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You’ve come to the perfect place if you’re seeking innovative video ideas that will go viral on YouTube, TikTok, or other platforms. Although video ideas are an effective marketing and advertising tool, there isn’t a trick to using films to your advantage. However, there are many opportunities for success if you can be original and genuine and focus on the right audience. Entrepreneurs who know how to use the Internet to come up with new and interesting video ideas or materials are ahead of the game in a market that has a lot of business potential. That is, do more than simply market goods and services.

YOUTUBE Video Ideas 

Sometimes you have a plethora of great YouTube video ideas, but other times it’s harder to find that initial spark of inspiration. All artists have been there, including us! As a result, we put on our creative thinking caps, considered what Airrack would do, and came up with a critical list of content suggestions for YouTube creators.

Change things up by using a format you’ve never used before, working with others in your field, or even just revealing a little more of who you are. You’ll find a ton of fantastic YouTube video ideas to keep your channel interesting! So spark your imagination, get some inspiration for your next viral video, and produce YouTube gold.  I’ll give some tips in this article to assist you in coming up with concepts for educational or humorous videos that you can produce. Use whichever ones make the most sense for you and your company.

Check out the YouTube video ideas and interesting video theme concepts that can be used with these ideas down below.

#1. Explainer Videos

Videos are seen as a form of content whose main benefit is that they can be watched quickly. Explainer videos that show how to use your products in the best way could get more people to watch and interact with your channel.

#2. Video Reviews

Reviews serve as social proof of your opinions regarding a good or service. They can be used to look for new books, Netflix shows, or items that are related to your hobbies.

#3. Videos That Tell Stories

One of the key forces in material today is storytelling, as I’ve already stated on this site. When you share a personal tale in your YouTube video ideas, you can assist those who are going through it now or in the future. Don’t forget to adapt your tale to the realities of your business in order to be relevant and guarantee that your audience is interested in it.

#4. Videos With Advice

Tips videos are insights or suggestions that may help people live better lives, whether on a personal, professional, or business level. They are often produced with one person talking into the camera and demonstrating.

This could incorporate tools like websites, apps, tactics, or even just original concepts like this one.

#5. Videos of Q&A

Have you thought about reading audience queries and looking for chances to respond to them on video? Ideas for videos might be derived from remarks and messages posted on social media or from the videos themselves.

#6. Ideas for Webinar Videos

Live video streams called “webinars” are used to market pertinent topics. This increases the interest in and worth of the content for the viewers. In most cases, all you need to do in a webinar is pick a worthwhile topic and allot at least 20 minutes to discuss it.

#7. List Videos

Another original and educational concept for a YouTube video is a list. Lists are straightforward, common, and frequently draw attention because they contain quantity. Start the video you make for this type of topic with a brief introduction explaining your decision. Then, to keep the audience interested, briefly describe each item on the list and explain why you placed it in the order you did.

#8. Inspirational Movies

Positive remarks are beneficial for everyone.

Humans naturally rely on support and inspiration to get over challenges and go forward. Motivational videos that go viral on Facebook are one example. These are the videos that you start getting from different people all of a sudden.

#9. Contests Videos

Contests Mannequin challenge video example – YouTube video inspiration

Challenge videos are very entertaining and frequently go viral. Do you still recall the mannequin challenge and the ice bucket challenge? These are just two examples of challenge videos that got a lot of attention, even from famous people.

Try tagging the people you are challenging in your video to improve the likelihood that they will accept your challenge.

#10. Videos of Gameplay

Playthrough videos are recordings centered on this specific gaming world and are becoming more and more popular with young people who enjoy games.

They can demonstrate how to play your favorite game, ask you how you feel about a game you recently purchased, provide you with release information, or demonstrate how to advance to the next level.

#11. Videos of Event Coverage

Is there something going on in your hometown that your readers might find interesting? Bring a camera and some original video ideas over there. Try getting in touch with the event organizers to learn who you might interview there to spice up your story.

#12. Vacation Videos

People who enjoy traveling and experiencing new cultures love travel videos. You have probably already viewed information of this nature.

To create this type of material, all you have to do is begin bringing your camera along on your future travels, record your time there, and then share your impressions.

#13.  Instructional Videos

Tutorials are designed to teach your audience new ideas or skills, as their name implies. Videos used to teach must be unbiased and simple to copy.

In other words, your target audience must be able to complete the tutorial’s job without too much difficulty.

TIKTOK Video Ideas 

It’s difficult to produce interesting, entertaining content for TikTok videos. Finding ideas to record and upload on TikTok can be scary, even though the process is fairly straightforward. Even though being original and following current trends is a great way to keep your community interested and get more followers on TikTok, making content that will last is a surefire way to do both.

