Best 2023 Business Intercom Systems (+ Wireless Option)

best business intercom systems
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One of the best ways to communicate with colleagues while you are at work each day is to use the intercom. One advantage of these technologies is that you don’t have to spend time getting up and going to someone else’s office; if you manage and work out of a large office space, this can save you even more time. When running a business, saving time by not having to shop around makes a big difference. This list of high-quality intercoms will do just that. Continue reading if you’re ready to locate the best wireless choices and business intercom systems for your company.

What Are the Different Types of Intercom Systems?

#1. Current-Carrier Intercoms

To generate medium-frequency AM signals, a carrier-current intercom device uses energy from an AC electrical system. The audio quality is poor compared to a hard-wired intercom set, but it will provide a way to speak inside a structure.

The intercom unit can function alongside the electricity thanks to the integration of this basic intercom system with the building’s internal electrical wiring.

#2. Analogue and Hardwire Intercom Systems

Wired intercom units and hard-wired intercom units are both used interchangeably. During the first phase of a building’s development, contractors typically install a hardwired intercom device. They conceal the intercom system within the building’s walls.

A hard-wired intercom system also costs more than conventional intercoms, especially if you install it after they build a building. Infrastructure maintenance and repairs need a lot of labor and are quite expensive.

Hard-wired intercom systems have the benefit of withstanding many forms of interference.

#3. Wireless Intercom

The most popular use in the current market is wireless intercom. Wireless intercom equipment transmits intercom signals using radio frequencies. (Digital or analog phone connections using Internet protocol IP, or SIP)

Compared to hardwired and carrier-current intercom systems, this type of intercom is less expensive since it requires less extensive and labor-intensive infrastructure work. When there is poor reception, interference may lead to difficulty with mobile phones; the manufacturer of the wireless intercom system may also influence this.

In most cases, wireless gadgets are ready to use right out of the box without any installation. You may effortlessly utilize the device from numerous locations with the majority of indoor and outdoor wireless intercom systems. This is useful when, for example, a visitor appears at your front door while you are away.

Business Intercom Systems Wireless

An intercom is a communication tool that enables two people to converse with each other. It is a business intercom system. Offices have had intercom systems for many years.

Business phone intercom systems were first used only by tenants of offices to interact with one another from various rooms or suites. Even while some firms still employ similar systems today, intercom systems for businesses nowadays have many additional uses.

Many corporate intercom systems enable renters to communicate with guests at the building’s front entrance and grant them access from a distance.

Types of Business Intercom Systems

The following are the top three business intercom system types:

  • Intercom at the office for internal communication
  • System for opening doors in buildings
  • Business video intercom systems

Intercom At the Office For Internal Communication

Office coworkers once interacted with one another within a building using a wired intercom system before smartphones and instant messaging apps became commonplace.

Only the staff members who work within an office building can use these kinds of intercom systems.

Systems For Opening Doors in Building

Building access systems with door releases is an additional kind of intercom.

Office tenants need to be able to unlock doors with the touch of a button, therefore the door release feature of the external intercom system for businesses is essential.

Business Video Intercom System

Commercial video intercoms are now used in office buildings more frequently than internal overhead office intercoms.

This is due to the fact that employees now communicate among themselves using email, texting, and messaging apps.

What Are The Benefits Of Business Intercom Systems?

A commercial intercom system offers a number of advantages, such as:

#1. Contactless Registration and Entrance

Buildings of all types must now prioritize contactless entry more than ever.

Tenants and visitors no longer need to sign themselves in on a piece of paper or speak with front desk personnel. They improve the tenant’s experience with contactless entry, which also guarantees easy access for tenants and their visitors.

No member of the building staff is required to let tenants in or out; they are free to come and leave whenever they wish. The ability to unlock the door for visitors without getting up from their desks is another benefit of contactless access.

#2. Management of Visitors

Commercial buildings now manage dozens of visits every day, and that number will keep growing.

Tenants may simply control visitor access to the clock with an intercom system for business thanks to the cloud-based operating system. For easy access, tenants may also send virtual keys to guests.

You may rest easy knowing your building is secure since the intercom system preserves a record of every door access occurrence.

#3. Delivery Control

You’ll notice an increase in the number of parcels sent to your commercial location as online shopping tendencies grow.

You need a solution to stop missing deliveries and parcels from being stolen because these deliveries are crucial to the operation of your tenants’ businesses. Additionally, renters frequently request services like food delivery to their offices.

Business intercom systems allow building staff to provide delivery PIN codes to each courier for guaranteed entry.

Best Business Intercom Systems

#1. Wuloo Home Intercom System

This intercom system is available in a set of four affordable devices that plug into any available socket.

There is no requirement for the internet because it operates through radio signals rather than Wi-Fi. Users can expand to guest quarters or garages that are far from the primary residence thanks to an effective range of up to a mile.

