E Marketing: The Ultimate Guide (Updated)

E marketing

The internet has experienced a greater number of new users than any country has experienced natality over the past decade. Growing from an estimated 1.97 billion users in June 2010 to over 4.5 billion users as of April 2020. So, if the internet is a country it will be the most populous country on Earth and also the country with the highest GDP. Hence, if you’re looking to make the most from these stats and add some bucks to your pocket. E marketing or internet marketing is just a good place to kick off.


E marketing (also known as internet marketing or online marketing) refers to any online method used by businesses to pursue their marketing aim. As digital technology progressively becomes an integral part of our day to day lives marketers progressively figure out more contemporary ways to bring their products or services to users at different online platforms. Hence, we likely see more commercials online than offline. So, let’s understand how marketers do this by looking at the types of E marketing.


There are 6 main types of E marketing. Every online marketer should have these 6 at their fingertip. Because each of them has its strategy and can also complement one another. Let’s explore them in detail.

  1. Social media marketing:

    It’s the use of different social media platforms, like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, to project one’s products to people. This type of E marketing can either be paid or organic (free).

    • Organic social media marketing-

      In this, companies leverage on the relationships they’ve built with a group of individuals to promote their products or services.

    • This involves companies paying the social media platform of their choice to help them advertise their business. So, businesses have to create an ad that is tailored to their marketing aim. Afterward, register it with the social media platform that has their target market segment.

  1. Search Engine Optimization:

    Since most searches online are usually through search engines. By employing this type of E marketing companies optimize their site content to match searches by people and thereby increasing their search engine ranking. Furthermore, there are 2 methods of search engine optimization.

    • On-page SEO-

      From the name, by employing this method, businesses try to increase visits to their site by optimizing the content. Some SEO tools like Yoast SEO will help achieve this.

    • Off-page SEO-

      By doing this businesses aim to optimize their website through ways other than optimizing the content of their site. The most influential way of doing this is via backlinks. The idea behind backlinks is that links from websites to another site’s content increase the content’s search engine ranking. So, the number of backlinks from other sites is directly proportional to the content’s search engine ranking. However, the authority of the sites linking back to the content is also taken into consideration by search engines. For example, one backlink from Wikipedia will worth more than a hundred from unknown sites.

  2. Content marketing:

    This way businesses consistently engage their target market by creating and distributing content to them. For example, after SEO optimization of content on one’s site, they can place a lead magnet on that page, like a sign up for free e-book form. And through the visitor’s information, like the email address they get from the form, they can consistently engage them with their content. Also, they can achieve this by placing a follow button of their social media pages on the content and ask their visitors to follow them on social media for more updates. As you can see SEO optimization and social media marketing can complement content marketing.

  3. Search engine advertisement:

    If you wish to use this type of E marketing then you pay search engines to rank your content high on their SERP (Search Engine Result Page) for a given keyword.

  4. Influencer Marketing:

    Companies do meet influencers on different social media to help them promote their content. This should be done judiciously. For example, if you sell a fitness machine, it’s wise to meet an influential fitness trainer that’s popular for that on social media.

  5. Affiliate marketing:

    This way internet marketers make money by becoming publishers of different affiliate marketing programs of different businesses. The commissions earned can be on the basis of CPC, CPA, or CPM.



Let’s check out the importance of E marketing which makes it a worthwhile marketing strategy for business owners.

  1. Market penetration and market development:

    E marketing can be used to achieve these components of the ANSOFF matrix. So, this shows the importance of E marketing both to start-ups and big business owners.

  2. Increased product promotion:

    There is a popular mantra. That whatever that gets repeated, gets remembered and whatever that’s remembered gets done. So, repeated E marketing commercials on a platform subconsciously ingrain your product in the mind of the viewers.

  3. Increased focus on the target segment:

    For example, if you have an online shop that sells shoes. You can use paid social media marketing. And worth knowing is that social media algorithm brings the ads to people based on their previous reactions to products like that.

  4. Consumer preference for e-commerce:

    Because it’s cost and energy-efficient; most consumers prefer online purchases. So, firms must be online to catch these guys.

  5. Achievement of marketing goals:

    When companies set out for a marketing campaign; they set out their goals. And these goals could be to correct a market impression, increase sales and so many others. E-marketing helps them in achieving this goal.

  6. Increased relationship marketing:

    This is another importance of E-marketing. An example to illustrate this is if a company uses organic social media marketing; they will appreciate and respond to questions of their customers on their social media platforms. Hence fostering their relationship with them.


The implementation of E Marketing in any business is an undeniable addition to your strategies. Hope this article helped you realize that. Reach out on the comment section for additional info

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