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How many people are now present in your office? You had how many yesterday? How about August of the previous year? This article defines visitor management systems and explains why many companies use them nowadays.

If not for the previous questions, the last one surely caused you some difficulty. 

If you could find the old Excel spreadsheet in your shared drive or answer the questions, it was probably because you had to manually count the entries in the binder that contained your guest sign-in sheets.

Here are some more queries for you while that binder or spreadsheet is open:

  • How many names can you read, or were you entered incorrectly?
  • How many visitors don’t have their arrival time noted?
  • Who neglected to sign out? (Or are they still hidden in the office somewhere?)
  • Was the time that was recorded for sign-in or sign-out accurate?
  • Which employee did each visitor interact with, exactly?

Consider what happens when guests enter your office now. Who welcomes them? A friendly receptionist who engages them personally and makes them feel welcome? Or one who has been stuck at a desk all day, bothered, and lacking in coffee?

Perhaps nobody is present to welcome guests at all. What do they do next? Do you wait until a worker passes by or knock on the doors you see? Unattended lobbies and open doors are common in many buildings, making it possible for anyone to enter any office anytime.

These straightforward situations occur daily in offices all across the world. They also show how important visitor management is. 

They specifically show the necessity of a visitor management system, sometimes a digital check-in system.

Visitor Management Systems

Monitoring everyone who enters your facility or business is known as visitor management. 

Customers, delivery persons, job applicants, contractors, consultants, or the CEO’s third cousin twice removed can all be visitors. 

Everyone who isn’t a regular, full-time employee is, in essence, a visitor.

A tool called a visitor management system is used to track visitors formally.

Visitor Management Systems Today

Digital visitor management tools like The Receptionist for iPad are replacing traditional visitor management tools like binders, pens, and paper in businesses today.

A digital visitor management system handles the essential function of checking guests. But it can also perform several tasks that a pen and paper cannot, like it:

  • Keep an online visitor log.
  • Please take pictures of your guests so you can recognize them.
  • Create visitor ID badges with your company’s branding on them.
  • Record signatures on nondisclosure agreements and other legal documents.
  • Accept delivery from courier services like UPS, FedEx, and others.
  • Notify users through SMS, email, and Slack when visitors arrive.
  • Enable interaction between staff and guests in both directions.
  • Acknowledge food deliveries and drop-off paperwork
  • Give guests directions.

A visitor management system boosts office productivity, improves office security, and improves your company’s reputation.

Visitor Management Systems for Schools

An integrated security system that monitors everything, even during the busiest times, is required to create a safe and secure school environment. 

Schools can easily maintain a risk-free environment by using a visitor control system.

Have you established a reliable mechanism for tracking visitors to the school? Are you keeping track of visitors who interact with your faculty or pupils while they are on the school grounds? Is the campus of your school free of trespassers?

Authorities must ask these questions to keep the instructors and students safe inside the school building. 

With a visitor management system for schools in place, you can efficiently address each of these issues separately and take care of other facility requirements.

Visitor Management System for Schools – Top Features

#1. Authenticated Check-In

Managing visitors’ information with maximum simplicity is a feature of school visitor management systems. 

One must fill out forms as soon as one enters the school grounds. The system then validates the data and information that has been submitted. 

The validity of their identity is confirmed, the phone number is double-checked using tools like OTP verifications, and other information is reviewed. 

Only once all personal data has been extracted, validated, and approved can a person be allowed admission within the facility.

As a further measure of security, the contemporary VMS photographs each visitor. 

It is guaranteed that the campus is always safe and secure, thanks to the quick check-in and verification process at the front door.

#2. Contactless Check-In 

A proactive approach is being used by smart institutions to stop the spread of pandemics like COVID-19, which caused severe disruptions and jeopardized the safety of faculty and staff inside the school. 

Touchless check-in options with pandemic-proof technologies, like face recognition software and QR code scanning on mobile devices, can reduce the chance of carriers entering the school building. 

Make sure you choose the appropriate option when choosing a school visitor management system. 

#3. Verified Entry

Schools regularly see hundreds of staff members entering and leaving the building along with visitors. 

A visitor management system also provides the option of pre-entering personnel details to help keep track of everyone accessing the facility. 

The school premises are secure at all times thanks to the pre-entered names and details of staff members because only the authenticated teachers and staff are permitted entrance to the building. 

You can specify whether an OTP validation is necessary as an extra layer.

Even when faculty or staff enter the school, it is easy to record their names beforehand, and only those with passes are permitted to enter the zones. 

Additionally, this makes it easier for authorized workers to monitor the movements of all staff and teachers inside the building, including their frequency, length of stay, and entry and exit times. 

#4. Real-Time Dashboard

A real-time dashboard showing the movements of all visitors, employees, faculty, parents, and children (if necessary) at any given moment is a feature of an efficient visitor management system for schools.

This makes it easy to identify and track people moving throughout the premises.

This dashboard can track how long parents, guests, or employees stay on the property. For instance, if a parent wants to visit their child, the app makes it simple to monitor how long the parent stays.

