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A property manager is a person or company that manages all aspects of a property on behalf of the owner. However, before you get to take up this position as a manager, you have to sign what is called a property management agreement. An agreement that typically gives you the right by the owner to look after the property in the owner’s absence. This has grown to become a profitable business in the real estate industry, especially among investors. This is the perfect guide you need because it contains a good example of a property management agreement template, form, and even free property management agreement instances to kickstart your career in this field.

Property Management Agreement

An agreement for property management is made between the owner of the property and the manager who is employed to look after it. In addition to the costs for upkeep, leasing, and tenant eviction, it is typical for the management to receive a percentage of the overall revenue made from the property. A property manager is a person or business that looks after all facets of property on the owner’s behalf. In return, the owner gives the management a percentage of any rental income received from the property as well as any additional fees.

You can also say that a property owner and the management company enter into a contract known as a property management agreement. It describes the day-to-day operations the company will oversee at the rental property. Therefore, the purpose of this agreement is to specify which duties belong to the property management and which ones belong to the owner. Legal arrangements are known as “management contracts,” which allow one corporation to oversee the activities of another. These formal agreements are frequently signed directly between business owners and the management firm.

The Crucial Elements Of A Property Management Contract

Are you about to make a final decision on a property management firm? Then it is advisable that you initially have a clear understanding of what should be included in your agreement. This is because it connects two parties into one partnership. You may negotiate your contract with a property management firm more wisely if you are well-versed in the agreement’s terms.

Before you sign a property management agreement, you should carefully review several crucial sections. Because of this, we’ll explain to you what to look for in a property management agreement. You might approach a property management agreement in one of two ways.

#1. As the Property Manager

It’s important to have dependable clients who entrust you with looking after and managing their investment properties. This is because it will help you generate earnings from the home. When an investor approaches you with a property to manage, it’s crucial to have a property management agreement that is thorough and enables you to look after the property, generate revenue for your property management business, and generate revenue for the property owner. Every contract you get into with investors and owners of real estate has crucial provisions that need to be made clear.

#2. As the Landlord

Signing a property management agreement as an investor or property owner enables you to establish a business partnership with a property management firm and have your property maintained for a set monthly fee. While examining property management agreements, you should have a basic understanding of what should be in your agreement and what is necessary or important to manage the property you want to manage. Making money on your property while a reputable property management company is managing it requires knowing and understanding what is in a basic property management agreement and what customizations should be discussed.

A Property Management Agreement Template

Before we talk about where you can get a good property management agreement template, let’s typically discuss the reasons why you need a property management agreement in the first place, not talk about the template.

The first reason is that the unique requirements and obligations of managing each property could start to consume all of your time and prevent you from investing or working on other aspects of your business as you diversify your property purchases or investments. You can move away from your investment property without forgetting it if you are able to sign a property management agreement with a reputable property management company. This allows you to concentrate on other investments and property purchases.

Additionally, a property management company will also handle the duties of leasing, maintaining, and other day-to-day operations of the property for a fee, freeing you up to handle other crucial duties and business. When you sign the property management agreement, you can clearly identify the parties to the contract—the property owner and the property manager—as well as the property that will be managed.

Also, the contract will outline all the conditions that you and the property management business of your choice have decided upon. A property management agreement acts as a formal reminder to both parties of what they agreed to do to manage the property and specifies the duration of their agreement to do so. You can get the best template for a property management agreement, specially made for your business type on Template Lab.

The Property Management Agreement Form

It is advised that you evaluate the property management agreement form after looking over and comprehending its key components. After all, you will use the agreement as your point of reference for your working relationship with the property management company. You should, therefore, make sure that every provider will be fair from your perspective. Consider how the following questions were answered in agreement:

  • How long is the contract for property management?
  • What does the management fee cost?
  • What additional costs are listed in the property management agreement?
  • After the eviction, who will keep the late fines, interest on security deposits, and rent?
  • What obligations does it specifically have to the property management firm?
  • What conditions and duties does it impose upon you?
  • What happens if you or the management decide to end the contract early?
  • In the event of a disagreement over the agreement, how would disputes or arbitration be handled?

Rent collection, bill payment, evictions, tenant screening, advertising unoccupied units, continuous building exterior and landscaping care, and creating tenancy or lease agreements are typically included in full-service property management. While others include:

#1. The Obligations of the Landowner

A provision outlining the expectations of the property owner and what they can and cannot do in their interactions with the management company should be included in the contract. An owner can be in charge of getting and keeping the proper kinds and quantities of insurance, as well as opening a bank account and keeping a minimum level for repairs, emergencies, and routine maintenance.

Owner restrictions should also be included in this section of the contract. For instance, it could be reasonable to specify that the landlord cannot independently locate and enter into an arrangement with tenants. Instead, placing advertisements for vacant units would fall under the purview of the property management team, which would be responsible for posting ads for vacant apartments and screening possible tenants.

