CPA MARKETING NETWORK: 20 Best Networks With High Offers

CPA network
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Many businesses use CPA marketing to scale their marketing efforts and reach a larger audience. Also known as “cost per ad,” CPA marketing uses a network that connects affiliates and advertisers, allowing each to promote products while earning a commission. We’ll go through the CPA marketing network in detail, including a list of the top 20 highest-paying CPA networks. 

The CPA Marketing Strategy

The CPA marketing model is a type of advertising that includes a publisher (affiliate), a company (advertiser), and a CPA network (a platform that brings together affiliates who want to earn commissions by promoting products and businesses that want their products promoted).

Advertisers typically use a CPA network to find the best affiliate to promote their product — typically, a publisher or influencer who creates related content and has a large following.

A travel blogger, for example, might specialize in publishing content about culinary hotspots on WordPress. A travel blogger’s audience might be interested in a mobile app that allows users to find and review restaurants.

The CPA network connects affiliates and advertisers, allowing influencers to promote products they truly believe in while earning a commission on each sale. Meanwhile, businesses can reach a customer base that they would not have otherwise.

CPA affiliate marketing employs web browser cookies to link customer actions to a specific affiliate link or referral source, allowing publishers to earn a commission on any sales generated.

What Is CPA Marketing Made Of?

Publisher or Affiliate

An affiliate is typically an influencer, publisher, or content creator with a built-in audience who runs a blog, website, or brand. Affiliates work with advertisers to drive traffic to their eCommerce sites.

Entrepreneur or Advertiser

The business or advertiser is a brand that wants to increase sales by partnering with an affiliate who can promote their products and drive quality traffic to their eCommerce site.

The CPA Network.

A CPA network is a link between an advertiser and a publisher. It is typically a company that vets qualified publishers and helps advertisers find offers from publishers that are most likely to generate leads.

CPA networks also manage relationships between advertisers and publishers and are frequently in charge of payment processing.

Three Types of CPA Marketing

Pay per sale.

After a customer purchases an item as a result of the affiliate’s marketing strategies, the advertiser pays the publisher a percentage of the product’s sale price. A commission is only paid to the publisher if a sale is made.

Pay per action.

When a customer performs a specific action, such as visiting the advertiser’s website and subscribing to a newsletter or signing up for a trial, the publisher receives a commission.

Recurring Payments 

When a customer makes a purchase, many affiliate programs pay a one-time commission; however, a recurring payments affiliate model ensures that the publisher is paid each time that customer makes a repeat purchase.

Advantages of CPA Marketing Network

CPA marketing is effective because it provides advertisers with access to a large audience while maximizing return on ad spend (ROAS).

#1. Integrated Advertising

You can increase product awareness with a larger audience by collaborating with publishers. Because content creators and influencers have audiences who trust them, promoting your products on their website helps build brand awareness and reputation.

#2. High return on investment.

CPA marketing is inexpensive because you only pay a commission if a sale occurs, resulting in a high return on investment. Commissions can be paid in the form of a flat rate or a percentage of the sale price.

#3. There is little danger.

Because you only pay when you get a conversion, CPA marketing is a low-risk form of affiliate marketing. This ensures that any referrals you receive are valuable while drastically reducing the possibility of an affiliate manipulating the system to artificially inflate clicks or website traffic.

#4. Simple to use.

A CPA marketing campaign is simple to launch—simply select a CPA network and an offer to get started—and has a low initial investment. You can appoint an affiliate manager to negotiate affiliate contracts on your behalf and have commissions paid automatically by your payment processor of choice.

The Top 20 Highest Paying CPA Affiliate Networks

CPA affiliate networks facilitate the formation of mutually beneficial partnerships between advertisers and affiliates. These top 20 highest-paying CPA networks have thousands of vetted affiliates, a large selection of offers, fraud prevention services, and customizable dashboards for tracking campaign metrics.

#1. MaxBounty.

This ranks first among our top CPA networks. MaxBounty was named the No. 1 CPA Network in 2021 by OfferVault, and its clients include household names like Apple, Microsoft, and American Express.

The platform includes an Advertising Tracking Interface that allows users to access detailed tracking reports in order to monitor campaign progress and optimize campaign performance.

#2. The Panthera Network

Panthera Network, which specializes in performance advertising, provides access to thousands of top-tier publishers and CAN-SPAM-compliant email marketers. Affiliates can promote offers through a variety of channels, such as banner ads, email, mobile ads, pop-ups, searches, and social media.

