The Healthiest APPLE JUICE BRANDS in 2023, Ranked!!!

Apple Juice Brands
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Even though juicing removes the fiber from fruits, apple juice can still help you stay hydrated and protect your body from free radicals. But sometimes apple juice has pesticides that can be harmful if you drink too much of it, as well as too much sugar. The trick is finding one with the least processing, added sugars, and other additives that juice may not absolutely require. If not, you might as well be sipping on apple soda. While arsenic’s organic forms are thought to be safe, its inorganic counterparts can be dangerous. Small levels of both types of arsenic, which have been discovered in soil, may be present in several foods and drinks, including apple juice and apple juice concentrates. We will also review the best, safest, and healthiest apple juice brands in this article.

Apple Juice Brands

You can purchase some reasonably healthy options at the supermarket in lieu of making your own apple juice if learning how to press apples is not at the top of your list of 100 things to do. There are numerous apple juice brands and iterations of the traditional beverage. Taking into account cold-pressed, concentrated, unfiltered, cider vs. juice, and other things could get confusing. Nevertheless, we have your back! As we rank the worst and best apple juice brands, join us in the juice aisle and we’ll try our best to make everything clear.

#10. Capri Sun

There’s a fair chance that you’ve tried Capri Sun if you’ve ever packed a lunch for school. The company still produces silver pouches, and it offers an apple juice flavor. Capri Sun’s 100% apple juice contains many of the same ingredients as other brands, including water, apple juice concentrate, citric acid, and a natural flavor, contrary to what you might think given that drinks marketed toward children typically contain artificial flavors and added sugars.

The apple drink indeed tastes like apples, but other juices have a more robust flavor. It’s likely to appeal to children. On the other hand, the majority of adults undoubtedly want more flavor than Capri Sun provides.

Additionally, the branded pouches will help you avoid mistakenly drinking too many servings at once while also making it more difficult to dilute this brand; nevertheless, they are not environmentally friendly. The non-profit National Resources Defense Council claims that Capri Sun containers are made of a mixture of plastic and metal, which is difficult to recycle. Apple juice with quite good components is what’s inside every bottle, but it’s not difficult to find many different brands that come in more environmentally friendly packaging.

#9. Mott’s

Mott’s brand is well-known for its apples, and Mott’s 100% Original Apple Juice appears to include high-quality ingredients. Its only ingredients are water, apple juice concentrate, and ascorbic acid for vitamin C. It has about the same number of calories as the majority of apple juices, but has slightly more sugar, at 28 grams. Since there is nothing that sets it apart from other retail brands in terms of flavor, it is genuinely ordinary. It’s also not among the best options in terms of price.

The name Mott’s is the issue. Advertising helps well-known firms spread their name, which is why it’s so well-known. The Penny Hoarder claims that in addition to the price of manufacturing, you are also paying for the annoying billboards, print adverts, and television commercials that are plastered all over the place. That could entail paying around $3 for 32 ounces of Mott’s 100% apple juice.

The worst thing is that choosing a brand name will probably result in you spending more for identical ingredients. Between brands you remember from advertisements and those you have never heard of, there is frequently not much of a flavor difference. There is nothing unique about the flavor of Mott’s apple juice that you can’t acquire elsewhere at a lower cost.

#8. R. W. Knudsen

Another company that manufactures both conventional apple juice and sparkling cider using the same ingredients is R. W. Knudsen. Although R. W. Knudsen Organic Apple Juice still contains 23 grams of sugar per serving, it does so with a few grams less than many other brands. If you love to drink a glass of apple juice every day, it wouldn’t harm diluting it a little, as you would with many sweeter juices.

The cost of R. W. Knudsen’s apple juice is its main drawback. It typically costs approximately $2 more than your typical apple juice, at $5 for 32 ounces, or even more if you purchase it at a health food store. For some people, the distinct apple flavor and natural, fresh flavor make the higher price tag worthwhile. There are, however, many more choices if you’re seeking apple juice that is less expensive.

#7. Langers

Langers Apple Juice may have slightly more sugar and calories than some other brands because it has both juice concentrate and freshly squeezed juice as some of its ingredients. Sometimes, juice concentrates have more sugar in them than regular juice.

