Jobs for 12 Year Olds

                                                                 Jobs for 12 Year Olds

Is it about that time when you channel the energies of your pre-adolescents towards productive ventures? Are you uncomfortable seeing your 12-year-old sitting idle? Are you a 12 year old looking for legal ways to work for some money? At 12 years old, a child should become aware of the need to become productive and should be given the opportunity to experience what it is like to labour. Although some countries do not permit children below the ages of 12 to work at professional or industrial levels, there are so many jobs that they could take on in the guise of duties.


Exposing 12 year olds to the labor sector has so many benefits attached to it. Their human communication skills and relationships could be developed at such an early stage, and this could generally improve their confidence and social intelligence as they mature. It could also guide them towards deciding career paths, as they gradually discover their potentials while at their job. More, it exposes them to cash habits. They learn how to earn and save up money to meet up with their private plans like getting a gift for someone.
One ought to know the laws guiding the employment of 12 year olds or minorities in their regions. In some cases however, permits could be granted to such age range under the scrutiny of legal parties. Note that if the law absolutely prohibits the employment of minorities, it could be considered as child trafficking should such minority be found working jobs. Also, employers should know that such jobs ought to be temporary and shouldn’t take advantage to exploit or stress out the employed kid. Although there are other jobs that 12 year olds could handle as sole proprietors, it shouldn’t be placed before academics.Most of these jobs attract different pay; the employers and the demand for the service are usually the major determiners of pay rate. It is okay to negotiate if the pay rate doesn’t tally as desired but always remember that the employer will also expect hard work in return.

Sometimes, 12 year olds who desire to work will have to scout for jobs and offer their services to potential employees. It shouldn’t always be the case of applying for available job opportunities but also observing for tasks that could command price and creating a job out of the opportunity. Let us explore these jobs for 12 year olds and see what they demand from the employee and how much they could pay.

#1. Tourist/Camp Guide

This job is for those kids who are living in neighbourhoods that attract visitors on regular occasions due to the presence of tourist attractions or resorts in such areas. Many locals around the world benefit from this geographical advantage since there is a regular flow of paying visitors into and out of these zones. One advantage of this job for 12 year olds is that it gives them an opportunity to converse and make new friends with different people from far and wide. It is also one of the most flexible pay jobs because a friendly and knowledgeable tour guide could benefit more in form of tips from tourists who appreciate the service rendered. A tour guide can charge $10 dollars per tour.

#2. Domestic Chores

There is almost a lot of work to do every day in most households and many of these households do not have enough hands or patience to include these tasks on their to-do-list. These jobs range from clearing the lawn to dusting boxes in different compartments, spotting and disposing expired cans and foods, taking away the trash, feeding the house pet, bringing in the papers and running errands.

Houses that have very elderly people living in them and houses with members who are always busy round the clock are usually in need of this type of service because putting up with menial activities can be very stressful or time-consuming, especially for those who work so many shifts or different jobs; such individuals may decide to avoid these duties absolutely. A 12 year old can spend a few hours after school or during the holidays carrying out domestic chores for such households and make decent pay.

#3. Babysitting

12 year olds are just right for this job. They know what it is like to be in a baby’s shoes and also have ideas on how adults take care of babies, so they understand what is required from babysitting. Being less burdened by social life compared to the older teenagers, 12 year olds are more likely to sit back at home while long with a baby, until they’re dismissed by their employee.

Associations like the Red Cross occasionally organize training classes for kids who want to try out babysitting. Crucial skills such as how to give CPR and first aid are taught to these kids in case they are confronted with such emergencies while babysitting. Having this training experience as a kid also increases the chances of being employed to baby sit because it shows that the 12 year old is reliable and could handle such emergencies should the need arise.

#4. Family Business

For families that own private businesses, it is okay for a 12 year old to work in the business. This gives an insight and firsthand experience on how the family business is being run. However, it is not advisable to have a 12 year old as the cashier, especially in businesses that are prone to vices such as robberies or breakout fights. A 12 year old can be a store personnel or customer guide, that way they stay actively observant and accountable.

#5. Dog Walking

Dogs are social animals and it is so cruel to own a dog and not walk it at least twice a week. Most people know this and wouldn’t want to entertain such cruelty hence the constant demand for dog walkers. A 12 year old can walk dogs for busy owners and get paid for it. This fun job will ensure that the dog stays healthy while it socializes on the go. Dog walking is a lifelong event that could see the animal bonding with its walker and so it is okay if a 12 year old decides to negotiate as a regular dog walker, for over a long period of time.

It is important to note that the 12 year old shouldn’t be allowed to walk too many dogs at the same time in order to avoid accidents that could occur when the dogs become excited and begin to pull, perhaps after seeing other dogs on the walk or other forms of distractions. Also, ensure that the dog is familiar with the 12 year old; we do not want to expose them to violent dogs. Lastly, on the issue of allergies, 12 year olds who develop allergies after being exposed to dogs shouldn’t be allowed to do this job. Also, it is best if they walk dogs in the day time and in areas where grownups could observe their activity, not far away in distant and isolated grounds.

