worked at Reddit 

What Is Special About Reddit Place?

One of the fascinating things about the Reddit place or community is that it brings people together.” Oneness is great in a world with several differences, and it’s a good thing that something it’s bringing people other. Unfortunately, there are projects that have been abandoned because discord was sown in the midst of it but then, it’s still a great goal. 

Is the Reddit Logo Red or Orange?

Orange, with color code FF4500 or PMS 172 C, is the primary brand color for Reddit. Due to the vibrancy and uniqueness of the hue, it is utilized for the background of the Reddit logo. However, there have been disputes as to the exact color. While some claim it is reddish-orange because it is close to red, others said it’s purely orange and close to brown. 

What is the Reddit Face?

The Reddit face, or logo, is a thick white line drawing of the corporate mascot named Snoo, set on a solid flat circle of reddish-orange color. The mascot has a white oval for a head, ears, and an antenna, and orange for the eyes and lips, making it look like it could be an alien.

What are Reddit Users Called?

Reddit’s users, are generally known as “Redditors”. The y are the ones who post information to the website. The posted information is then voted on and discussed by the community as a whole. The goal is to have highly regarded items appear toward the top of the home page. Users have the ability to voice their opinions regarding the material by clicking the upvote and downvote arrows that are located to the left of each post. So, if you are part of the Reddit community, you are a Redditor. 

Who is the Target Audience For Reddit?

Redditors are highly-engaged audiences. There is a wide range of subreddits on Reddit that cater to people of many sexual orientations, racial backgrounds, religious affiliations, philosophical stances, political orientations, gender, and other identities.

Regular users of Reddit spend an average of about 34 minutes per day browsing the site. The average age of a Reddit user is under 35, and they tend to be quite engaged in certain subreddits (such as those dedicated to video games, fashion, and pop culture).

Which Gender Uses Reddit the Most?

Statistics have it that males are the predominant users of Reddit. According to the 2023 Gender Split of Reddit’s Global Userbase

63.8 percent of Reddit’s audience in January 2023 was comprised of men. About a third of the site’s visitors were female. Not only that, but the majority of Reddit’s desktop users lived in the USA.

What Percentage of Reddit is Female?

According to the global breakdown of Reddit’s user base by gender as of January 2023.

Reddit has a primarily male user population (63.8 percent to be exact as of January 2023). 32% of the site’s visitors were female.

Popularity on Reddit sites depends on a number of factors. Generally, this range from the number of subscribers you have to how often people mention your name on the sites. The table below is an excerpt from the OneUp blog.

RankSubreddit name# of subscribers
18/r/food 21,631,790
OneUp Blog
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