Panthera also has a strict screening process in place for publishers to reduce the possibility of advertising fraud.

#3. Clickbooth (now Perform[cb])

Perform[cb] is a one-stop solution for CPA marketing, having been named the No. 1 CPA Network Worldwide by mThink for six years in a row and a Top User Acquisition Company by Business of Apps. Founded in 2002 as Clickbooth, Perform[cb] claims to have the industry’s strictest compliance and brand protection standards.

#4. PeerFly.

PeerFly is among the highest-paying CPA networks, with over 2,000 live offers to choose from at any given time, and does not charge monthly fees. According to its website, Peerfly works with over 75,000 active publishers in 165 countries and collaborates with brands such as Uber, Target, Fiverr, and McAfee.

Unlike other affiliate networks, the software is tailored to each advertiser, allowing you to include any features you desire. PeerFly was founded in 2009, but the company has remained small, so each advertiser has a dedicated rep who manages their account on a daily basis.

#5. W4.

W4 works with qualified publishers to manage CPA, CPC, and CPM campaigns. The company conducts its own internal campaign testing to ensure performance and yield while also providing users with tracking and reporting features.

#6. Admitad.

Admitad has over 30,000 advertisers on its network. Ad spaces are available on social media, YouTube channels, messengers, and cashback and loyalty programs. Using an order tracking system, you can obtain detailed order reports.

The platform includes a deduplication feature that allows you to filter out orders from other paid sources, preventing you from paying for the same lead twice. According to the website, over 162 million orders were placed through Admitad publishers in 2020.

#7. CPAlead

CPAlead is a CPA affiliate network specializing in desktop and mobile offers. They do, however, have a strong preference for mobile.

They also have over 300 services and products that you can promote using a variety of formats, such as native ads, pop-ups, banner ads, and pop-unders.

#8. Adwork Media

With so many CPA networks available, what places AdWork Media among the highest-paying affiliate networks?

Their first differentiator is the number of advertisers and campaigns they manage, which is currently over 2,500. Second, they concentrate on mobile-friendly content-locked offers.

In essence, your traffic completes a free trial or survey to gain access to the content they desire. And the CPA network pays you a commission every time they do so.

#9. Toro Advertising

This CPA network is based in Europe and makes some bold claims. For example, “if you want any offer, we have it.”

Toro Advertising’s portfolio includes thousands of offers in a variety of popular verticals such as apps, finance, gambling, mobile content, and dating.

They also have a global presence in 90 countries.

#10. ClickDealer

ClickDealer is one of the newest, highest-paying CPA networks on the market, having debuted in 2012. They have received an honor or award of some kind every year since their inception.

This shows that they know what they’re doing when it comes to CPA networking.

#11. Advendor

If you hadn’t heard of Advendor before now, it’s because they’re new to the scene, which benefits both publishers and advertisers. Because they will be willing to work with you.

The downside is that information about the network is scant. However, based on their client list, it’s safe to assume that they place a high priority on the cryptocurrency sector.

On the plus side, the affiliate approval process should be very lenient for inexperienced CPA marketers. And, yes, working with a brand-new CPA network is a calculated risk.

#12. Fireads

Fireads is a CPA network headquartered in Poland. They’ve been in business for almost a decade. This affiliate network is one of many European CPA platforms that are establishing a global presence.

Fireads specializes in CPA offers and offers CPL, CPS, and pay-per-install campaigns for affiliates to monetize their traffic.

#13. Mobidea

Mobidea is an affiliate network that focuses on mobile offers, which is not surprising given its brand name. You gain access to a stacked offers wall where you can select from a variety of promotions. You can also use their SmartLink feature.

#14. Advidi

Advidi is yet another CPA network in Europe. Their website has the appearance and feel of a digital marketing agency rather than an affiliate platform.

In either case, you should conduct a search on their website for more information on the types of offers available for promotion. Before registering, the network provides very little information about its offerings.

#15. Adscend

Adscend began as a brilliant idea and a two-man operation.

Since then, they’ve expanded to become an affiliate network with over 35,000 publishers.

What kinds of offers or campaigns do they make available to affiliates? Adscend is keeping quiet about this. To find out, you must first register.

#16. Madrivo

Madrivo gives you access to affiliate offers from some of the world’s most well-known brands. They also offer a wide range of verticals, including dating, subscription boxes, and car insurance.

What you earn from the network is determined by the offers you promote.

#17. Worldwide Media

GlobalWide Media has been around for over a decade and is one of the best CPA networks available.

