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NLF logo
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The National Football League (NFL) is a professional organization with an amazing logo. If you do not already know what their logo looks like, you will easily think it is the United States seal of authority. Since its formation in 1920, the organization has stayed true to using what looks like a shield as its logo, while paying tribute to the United States flag. Like Thanksgiving, the shield and the flag are traditions that the organization will always uphold. Today, the NFL is the most prestigious football league in North America. Since the 1920s, 32 professional football teams have competed every year for the championship.

If you love football in the United States, one of the things you will look forward to is the Super Bowl game that kicks off in August every year. For a nonprofit organization, they have one of the most amazing logos in the United States. What are the meaning of the elements on the NFL logo? You will be thrilled!

NFL Logo Overview, And Meaning

When you take a close look at the NFL logo, you will notice it pays tribute to the United States flag. We can simply say it has a patriotic look. The colors of the logo are those of the American flag, and they represent pride and power. You will also point out the eight stars separated by a ball. Anyone would think the star has something to do with the stars on the United States flag, but it doesn’t. On the contrary, it represents the eight stars that make up the NFL. The shield, on the other hand, stands for pride and power. Well, if you will be playing football, you must be proud of it. It makes sense, right? 

What looks like a baseball in the middle, which separates the stars, is also the top of the Vince Lombardi Trophy. At the end of the season, any team that wins the Super Bowl receives the Vince Lombardi Trophy, handed out to the winning.

What Is the NFL Logo Called?

Many call it the NFL shield, and some others call it the patriotic shield. It doesn’t have a distinct name. However, it does reflect the commitments of the National Football League (NFL) to sport and the people of the United States. 

The eight stars reflect the NFL’s current eight divisions. You will find four on the left side and the other four on the right side. Together, they represent eight different divisions. To add these eight stars, they had to remove about 22 smaller stars from the shield. 

Why Is The NFL Logo a Rainbow?

In 2021, the National Football League (NFL) unveiled the rainbow-colored logo. On the first of June, a picture of the NFL crest that featured all 32 teams in rainbow colors was made public. The rainbow symbol on the logo is the NFL’s support for the LGBTQ+ community and a sense of unity with them.

NFL Logo History

Even though the National Football League has updated its emblem quite a few times over the years, it still maintains close ties to the identification it adopted in the beginning. This basically means that the organization is unlikely to change its identity (logo) in a big way.

Since the beginning of the National Football League in 1920, the major visual component of the NFL insignia has been the shape of a shield. Along with the letters “NFL” and the stars and stripes from the United States flag, it was what made the insignia recognizable to the public. In spite of any changes that may likely occur, it must abide by the existing requirements.

From 1920 to now, every new NFL logo shares a striking resemblance with the first logo. The shield, the colors, and the star are some of these similarities. Taking a glimpse at the records of all their past logos, it is obvious that each change is for a purpose. Mostly, the goal is to bring it up to standards or to better convey what the group stands for. Let’s check out the features of the NFL logo from inception to date.

1920 – 1929

The first National Football League (NFL) emblem is a shield that has the colors of the American flag. The National Football League (NFL) has kept a close relationship with the shield logo up to the present day. No matter what changes are made to the team’s logo, the shield, the flag’s colors, and the stars must still be able to be seen. The National Football League (NFL) 1920 emblem features a figure with fangs on top and a point on the bottom. A close look will reveal two equal halves along its horizontal axis. You will also see the word “NFL” in yellow on the blue background of the upper section, which has a blue hue.

The typeface for the National Football League (NFL) appears on small serifs. On the other hand, there is a significant gap between each letter. The second half of the design consists of a silver background with four white stripes, three red stripes, and two more side pieces with trim. The most prominent football league in the United States has a logo that is based on (or otherwise resembles) the colors that are used in the flag of the country. Inside the shield, you will see two different fields.