The additional sugar gives Langers apple juice a sweeter flavor than typical juice. Whether or not something is positive thing depends on the individual. Langers will satisfy your craving for a sweet delight in juice. This one is probably not for you if you’re looking for something with a less sugary flavor.

Although Langers costs roughly $2 for 64 ounces, it is more expensive than the usual juice and doesn’t taste all that distinctively different from other brands. Langers’ apple juice’s slight increase in sweetness isn’t worth the extra cents in our opinion.

#6. Welch’s

Welch’s initially entered the market and gained popularity for its grape juice, but it turns out the company also produces a respectable 100% apple juice. It is a drink with a small list of ingredients, no artificially added sweeteners, and the complete daily recommended amount of vitamin C, which can benefit the health of your bones, eyes, and other body parts. The full apple flavor makes it taste good, which is the best part.

The Welch Company’s website states that the business is also dedicated to doing everything in its power to be sustainable, which is a crucial factor. Welch prefers to ship its goods by train over truck since it emits fewer emissions. The majority of packaging is recyclable, and each label includes information on how to do so. Welch’s is a wonderful alternative for apple juice because of all of this plus a pleasant flavor recipe; however, you might pay more for the well-known brand name since each 10-ounce bottle costs close to $2 even at Walmart.

#5. Martinelli’s 

Martinelli’s is definitely a brand you’ve heard of if you enjoy sparkling cider. The company brags that its apple juice and cider are prepared entirely from apples, with no additional water added. This is what gives it such a potent, alluring taste.

Although sparkling cider could be lovely for a special occasion, drinking it every day is not the healthiest option. You might rationally conclude that apple juice would be a better option for a frequent drink once you discover that Martinelli’s also produces it. Unfortunately, the nutritional information on both bottles is similar when you place these products side by side. You would consume 140 calories and a whopping 31 grams of sugar in one serving, whether you pick sparkling cider or apple juice. This is more than what you would consume in a serving of Pepsi or Coca-Cola of the same size.

Don’t let the word “cider” mislead you. It turns out that most states don’t have any regulations defining what that is. Apple juice and apple cider are interchangeable terms used by companies like Martinelli’s and share the same components. You won’t be let down by Martinelli’s flavor, though, whether you prefer your apple juice with or without bubbles. Yes, they are high in sugar, but they are great as an occasional treat.

#4. Simply Apple

With only one ingredient—pressed apple juice—Simply Apple Juice stays up to its name by being free of added sugars, additives, coloring, and flavors either natural or artificial. When it comes to flavor, this dedication to natural ingredients pays dividends. Simply is the apple juice brand that many consumers appear to believe tastes the closest like freshly picked apples of all the ones available. You’ll have the impression of being in the center of an orchard in the fall thanks to the flavor, which is thick and cider-like.

This brand’s drawback is its price, as it is one of the most expensive ones available. Simply’s apple juice not only costs a little more than its rivals, but it also comes in a smaller bottle. Apple juice is typically sold in 64-fluid-ounce bottles, or half a gallon, down the juice aisle. Juices under the Simply brand are sold in 52-ounce bottles, so you pay more for less juice.

However, we do believe that the apple-forward flavor of Simply is priceless. You may not concur. Also, we advise you to try it out first before you simply check this item off your list based on pricing. You might develop a habit.

#3. Tree Top

Check out Tree Top if you’re looking for some diversity in your apple juice. According to the Agricultural Marketing Resource Center, there are thousands of different apple varieties planted worldwide, and there are about 200 different varieties farmed in the United States. Every apple variety has a distinct flavor, which translates into a range of juice flavors.

Tree Top stands out because it produces apple juices including Cosmic Crisp, Honeycrisp, a three-apple blend, and a sweet and sour apple cider. Contrary to popular belief, not all apples have the same flavor. You can certainly taste the difference in the apples, and that translates to these juices, with a mix of sweet, tart, and acidic flavors.

For any of these varieties, you are not even required to pay extra. One of the more reasonably priced brands is Tree Top. You can develop a strong relationship with Tree Top after tasting their wide variety of tastes at such a low cost.

#2. Lakewood

What Lakewood Organic Pure Apple Juice lacks is what makes it so excellent. Preservatives, additives, colorants, allergies, pesticides, and BPA are all absent from this product because it is packaged in glass. It is organic, vegan, and kosher, according to the USDA. This is only apple juice in its most basic form.

