How to start a demolition company
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Learning how to start a demolition company can be pretty straightforward, especially when you have the ultimate guide, which consists of the requirements, steps, and procedures.

A small-scale demolition business can successfully begin with careful planning and a small commitment of time and money, and it’s possible to start a successful business of up to two thousand to ten thousand dollars.

There are numerous opportunities for new, old, small-scale, and large-scale demolition companies because many construction and renovation companies prefer subcontracting the interior or exterior of demolition for residential and commercial projects.

All you need to do is find the perfect guide to help you create the best demolition company.

What is a Demolition Company?

A demolition company can be defined or explained as a business organization whose sole responsibility is tearing down structures, buildings, homes, etc. The demolition company offers demolition services to the public. If you want to break down a building and reconstruct or restructure it properly, you will need the services of a demolition company.

The people who work in a demolition company are usually called demolition contractors. They are the ones who carry out the demolition activities. Apart from demolishing buildings, the responsibility of a demolition contractor also involves demolishing concrete structures, tearing down underground piping, structural buildings, and asphalt surfaces, and demolishing wood.

However, carrying out a demolishing job can also be done by individuals with experience, or you can choose to use the DIY process (do it yourself).

What is Mechanical Demolition?

A mechanical demolition can be defined as a type of demolition procedure carried out by using a particular type of tools and equipment. Some of the unique types of tools and types of equipment that are used during a mechanical demolition process include;

  • Dozers
  • Compact Track Loaders
  • Hammers
  • Shears
  • Backhoe loaders
  • Hydraulic Excavators
  • Articulated Trucks and Dump Trucks
  • Grapples
  • Equipment Attachment for demolition

How To Start a Demolition Company?

If you want to know how to start a demolition company, there are necessary steps you will need to follow for you to get the best results. 

These steps are outlined to help you determine if your demolition business idea is feasible and to identify the common questions and problems, you will face while converting your idea into a reality. Also, to prepare for starting your demolition company. These steps have all the essential aspects you need to consider before you start a demolition company, which will help you predict problems before they happen and help you keep your business idea.

Some of these steps are;

Step #1: Consider Beginning With a Small Scale Company

Manual demolition may be best left to a smaller company, depending on your level of competence and access to finance. Starting with a smaller company enables you to gain the experience and expertise necessary to ensure your demolition company’s rapid growth and development.

Step #2: Having a Practical Plan With a Solid Foundation

Having a practical plan with a solid foundation comes with so many advantages. By having and creating a business plan, you will not just be able to apply for a bank loan but also be able to prepare for the necessary steps you need to take during the startup of your demolition company.

This business plan will include specifics such as the strategies you need to take, your company’s type of demolition, your insurance, the necessary tools and equipment, your goals, and the initial number of employees.

Step #3: Apply for a Business License

This can be done by visiting the proper government office of the area in which you plan to open your company. Depending on your location, some states or counties may also require a contractor’s license, and your local government should also be able to provide that information.

Step #4: Get the Right Amount and Type of Insurance

You will need general liability insurance and workers’ compensation insurance during your company’s start-up. You may also need demolition insurance once you accept job offers.

Step #5: Find a Suitable Location for Your Business

A small manual company can run out of your home when starting, but an office location will help promote your business. This makes it more effective and attractive to clients.

Step #6: Purchase the Necessary Tools and Equipment

A small manual demolition company can quickly start with tools like hammers, chisels, and wrecking bars. However, a larger demolition company will need more extensive tools like Compact track loaders, Hydraulic excavators, Dozers, etc.

Step #7: Promote Your Company and Services

There are many options to choose from when it comes to a company’s advertising. Having your website is a good start. Also, getting your ad in the local phone directory, buying ads in local papers or business flyers, and handing out business cards. All these will help you create awareness for your business and get your targeted audience’s attention.

Step #8: Ensure Necessary Safety Training and Appoint a Safety Director

When starting up a demolition company, you need to ensure the safety of everybody, and this involves carrying out safety training and appointing a safety director.

Step #9: Apply for the Necessary Permits

The type of necessary permits may vary according to state and county. While most states have specific standards, others have more requirements.

Step #10: Launch Your Business

After you have followed the steps listed above, the last one is to launch your business.

How Profitable Is a Demolition Business?

According to research, the profit made by a demolition contractor is up to 10% on every job offer they get. Also, the profit gained may vary as the size and popularity of each company are different.

Who Is the Biggest Demolition Company in the UK?

There are several demolition companies that are pretty big in the UK. Below are some of the top demolition companies in the UK, they include;

  1. Keltbray
  2. McGee
  3. Erith
  4. EDS
  5. Squibb

What are the Three (3) Methods of Demolition?

There are different ways in which demolition can be classified. Some of the methods of demolition include;

  • Industrial demolition
  • Commercial demolition
  • Interior demolition

#1. Industrial Demolition

This can be defined as a demolition method in which the tools that manufacture goods are taken down. Tools like oil refineries, factories, or chemical plants.

#2. Commercial Demolition

Commercial demolition can be explained as a type of demolition method that involves the destruction and tearing down of commercial buildings and properties, which are usually less complicated.

#3. Interior Demolition

Interior demolition can be referred to as a type of demolition method which involves the destruction and tearing down of an internal part of the building or structure. The interior demolition method does not involve tearing down the entire building; it only deconstructs a specific internal part of the building structure.

Is It Hard to Start a Demolition Company?

There are several entrepreneurs who often ask the question ‘’is it hard to start a demolition company?’’ Well, if you are new to the world of business, it might be a little complicated for you to start one on your own.

However, if you have the necessary steps, guides, and requirements to follow, it would not be difficult. Plus, you will need a well-constructed business plan which will help you to make use of the appropriate strategies that will yield the growth of your business.

Can You Make Money in Demolition?

If you are starting up a demolition company and want to know if it’ll be profitable or whether you can make enough money from it, well, yes, you can.

Once you have all your requirements like licenses and permits, a well-constructed business plan, applied the right strategies, and created awareness for your business, all these will bring in job offers for your company which will get you the necessary funds to keep running it and your personal profit.

Is Demolition Good Money?

According to research, there is a lot of profit in demolition because there is always the need for development in every part of a country. Whether you are running a demolition company from your home or you have a well-constructed demolition company, you are likely to make enough money for the business’s funding and your personal profit.

Demolition Company Names

Demolition company names are what give recognition and uniqueness to every demolition company. Here is a list of the top demolition contractors. They are;

  • Erith Contractors
  • Hagedorn Unternehmensgruppe
  • DH Griffin Wrecking Co
  • McGee
  • Penhall
  • Freimuth Abbruch und Recycling
  • North Star
  • Keltbray
  • Brandenburg Industrial Service Co
  • AF Gruppen

Residential Demolition Company

A residential demolition company can be defined as a type of demolition company whereby the destruction and tearing down of building structures are only done on residential properties. A residential demolition company specializes in demolishing only residential buildings and residential structures. There are various types of residential structures; some are; mobile homes, houses, barns, garages, decks, and so much more.


Learning how to start a demolition company can be pretty easy, especially when you work with people with the right experience (professionals), follow the appropriate step-by-step guide, and have a well-constructed business plan. In addition, research has proven that having a demolition company or running a small-scale demolition company is quite profitable. This means that starting up a demolition company would be an excellent investment.


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