1930 – 1939

The National Football League went through a logo change less than a decade after it was established. That was in the year 1930. It wasn’t something out of the ordinary; rather, it was a significant change to the initial letter. The shield’s basic shape stayed the same, but its shape was changed, and it stayed that way for all the years that followed.

The barrel-like aspect of the logo has been changed into straight edges that come to a point at the bottom, giving the impression of a spike. During those years, the width of the blue stripe on the insignia was gradually reduced. On it was a diagonal American football ball with 13 white stars encircling it; six on the right and left, and one in the middle at the top. Once more, it shows respect for the flag of the United States of America. The lower zone was given a white paint job and highlighted with a bold red “NFL” inscription. At the letter “F,” they gave it the appearance of a strip by stretching out the leg. The remaining letters all have wide lines, but these lines do not extend over or below the height of the letter.

1940 – 1953

One can get the impression that there is a structure based on the fact that a new logo is introduced every five years and then every ten years, but this is not the case. We noticed that the 1940 NFL logo has changed over the years to become a much more expressive design. This time around, the designers have increased the height of the higher projections by lengthening and sharpening them.

In addition to this, they doubled the number of stars that were already there in their background and added a pink ball that had crimson lacing on it. The developers changed the color and length of the bottom margin lines, so the logo now has six white stripes and seven pink stripes. This is yet another big change that was pretty clear and can be seen in the picture. It wasn’t just for laughs; rather, it had significant significance. They are abbreviations for the various sports leagues, and they are built in the old English style. This means that they have large serifs and a curly “L” with a bold dot at the end of it.

The wordmark was moved to a lower position, and stars were added to the upper portion of the design. The tones got more refined and darker as they progressed.

1953 – 1958

One of the things that was brought to people’s attention by the NFL 1953 logo was the fact that the team does not change its emblem every ten years. The fourth logo for the team replaced the first one, which was made in 1940. This time, the designers updated the logo by refining and making the serifs longer and removing the lower part of the right leg of the letters. The designers improved the upper part of the shield by increasing the size of the central protrusion and decreasing the size of the ones on the sides. The red lacing is now white, while the ball has a golden-beige color.

As a result of these, the three letters that make up the logo for the National Football League (NFL) were given a maroon tint, and the stars were lined up in a row.

The National Football League used the emblem that was created in 1953 for another five years.

1959 – 1961

The National Football League (NFL) updated its visual identity in 1959, and one of the changes that were made was to the crest. In comparison to the earlier one, this one was both humorous and professional. The stripes became thinner, which brought the NFL text to the forefront and made it easier to read. Instead of the original black ink, you will see a bright red in the writing. The ball in the blue part of the logo started out smaller and turned white as it grew.

1962 – 1983

Several changes and modifications were put into effect between the years 1962 and 1983. There was some playtime with the different tones of color, as well as the different forms of the letters. However, there was no discernible difference in the overall appearance. The designers of the emblem decided to increase the number of stars and letters, and they changed the lacing from red to blue so that it would be the same color as the stars. They ultimately decided to remove the innermost bottom stripes.

1984 – 2008

The National Football League went through yet another logo redesign in the year 1984. This time, the line that goes around the edge has been expanded, the top side spikes have been trimmed, and the colors have been changed. As a direct consequence of this, the deep red color in the logo has been altered to a crimson hue, and the light blue color has taken its place. At first glance, the new NFL logo from 1983 appears to be very similar to the one that had been used previously. However, if you look at the emblem carefully, you will observe that the width of the border varies from place to place. The designers also moved the circular shape that was in The upper field was moved to a new location. The NFL redesigned the ball in the logo to resemble the one on top of the Vince Lombardi Trophy.