This juice is not the typical clear brown color of apple juice. Apple juice from Lakewood is opaque. The pulp that wasn’t strained out during manufacture is the cause of the murky appearance. It enhances flavor and provides nutrients that clear juices lack. Even while no apple juice contains as much fiber and nutrients as an apple, the more apple that is present in the juice, the more benefits you receive.

Apple juice from Lakewood is likewise cold-pressed. This method produces juice without the use of heat, preserving allergens and nutrients. You can taste the effort this brand does to produce a healthy drink. Lakewood Organic is usually a little more expensive, but we think the strong apple flavor makes up for the small price difference.

#1. North Coast

North Coast Apple Juice is one of the greatest companies when it comes to brands that truly care about the ingredients in their juice. They can be certain that their apples are free of damakesous chemicals and pesticides because North Coast only uses organic apples that are cultivated in the United States to make all of their goods. Additionally, North Coast actually has the flavor of just-pressed apples.

North Coast pays close attention to more than just its juice production. The environmental effects of this brand are also important to it. The North Coast website states that the business uses solar energy to supply half of the energy needed to produce the juice. The leftover apple parts are given to nearby farmers to feed their livestock. Additionally, to recycle as much of its packaging as possible, the company participates in the recycling program TerraCycle.

The most popular apple juice brand in the US is Ocean spray. 

Which Apple Juice Is Healthier?

Choose cloudy juice with pulp rather than clear juice with eliminated pulp if you want more polyphenols. According to one investigation, clear apple juice had up to 62% fewer polyphenols than murky juice.

Best Apple Juice Brands

Here is a list of the best apple juice brands in the US:

#1. Simply Apple

In general, simply juices are superior to the competition, and this pressed apple juice is no different. The package makes a serious claim about “fresh taste.” This juice is not from concentrate, and it tastes and looks like something you would find from a roadside stand next to an apple orchard (it even has floaties in the bottle). Mark Catangui, the social media manager for Sporked, enjoyed that it wasn’t excessively sweet and delivered a small amount of acidity that lingered on the palate. “Goddammit, it’s pretty nice,” I wrote in my notes. You’re in for a treat if you can get beyond the floaty stuff in the bottle.

#2. Sprouts 100% Fresh Pressed Apple Juice

This bottle of freshly squeezed juice from Sprouts has a remarkable blend of sweetness and acidity. Chase took a sip and commented, “Crisp is the first adjective that comes to mind with this one.” It tastes reasonably fresh and has a pleasant flavor. This juice tastes like the fall when the produce aisles of supermarkets overflow with every variety of apple you can imagine. It is also sweet without being overpowering. Mark described this as tasting the most like biting into an apple, which is a really high recommendation.

#3. Martinelli’s Gold Medal 100% Apple Juice

Martinelli’s has always been my go-to apple juice for treating myself. Although it is more expensive than, say, your usual store brand, it is not outrageously expensive. However, there is something about the appearance that shouts “luxury apple juice.” Chase remarked, “This is the champagne of apple juice.” It has a richness to it that is enjoyable and smooth. When he took a sip, it brought back memories of his childhood New Year’s Eve apple juice toasts, when he had managed to persuade his parents to buy the expensive stuff.

#4. Tree Top 100% Pure Pressed Honeycrisp Apple Juice

Even though this juice looks cloudy, like it says, it tastes like a Honeycrisp apple. I have a huge appetite for testing new apple varieties, and I firmly believe that Honeycrisps are the best for eating raw. They may appear uninteresting because they are so common, but it is true! (Jazz apples come in second place.) Some of our tasters found this juice to be a tad acidic, but other fans of Honeycrisp will like the true flavor.

#5. Evolution Fresh Organic Apple

Even though “cooler fall weather” doesn’t arrive in Southern California until it is almost winter, I’m already longing for it as we enter the height of summer. The costly, fresh, natural taste of orchard-fresh juice makes this wonderful cold-pressed juice from Evolution well worth it. Chase noted that you can taste some of the harshnesses of apple skin in this bottle, adding that it tastes and smells a little more natural, organic, and farm-like. “You’re getting the balance of biting into an apple, not just the sweet sugariness,” he continued.

