Social Media Manager: 10 Practical steps to becoming one

Social media management is a strategy of creating, publicising and developing contents uploaded on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter…
It also includes engaging users of these platforms with the contents posted. Social media management can be done personally and professionally making use of free and paid tools.

Social media management is concerned about analyzing audiences on social media. It is the process of working on a strategy that will ensure that contents for monitoring online conversations, community helping services, tracking, measuring, profiles on social media, checking online conversations with influencers in the industry, reporting on the performance of the company or business on social media and ROI are developed


Some time ago, these who tasks were limited by businesses but recently, they are now allocated to companies who offer marketing strategies because social media now offers do many opportunities to make money through on the Internet if the company or industry’s social media channels are properly working and efficiently managed and organised.


Aside the aforementioned benefits of social media management, it also cuts down costs.
The cost of marketing is much lesser in most cases with this strategy unlike when marketing is done offline. Since social media networks place no restrictions to join except it is a decree by a country, much more users get to know that such a product or service exist and is up for sale and the price as well in some cases and there is much tendency to get a positive response from those users. Social media platforms now offer advertising services which is a faster means to reach a larger audience and build a team of followers online.

Starting from Facebook to Instagram and other social media platforms, social media networks can reach a whole lot of users worldwide.
Pinterest is also a great platform that boasts businesses in their specialty and assist them reach their target audience.

There is also traditional advertising and marketing which reaches a larger amount of potential customers.

To reach a larger number of buyers, social media management is compulsory for such business.

Same social media creates a strategy for every market and helps the business in view to market with the knowledge of its users behaviour.
Since things are going digital, a whole lot of people now purchase goods and services on social media, this is another reason why every business should have social media management must be in place for every business that must Florish now and in time to come.

These and more are the benefits of social media to a business.

Social media cover Platforms such as ;

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • YouTube


After analyzing your audience social role, then your content strategy will be in place as well, ie, you will get an idea of how to structure your contents.

Content formats and content topics are just a top of the iceberg. With time, producing a whole lot of contents at a faster pace may be a challenge as time goes on. To prevent such challenges, there is need for an optimized content workflow.

Underneath are some tips to effectively and efficiently manage a social media account.

Step 1: There is need to delegate roles and responsibilities for the work to be less burdensome.

On this assigned team, there should be ;

  • A content Manager
  • A content creator
  • A content editor

Step 2: To capture the attention of your audience, research on the personas of your social media audience.

Step 3: you Create interesting contents, research and find out competitors strategies, join online conversations, use content inspiration tool.

Step 4: It is up to you to curtail what you should and should not create and upload.

Step 5: There are a whole lot of Content creation tools online which will help you create contents for your audience. If need be, pay for those you need to.

Step 6: There is need for a social media editorial calendar:
Using Google calendar as a template, you can create one.


Underneath are some crucial steps you should consider to becoming a social media expert manager:

1. Consider acquiring a degree in marketing or communication.

As a social media manager, it is important to acquire vast knowledge on Marketing; Marketing strategies and how to go about structuring sales and much more.
On the part of communication, every social media manager must learn and master the skills of communication since the essence of social media handles is grab attention, all uploads should call the audience and also communicate value on the topic in view.

2. Learn the diverse tools and technologies in the industry.

No form or level of formal education in marketing or communication can replace the knowledge of the tricks of the social media trade and also the tools needed in the industry.

Outside creativity, there is more to social media. To Florish as a social media manager, you need to be aware of the analytics of things and also manipulate the insights, viewers and data to get across to a larger audience.

A suggestion by Shelby Rogers (a content marketing manager) was uploaded online where she said, “The highest priorities for any social media manager (SMM) is to be explicit and excellent at storytelling and content creation”.She also included that, “A social media manager should be able to comprehend analytics and effect changes with the community in view”.

3. Search for social media opportunities.

Where some people get it twisted is when they wait to get to a higher level before building a social media profile.
Right from where you are currently, it is advisable to build one. It is an opportunity to boost your business sales and activities on all your social media handles.

You can also manage your social media handles based on your personal life experiences and all that. Don’t over estimate uploading videos of your hobbies on Instagram and Facebook. It adds value to your portfolio, makes your handle captivating and makes you competent in social media campaign.

4. Carefully take actions because you’re being watched and tracked.

Whether you’re managing a personal or business account, it is important that you so not only upload contents consistently but also keep a watch on the contents you put out and ensure that you don’t judge badly other social media channels which are public most especially. There is much tendency to get into problems in such cases because the Internet never forgets neither does it end so every unnecessary post must not be uploaded.

Just as Ashleigh Ostermann, the communications manager said, “THINK BEFORE YOU POST”.

5. Adapt to continous learning

As time goes by, things changes and get upgraded. Social media channels also come and go, reflecting over the past ten years, some social media handles which were then prominent are not now that is why it is important that you always get in touch by learning to keep advancing not just on social media channels but also in other disciplines concerning marketing.

For some other social media managers, they didn’t start with what they are currently doing but as time goes on, they studied the market and then navigated to their current role.

6. Learn to learn and grow independently.

Marketers, sales men and women, bloggers, and a whole lot of business individuals cooperate with social media managers but even at that, it is crucial that your grow independently not depending on solely on individuals or companies.

7. Find top brands to model.

Write down the names of companies, brands and industries that you admire a whole lot and would love to be a part of then consistently follow their pages to know more about them.
Remember the profile, personal professional social media profile we talked about earlier? Work more on making it more visible in the online space so that you have an edge when an internship or job comes up.

Amerlia Swaggert, a marketing manager once said, “Storytelling as a social media manager will come with ease and this will increase sales for the company you admire”.

It us fine not to want to aim at working for already established corporation abs and all of that, so you can make yours more fun, creative and easy to approach and flow with on a brand you are passionate about.

8. Build, strengthen and make visible your online portfolio.

One of the most efficient and effective way to getting hired as a social media manager is to show off your online portfolios which includes your social media channels and websites,this shows more professionality and of course, results speak.
Whether paid or not, it is important to display your experiences on sites.

9. Intentionally volunteer to gain more knowledge.

Volunteering is actually a considering to check out for when managing social media accounts, whether profit oriented or not, an individuals (sales persons) and organisations.
Volunteering will give you experiences of high profile events and both parties (you company and you) will benefit in the end.

Starting off as volunteers has earned so many others jobs as social media Managers.

10. Practice good and proper time management skills.

Every social media handle is meant to captivate the interest of its readers. So it is important to gain mastery by practicing and uploading information around a certain niche and also post timely informations to engage your audience.
It is also very important to master the act of time management as a social media manager,not neglecting to build the skill of multitasking.

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