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plat of survey

Even if you own property, you may not be aware of what a plat survey is. Hence a plat survey is a method of precisely creating a plat or an official, drawn-up map of a piece of property. So here is what we’ll be looking at. What is Plat of survey cook county, how to get it, the cost, the will county, for my property and in Chicago.

Plat Of Survey

A plat of survey is a legal map drawing that displays a single or many properties that have been inspected by a field crew and verified by a qualified property surveyor. Moreover,  a  normal plat of survey will provide acreage, legal description, old fencing placement, property lines, and corner posts.

To create a plat, a system that uses geographic features. Like distances between clearly designated places. And also different directions are frequently employed to identify the borders of a property. Moreover, the parcel is occasionally split into portions that are discussed in terms of metes and bounds. Therefore the borders of the parcel of land are then visually depicted, beginning at a specific location. And also working its way around the asset until it returns to its original starting point.

A plat survey, also known as a “border survey” or a “plat of survey,” must be done by a professional surveyor. A surveyor will discover and measure several elements on the parcel when doing a plat survey. Such as existing property corner monuments like iron rods or drill holes, fence lines, and lines of occupation, among other things.

A plat is clearly a visual representation of a parcel of land.  But a plat survey does more than just make a visible map of the area. It also includes a written description of the area that begins at the same location as the visual description and revolves in the same direction until it returns to the beginning.

How to Get a Plat of Survey

You’re possibly curious about how you can get the most exact idea of your plat’s legal boundaries now that you’ve learned about the benefits of plat surveys. There are several options to get a plat survey.

#1. Employ a Land Surveyor

Fortunately for hungry rabbits and grazing deer. Not all plot of land is plainly define and surrounds by a white picket fence. Moreover,  Some first plat of survey markers may no longer be relevant as land shifts over time. If you have any concerns about property lines, the best course of action is to consult with a land surveyor.

A land surveyor is an expert at defining plat surveys. They generate legally binding plat surveys by utilizing their skills, education, and specialized field equipment. Furthermore, they can even testify as expert witnesses in land disputes in court.

#2. Examine the deed

In real estate, there is the utilization of various forms of plats. A property deed is a written legal document that transfers property ownership from the grantor to the grantee. Moreover, this sort of deed will include vital information about the property such as precise owner names, exact address, tax map number, legal description, restrictions, and other information such as transfer conditions and reservations of rights by a previous owner. Although some deeds only mention a lot or block number, many include detailed measurements in the form of – you guessed it – a land surveyor’s property survey.

#3. Look for Plat Survey Records

Despite the fact that there is no national archive of real estate records. Many states demand plat surveys be filed with the local government. Visit the courthouse, property, or assessor’s office where your new land is located to look for property surveys. Furthermore, you will need to physically check the property’s transfers, requirements, and restrictions. This route can be time-consuming, but it’s a free or low-cost way to arm yourself with knowledge and history about the legal boundaries of your new property.

#4. A Plat Survey Can Be Online

You won’t be able to make it to the courthouse? Not to worry, many municipal governments maintain property records online. You’ll need precise information about the plat you want to seek for in order to find it. Furthermore, gather as much information as possible, such as the street address, boundary descriptions, and date of the last survey. And search the official county or assessor’s website for the property’s location.

The more details you have, the easier it will be to discover the survey you require. Although not all records will be digitized, the results of your search may assist you in locating the particular office where your survey is stored. You can then phone the office and request that they send a copy of the survey to you.

 Cost Of Plat Survey

The typical cost of a plat survey in the United States is between $380 and $540, with most homeowners spending around $422. Moreover, cost concerns such as geographical complications or difficulties locating formal paperwork about the land can have an impact on the final price. There are various types of plat surveys available, each covering a particular set of details.

Cost of Plat Survey Per Acre

Hiring a plat survey cost ranges from $20 to $40 per acre for large plots to $1,600 per acre for a modest quarter-acre residential lot. Furthermore, cost variables are heavily influenced by the amount of land you have and the number of corners that need to be marked. The cost per acre reduces as the number of acres increases.

A small residential survey is unlikely to cost more than $600 unless you are seeking the best-known surveyors in an extremely hot market. And also need the survey quickly to satisfy responsibilities once the land is under contract. Furthermore, some plat surveyors are to charge per square foot, ranging from 50 cents to $1.

 Plat Surveying Hourly Rates

The surveyor may also charge an hourly rate of $30–$100 per hour if you meet the following conditions:

  • For the first time in at least 80 years, the plat is being surveyed.
  • The original documents are either in poor shape or not particularly accurate.
  • The surveyor is familiar with the location and is aware of the average degree of difficulty in procuring resources to make his/her job easier.
  • The property’s conditions make it difficult to navigate the acreage and secure lot IDs in the ground.

Plat of Survey for My Property

A Plat of survey for property is also termed as a boundary survey. Is a precise, expert measurement that is used to determine or authenticate the plot of land on which a house is built. Property plat surveys are necessary if you want to know your property lines or develop improvements to your home so that you may avoid any restrictions or circumstances that would interfere with the legal boundaries of the mentioned property.

Property plat Survey Types

Let’s have a look at the various sorts of property surveys and see what differentiates them.

#1. Land

Land surveying is the fundamental process of confirming property lines on a parcel of land. Moreover,  Surveyors perform them to detect and examine man-made structures, elevations, natural features, and property boundaries. Furthermore, land surveys are essential for preserving property rights and planning for future land development.


Topographic surveys depict the property’s plane and elevation, as well as its borders. It searches for road features such as ditches, embankments, and contours. Finally, topographic surveys are generally required when road improvements are requested.

#3. Monuments

When building a fence on your property, a monument survey is required. The limits of the surveyed area are established by placing markers on the ground. The fence can then be set and built more precisely.

#4. As-Built Structures

An as-built survey identifies property lines as well as possibilities for improvement. Moreover, an as-built survey, for instance, could identify defects or imperfections in driveways or sidewalks. Hence, an as-built survey will also provide suggestions for resolving or improving these issues.

#5. Mortgages

Mortgage surveys, like as-built surveys, cover the entire parcel of land to be mortgaged. As a result, the last survey will differentiate the property borders as stipulated in the mortgage              

 #6. Floodplain

Floodplain surveys identify flood-prone locations. Moreover, this type of survey can be useful for homeowners who live in locations prone to heavy rains and flooding.

What Distinguishes a Survey From a Plat in Texas?

Plats normally only indicate the measurements and boundaries of individual plots; they do not depict any improvements or created objects, such as buildings. The locations of ground features and improvements, such as buildings, fences, water features, and driveways, are often shown on surveys of the land.

How Similar Are a Survey and a Plat?

Consequently, a survey depicts the limits of a single lot and frequently provides a more precise representation of that lot, whereas a plat shows the boundaries of numerous lots. For a title company to offer survey coverage on a title insurance policy, typically, a boundary survey is necessary.

How Is a Plat Created?

A plot is a piece of land used for a specific purpose, while a plat is a chart of a geographical area, typically on the scale of a neighborhood or county township (such as a park or a home). A plat map essentially catalogs the assortment of plots that comprise a neighborhood.

What Is a Plat Known As?

Another name for a subdivision is a plat.

And typically, the names of these communities come from a subdivision or plat that describes the land in a particular location.

What Does a Plat Mean in Civil Engineering?

The term “property plat” will be used if you recently bought or acquired a plot of land and intend to divide it, add to it, or otherwise develop it. A “plat” is a blueprint or map of a piece of land, particularly one that is used to map out construction sites.


How do I get a plat of survey?

A plat of survey is clearly a visual representation of a parcel of land.

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