#6. Monitors/ Neighbourhood Watch

This one is for those 12 year olds who prefer working from strategic and comfortable zones. With a clean pair of binoculars and a vantage point at the top floor of the home, a 12 year old can observe for strange activities that could or do occur in the neighbourhood.
Some households are prone to burglaries in the absence of the home owners however, with the presence of neighbourhood watch there to dial the emergency line on any suspicious observation, absent neighbours can feel safer in return for a structured pay. Many people would encourage kids to be brave but it is advised in this case that the kid on watch don’t interfere physically with a suspect in the neighbourhood. A good vision, an alert mind and a communication system is all that is required to watch the neighbourhood safely and effectively.

#7. Entertainment

Although the requirements to secure a job in the entertainment industry is usually based on talent, there are exclusive cases where people’s features such as facial appearance and physique are sought after to take on certain roles in movies, documentaries, music videos, children panoramas etc.

Most hiring employees in this field always put out callups for auditions, where individuals are directed to show case their talents or play a role in order to get selected and secure the job. In cases such as this, the job is not always guaranteed but it is open to applications. 12 year olds who intend to get a job in the entertainment industry should be cyber active and always be on watch out for information that announces for auditions.
However, the entertainment industry is open to everyone so that anyone can create content and generate income through streaming on various platforms. So if you think that you can handle the requirements of content creation as a 12 year old, you should try it out. One important point to observe while creating content is the information that is being communicated in the literature piece. It will be unethical for a 12 year old to star in contents or publish pieces that are not permissible for their age range hence the need to be guided by parents or project supervisors.

So why not try out pieces, presentations and programs that could be viewed by a family with the children present. One observable truth is that kids enjoy watching other kids being creative so this is a chance to secure and impact an audience with information that could educate and entertain, while having them pay for subscriptions as they anticipate subsequent follow ups.

#8. Personal Assistant

Personal assistants come in different sizes and potentials and are expected to carry out defined tasks by their employers. A 12 year old can become a personal assistant and carry out menial tasks for an employee who may be experiencing difficulties in coping with work and other petty necessities like grabbing a coffee, mailing letters or sorting out documents from rubble and other office/workshop tasks.
Most workers especially those who have multiple jobs, usually need assistance in order to deliver more effectively at work. Consider a case where a wood worker has to leave the workshop just to grab a coffee. Such petty distractions could slow down work rate and create divided attention hence the need for a personal assistant. Although at the professional level, a personal assistant is required to do tasks that may prove burdensome for a 12 year old, employers who seek the assistance of 12 year olds must clearly spell out and explain what is expected from the 12 year old at work before employing.

#9. Modelling

Both major and minor industries/organizations employ the service of models to promote their products on bill boards, branding labels, advertisements or as the face of the institution. Charity organizations, cosmetic, fashion and music industries, NGO’s and civil unions etc, all employ the services of models and also have provisions for 12 year olds in various programs.
One cool thing about modelling is that anyone could model; it all depends on the nature of the event and the employer’s requirements. For example, a company that makes children body lotions will likely employ a child model with skin texture that soothes and reflects the message which they aim to send across to their customers; both potential and paying.
Build your portfolio on social media, take and post nice photos of yourself creatively and regularly. The modelling industry is very competitive since anyone can partake in it but solace can be found in the fact that it pays those who are consistent so ‘’don’t give up’’ should be the watch word if excelling in this field is truly desired.

#10. Farm Workers

A 12 year old can practice agriculture by working on a farm. This is permissible if a parent of the 12 year old has given written permission or is working on the same farm. Also, the work can only be performed in hours when school is not in session. According to the child labour law, youth younger than 12 can work on a farm only if the farm is not required to pay the federal minimum wage, with regards to the Department of Labour.

#11. Online Jobs

How about making some money online? The world is a digital globe and trillions of dollars are traded internationally and domestically on the internet each day. There are so many online platforms that employ services such as tutoring, reviews, writing, photography, customer servicing, influencer promotion etc, to mention a few. One cool thing about working online is the comfort that it comes with; a 12 year old can deliver online according to their potentials, capabilities and resources, without any institutional barriers. So turn on your search engines and get cyber surfing, there are so many credible employers out there with jobs that could be done with ease for a good pay.

#12. Dish Washers

Closing hours at most restaurants offers another option to make some quick money for those who are willing to do the dishes. Sometimes, workers at these restaurants ask for leave and time off thereby leaving room for someone else to fill in. A 12 year old could drop a phone number at different restaurants, indicating their readiness to do the dishes whenever they are being called upon or simply just demand for a full time job to do the dishes at any restaurant of their choice. Restaurants are always hiring over and over again.

#13. Lemonade Stand

That time of the year when everywhere is hot. 12 year olds can start a lemonade stand in the neighbourhood and sell some refreshing juice to passersby. These days, lemonade drinks have become more expensive and in demand so there is no doubt that sales will rake in some profit in a jiffy once business kicks off. Preferably during holidays in the summer, a dedicated 12 year old can make a lot of profit once sales is consistently made while the sun is up.

