OFFICE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM: Best Free and Paid Options In 2022

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An Office Management System is one of the key components that contribute to the smooth operation of a business. To remain competitive in today’s market, all business ventures are working to improve their working conditions. It is now time for you to update your Office Management System project with Office Management Software and increase your company’s efficiency. So, take a look at the free law office management software/system provided below.

What Exactly Is Office Management?

The process and procedure of managing office documents from all departments are referred to as office management. Office management is the process of documenting everything from customer feedback to financial statements in order to keep records for the company’s professional purposes. There are numerous methods for managing documentation, ranging from keeping hard copies to saving scanned files to using the software.

Law Office Management System

The Law Office Management System is a fully integrated system specifically designed for law firms. It meets the most sophisticated financial management, case management, and document management needs of law firms of all sizes and practice areas. It is powerful, flexible, and dependable, as demonstrated by satisfied users in demanding legal environments. The Law Office Management System includes everything listed below:

Time and Billing, Accounts Receivable, Management Reporting, General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Document Management, E-mail Management, Contact Management, Calendar, Conflict, Case Notes, File Control, Mass Mailing, and Math of Finance are all examples of finance-related functions.

All functions are fully integrated and interactive, with the goal of increasing the firm’s efficiency and productivity. The system is designed to be simple to learn and use. The software is improved and updated on an annual basis to ensure that it remains a dynamic, responsive system that your company will never outgrow.

Accounts payable

LSS Accounts Payable is a fully-integrated component of the Law Office Management System.  LSS Accounts Payable is designed specifically for law firms and integrates with General Ledger and Time Accounting.  For example, client expense checks, written through Accounts Payable, automatically update client billing information. This includes detailed vendor history, checking for duplicate invoices, auto check void, cash requirements reporting, and 1099 reporting.

Front Office

The LSS Front Office is an integral part of the Law Office Management System. LSS Front Office was created specifically for law firms and includes calendar/docket, conflict, contact management, document management, mass mailing, case notes, file control, and other case management functions.

General ledger

The LSS General Ledger is an integral part of the Law Office Management System. LSS General Ledger is designed specifically for law firms and integrates seamlessly with Time Accounting, Accounts Payable, and Payroll. It offers complete financial reporting, budgeting, and check reconciliation capabilities. It allows for up to 99 accounting years to be stored online.

Time accounting

The Law Office Management System includes LSS Time Accounting as a fully integrated component. LSS Time Accounting was created specifically for law firms and includes time and billing, accounts receivable, trust accounting, and powerful management reporting functions.


Prices are based on the application. The applications can be purchased separately or as part of an integrated solution.


  • Financial Management: $379/user
  • Case Management: $379/user
  • Document Management: $379/user
  • Workflow Management: $379/user
  • Maintenance packages are available starting at $10/month/user.

Custom data conversion, remote installation, and hands-on training all incur additional charges.

Law Office Practice Management System Software.

Here is our list of the best law office practice management system software based on our extensive experience working with hundreds of law firms (in no particular order).

#1. PCLaw

PCLaw is a well-known and long-established practice management, billing, and accounting solution for small and midsize law firms. It combines simple practice management (clients, cases, and calendars) with sophisticated time tracking, billing, and accounting (including robust financial reporting). PCLaw is one of the few all-in-one solutions that does not require separate bookkeeping and accounting software.

#2. CosmoLex

CosmoLex is a law practice management and accounting solution that is hosted in the cloud. It includes client and matter management, time and billing, business accounting, and trust/IOLTA accounting, obviating the need for QuickBooks or other accounting software.

#3. ProLaw

ProLaw is a powerful law firm that practices management, document management, and accounting software. It is the only legal software platform that includes all three of these essential components of running a law firm.

#4. Clio

Clio Manage is a well-known cloud-based legal practice management solution. Furthermore, Clio is best suited for solo and small law firms, as well as law firms looking for a more lightweight law practice management solution. Clio is well-known for its user-friendly interface, simple navigation, and overall usability.

#5. LEAP

LEAP is one of the most powerful web-based law practice management applications. It handles time, billing, client and matter management, and calendaring. LEAP really shines in its extensive library of state and federal forms (document automation).