#6. Great Value 100% Apple Juice

You probably think of Motts when you think of apple juice. You may have also noted that Motts is absent from this list. That’s because I genuinely couldn’t tell the difference between that name brand and the Walmart-brand generic apple juice. Try this if you don’t like the other cloudier, more authentic-looking apple juices on this list. However, I must say that you ought to think about switching to cloudy apple juice!

What Is the Best Brand of Juice?

The juice from pomegranates comes in first. Although it has a lot of calories and sugar, it also contains a lot of antioxidants, which are excellent for you. Pomegranate juice really has more antioxidant power than red wine or green tea.

Which Apple Juice Is Pure?

Stute Superior Apple Juice is a pure juice, which means it only contains apples. This juice gives you one of your recommended daily servings of fruit and vegetables, just like our other pure juices.

Safe Apple Juice Brands Without Arsenic 

There is currently no validated list of apple juices free of arsenic because you would need to test each and every one of them. With an average of 15.4 ppb for the three samples we tested, Trader Joe’s Fresh Pressed Apple Juice was the only product to have more inorganic arsenic than the FDA recommends (10 ppb). When asked about these findings, a Trader Joe’s employee said, “We will look into your findings because we are always ready to do whatever is needed to make sure the safety and quality of our products.”

What Is the Healthiest Juice Company?

Fruit must be healthy, right? It is jam-packed with all the vitamins and minerals your body needs to create strong bones, cells, and skin, as well as fight infections and inflammation. The American Heart Association advises consumers to consume roughly four servings of fruit each day, and 14 cups of fruit juice are one option for achieving this recommendation. That doesn’t give you a license to consume any juice you want. There are brands of juice that are good for you and some that you should stay away from.

Tropicana Pure Premium Vitamin C + Zinc is the healthiest apple juice brand. Your immune system could certainly use a boost at any time of the year. Gorin says to drink Tropicana’s enriched OJ, which is 100% orange juice with zinc and vitamin C added. Gorin says that you should only drink one serving of this juice per day so that you don’t get too much zinc.

What Apple Juice Has No Sugar?

The most recent USDA Dietary Guidelines say that each 8-ounce cup of Mott’s Original Apple Juice has two servings of fruit and is full of the flavor of juicy apples. It also offers a great amount of vitamin C, is sugar-free, and has a mouthwatering flavor that the whole family will enjoy.

Healthiest Apple Juice Brands 

You will be quite curious about what makes up your everyday diet if you care about your health and fitness. Along with eating healthily, you also need to make sure you are well-hydrated. A glass of juice could give you the nourishment that is useful in a variety of ways. Finding the ideal one, however, can be difficult because it must be free of chemical additives and rich in the essential nutrients that the body needs. So here are ten of the market’s healthiest apple juice brands, whether you’re trying to reduce weight or switch to a better diet.

#1. Welch’s 100% Apple Juice

One of the top marketers of grape products worldwide, Welch’s, has 100% apple juice as its first item on the list. This one offers a pure combination of concentrates and other components. Sugar is totally absent from it as well.

To make apple juice easier on the palate, each can contain filtered water, concentrate, and malic acid. In order to add more vitamin C, it also contains ascorbic acid. Welch’s apple juice could be a great way to replace soda with a drink that is both tasty and good for you. Consequently, why not include a 5.5-ounce can in your diet? In addition, Welch’s is one of the healthiest apple juice brands.

#2. Ocean Spray Apple Juice

You can try this Ocean Spray apple juice if you’re looking for a 100% organic option. When packaged in 5.5-ounce cans, it fits conveniently in a backpack or small refrigerator.

It is an all-fruit beverage with no added sugar. Additionally, it doesn’t include any artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. You get 80 calories in each serving, so you don’t need to be concerned about gaining more weight.

#3. Martinelli’s Apple Juice

You should try the juice from Martinelli’s if you enjoy drinking organic juice in ten-ounce PET or glass bottles.

You receive 12 tiny bottles of organic apple juice with each bundle. Even though most of it is concentrates, it doesn’t have any artificial ingredients like preservatives or sweeteners. You might think about trying Martinelli’s selection of beverages when you go grocery shopping the next time because of their excellent taste and portable bottles.

