MARKETING DEPARTMENT: Overview, structure, roles, expectations (+free tips)

roles of the marketing department

It is very important for every organization to keep a strong marketing department intact, these people are often responsible for brand visibility and an increase in sales output.

Within the marketing department, there are many roles, duties, and expectations that support the promotion of a company to boost its sales.

This article will give you a detailed explanation of why you need a strong marketing team and the roles of these people.


A marketing department is responsible for promoting a business and driving more sales of company products or services.

They oversee the research necessary to identify target customers and other audiences.

A company without these marketers is inconceivable. All companies are aware that they need certain people to go message their prospects or clients, and this can only be done effectively through a marketing department.

In addition, they are also charged with the responsibility of handling customers in order to find out what their needs are.

Therefore, every company must look into investing time in hiring the best skill set in the marketing department.

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Marketing Departments Structure:

The structure of the marketing department can differ according to the company.

Above all, a structure helps marketing employees and other employees in a company understand what the roles of each person in a market department are. Let’s take a look at the top 4:

Vice President

This is the person in charge of the entire process of marketing.

This person is involved in planning and creating a marketing strategy for a company.

Marketing Director

He/ She is responsible for carrying out the marketing strategy that has been put in place by the vice president.

This includes choosing mediums to advertise and sharing marketing messages.

Public Relations

They handle the non paid forms of advertising that the company uses to promote the business.


These are the graphic designers, web designers that assist in showcasing the company image and brand to the public.

Roles of the marketing department:

The roles of the marketing department cannot be understated. There are certain roles these marketers are hired to perform. Let’s take a look at some of them below:

1. Understand your brand’s target and competitors:

To have a deep level of understanding of a company’s market, the team should be able to conduct structured and systematic research in the market.

Firms that do proper research on their markets grow faster and increase profitability because this research enables a company to make better decisions instead of working on hunches and wishful thinking.

2. Drive growth and profitability

After proper research of your target market, a marketing team should develop a strategy that will drive a company’s growth. It might require certain adjustments in the services you offer.

3. Track results

Finally, it is important marketers track their results from time to time. Tracking results help a company maintain focus and avoid losing sight of its progress.

In addition, result tracking has helped a lot of companies identify the working strategies and the ones that need to be tweaked.

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What do you expect from your marketing team?

Whether you’re working with an in-house or outsourced team, you should expect a thing or two from them:

1. A team that shows its marketing impact on business metrics
2. A team that is continuously committed to the company’s’ progress.
3. A team of listeners, that are always gathering intelligence about competition, consumer behavior, industry and market place dynamics.

Marketing department equipment

In order to successfully carry out a marketing campaign, they will require certain tools to help facilitate their work

1. Advertising tools

The creative team will help create campaigns, events as well as promotional materials.

This is used to promote the product, services, in order to create awareness and convert prospects into clients.

2. Media monitoring tools

These are tools that are used to scan the web and inform you of how well your online campaign is going. These tools scan for blogs, and social media sites

3. Automation tools

These tools help the team thereby saving a lot of time. Marketers can save a lot of time by leveraging on technology to handle things like sending emails and so on.

There are hundreds of tools for the marketing department.

However, the above listed are the top equipment every marketing department should work with.

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