#2. Equal Housing Opportunity

This agreement should say that the owner and management firm support and adhere to local, state, and federal regulations pertaining to equal housing opportunities. By abiding by these regulations, landlords can avoid renters bringing successful discrimination claims that they were denied housing or asked to leave due to their race, gender, handicap, sexual orientation, or other protected class.

#3. Liability

The contract’s liability clause places restrictions on the property manager’s liability. The “keep harmless provision” is what is referred to in a property management agreement. This paragraph protects the management business by restricting liability, with the exception of situations in which the company has been careless in upholding its commitments.

If a third party that a property management company hires behaves irresponsibly, the property management firm won’t be held accountable or liable as long as it fulfills its duty to thoroughly vet the third party. A property owner should ensure that the “reasonable care provision” is included in this section of a property management contract to protect themselves.

#4. Contract Length

Property management firms typically enter into agreements that last for a minimum of one year. Before agreeing to a one-year commitment, property owners should hire a property lawyer to review the contract’s provisions.

#5. Termination Provision

A lawyer will examine the cancellation or termination provision to make sure the owner has the right to end the agreement before it expires. It is also important to note obligations following termination, such as the need to pay fees within a certain time frame.

The property management agreement form typically contains all that I have listed above, which is the basis because they typically contain more than those. However, the contents of the form can include or exclude certain provisions because they differ from one state to another. Get a form good form for your business management online for any state from- formbird.

Why is Property Management so Important?

Good management of properties ensures the safety of other tenants. You are responsible for screening applications and preventing the securing of a lease by any suspicious tenants. You do have the duty to protect your tenants from crime and other possible hazards. Management contracts are legal agreements that enable one company to have control of another business’s operations. Business owners often sign these written agreements directly with the management company.

It delineates and confirms the respective responsibilities of the owner and the manager and outlines the liabilities of each as well. Essentially, everything the owner and property manager expect of each other should be covered in writing through the Property Management Agreement

Free Property Management Agreement

There are some easy steps to take in ensuring you fill out your property management agreement form properly, be it free or not. Make sure to specify your state at the top of the page before you fill out your property management agreement. Easy guide steps include the following:

  • List the effective date
  • Enter Owner and Agent Information
  • Type the property address in
  • Determine the Term
  • Verify the Agent’s Duties
  • Provide Compensation Information
  • When Can the Parties Terminate the Agreement?
  • Determine the governing law

You can get an agreement of top value on property management, especially as software programs are free and available today. It also does a lot more than just keep track of earnings and expenditures. There are several free options available, such as advertising vacant properties on websites with syndicated rental listings to fill them quickly; tenant screening and online rent collection; maintenance management and invoicing; and fair market rent analysis to help manage rental properties for maximum profitability. Finding the ideal rental property requires significant effort and financial investment. From a commercial perspective, it makes sense to look at property management software in order to streamline your business and automate repetitive chores. The free property management agreement software you can find recently includes:

  • Stessa
  • Schedule My Rent
  • Housters
  • Cozy
  • Rentigo
  • Innago
  • Rentler
  • Hunt
  • Rezedent
  • TenantCloud
  • Total management

How do I terminate a property management agreement NSW?

A written notice of termination of a management agreement is required. We advise delivering the notification via email and then giving your property manager a call if you are handling the termination yourself. You will then have proof that the message was sent and received.

What is the purpose of a property management agreement?

A property owner and the organization or individual engaged to manage the property enter into a property management agreement. This agreement details all of the duties a management business will assume on behalf of the owner.

What is the standard term for a property management agreement?

Property management firms typically enter into agreements that last for a minimum of one year. Before agreeing to a one-year commitment, property owners should hire a property lawyer to review the contract’s provisions.

What happens if you don’t pay property management fees?

You should get in touch with your property’s landlord or management firm to talk about your alternatives if you are having trouble paying your service charge or have become in arrears. The freeholder may file a lawsuit and you risk losing your home if you don’t take measures to pay the arrears.

What are the three duties of a property manager?

Setting and collecting rent, responding to maintenance requests, filling unoccupied units, and possibly establishing the property’s budget are all duties of the property manager. Real estate investors frequently hire property managers to take care of properties they do not live close to or do not want to handle themselves.

What skills do property managers have?

An effective property manager is able to manage money, communicate with renters, oversee property maintenance, and market vacant apartments. These experts typically have backgrounds in real estate, maintenance, or property management.

In Conclusion,

For those of you who are new to the field of property management, this piece has already acted as an excellent primer for learning the essentials you’ll need to be successful in this career path. When it comes to a property management agreement, this post has covered the best free template and form available, as well as shed light on some of the most important aspects of property management.


How do i know the three things a management agreement should contain?

  • Fees and services
  • The responsibilities of the property owner
  • Equal opportunity housing

What is the purpose of a management agreement?

Management contracts are legal agreements that enable one company to have control of another business’s operations. Business owners often sign these written agreements directly with the management company.

When a property management agreement is signed it creates?

The management agreement is the employment contract for a property manager. The owner is the principal and the property manager is the general agent in this agreement, which creates an agency relationship between the parties.

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