2008 To Date

A total of 25 years were spent using the NFL’s 1983 logo. The most major adjustment was made to the upper block, where the designers got rid of 22 smaller stars and substituted them with eight larger ones. This was the most important change. They are cut in half, with four pieces on each side, and together they represent eight different divisions. This is a representation of two conferences in accordance with how its creators built it. The designers also changed the font by swapping out the round font for a geometric font with wide serifs. This change was made after the font was initially rounded. In addition to this, the ball that was located in the upper part of the screen suddenly appeared to have a three-dimensional effect. It looks more three-dimensional now that the angle of tilt has been lowered and the lacing has been rearranged.

A simple typeface with serifs was used instead of the ornate one that was previously used.

The oldest logo of the NFL was designed in 1920. It was the team’s first logo. The 1920 NFL logo is a figure with teeth on the top and a point on the bottom. It is divided horizontally into two halves. The upper part is blue in color, and the words “NFL” appear on it in yellow. The font used for the NFL inscription was small serifs. However, the letters are widely apart. The second half has four white stripes, three full red stripes, and two more trimmed side pieces over a silver background. The top American football league in the United States has an emblem based on (or resembling) the colors of the country’s flag. You will see two fields in the shield shape.

What Is The National Football League (NFL)?

The American football teams that compete in the National Football League (NFL) are split evenly between two conferences: the American Football Conference (AFC) and the National Football Conference (NFC). The National Football League (NFL) is a professional league with 32 teams (NFC). As of right now, these 32 clubs compete against one another for the primary NFL championship.

The National Football League is held in extremely high regard all across the world. It should not come as a surprise that the headquarters of a team that competes at the highest level of professional American football on the globe are located in New York City. If you are a big fan of the Super Bowl, which is a competition with a single elimination that takes place in February, then you are simply spot on and up to date with current events. It is regarded as one of the most important professional sports leagues in North America. Every National Football League season starts in August with a preseason that lasts for three weeks.

NLF’s History

The American Professional Football Association (APFA) set up the National Football League (NFL) in 1920. The name of the league was officially changed to the National Football League before the 1922 season. After the standings at the end of the season were used to choose champions until 1933, a playoff system was adopted, which resulted in the National Football League Championship Games from 1933 through 1966. This game was played until 1966. After the National Football League (NFL) and its opponent, the American Football League (AFL), made the decision to combine their leagues, the first Super Bowl was played in 1967 to determine which of the two leagues had the best team.
Since the merger of the two leagues was finalized in 1970, the last game of each and every NFL season has been the Super Bowl. The National Football League (NFL) has the most fans of any professional sports league in the world, with an average of 67,591 people. Additionally, it is the most well-known sports league in the country of the United States. The Super Bowl is also one of the largest club sports events that take place all over the world. Individual games have been among the most-watched television programs in the history of the United States, and by the year 2015, all five were included on Nielsen’s list of the top five all-time most-watched television broadcasts in the United States. The National Football League brings in the most revenue and boasts some of the most valuable franchises of any professional sports league.

NLF Facts

Every fan of the National Football league (NFL) knows one thing or the other about the organization and its best team. However, I bet you do not know some of the following facts about the NFL. Come on, let’s check them out;

  • The National Football League does not pay taxes because it is a nonprofit organization.
  • 1939 marked the debut of the National Football League on television for the first time. The game was shown on around 500 televisions across the city of New York.
  • The National Football League is divided into two divisions, which are known as conferences. The National Football Conference (NFC), as well as the American Football Conference (AFC). Every conference is broken up into four divisions, and each of those divisions contains four different teams.
  • On January 15, 1967, the first-ever Super Bowl game was played.
  • A National Football League season is made up of four weeks of preseason, seventeen weeks of the regular season, and a single-elimination playoff season in which all twelve teams play each other only once. The Super Bowl is the most important game of the year.
  • Each team in the NFL is given one week off after playing 16 games. The top six clubs in the standings will advance to the postseason after the regular season of 16 games is completed.
  • The Vince Lombardi Trophy is given to the winner of the Super Bowl game every year. It is made of sterling silver, and its value in United States dollars is greater than $25,000.00.
  • Jackie Robinson is well-known for being the first black athlete to participate in Major League Baseball (MLB) in 1945.
  • Green Bay and the New York Giants are the only teams in NFL history to win the Super Bowl three times!