#4. Kirkland Signature Apple Juice

Also included is Kirkland Signature’s freshly squeezed apple juice. It is completely devoid of concentration, which makes it a fantastic option for people who enjoy completely natural beverages devoid of any kind of additives.

It is a good family purchase because it comes in one-gallon sizes. Fresh Kirkland juice has 120 calories per 240 ml, which makes it a great way to get more calories into your diet.

#5. Mott’s 100% Apple Juice

Try Mott’s 100% apple juice if you enjoy the clean and zingy flavor of ripe fruits. Fruit is contained in two servings per 11.5-oz can. Mott’s apple juice is low in added sugar and high in vitamin C. Each canned good contains 120 calories per serving. Water, apple concentrates, and ascorbic acid are the active components. Therefore, you don’t need to be concerned about any substances that are harmful to the body because Mott’s is among the healthiest apple juice brands.

#6. Apple & Eve Organic Juice Pack

One of the top apple juice brands produced in the US is Apple & Eve. You may be confident you’re purchasing from the best because the beverage production techniques used now date back to 1975.

The pure concentrates and jolt of vitamin C in the 100% juice will keep you fueled all day. A pack of 32 6.75-oz. fresh organic blends are included in the box. There are 16 apple juices, 8 berry juices, and 8 fruit punches included. So you may always enjoy a tasty, filling beverage whenever you want.

#7. Tropicana Apple Juice

This Tropicana apple drink is another premium brand you can rely on. a brand that is well-known for its savory organic beverages.

The only natural components in Tropicana apple juice are 100% apple concentrates. 10 oz. bottles containing the nutrients you need each day come in packs of 24. Each bottle of Tropicana has 140 calories, which is enough to give you the energy you need for the day.

#8. Nantucket Nectars Apple Juice

On the list of the top apple, juice brands are Nantucket Nectars, which is made from freshly squeezed apples. It features all-natural components and a delicious flavor that will have you coming back for more.

They come in glass 16-ounce bottles that look nice on your countertop or refrigerator. They also taste so sweet that you might assume they are high in sugar, but they aren’t. At least based on what is said on the bottle.

#9. IZZE Sparkling Juice

If you like different kinds of fruit drinks and want to save money, the IZZE sparkling juice variety pack is a good choice. Each 8.4 oz. can of fruit juice and sparkling water includes 70% fruit juice.

It is also devoid of added sugar and preservatives, making it a drink appropriate for all ages and seasons. There are six bottles each of apple, grapefruit, blackberry, and clementine sparkling juices in a 24-pack. You can choose from all of your preferred settings to get it exactly the way you like it.

#10. Wellsley Farms Organic Apple Juice

The main things that make up this Wellsley Farms juice are filtered water, organic apple concentrate, natural flavors, and ascorbic acid. A pack of 24 bottles of 10 oz apple juice will keep you hydrated and provide you with a good supply of nutrients. Given that each bottle has 140 calories, you can drink it at any time of the day.

You now have access to ten of the greatest apple juice brands that are additive-free and made with natural components. Please leave your comments if you believe that there is another brand that belongs on this list.

Why Is Apple Juice Not Good for You?

Vitamin and mineral deficiencies

One cup (240 ml) of apple juice does not provide at least 10% of the reference daily intake (RDI) for any micronutrient, making it a poor source of any vitamins or minerals. Nevertheless, ascorbic acid, often known as vitamin C, is frequently added.

Can Diabetics Drink Apple Juice?

Yes, apple juice is good for people with diabetes if they drink it in moderation. It has sugar, but because it has a very low glycemic index, it does not raise blood sugar levels.

What Juice Does Not Spike Blood Sugar?

Juice made from fresh tomatoes for diabetics.

So, drinking tomato juice can lower the risk of CVD and won’t cause a blood sugar surge. It is once again among the best juices for people with diabetes.


Although apple juice has advantages and disadvantages, whole apples are a very healthy food. When apples are juiced, their ability to hold water is increased, and some plant compounds are kept. But when you juice apples, you lose some of their other benefits, like fiber and the ability to make you feel full. Even though dangerous traces of heavy chemicals have been found in some brands of apple juice, it seems likely that more research will be done and the right steps will be taken to fix the situation.

As measured by added sugar and other factors, some apple juice brands are healthier than others. So, enjoy your apple, chilled and juicy, according to your preferences or lifestyle.

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