#5. Visitor Insights

Keeping an accurate log of every person who has visited the facility in a certain period is the major problem that schools face. 

Paper logs or pen-paper methods frequently fail because they are vulnerable to being tampered with, damaged, or even stolen.

A visitor management system ensures that a safe location-based record of visitors is always available. 

The authorities can easily examine the system’s visitor insights. 

Who came to the campus? When did a specific person leave the building? How often did a guest check-in? 

The team can create a plan of action to manage better the visitors coming and leaving a particular premises thanks to these figures being prepared within the system and readily accessible to all relevant parties.

Best Visitor Management Systems

#1. Qminder Software

Qminder is a cloud-based software for managing queues that aid businesses in providing memorable waiting times. 

Use on-site check-in kiosks and real-time progress information to manage customer lines. Customers can use Qminder to remotely queue up using their phones and receive notifications via text messages. 

You can deliver more individualized service thanks to the information collected during customer self-check-in.


  • Starter: $429.00 a month per location 
  • Business: $659 a month per location 
  • Enterprise: Custom pricing
  • Free trial: Available
  • Free version: Not Available

#2. HID Visitor Management Solutions Software

WorkforceID Visitor Manager’s cloud-based program assists small and medium-sized organizations in the transportation, energy, healthcare, education, and other sectors to manage physical and digital identity access. 

Administrators can create individualized screening questions with the help of the solution to automate check-in procedures.


  • Starting price: $2,000.00 per year
  • Free trial: Available
  • Free version: Not Available

#3. ALICE Receptionist Software

A visitor management system for small, middle, and big organizations in various industries, ALICE Receptionist is cloud-based and on-premise. 

Visitor registration, motion detection, credential printing, a business directory, and event management are the solution’s standout functions. 

Users can automate their guest management procedures with the use of ALICE Receptionist. 

Department listings, two-way communication, employee notification, image capturing, and remote monitoring are further features.


  • Starting price: $3,588.00 per year
  • Free trial: Available
  • Free version: Not Available

#4. Proxyclick Software

For small, middle, and large businesses, Proxyclick is an effective visitor management system that is cloud-based. 

Some of its key features include visitor registration, instant photos, badge printing, instant notifications, reporting, and Proxyclick. 

Users may control visitors using Proxyclick, enhance their brand’s reputation, and guarantee security. 

Additional capabilities of the system include badge personalization, access control, visitor pre-registration, user permissions, data protection, and safety checks.


  • Starting price: $100.00 per month
  • Free trial: Available
  • Free version: Not Available

#5. VisitLog Software

Small, midsize, and big businesses can all benefit from using VisitLog, an on-premise visitor management system. 

The fundamental features include visitor pre-registration, badge printing, email and SMS notifications, visitor registration, and notification of visitors. 

The VisitLog kiosk function keeps track of visitor arrivals and departures and the total number of visitors present. 

A programmable welcome screen, emergency evacuation lists, parking management tools, and reporting features are further features.


  • Starting price: $1,800.00 one time
  • Free trial: Available
  • Free version: Not Available

Electronic Visitor Management Systems

Basic computer or electronic visitor management systems, which are frequently housed on an iPad or a touchless kiosk, employ a computer network to monitor and record visitor information. 

An electronic visitor management system mitigates most flaws of a pen-and-paper method.

To check for potential security issues, visitor IDs can be compared to municipal, state, and federal databases and internal databases.

Automated Visitor Management Systems

Several businesses still use antiquated manual visitor check-in methods like name tags and guest books, but switching to an automated visitor management system has many advantages for a company, including cost, time, and resource savings. 

In the 2017 white paper, The Evolution of Visitor Management, 82% of the organizations questioned claimed that implementing an automated visitor management system boosted operational efficiency. 

A visitor management system that automates reception and administrative operations while enhancing security and lowering hazards provides an excellent return on investment.

When a visitor arrives, the visitor management system instantly notifies the appropriate employee. 

The staff is informed that their guest has arrived.


Old and poorly run visitor management systems come with several concerns. 

An obsolete platform can result in compliance problems or security lapses that can be quite expensive. 

The entire procedure needs to be reevaluated, with the visitor management system given top attention.

Visitor Management Systems FAQs

How many types of visitor management systems are there?

There are two different operational approaches, even if there are not two distinct types of visitor management software.

How do I set up a visitor management system?

A notification system should be included in visitor management systems to notify staff members when a visitor has signed in. 

Employees should ideally have the option to select the notifications they want to receive and when. 

Guest badges should be quickly and instantly printable.

How do you deal with visitors without an appointment?

The secretary should offer a seat and introduce themselves to any visitors who haven’t scheduled an appointment.

  • Obtain the information from the caller
  • Speak with the supervisor’s office
  • Inquire as to the supervisor’s availability
  • Strategically decline visits

What are the types of visitors?

Visitors who arrive by air, such as stopover visits, day visitors, and transit visitors, are called air arrivals. 

Visitors that arrive by sea, such as cruise passengers, are called sea arrivals. 

Arrivals by sea also include stopover guests like sailors and boaters.


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