The Bad Side Of PayPal You Probably Are Oblivious To

The nature of humans postulates that our hearts mostly want the positive sides of issues, filtering, and leaving out the negatives. Sure, it’s a good thing to always want to be positive, but not to the detriment of knowing the bad side and addressing it. You see that PayPal account you believe is so software-righteous and probably heaven-sent. The truth is it is fast becoming a necessary evil. I know you don’t want to hear this but you just have to.

Now I’m not here to murder PayPal. What I actually want to do is tell you their shortcomings so that you will know how best to deal with them when making transactions. I know you have gained a lot from this system and transactions most possibly couldn’t have been easier without this function, but I just want you to give me 15 minutes to tell you why 50% of the trust you give it shouldn’t be.  


 The good part side is that because most people are always wary about providing their credit card or bank account information to online associates whom they are not all that familiar with; PayPal, in this stead, acts as a middle agent. They ensure that a customer’s account information never reaches their clients’ associates.

But the bad side of PayPal (which I am very sure you never knew) is that due to security issues and government regulations enacted to limit the transfer of money to criminals, PayPal sometimes freezes an account when it suspects it of illegal transactions.

This might not be the case in some instances. Accounts may be temporarily frozen because of a suspected security breach and held for even longer until investigations (which might even take longer than a nine-month pregnancy) are conducted and concluded on the account. Trust me; you don’t want to imagine what this hold-up could possibly cause your business (more painful especially when you are innocent of the suspicions).  


  The good side of the technicality of PayPal is that setting up a secure e-commerce website can be initially difficult and expensive. Many businesses with a small web design budget opt to use PayPal as a payment option simply because of its easy implementation and usage.

PayPal provides the plug-in which website operators then insert into their sites, after which the PayPal code takes care of the rest by directing users to a secure server, creating invoices, and managing the fund’s transfer.  

Now to the bad side of PayPal’s technicality factor. Despite the fact that PayPal serves as an agent between the general public and personally operated bank accounts, its terms of use provide it access to its clients’ accounts.

I don’t think I have to tell you that service error that occurs most often could result in the deduction of massive funds from your bank account even without your authorization.

Just imagine such a scenario where you have your account swept empty by PayPal due to some technical issue on their part and you might not even be refunded because they might tell you such never happened. Then your next option will be to head to court; you could have actually just saved yourself all that trouble.  


 It’s a good thing that PayPal allows for small businesses to use its services free of charge even though they claim a portion of every payment made to big businesses by their associates as a transaction fee. Bigger businesses may choose to operate under its Website Payments Pro plan, which allows payments to be made directly on your website without redirecting them to PayPal’s payment page for a fee.

However, there is one bad side here and it is that if businesses have a dispute with PayPal over charges of fraud, account freezes, or other administrative problems, there are little or no resources at all available to the plaintiffs. PayPal’s terms of service grant the company dominion overall funds in its possession, so investigations into complaints may be carried out without having to provide report documentation to the client.

In fact, if it’s a business account, you might even lose the product you are complaining about and still risk being made to pay a refund to your clients.  This is another bad side of PayPal.

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Client Care (Customer Service)

 On a final note, PayPal is negatively renowned for its unreliably poor customer service. They are of the habit of hiding their phone number and only sending out automatically programmed responses to email queries.

All you have to do is apply caution to your dealings with PayPal and use wisdom in choosing from their services and plans. Seriously, you don’t want to go under the knife in 2020.  

You just have to be smart in the business sphere as anything short of this might spell doom for your business. I can only wish you Good luck!

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