Good content is timeless and may be reused for your blog or Instagram Reels, among other platforms. Consider them dependable videos that you may produce repeatedly. Here are 10 amazing TikTok video ideas you can utilize if you’re having trouble coming up with ideas:

#1. Present a Guide

Give them a lesson they’ll never forget! To do this, simply put together a brief and simple lesson that demonstrates how to use your good or service. it is one of the improved TikTok video ideas to consider.

#2. Exhibit a Recipe

To connect with the sizable cooking community in the TikTokaverse, share a recipe. Everyone requires food, right? even if your company doesn’t focus specifically on culinary products or businesses that belong in the kitchen.

#3. Test out a Viral Hack

On TikTok, there is no guilt whatsoever in piggybacking, so let other people do the creative thinking for you. Share your personal experience with or reaction to a viral hack; people appreciate seeing honest assessments and tests before attempting, such as popping popcorn in a hat.

#4. Lip Sync to a Song or a Video With Dialogue

TikTok was made from the ashes of a dancing and lip-syncing app. This means that dancing and lip-syncing are still very popular on the social media platform. Why not join in the amusement?

#5. Design a Branded Hashtag Competition

On TikTok, challenges are burning bright. You can certainly adopt the latest fads (such as downing a cup of dry nutmeg), but why not go above and above and start your own with a unique hashtag, like Levi’s #buybetterwearlonger campaign? This also is a good option for a TikTok video ideas.

#6. Participate in an Unbranded TikTok Challenge.

You might not have enough time to come up with a brand-new task from scratch. No issue! On the site, dozens of challenges are active at any given time.

#7. Practice a Duet.

The duet and stitch tools on TikTok give you the chance to work with already-posted videos to make your own unique version. Use this feature to record your response to a video or to add your own voice or video to one that already exists.

#8. Produce a Humorous Skit

TikTok videos are actually the best medium for humor because they are so brief and quick. Write a silly skit or embrace something absurd if you have a sense of humor and it fits your brand.

#9. Give Some Interesting Facts

Wouldn’t it be lovely if, for once, the internet actually improved our intelligence? You can join this movement by giving interesting facts about your company, your part of the economy, or current events.

#10. View the Backstage Area

this type of TikTok video ideas includes entails an intimate glimpse into your office, factory, team meeting, production process, or customer visit and will provide the public with a sneak peek into what you do.

How Do I Make Video Ideas? 

To assist you in coming up with video ideas, consider the following ways:

  • YouTube search: One of the finest ways to find what someone is looking for is through YouTube search. Immediately search YouTube when you have an idea for a piece of content to see what comes up.
  • The comments section of videos may be a terrific source for subjects and ideas for videos.
  • Communities and groups: Being among creative people can frequently produce a genuine sensation of a deeper creative push to independently come up with fresh ideas and themes.
  • Polls or surveys: Polls and surveys are an additional efficient technique to learn what interests your audience. For instance, you can conduct a poll or survey on social media

How Do I Choose a Video Topic? 

The following are ways to choose a video topic:

  • Recognize your goal
  • For assistance, ask your audience on YouTube.
  • Use tools that are professional.
  • Competitor Research

How Can I Grow My Video Views? 

Here are 10 suggestions on how  to grow your video views:

  • Write quality material (that nobody else is generating) 
  • Think about watching series instead than individual videos.
  • Find out more about YouTube SEO.
  • team up with other content creators.
  • Use cards instead of displays.
  • Make a blog post to accompany each video.
  • You should add timestamps in your video descriptions.
  • utilize social media to promote the event.
  • Don’t skimp on the quality of your thumbnails.
  • Think carefully about your title choices.

How Do Youtubers Get Noticed? 

The easiest way is to subscribe to channels that are similar to yours and like and comment on their videos often. This is a practical method to make your channel more noticeable. Try mentioning or shouting out a particular YouTuber in your videos to get their attention.

How Much YouTube Pay For 1,000 Views? 

At a more in-depth level, the numbers aren’t always simple to comprehend. Since some viewers use ad blockers, a sizeable percentage of those who watch the ads skip them within the first few seconds. The real pay-per-view range on YouTube is $0.003 to $0.005, which is influenced by these and other elements. This means that a YouTuber receives $3 to $5 for every 1,000 views.


Most of these video ideas can be used in any area. You can use the broad ideas and determine how they might apply to your area of expertise. For instance, a gaming YouTuber might take on a 30-day challenge where they play on a console they detest. Or a foodie YouTuber could set a goal to abstain from junk food for a month. It all depends on how imaginative you can be with these fundamental principles and ideas.


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