Richest Companies In The World: The Top 20 By Networth

Acive trade in the market is quite far from stock classifications. While stock classifications brings to your awareness the net worth of the company, unlike the first.
Monetary value is decided by market capitalization which is also expressed as market cap.
This is the sum value of the shares of all the investors or shareholders in a company.

Market caps are measured by classification. The highest classification is the mega caps and with this, companies with capitalization are the ones that are valued at $300 billion and more.

As trading now takes place within market hours, there is no certainty about who tops for a longer period of time, but the companies are more stable than ever and also more promising to step higher in their trade places.

For the past centuries and decades, certain companies and organisations by diligence, resilience, team work have built a brand from little to a wonder worldwide.
In one way or the other, these companies have offered services or created a product that has been of help to humanity. Not just that but also looking at the fact that most of these company owners are great philanthropist, they have also in one way or the other rendered help to people and charity organisations.

Market capitalization is the net value in the market of these companies when their whole prominent shares is multiplied by the value in price of a share.

This marketing capitalization is the template by which these companies underneath are rated the most richest in the world. Their values are in U. S dollars.

Apple, Amazon and Microsoft are the most popular companies in the world. Although Facebook and Alphabet is a big time competitor, these giants have played the game with enormous resilience and diligence to stay on top.

On the 3rd of November, 2020, Apple won this prestigious position. In August, it was the first American company to get to a market value of $2 trillion. The company doubled its efforts as it exceeded $1 trillion exactly two years ago.

Apple has gone through a whole lot of challenges. Microsoft which is the second riches company in the world also passed top enterprises in 3018 to get to where it is currently. Amazon came forth in January 2019 but just a month later, Microsoft sprang back.

In October 2019, Apple became the leading company in the world and still lost the position in February 2020 to Microsoft, round and round, they all worked diligently till stellar earnings was released and Apple rose to the top again and remained for the whole of 2020.

Below are the list of the top twenty most richest companies in the world today:

#1. Apple (AAPL) valued at 943.57B

Apple is currently the richest country in the whole wide world. In August 2018 this news Apple made more than a trillion dollars market cap.

Although the company experienced as a result of the poor sales of Apple’s iPhone.

Existing since 1976, Apple also produces electionic devices and computer systems.
At its early stage, it was close to bankruptcy but the company’s recoiled and is currently the most rich company in the world.

#2. Microsoft (MSFT) valued at 928.57B

Bill Gates, renowned as the world richest man for many years is the founder of Microsoft

Bill, the Harvard drop-out founded Microsoft, from building softwares for PC’s and to enhancing user-friendliness to building this company in 1975.

Microsoft, headquarters in the Capital of U.S.A Washington precisely Redmond is arguably the richest and biggest software company in the world.

Established by Bill Gates, Microsoft is a leading in the company hard and software industry.
Microsoft has advanced communication and other entertainment sectors making use of technology.

#3. (AMZN) Market Cap: 919.65B

Amazon is the third richest company in the world with a market cap that is nearing a trillion dollars. They’re a popular online retail giant and a leader in the Ecommerce marketplace. Amazon has seen a steady increase in the value of their stock and as of the last check, they are still on the upswing. Because of Amazon’s convenient online ordering platform, many brick and mortar retailers have closed up shop for good because they could not compete with the retail giant.

Amazon has hit a market cap of close to a trillion dollars.

This third world riches company is a renowned online retailer, it focuses more of E-commerce.

#4. Alphabet (GOOG.O) valued at 859.25B

This company has birthed so many other flourishing businesses including Google.
Alphabet specialises on providing mainly Internet products in niches like; life sciences and so much more.

#5. Berkshire Hathaway (BRK-A) valued at: 521.35B

This large holding company established by Warren Buffet and Charles Munger acquires subordinate companies to itself under a percentage.
At first, it began as a textile industry from there, it starting manufacturing, retailing, publishing, banking and offering some other services to insurance industries.

#6. FACEBOOK (FB) valued at 511.35 B

The popular Facebook is an Internet based (social media) company. From Menlo Park in California to so many other parts of the world, it connects individuals, and also boost business by providing platforms for advertisement for small businesses, organisations and all that…

From a little startup, the Facebook team grew to about 35,000 in 2018 and it has grown currently to the the sixth world richest company worldwide. The FB site currently has close to 3 billion users.

#7. ALIBABA GROUP (BABA) valued at 481.91B

This is a commerce company that operates both online and offline through a large number of auxiliary companies.

Alibaba Group Holding Limited is an international company in China which majors on cloud computing, innovation initiatives, digital media and entertainment and many more.

#8. TenCent (TME) valued at: 480.78B

This Limited Liability Company is the eight most rich company worldwide. This China based company provides services like advertising, investment services for companies (both startups and the ones that are already established) and individuals as well. Not just that, this company provides games online and mobile alongside software development services, software sales and a lot more.
9) Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) valued at: 369.1B

For over 13 years JNJ has been under operation in the United States. They provide health care products of different types and for virtually every age groups. Johnson and Johnson hair care products are renowned worldwide and is one of America’s best brand.

#9. JP Morgan Chase (JPM) valued at 363.75B

This is an American institution that has existed for over two centuries. They own more than a 100 markets which assets accrues to a sum of $ 2.6 trillion with over 250,000 employees and millions of clients.
They also offer investment banking and for small businesses and individual consumers other financial services.

#10. Visa (V) valued at 363.47B

Visa provides credit cards and other financial services to government, individual customers, banks, business within the digital currency market.

#11. Exxon Mobil (XOM) valued at 344.83B

Exxon dwells on producing energy and fuel safe for consumption worldwide. The company specialises in making available high quality chemical products and also export these produce.
Every aspect of fuel and energy is managed by ExxonMobil globally.

#12. Samsung (SSNLF) valued at: 313.095B

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. does not just sells but also manufactures and supplies electronics (monitors, air conditioners,…) and computer peripherals.

#13. Industrial & Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) valued 301.91B

ICBC is a financial institution that provides banking services like;loans, deposits, foreign currency, settlement, fund underwriting and so on.

#14. Walmart (WMT) valued at 295.00B

This is a capital market that began small at a certain place but recently has retail outlets in almost every state, employing 2 million plus workers.

#15. Verizon (VZ) valued at 293.17B

This company is in control of providing communication and entertainment products and services to buyers in different parts of the world. It was founded in the year 1983 at New York.
With wire lined and segments of the market, they supply large agencies, businesses and individuals goods and services.
They mainly provide data, voice, telecommunication equipments..

#17. Nestle (NSRGY) valued at 279.75B

For more than 150 years, nestle has been in existence. It produces the largest food and beverage which are distributed to more than 190 countries.

#18. Royal Dutch Shell (RDSA) Valued at 268.87

This company produces natural gas.
It works on Integrated Gas (upstream, downstream and corporate)

The exploration, extraction and conversion of nutural gas, crude oil and other related products are done by Royal Dutch Shell.

19) Procter & Gamble (PG) valued at 264.84B

In May 1905, this corporation began. It majors on developing and manufacturing consumer packaged goods which are branded.
To over 189 countries, they supply skin care products not excluding brands like Old Spice, Olay and the likes.
They also feature companies that provide styling aids, , hair care, styling aids, shaving appliances and grooming and health care products and so on.

#20. Intel (INTC) valued at 264.52B

Intel is rated in the world as the 20th richest company.
It produces one of the largest computer chips not just at its based, the United States but also in the world.
Ninety percent of the microprocessing market is owned and controlled by Intel.

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