#6. Time Matters

Time Matters is a well-known and widely used practice management and document management solution. Furthermore, Time Matters is one of the most customizable practice management products on the market, with a unique combination of LPM and DMS capabilities.

#7. Rocket Matter

Rocket Matter, a popular cloud-based law practice management solution, was among the first. Also, Rocket Matter manages cases, time, billing, and calendars for your firm. Furthermore, Rocket Matter approaches matter management in a project management-like manner.

Rocket Matter, a popular cloud-based law practice management solution, was among the first. Rocket Matter manages cases, time, billing, and calendars for your firm. Also, Rocket Matter approaches matter management in a project management-like manner.

Back Office Management System

The back office management system is the backbone of all businesses, keeping them afloat. The back office ensures that bills are paid on time, that employee productivity is documented, that inventory levels are adequate, and that other tasks are completed. Investing in back office management system software—an ERP solution that handles these and other responsibilities in less time—allows your entire company to operate at full capacity.

Before we get into the benefits of our back office management system, let’s talk about how it differs from front office software and the industries it serves.

Comparing back and front office software is akin to comparing burgers and hot dogs; they’re both satisfying and serve the same purpose, but they each have distinct capabilities.

What is Back Office Management System Software?

Simply put, back office management allows people to manage their routine business activities such as revenue, payroll, administration, and more. It protects employees and other company assets, allowing you to stay focused on assisting and satisfying customers with purchases, services, orders, and more.

Key Advantages

Your business will benefit greatly from back office software. We’ve compiled a list of the top benefits thanks to SelectHub’s market analyst team.

#1. Increase efficiency

Every company’s dream is to maintain consistent productivity. The more products you have, the more products you can produce for your customers and the more money you can make. Inventory management, book balancing, payroll distribution, and other tasks are all automated by a back office solution. Different departments receive information or changes in real-time, avoiding confusion.

#2. Produce paperwork

You can easily create and print a variety of documents and paperwork, including receipts, invoices, packing slips, shipping labels, and more. Finding suitable shipping labels and accurately inputting information is required if you specialize in shipping products to customers such as Amazon. If you need to send invoices to clients, you can generate them quickly and distribute them quickly. This type of solution can meet these and other document requirements.

#3. Improve accuracy

Nothing is more frustrating than entering data and discovering errors in your numbers, especially when it comes to accounting or stock management. Some solutions include autocorrect or the ability to review your data and quickly correct errors. If you’re taking inventory, you could also invest in a barcode scanner, which will accurately count all of your items by scanning barcodes.

#4. Get real-time data

When entering information for different departments such as HR, accounting, marketing, and sales, you only need to enter it once and it will appear across the board. Your department leaders will receive real-time information and will always be informed. If, for example, your revenue triples, you can change that information quickly, and everyone will receive these up-to-date revisions quickly.

#5. Analyze data to make better decisions

If you don’t learn from history, you’re doomed to repeat it, as the old adage goes. You’re more likely to make the same mistakes if you don’t archive and analyze daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly performance, revenue, and other valuable data. These errors will prevent your company from expanding or making sound decisions when new opportunities arise. Back office management can help you keep track of and archive data so you can easily evaluate and make business decisions.

Office Management Software Free

Free office management software offers comprehensive solutions to all business and office needs and workflows. They have the ability to manage employees’ payrolls, productivity, and performance. They can track customer services and provide the best solution to all customer requirements for customer management. Furthermore, they are capable of managing inventories and logistics. They offer comprehensive solutions for all business activities, including sales and document management.

Free Office Management Software

Accounting, administration, employees, clients, and marketing activities are all part of office management. Office management software makes it possible to manage all of these activities with ease and precision.

They keep track of all activities and assist in allocating responsibilities for all business processes. Here are some free office management system software and tools to make your life as an office manager easier.

#1. Bitrix24

This is excellent free office management software that includes a variety of useful tools. It includes all the features required to manage clients, employees, to-do list tasks, and office documents. It also aids in the planning of various activities and the management of valuable time. Furthermore, it also includes a variety of communication tools for collaborating with different team members.