#14. Swimming Pool Maintenance

Some neighbourhoods with trees always have to deal with dirty pools. Leaves fall off from the trees and litter the pool. A 12 year old can gather the deposits in the pool and keep it clean in exchange for a pay from its owners.
It is okay to walk around and offer cleaning services to houses with dirty pools because it is a job that is usually open to anyone who can do it.

#15. Painting Jobs

Painting jobs are usually fun to do and they do not require so many skills to do. With and understanding of colours and concepts, a 12 year old can carry out painting projects for employers looking to coat their old walls, basement, shack, furniture etc. In cases where the paint job requires the pre-teen to climb heights, then it must be done with appropriate protective gears and grips or avoided absolutely.
Can you handle a spray job? Ensure that you wear a mask and gloves before spraying paint on a job.

#16. Gathering and Selling Scrap

Collecting, gathering and selling scraps that litter and pollute the environment are a very noble and fruitful job. 12 year olds can walk around with sacks and gather plastics, papers or metallic scraps which they could later on sell for recycling.
Scraps found along parks and old junkyards come in varying sizes and qualities. Metals like aluminium and copper have more value than iron so 12 year olds should know the worth of each metal per kilogram before selling. That way, a fair trade or bargain can be certain.
12 year olds should not approach private property to collect scrap materials unless with permission from the property owner. Sometimes, things of value could be mistaken for scrap and so in order to avoid leaving with people’s property, it is advised that questions are asked before leaving with items found on personal property or similar.

#17. Sport Staff

So many sporting industries employ the services of teenagers and kids. A 12 year old could work on a golf course as a caddie or on a soccer field as a ball boy/girl. They could also serve water and energy drinks to pro athletes while at training.
To secure this type of job, it is advised that the 12 year old always visits golf courses and sporting stadiums. Chances increases when the 12 year old participates in sporting events, this creates an opportunity to run errands for athletes who will be in need of assistance every now and then during training. A little rapport with these athletes could nurture familiarity and create more chances to find a job working for the team or solely for the athlete.

#18. Online Video Gaming and Rentals

The gaming industry generates more money than the entire movie and music industry combined. This is an underrated market that a low key lot of maestros happen to benefit from. Professional gamers compete and their games are viewed and streamed by dedicated game lovers. People get paid to play video games but it takes a lot of dedication, gaming skills and professionalism to secure this type of job.
Now a 12 year old in love with or addicted to gaming has a reason to stand for being dedicated to gaming, so long as it can be defended in the guise of a job.
So many online games offer cash awards to players on completion and so the possibilities of making good pay while gaming are abundant.

More, a 12 year old gamer, can rent game time to kids around who crave to play video games and are willing to pay. This job is very lucrative and rewarding since all that is required for the job to be successful is the availability of a gaming console and many games to alternate. No physical stress is required to do this job except when creating awareness in order to attract customers, and also while monitoring them as they influx. Give your customers time to have fun on your console and demand for a pay from them as soon as their times expires, to avoid customers who have no money from wasting your time. Finally, be very careful and observant with whom you allow into your gaming space. Don’t entertain every stranger but know that you will be working with so many strangers.

#19. Advertising/Creating Awareness Programs

Businesses, upcoming shows and concerts always put up one or two posts on paper in order to promote, advertise or create awareness about a product, service or event every now and then. Sometimes they employ the services of people to distribute their flyers and posters. A 12 year old can share flyers on their way to and back from school, when they go to the park, when they go to visit a friend, when they embark on adventures and outings etc. A 12 year old has the chance to meet more people than some local media so they are a favourite option for a reliable local/door to door publication.

#20. Personal Skills and Talent

Every individual is unique in their own way. Some have the ability to sing, draw, design and play instruments etc. The most rewarding of all jobs a 12 year old could do is to work on their personal skills and talents. Although the reward is not guaranteed in the short run, every improved talent draws steps closer to perfection, recognition and success.
A 12 year old could spend time improving skills by taking music classes, participating in sports and gymnastics, painting pictures, expressing creativity and designing models.
Improving these skills will increase the chances of the individual to be employed in both the present future.

How Can a 12 Year Old Kid Earn Money?

Your 12-year-old is likely outgrowing the toys, games, and DVDs he enjoyed as a child. If he doesn’t have any younger siblings to pass these items down to, he can sell them on online auction sites such as eBay, Facebook etc.

What Is the Youngest Job?

According to Indeed Career Guide, common jobs for 15-year-olds with little or no experience include dog walking, grocery bagging, caddying, tutoring, and referring games. Individuals can work in certain industries, such as entertainment, at any age, according to federal and state laws.

What Are Most Kids Dream Job?

Working in health care system is formally the most prevalent dream job for children across America, with 26% of those polled expressing a desire to become a Doctor, Nurse, or other Healthcare Practitioner when they grow up.

What Job Can a 9 Year Old Get?

For this task, children as young as 9 years old can use an adult vacuum or a small handheld vacuum. Moreover, most children enjoy vacuuming and enjoy seeing how much dirt and dust they can suck up. 

What Job Can a 10 Year Old Get?

Dishes, dry cleaning, sweeping, and mopping are all basic chores that any 10-year-old could perform.

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