If this is your first time hearing about them, you should know that they have been providing premium media solutions to some of the world’s largest brands, including Groupon, MindSpark, Jumia, and

The brands and CPA offers listed above are examples of the types of brands, and CPA offers you’ll have access to as an affiliate with this CPA marketing network.

#18. MyLead

MyLead is yet another excellent platform for making money online from home. You don’t need any technical knowledge; simply create a free MyLead account and begin promoting their offers on your blogs or social media platforms. If you have trouble selecting the best program, their support team will assist you.

When someone clicks on your shared affiliate link and provides information, you will receive a commission. MyLead provides a variety of marketing models, such as CPL, CPC, CPA, CPS, IVR, PPI, and others. They provide an easy-to-use dashboard for managing your programs as well as performance notifications.

#19. Dynu In Media

If you’re a publisher looking for an affiliate marketing network that will support, guide, and benefit you to the fullest, you’ve come to the right place! Dynu In Media, a subsidiary of Interate Corporation, is an affiliate marketing platform focused on CPA, CPL, and CPS models. In just a few simple steps, you can increase your income for hundreds of quality sponsorships and advertisement drives by filling out some simple forms and providing them with all of the information they require.

#20. Matomy

The last on our list of highest-paying CPA networks, Matomy is a digital marketing company based in Tel Aviv, Israel. It is one of the most rapidly expanding Affiliate networks. Matomy claims to have over 18,000 live offers from around the world. In 2015, Matomy’s revenue was 271 million USD. If you want to make money through an affiliate network, this is the network to join.

Who Is The Best CPA Marketer?

Maxbounty is considered to be the best CPA marketer.

How Much Can I Earn From CPA Marketing?

In general, you can earn between $0.50 and $20 for every CPA offer. However, some high-end CPAs offer to pay $750 or more for a specific action taken by your traffic.

Do You Need A Website For CPA Marketing?

You do not need a website. You only need an audience for your YouTube or Facebook channels.

Is CPA lead genuine?

Yes, “cpalead” was the very first daily subscription service of its kind. It has consistently and reliably paid me, so you should definitely join the network. The Thai site is excellent in every way (design, customer service, payment options, etc.).

Does CPAlead pay daily?

If an offer is designated as a Fast Pay offer, you can expect payment on a daily basis, every day. Each and every 24 hours.

What is the difference between CPA and CPC?

“CPC” stands for “cost per click,” which is the amount an advertiser will fork over to a publisher for each click on their ad. A cost per action (CPA) is the amount an advertiser agrees to pay a publisher for each user who takes the desired action. However, action is not limited to making a purchase.

Is a high CPA good?

To put it simply, a higher Quality Score results in a cheaper average cost per click. There are a plethora of resources available to assist you in improving your Quality Score, but that will require a separate article. You can also reduce your cost per acquisition by switching to keywords with lower CPCs.

Can you make millions as a CPA?

The Certified Public Accountant (CPA) designation is widely acknowledged as a significant salary and career advancement factor. The average salary for an accountant is between $40,000 and $60,000. However, the top end of the salary spectrum for accountants is between $71,000 and $99,000.

What is a CPA sub-affiliate network?

To enable content creators, bloggers, influencers, website owners, etc. (“sub-affiliates”) to monetize their blog, website, or social channel on a cost-per-action (CPA) basis, a sub-affiliate network provides services and support to both brands and affiliates.

Is a CPA worth the money?

The fact is widely known. You can very much count on making well over a million dollars more over the course of your career if you pass the CPA exam compared to if you didn’t.

Is CPA and affiliate marketing same?

The affiliate partner in CPA marketing receives compensation only after the desired action has been taken. But in affiliate marketing, they get compensated only when they make a sale.

In Conclusion,

CPA marketing is a low-cost, high-return affiliate marketing strategy that enables businesses to reach niche audiences by collaborating with publishers and influencers to make money online.

To get started, simply join a CPA network and begin working with an affiliate manager who can connect you with qualified publishers. Choosing the right CPA network is critical for maximizing conversions and ROI from CPA marketing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is CPA marketing good?

CPA marketing offers high ROI and relatively low risk, although it may not pay as much as affiliate marketing.

How do I start CPA marketing?

  • Make a website.
  • Drive traffic to your website.
  • Pick a niche
  • Find a deal
  • Become a member of the CPA network.
  • Create your website around the deal.

Do I need web hosting for affiliate marketing?

Not every web host can provide you with what you require for a successful affiliate marketing site. You require a website host that not only provides adequate storage space but also outstanding performance.

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