#2. Officetools workspace

This feature-rich office management software aids in the elimination of data entry duplication from various activities such as accounting and tax programs. It holds all employees accountable for their roles and responsibilities. It keeps track of all tasks, employees, and activities and generates reminders and detailed reports. Furthermore, it has an easy-to-use interface with dashboards.

#3. Firmzen

This is well-designed free office management software that allows you to manage workflow, office computerization, client partnerships, documents, and invoices. It can keep track of time and expenses associated with various tasks. It provides instant access to any information. Furthermore, because everything is managed through the cloud service, it protects the documents and does not require any installations.

#4. Pingboard

This is cutting-edge office management software that helps to streamline office operations. It collects all employee data in one place and makes tracking, accessing, exporting, and reporting simple. It easily integrates with a wide range of applications and tools, including iPhone and Android apps, Google apps, and so on.

#5. Rocket matter 

This is highly productive office management software that can help an organization’s profits. It can generate invoices quickly and easily. It includes an excellent account management system as well as a fantastic document management system. Furthermore, it also makes it simple to find any type of information and has a plethora of other impressive features.


This is effective office management software that makes it simple to manage marketing and business. It aids in the simplification of tasks by automating all activities. It includes excellent marketing tools such as gift card creation, automated text messages to clients, and so on. Likewise, it also aids in the tracking of business trends by producing visually appealing reports.

#7. Windward’s Business Management Software

This feature-rich free office management system software aids in the efficient management of the business. It facilitates effective selling and simplifies the point of the sale process. It includes mobile integration and saves paper by automating numerous processes. Furthermore, it also has excellent tracking business activity features.

#8. WORK

This CRM software includes a plethora of features for effectively managing the entire business. It allows easy access to the entire business activity and includes excellent analysis and reporting features. It aids in the development of team efficiency and manages all project activities via email. Furthermore, it offers a complete business solution under one roof.

How Do You Setup Office Management Software?

This office management software includes installable files as well as an installation manual. One can thoroughly read the installation manual to learn everything there is to know about installing the installation files. If any prerequisite files are required, they can be found on the website and installed before proceeding to install the software. Because exclusive installation files are available for Windows, Mac, OS, and Android versions, users should be aware of the platform for which they are installing. To complete the installation, check the software’s website for installation information or contact the software vendor’s helpline or customer service personnel.

What are the 4 Elements of Office Management?

Originally identified as five elements by Henri Fayol, there are now four commonly accepted management functions that encompass these necessary skills: planning, organizing, leading, and controlling.

What are the Types of Office Management?

  • Types of office management jobs
  • Corporate office management. 
  • Medical office management.
  • Legal office management. 
  • Virtual office management.

What is an Effective Tool to Control the Office?

Google Docs is a word processor that syncs with everyone who has access to it. You can easily share information and work among all of your employees using a company Google Drive, and you can even control how they can access a document.

Which Software is Used in Office Administration?

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is an excellent choice for large companies and startups that work with enterprise clients because it is a well-known and trusted communication tool that scales well and integrates well with the Microsoft Office suite.

What is an Office Automation System?

Office automation is a broad term that refers to the various types of computer systems and software that are used to collect, store, transfer, alter, and use office data to carry out tasks.

What is Office Management Course About?

The Bachelor of Science in Office Administration (BSOA) is a four-year degree program designed to provide students with knowledge and skills in business management and office processes are required in a variety of workplaces, such as general business offices, legal offices, and medical offices.


When done manually, maintaining data and keeping track of all important documents can be a laborious task. You must use an office management system to experience office management in a convenient, secure, and error-free manner.

Office Management System FAQs

Which software is used in office Administration?

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is an excellent choice for large companies and startups that work with enterprise clients because it is a well-known and trusted communication tool that scales well and integrates with the Microsoft Office suite.

What is an effective tool to control the office?

Google Docs is a word processor that syncs with everyone who has access to it. You can easily share information and work among all of your employees using a company Google Drive, and you can even control how they can access a document.


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