Can You Get iMovie on Windows? Top 5 Alternatives for Business

Can You Get iMovie on Windows

Videos are a vital part of internet marketing that helps squeeze maximum advantage for your business on the web. Thankfully, making engaging video materials is no longer a thing that only big companies can do. The sky’s the limit if you have some talent and a proper eCommerce video maker at your disposal.

When it comes down to picking software, iMovie is among the first things that come to mind, and rightfully so. It is quite effective, accessible, and, most importantly for businesses, free. But can you get iMovie on Windows? Sadly, no. The only proper way to use iMovie is to run it on Apple tech. For other platforms – iMovie is not downloading worthy.

However, if getting a Mac is, for whatever reason, not an option, don’t worry! There are plenty of other options to include video editing like with iMovie for Windows in your workflow. We’ve done some research to present the 5 best alternatives to iMovie for Windows PCs. 

#1. Clipify

Clipify is designed for casual users with average PCs. It offers a decent toolkit, ranging from basic video-editing features like cutting, trimming, and cropping as well as advanced ones like color grading, speed adjustment, and more. Clipify also lets you add text, transitions, and effects to make your videos more engaging.

With Clipify, you can easily add voice-overs, perform deep color correction, stabilize and improve your footage, and much more. This app also lets you streamline video production with an easy-to-use wizard that automatically generates movies and converts your footage into over 30 different formats. To top it off, Clipify offers an extensive library of stock media – 200+ music tracks, 450+ clipart images, 200+ effects and transitions, 50+ clips, and more.

#2. OpenShot

OpenShot is an open-source video editor that’s one of the best free apps like iMovie. In terms of features, it easily stands on par with the competition. Basic editing tools and advanced features, such as background removal, keyframes, 3D titles, and slow-motion effects are present alike. OpenShot also supports an unlimited number of video, photo, and audio tracks. You can even include a waveform in your video using the audio tools.

It is easy to use in general, with drag-and-drop functionality. However, a novice may need an hour or two to become acquainted with the app. It also might have some performance issues, but that is a part of the package for open-source software. All in all, OpenShot is a great pick for video makers with some experience, but it is still quite beginner-friendly.

#3. DaVinci Resolve

DaVinci Resolve is one of the biggest players in the market. It is primarily aimed at professionals and has a wide range of advanced features for editing, mixing, and producing high-quality videos. It also has built-in features for data storage and project collaboration, which is great for teamwork.

DaVinci Resolve might appear daunting due to its immense tool set, but you can use most of it completely free. Furthermore, the free version of this program already beats most of the paid iMovie competitors. Thus, the main investment you’ll have to make is time and effort to climb the steep learning curve.

#4. Windows 10 Photos App

Much like iMovie, the Photos app is a Windows 10 built-in tool that features some video editing capabilities. Although the app is intended to assist PC users in viewing, organizing, and editing images, it is more than enough to perform basic video montage. It also can generate clips from your imagery, which is great for presentations.

You can also control the playback speed, apply filters, add text layers to your videos, use motion effects to simulate camera movement, or use some of the available 3D filters as an option. Unfortunately, it is not possible to export projects in resolutions higher than 1080p or to upload videos directly to social media.

#5. Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe is basically a household name in the media editing industry. It truly is one of the best in its class and is an absolute must-have for video editing and post-production professionals. It is packed with advanced tools and is extremely powerful when it comes to processing video streams. Because it allows direct access via a video acquisition source, this non-linear editing tool is popular even among television studios.

Premiere Pro is fast, stable, and comes with all of the professional tools you could want. However, it has a couple of serious drawbacks. Number one, it is not beginner-friendly, learning its ins and outs will take a good chunk of your time. And number two, it is subscription-based and has a price tag hefty enough to strain your budget. 

Final Thoughts

There are many arguments for why videography is important, and the inability to get iMovie should not discourage you from it. Even if getting a PC alternative is the only way, there are plenty of options to pick from. There’s surely something good for your business.

When selecting video editors like iMovie, make certain that it not only fits your budget but also meets your needs. When you’re mostly going for short advertisements or basic 1-minute clips, you don’t need something overly complex and technical. Sometimes even video editing apps for smartphones are enough to get the job done.

However, the farther you’re willing to go, the more you will have to invest in both getting good software and mastering it. Still, don’t hesitate to try out the free versions of the present apps. Either way, you have a more clear idea of what could help you achieve your goals. Good luck!

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