Other Facts About The NFL

  • There have been six clubs that have gone winless in a season since 1944.
  • It takes 3,000 cows to supply the NFL with enough leather to last a year.
  • Names were not added to NFL jerseys until the 1960s.
  • The 1976–1977 Tampa Bay Buccaneers had the longest losing run in NFL history, with 26 games.
  • The last Super Bowl to be held in Miami was in 2010, when the Indianapolis Colts and the New Orleans Saints played.
  • The home team must supply 24 footballs for the game.
  • The NFL had an eight-round draft for the first time in 1993.
  • There have only been eight occasions in NFL history when a club has won back-to-back titles.
  • The Washington Redskins were the final team in the National Football League to field an entirely black roster. They were the squad with the worst record in the league at the time.
  • In the National Football League (NFL), players were not required to wear helmets until the year 1943.
  • The National Football League in the United States has the shortest regular season of any major professional sport.
  • On the day of the Super Bowl, the United States sees the lowest number of marriages of any other day of the year.
  • The asking price of $1.5 billion places it among the most valued franchises in the National Football League.
  • A 30-second commercial that was broadcast during the Super Bowl in 2011 cost the sponsor approximately $3 million.
  • Tom Dempsey kicked the most amazing field goal in the history of the National Football League in 1970. He was 22 years old when he kicked for the New Orleans Saints and played kicker on the team.

Who Owns The New Football League?

There is not a single person or corporation that owns the National Football League. The National Football League (NFL) belongs to all 32 of its clubs, which is perhaps the simplest way to convey who is the owner of the league. Because of this, NFL team owners have direct control over both the league and its brand. Only a few of the teams belong to a single group. A good number of the teams belong to the same group of owners. However, there are a good number of them that belong to the public.

How Is Decision Taken At The National Football League (NFL)?

The owners of each team in the National Football League make up the board of executives for the league. This is due to the fact that the NFL supposedly belongs to a large number of people. After that, they are qualified for a position on the executive committee of the board. When it comes to clubs that belong to the general public, the president of the team represents the team on the board. However, the National Football League (NFL) board is led by a commissioner.

How Do The NFL Board of Directors Make Decisions?

The board will collaborate to make adjustments where necessary. In order for a rule or decision to be effective, it needs approval from 75% of the board. The decision will not stand if it does not receive at least 75% of the votes cast. As a result of this, each member’s vote is the most important thing that can happen.

The original Dolphins logo is one of the most well-known in the history of the National Football League. The orange sun silhouetted against the background of the teal dolphin wearing a helmet and swimming in front of it was a wonderful design in and of itself.

The NFL’s eight current divisions are represented by the eight stars. A motive also lies behind the NFL logo’s modification of the football. The Vince Lombardi Trophy’s ball-shaped top was more closely resembled by the NFL’s redesign of the logo’s ball.

There has never been a logo on the helmet of the Cleveland Browns. Due to the fact that they are the only NFL team with a coach-inspired name, this is true. After their esteemed coach, Paul Brown, the Cleveland Browns were given their moniker.

Does the NFL allow tattoos?

Cheerleaders are required to take off all jewelry, cover any tattoos, or cover piercings because they are not permitted to have either. In order to make sure the regulation is being adhered to correctly, several teams routinely conduct body checks before each game.

Can NFL players have tattoos?

Candidate membership in a protected class is not determined by the presence of tattoos. If correctly implemented, it is legal for an employer to require employees to refrain from having visible tattoos as part of the employee dress code.


Whatever it is with the American flag is not as small as you think. Personally, I love the National Football League (NFL), particularly the shield and the United States flags. Well, the National Football League (NFL) season is one of the best sports seasons that fans look forward to. So the professional football team logo is perfect.


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