#2. IST 1200 Music and Intercom Deluxe- 5 Kit

The leading manufacturer of wired intercom systems is IST or Intrasonic Technology.

The IST I2000 is a complete kit that provides music and voice communication both within and outside the home.

The kit includes an outdoor patio station that requires a little cover, a base station with an AM/FM radio built-in, five individual room units, and a station for door entry. Also included are two sets of ceiling speakers.

#3. Hosmart Full Duplex Wireless Intercom

The Hosmart system meets people’s needs for a very small investor who is searching for a straightforward, simple-to-use intercom for two-way communication. It comprises a base and a component that a battery can power or put into a regular household outlet via a USB connector (must be 18650-type).

#4. IST Retro Music and Intercom Master Station

This home intercom system is intended for homeowners with existing, broken, or outdated equipment who don’t enjoy the idea of tearing everything out and patching numerous holes in the walls.

A Master Station, which houses an AM/FM radio, an MP3 player dock, and connectivity for smartphones, serves as the system’s central hub. There can be a total of 13 substations added, including two patio stations and two-entryway stations or all inside rooms.

#5. Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2

The Ring Pro 2 is undoubtedly the most sophisticated intercom of its kind currently on the market. Intercoms have long been used as door entry systems.

You can install it like any other two-wire doorbell using the existing wiring or without it (connection kit not included).

Best Business Wireless Intercom System

#1. Echo 8 Show

The enhanced Echo model with a screen is called the Echo Show.

The Show works somewhat like a tablet that is permanently placed. It can be used to browse the web, watch content, and listen to music. in addition to. However, you can use the Show as a smart intercom system when paired with the Echo speakers and other gadgets positioned throughout your house.

If you want to make sure everyone hears you, you can “drop-in” to call a specific device in your home or make a home-wide announcement. Even if this necessitates purchasing at least one show and multiple Echo speakers, the whole cost is still fairly low when compared to systems that serve as an add-on.

#2. Ring Video Doorbell 2

The ring is now considered the industry standard for smart video doorbell intercoms.

To the point that we wouldn’t be shocked if everyone started calling all video doorbells “Rings.” similar to how “Hoover” is sometimes used to describe vacuum cleaners in general.

#3. Nucleus Anywhere

You’ll need several of the Nucleus Anywhere units, which are sold exclusively as wireless intercom systems for homes. There is one for each connected room.

The Nucleus is one of the most sophisticated smart wireless intercom systems available today. However, it is a bit pricy, especially if you need to connect numerous rooms.

#4. SAMCOM FTAN20A 20 Channels

Compared to the Wi-Fi-connected smart home systems we’re seeing these days, Samcom’s intercom system is a considerably more conventional device.

This can be the perfect wireless intercom system for your home if all you need is something dependable that won’t break with a software update or stop operating when the internet goes down.

#5. Hosmart 7-Channel Security Wireless Intercom System with a 1/2 Mile Range

Long-range digital radio transmission is provided by this non-smart intercom technology as well.

Under perfect circumstances, up to half a mile! Seven channels and a group call feature are available on this system. USB, which makes it simple to plug them in anywhere and allows you to get a multi-pack for incredibly low-cost power to the devices.

All you need to do is connect them to start using your communication system. This is a great option for customers on a tight budget who only wish to connect a number of points within the supported range and don’t worry about smart features.

What Are The Best Intercom System?

The best Intercom systems are Wuloo, Echo 8, Echo 10, Ring Video Doorbell Pro, etc.

What Is An Office Intercom?

An office Intercom is a tool that facilitates two-way communication and, in some situations, controls the building entry system.

Employees can communicate with coworkers in adjacent rooms or with guests at the building’s entrance using office intercoms.

How Do I Set Up An Intercom System In An Office?

You’ll want to check that everything is operating as it should and that visitors have a simple access process because intercom systems can be challenging to install. By hiring a professional installation, you may also have the chance to connect their work with your current security systems.

What Is A 2-wire Intercom?

A 2-wire video In contrast to the eight wires needed for a digital IP intercom, intercom systems are IP-based and need just two wires to transfer messages.

2-wire intercoms are half-duplex or semi-duplex systems since they only require one pair of wires for transmission and reception.

Which Cable Is Used For Intercom?

Intercoms mostly employ two different types of cables. Twisted pair with shields and without shields.

How Much Does an Intercom System Cost?

Wireless cost 1000 – $500, Hard-wired cost $1,000 – $10,000 and carrier- current costs $50 to $150 per intercom system.


Using Intercoms is one of the best ways to make communication between you and your colleagues easier and faster.

You can choose from any of the high-quality lists in this article

Business Intercom Systems FAQs

What does an intercom mostly do?

Intercom systems have traditionally been used to facilitate communication inside buildings.

Can intercoms and other security systems be integrated?

Yes, almost any other kind of security solution can be integrated with intercom systems. Access control systems are one of the most popular integrations.

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