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ambassadorship program

ambassadorship program

What does it take to become our ambassador?

  1. Have a business you own or manage. If you are part of the team of a business, you also qualify to be our ambassador. This business must have existed for at least 2 years.
  2. We do not put into consideration the location of your business. We receive ambassadors from everywhere in the world.
  3. Must be willing to help grow other businesses as your commitment to our vision which is to help businesses achieve increasingly sustained growth while yielding profit
  4. Be a member of our facebook society. Young Entrepreneurs Society (YES). Join now
  5. Be one of the followers on our facebook page. Join now
  6. Follow us on instagram @businessyield Join now
  7. Join us on twitter. @business_yield Join now

What do you stand to gain from us when you become our ambassador?

  1. we share your story to our audience by giving you an opportunity to grace our “business in 60secs” video coverage, where you talk about your business, how you started, where you are, what you do and an encouragement to other businesses with multiple business call-to-action that directs people to your chosen platforms. you can choose to make this video and send to us.
  2. you stand a chance to become one of the speakers in any of our business events
  3. you become one of our business coaches and mentors. you get paid by us for every business you sign up to coach or business person you mentor.
  4. we give you an opportunity to advertise on our platform for a limited time frame
  5. you qualify to become one of our top contributors across our platforms
  6. free tickets to our events and 1 free sponsored events yearly from us for business programs or conferences not organized by us.
  7. you receive our consulting services at better offer

Do you have what it takes to be our ambassador? Are these benefits appealing enough to you? then apply by filling the subscription form below.


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